Conan Arrives In Nuuk - CONAN on TBS

Conan arrives in the capital city of Greenland and asks the locals if they’re excited about becoming part of the United States.
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  1. Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower

    12 timer siden

    7:22 *caretaker pulling her autist patient off the street*

  2. I-AM-Xenu


    17 timer siden

    its a good idea, land is a good buy, people acted like Trump was crazy for asking, he is the best president we've had in a century, aside from all the crying from liberal news & the democraps, his time in office has been great for america

  3. Aman Bereket

    Aman Bereket

    23 timer siden

    Next time Conan, come to Ethiopia

  4. Edward Smith

    Edward Smith

    Dag siden

    Greenland sucks

  5. Random Rangoon

    Random Rangoon

    Dag siden

    Conan legitimately seems like he'd be awesome to hangout with. He's hilarious and smart. Wish he had a longer show again and did more abroad.

  6. Young O

    Young O

    2 dager siden

    the lil fatty got me weak lmao

  7. frodo swaggins

    frodo swaggins

    2 dager siden

    Michael Knowles!!! haha awesome.

  8. Timo Spapens

    Timo Spapens

    3 dager siden

    Why not negotiate and name the merged country Greenland

  9. RandomThings 123

    RandomThings 123

    4 dager siden

    6:13 is that Conan's own laugh?

  10. elbravatas


    4 dager siden

    Americans did not put the cheese in anything, those were the Italians, weren't they?😜

  11. Buff


    4 dager siden

    In a world full of crap right now, thank god for Conan!

  12. DammitCarl108


    4 dager siden

    An iPhone 5 for 1100 dollars?

  13. Andriy Kozlov

    Andriy Kozlov

    5 dager siden

    Conan, come to Ukraine. We would appreciate to see you here.

  14. YuHsin Chen

    YuHsin Chen

    6 dager siden

    That is what literally happened here in Taiwan between China over decades. What a jerk.

  15. R C

    R C

    6 dager siden

    "You're all fat." - Dutch Lady, 2019.

  16. Jorge Daniel Chalabi

    Jorge Daniel Chalabi

    7 dager siden

    Americans be like: you better sell your land to us or we'll "NUUK" you!

  17. dionizy bomba

    dionizy bomba

    8 dager siden

    In dead now 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Pickle juice

    Pickle juice

    8 dager siden

    Its odd based on Greenlands geographical location some of them kind of look Asian a bit

    • Marius Periwinkle

      Marius Periwinkle

      6 dager siden

      They are Inuit. That is how people look in the Arctic. Or make correctly, they are probably mixed Inuit and Scandinavian.

  19. Kantan


    9 dager siden

    Trump 2020

  20. yossarian3x


    9 dager siden

    But look that Americans , they all can speak english ... how many languages u can speak ?

  21. vero_7712


    9 dager siden

    Conan is a national treasure. Cherish him America 😁

  22. Jesse Thiessen

    Jesse Thiessen

    11 dager siden

    As if Conan is the Great Negotiator of late night TV. Leno is He negotiated out of retirement and took the Job back from Conan in less than a year

  23. Nova Xq

    Nova Xq

    11 dager siden

    Conan is a cool guy 🐧

  24. Nova Xq

    Nova Xq

    11 dager siden

    I liked that Greenland man❄

  25. Eridian


    11 dager siden

    The shoulder hold was so uncomfortable

  26. Atif Rana

    Atif Rana

    11 dager siden

    There must be oil in Greenland 😅

  27. 12 dager siden

    i bet conan will move to greenland after he retires. conan will then make greenland great again.



    12 dager siden

    Weird to know people actually live there

  29. KyleTheTurtle


    12 dager siden

    Conan is my favorite talk show he funny 🤣

  30. Filbert Federico

    Filbert Federico

    13 dager siden

    Bread - healthy Cheese - healthy Tomato - healthy Lettuce - healthy Meat - kinda Hamburger - not healthy

  31. ruski muejek

    ruski muejek

    14 dager siden

    Hello I'm here to buy country. Lmfao Conan is the funniest late night late night host.

