Thank you, Grant.

On the night of July 29, 2019 we lost our friend and founder Grant Thompson to an unfortunate paramotoring accident. For nearly a decade he has inspired us and millions of you with his endless curiosity and passion for life. We hope that this video reminds you of the great man he was, and encourages you to never stop being curious.
A special thanks to ScottDW for composing the music for this video.


  1. James Carson

    James Carson

    6 minutter siden

    rest in peace daddy

  2. Kill me Please

    Kill me Please

    19 minutter siden

    I was a huge fan. I loved his video on sugar rocket fuel, and it was a massive inspiration for me personally. I can't believe he's gone. The king can rest now, I suppose. His crown shall not be donned again. May he rest in peace.

  3. TPlus Gaming

    TPlus Gaming

    42 minutter siden

    these guys telling his death seem quite happy

  4. slaanghoul


    Time siden

    If he is in NOplayer rewind I’ll actually watch it

  5. 少佐顧


    2 timer siden

    R. I. P

  6. try me

    try me

    2 timer siden

    I'm so sorry to hear this just know he is in a better place

  7. Person 132

    Person 132

    3 timer siden

    I subbed like an hour ago and then i came across this video and cried 💔💔💔💔💔💔

  8. Strange Eye Productions

    Strange Eye Productions

    3 timer siden

    I'm sorry man

  9. Patricia Chavez

    Patricia Chavez

    3 timer siden

    he’s still alive

  10. Ben Burch

    Ben Burch

    4 timer siden

    But.... we need more desktop weaponry......

  11. BananaDoe


    4 timer siden

    4.5k dislikes are there really that many disturbed souls in the world ?

  12. Patrick


    4 timer siden

    Rest In Peace

  13. Sugar Stix -

    Sugar Stix -

    4 timer siden

    Did he die???!!?? What happened???

  14. Fade Scoot

    Fade Scoot

    4 timer siden

    Love you

  15. The Crazy Weird Bros

    The Crazy Weird Bros

    5 timer siden

    i almost cried

  16. Xiumv


    5 timer siden

    R.I.P the King u will be remembered🥺😭🙏🏾💔

  17. trenton gibson

    trenton gibson

    5 timer siden

    RIP 2019

  18. Trisha Jimenez

    Trisha Jimenez

    6 timer siden


  19. Giovanni Casillas

    Giovanni Casillas

    6 timer siden


  20. FloodSlayer98 [QUIT]

    FloodSlayer98 [QUIT]

    6 timer siden

    *Legends Never Die*

    • Tom Travis

      Tom Travis

      3 timer siden

      Yelp, hes not a legend.

  21. Dogma


    7 timer siden

    Sorry to say, but I called it.

  22. Rexy’sLifeAndGames


    7 timer siden

    Nooooo he was my favorite youtuber ;-;



    8 timer siden


  24. Pietro Mazzaracchio

    Pietro Mazzaracchio

    9 timer siden

    He gave us a lot with his curiosity and energy. Goodby King 💔👑

  25. Dearest Dalgomi

    Dearest Dalgomi

    11 timer siden

    I didn’t believe that this was real, but I just hope he’s flying high.

  26. Moni macer

    Moni macer

    11 timer siden

    What nooo this is uncomprehendable RIP

  27. Asher Abidemi

    Asher Abidemi

    11 timer siden

    watch some of his videos before and really enjoyed them. It's sad to hear that he passed but what he had created will live on forever. My prayers go out to his friends and family stay strong and positive.

  28. Kacperro


    11 timer siden

    ;-; just like tony stark

  29. Ima Karimah

    Ima Karimah

    12 timer siden

    Nooo 🙁🙁🙁

  30. Lenny Leax

    Lenny Leax

    12 timer siden

    rest in pepperonis

    • Mighty Fighter

      Mighty Fighter

      12 timer siden

      Lenny Leax not cool

  31. MonstR Luke

    MonstR Luke

    13 timer siden

    Dfubdixcnifjrd WHAT ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  32. 8 bit Bug

    8 bit Bug

    13 timer siden

    rest in peace, you were a massive influence in my life and made me intrested in science, DT and youtube.

  33. StefanFirst


    13 timer siden


  34. vexile12


    14 timer siden


  35. Josef Dagel

    Josef Dagel

    15 timer siden

    Are you guys at TKOR doing ok? I hope you all can get through this time of grief.

