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Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat

Cats try 42 snacks - Artyom vs neighbour's cat - Life of Artyom
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01:11 1. dog food
01:39 2. cat food
01:57 3. celery
02:22 4. pizza
02:39 5. radish
03:03 6. sushi
03:35 7. carrot
04:02 8. a rose
04:35 9. toilet paper
05:18 10. banana
05:39 11. raw beef
06:27 12. raw potato
06:53 13. processed potato
07:36 14. raw fish
07:55 15. doctor's sausage
08:22 16. honey
08:32 17. sour cream
08:45 18. cardboard
09:07 19. hair ties
09:36 20. holodets
09:54 21. kotlet
10:02 22. toothbrush
10:20 23. potato salad
10:40 24. milk
10:54 25. pashtet
11:19 26. q-tips
11:42 27. cotton pads
12:23 28. wood
13:03 29. kefir
13:34 30. tourist delight
13:54 31. charger cable
14:18 32. yarn
14:47 33. grapes
14:59 34. babushka jam
15:23 35. melon
16:02 36. onion
16:42 37. mayonez
16:58 38. grass
17:18 39. leaves
17:28 40. lemon
17:43 41. bay leaf
18:00 42. ice cubes
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  1. sleeperspare


    Dag siden

    Artyom Vs Vadim cat

  2. Minecraft TV

    Minecraft TV

    Dag siden

    5:41 Idk what cat wouldn't like this.

  3. mjferroni


    Dag siden

    Nice crochet skills my slav, babuska would be proud

  4. TeaIsLife


    2 dager siden

    Alenity 2



    2 dager siden

    *Vadim cant find his cat



    2 dager siden


  7. Krisztián Lingurár

    Krisztián Lingurár

    2 dager siden

    Blyat cats dond't like vodka

  8. Sven Volwater

    Sven Volwater

    2 dager siden

    I would like to do this with my dog but mine would just eat everything and you would need to buy a whole lot of plates cuz he would probaly eat them too😂

  9. Tyler Grah

    Tyler Grah

    3 dager siden

    My cat likes to eat Mac & Cheese 😂

  10. Pandora & Friends

    Pandora & Friends

    3 dager siden

    lol if you had Alinitys cat you'd be giving it those 'nam flashbacks 7:20

  11. Kayagorzan


    4 dager siden

    Please don't feed the cats onions As it is very hard to tell difference between Capitalist western spy onion and Communist Slav onion The western spy onion are poisonous to cats and are more commonly found While the Slav onion are safe to cats but very hard to find

  12. Маразмус


    4 dager siden

    I love pashtet

  13. Nitram.


    4 dager siden

    36. Onion: *Top 10 anime Betrayal*

  14. ábel farkas

    ábel farkas

    5 dager siden

    Artyom and kasha vs 47 food Ak47

  15. Vicki Hansen

    Vicki Hansen

    5 dager siden


  16. MHD ChiBo

    MHD ChiBo

    6 dager siden

    Pet store: What cat do you want to adopt Me: The neighbor's one

  17. OF AGE

    OF AGE

    6 dager siden

    She's grabbed it from the plate 😍

  18. TheMOMdq


    7 dager siden

    ❤❤❤❤ Artyom! You remind me of my sweet Loki, you look almost exactly like him only he was a bit tubby and you are much smarter. Loki was...not smart, but a big, dorky mama's boy. Boris, thank you for sharing your cat with us.

  19. prod. cocos

    prod. cocos

    8 dager siden

    Name the neighbour(your) cat the "pavel" Ps. Ты русский?

  20. blazeman2334


    8 dager siden

    Y’know did Artyom ever meowed in camera?

  21. Bethani Walker

    Bethani Walker

    8 dager siden

    Before my cat went missing, he liked to eat mac and cheese

  22. twangus


    9 dager siden

    alinity wants to know your location

  23. Kerem Gülbin

    Kerem Gülbin

    9 dager siden

    I ship Kasha and Artyom.

  24. Phoenix RgW

    Phoenix RgW

    9 dager siden

    i wonder how far artyom will run with 58k headpats otw

  25. Matej Bosnjak

    Matej Bosnjak

    9 dager siden

    13:03 Artyom : *AM ANGY!*

  26. Syneph


    10 dager siden

    Anuu sneeki briiki v I damke

  27. Stonewarrior272 Gaming

    Stonewarrior272 Gaming

    10 dager siden

    Artyom after the 52000th pat on head: *no*

  28. chebrizza


    10 dager siden

    wasnt the neighbours cat his sister

  29. Captain Rumia

    Captain Rumia

    10 dager siden

    It's the leaves of celery that cats like, apparently. They have a similar effect to catnip.

  30. _ᗅLE 07 _

    _ᗅLE 07 _

    10 dager siden


  31. Oh naw That’s scary

    Oh naw That’s scary

    10 dager siden

    Vodka can put cats in comas

  32. KiwiCupcake


    10 dager siden

    T h i s i s a c t u a l l y s o w h o l e s o m e

  33. Jisoo Himesakia

    Jisoo Himesakia

    10 dager siden

    SO my dog is the only one who eats onions? Huh...

  34. Heavenly Hitsujikai

    Heavenly Hitsujikai

    10 dager siden

    I give mine yogurt

  35. BounterTheHatter


    10 dager siden

    Why is wood on the list

  36. João Lucas

    João Lucas

    11 dager siden

    "onion is very poisoned for catd" "Come arthyom take some vodka"

  37. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And sugar mixed with lemon

  38. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And mayonez

  39. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And also melons

  40. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And also sour grapes or sweet

  41. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And also sour grapes or sweet

  42. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden

    And the slow motion milk

  43. Hao Thien Le Truong

    Hao Thien Le Truong

    11 dager siden


  44. Slav Man

    Slav Man

    11 dager siden


  45. ViciousWasp


    11 dager siden

    You’re using German dog food, East German I guess

  46. oskari kujala

    oskari kujala

    11 dager siden

    Vodka is very poisonous for cats

  47. Subtitles


    12 dager siden

    Just thinking artyom sounding like boris is hilarious

  48. Painkiller9015


    12 dager siden

    Boris Cat is smart cats shouldnt eat a Pizza at all :P

  49. Alessandra Bertolasi

    Alessandra Bertolasi

    12 dager siden

    He protecc He slav But must importantly He eat snacc

  50. Mr. Tuna

    Mr. Tuna

    12 dager siden

    *PETA would like to know your location*

  51. Matheson Rowe

    Matheson Rowe

    12 dager siden

    Literally steals a cat to feed it leaves

  52. Dong Floppy

    Dong Floppy

    12 dager siden

    Kittehs always good to watch I want to play with artyom I'm jealous

  53. nuorempi Känsälä

    nuorempi Känsälä

    12 dager siden

    You should use the Artyom intro instead when the video is about Artyom! Ay

  54. Cristallik


    12 dager siden


  55. J -Dog

    J -Dog

    13 dager siden

    uh... vodka is deadly to cats

  56. LuckySlimeNL


    13 dager siden

    cats... russian background talking... This is the dream!

  57. admin _yuki

    admin _yuki

    14 dager siden

    Boris opening a can of german dog food Me: hold on a minute, DIMA CALL THE NKVD

  58. lash 2007

    lash 2007

    14 dager siden


  59. João Manuel Araújo

    João Manuel Araújo

    14 dager siden

    I’m a simple man I see the word artyom I watch video

  60. Nagasaki Michu

    Nagasaki Michu

    14 dager siden

    13: Vodka *Gets Alinity Flashbacks*