  32. Matias Merlo

    Matias Merlo

    16 dager siden

    Love how just one of The Property Brothers talks in their cameo...

  33. Giovanni Doria

    Giovanni Doria

    18 dager siden

    Greenland: "we are beautiful, proud, ancient, trilingual people." America: "how much?"

    • সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা

      সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা

      13 dager siden

      It's true.

    • Thealgashow


      18 dager siden


  34. Life Is Good

    Life Is Good

    19 dager siden

    Yup, America is fat, no good music after the 80s ...... hmmm what else does the world see that we don’t ?

  35. Iced Clips

    Iced Clips

    19 dager siden

    in our defense the United States isn't even on the top 10 countries that have the most obese people.

  36. __stranger_things__ 011

    __stranger_things__ 011

    20 dager siden

    U can buy and 7 for those 8k danish kroners

  37. Tim L

    Tim L

    22 dager siden

    Hahaha, they all said No to becoming part of US. Tell it like it is.

  38. Яни Л

    Яни Л

    22 dager siden

    I laughed and laughed...what a hilariously funny video! People from Greenland are so Nordic and so fluent in English!

  39. Edward Garix

    Edward Garix

    22 dager siden

    Conan is brilliant. How he brings order to chaos in traffic 😂😂😂😂😂, his minder was so uncomfortable, and every other bit in this video was so hilarious. They are so uptight for his goofy acts.

  40. phoneflipp


    22 dager siden

    they know guy... they know... the fact that Trump tried to buy Greenland... like 😲

  41. Name Withheld

    Name Withheld

    22 dager siden

    "Milk" 🤣

  42. Adam Loutsenhizer

    Adam Loutsenhizer

    23 dager siden

    should’ve taken jordan

  43. noisyturtle


    24 dager siden

    Love the chubby girl calling Conan fat.

  44. Gordon Chin

    Gordon Chin

    25 dager siden

    So is this deal still on the table?

  45. Imran Ali

    Imran Ali

    26 dager siden

    The map of Greenland is not accurate. In reality it’s much smaller

  46. Muhammad saim ali

    Muhammad saim ali

    27 dager siden

    Now i wanna visit Greenland

  47. MK Ultra PUMP

    MK Ultra PUMP

    27 dager siden

    8:48 killin it with these kids lol

  48. Christopher Toole

    Christopher Toole

    28 dager siden

    We should bomb em

  49. Christopher Toole

    Christopher Toole

    28 dager siden

    Conan seems more annoying than funny

  50. The Box

    The Box

    28 dager siden

    2:37 is that the guy from geography go! Greenland?

  51. Jose Herrera

    Jose Herrera

    29 dager siden

    The last guy he interviewed is soooooooooo good looking!!!!

  52. moosefactory133


    29 dager siden

    Conan for president

  53. Will C.

    Will C.

    29 dager siden

    I love how happy Conan was when the kids laughed at his jokes.

  54. Stu Parky

    Stu Parky

    Måned siden

    I'm from the uk working in the US and I came across some Conan clips on NOplayer when I was bored. This bloke is hilarious! My fellow countryman Mr Cordon isn't anywhere near as funny 👌 have seen a few other late night host clips and they aren't a patch on the man.

  55. Petersilius Zwackelmann

    Petersilius Zwackelmann

    Måned siden

    They probably have better Internet than us here in good old Germany..

  56. Tiadiad


    Måned siden


  57. Arlis Bartlett

    Arlis Bartlett

    Måned siden

    Let Texas buy Greenland. The people of Greenland will be Texans

  58. Isrope


    Måned siden

    I really love Conan men, he rocks!

  59. Márton Bálint

    Márton Bálint

    Måned siden

    7:48 xd

  60. Inukkuluk Kaspersen

    Inukkuluk Kaspersen

    Måned siden

    Eqqunngilaq kalaallit nunaat pisiariniaraa