  36. AnderGamer132


    15 timer siden

    Heroes are remembered... Legends never die, follow your heart and you'll never go wrong. Long live the king, may he rest knowing he touched the hearts of many. (And to those who disliked this video, I will put you in grave)

  37. CowGaming YT

    CowGaming YT

    15 timer siden

    I miss him so much his death will not be in vain

  38. Adrian Georgescu

    Adrian Georgescu

    16 timer siden


  39. F_en_el_chat Ferrari

    F_en_el_chat Ferrari

    16 timer siden

    I like it equals an F

  40. Marcela Miranda

    Marcela Miranda

    16 timer siden

    He showed me how to make rockets

  41. Devious Verendus

    Devious Verendus

    17 timer siden

    Rip, hero to many inquiring minds

  42. Leslie Gonzalez

    Leslie Gonzalez

    18 timer siden


  43. A Space Man

    A Space Man

    20 timer siden

    For Science!

  44. S Moreno

    S Moreno

    21 time siden

    Life is just a short lasting test. Let's not fail!



    21 time siden

    Condolences to his family losing the best dad probably ever

  46. Mr Least

    Mr Least

    22 timer siden

    We Gona miss YOU i LOVE YOU Grand

  47. Mr Least

    Mr Least

    22 timer siden


  48. Mr Least

    Mr Least

    22 timer siden

    Nooooo my favorite videos were from him

  49. Not Haisuri

    Not Haisuri

    23 timer siden

    As a king falls, another rises.

  50. wxlan


    Dag siden

    lol he’s dead

    • Mighty Fighter

      Mighty Fighter

      12 timer siden

      Not cool

  51. Monkey White

    Monkey White

    Dag siden

    Грант Томпсон навсегда в наших сердцах ... хороший был мужик

  52. Frelin Portillo

    Frelin Portillo

    Dag siden

    The King Has Fallen But The Kingdom Lives On💔

  53. BDK3 Nth Qld

    BDK3 Nth Qld

    Dag siden

    He was one on the first guys I watched on you tube when I was looking at Smelting Aluminium, and He made it seem so easy to do , safely , but so easy to do......The thoughts of myself and my family go to you guys in this time of loss .........He was a legend ...You guys are legends .....Keep that fire lit guys .......Keep forging on .....Thats what he would have wanted

  54. george trianta

    george trianta

    Dag siden

    How did he dies

  55. george trianta

    george trianta

    Dag siden

    I'm sorry

  56. black hollow

    black hollow

    Dag siden

    You have completed your quest

  57. ardopork kropodra

    ardopork kropodra

    Dag siden

    dead dude worth 6 mil asking for donations is just wrong

  58. Kid Genius

    Kid Genius

    Dag siden

    R.I.P The King! By the way, will you guys still make video's like he did? Making things?

  59. Ben D

    Ben D

    Dag siden

    Rest in peace

  60. yakoob ali

    yakoob ali

    Dag siden


  61. Trey Draeger

    Trey Draeger

    Dag siden

    Do the first video that he ever did in respect

  62. Ian Hollingsworth

    Ian Hollingsworth

    Dag siden

    I just got onto NOplayer for the first time in months, and this is the first thing I see. I just cried for the first time in 12 years. long live The King

    • Lauren Lowe

      Lauren Lowe

      6 timer siden

      Ian Hollingsworth literally same it’s 4am I am bored now I’m crying😩I didnt even know !

  63. Graham Pawar

    Graham Pawar

    Dag siden

    Roll interstellar meme... crying happily!!!!

  64. Gavin Yo

    Gavin Yo

    Dag siden

    He dead

  65. Aryaman Das

    Aryaman Das

    Dag siden


  66. jon


    Dag siden

    i’m not crying. u are

  67. Natalie the cute koala

    Natalie the cute koala

    Dag siden

    Waaaaaa I miss him

  68. Ketchup Packet

    Ketchup Packet

    Dag siden

    I just wanna know WHO THE HECK DISLIKED THIS?!?!!?

    • Ketchup Packet

      Ketchup Packet

      10 timer siden

      that’s right...☹

    • Yunhoi


      10 timer siden

      People that have no heart... 😭

    • Mighty Fighter

      Mighty Fighter

      12 timer siden

      Ketchup Packet RIGHT



    Dag siden


  70. eugene lee

    eugene lee

    Dag siden

    this man is the best of the craziest

  71. Lizica Dumitru

    Lizica Dumitru

    Dag siden

    No words, just tears

  72. Elijah Llorada

    Elijah Llorada

    Dag siden

    I don’t mean to be picky but why do they need find raiser?

  73. Diamondman764


    Dag siden

    Sadly, it is always the best of us that leave us

  74. Nav Singh

    Nav Singh

    Dag siden


  75. Jacob Porter

    Jacob Porter

    Dag siden


  76. ProlexgaMer gg

    ProlexgaMer gg

    Dag siden

    Another one bites the dust

  77. Nicholas Gardner

    Nicholas Gardner

    Dag siden

    My deepest condolences for your tragic loss.

  78. Trick shots 19

    Trick shots 19

    Dag siden

    RIP 😪

  79. Fabian Rodriguez

    Fabian Rodriguez

    Dag siden


  80. Aiden Wright

    Aiden Wright

    Dag siden