VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 11

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Thanks to Grant Sputore for coming in to talk with us about his film "I Am Mother" - Streaming now on Netflix! You can follow him here ► grantsputore?hl=en
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  1. Muhammad Nauman Masood

    Muhammad Nauman Masood

    9 timer siden

    adventure of tin tin

  2. Byron Da Lord

    Byron Da Lord

    11 timer siden

    Calling him Michael Jackson is racist

  3. Chloe Ellis

    Chloe Ellis

    22 timer siden

    Wait I want that handpan

  4. JUST DO IT.


    Dag siden

    Crazy it is

  5. JUST DO IT.


    Dag siden

    Reply me ASAP if any one watching this vedio on #iPhone 7 , u won’t believe what just happened

  6. Geezey Tree

    Geezey Tree

    Dag siden

    Ahhh, how bout ALIEN COVENANT fellas...

  7. SgCy


    Dag siden

    Disappointed that the Smith look-alike didn't bust out any Woos or Hahaas

  8. Dinosaur Hunter

    Dinosaur Hunter

    Dag siden

    I can't believe how common that "Boom" sound still is in trailers. It's rarely even appropriate for the moment lol

  9. Rahul Rathod

    Rahul Rathod

    2 dager siden

    There's this guy's channel. I think it's called Control shift face. You should go see his rendering on celebs faces. It's so amazing and flawless

  10. Thomas Kordi

    Thomas Kordi

    2 dager siden

    Please do Beowulf 2007, Believe me its very intresting, also Please Hire me, Im getting deported lol

  11. ann Craig

    ann Craig

    2 dager siden

    React to The hobbit

  12. Finlay Crowe

    Finlay Crowe

    3 dager siden

    Middle ones definitely a nonce

  13. Shlok Sharma

    Shlok Sharma

    3 dager siden

    Please do about that tv series EUREKA!!?

  14. boats


    3 dager siden

    you guys lucky you didnt diss space jam..

  15. Kiwi Nerd31

    Kiwi Nerd31

    3 dager siden

    Please check out supernatural mostly season 13

  16. Leonardo Gastón Blanco Barberio

    Leonardo Gastón Blanco Barberio

    3 dager siden

    Guys please talk about Twister (F5 tornado), Deep Impact (meteor crashing) and Indiana Jones (face melting and ark going to the sky)

  17. Geert Van Boxelaer

    Geert Van Boxelaer

    3 dager siden

    Michael Jackson ... millennials :D

  18. WildLad


    3 dager siden

    You should watch the final fight in the Cowboy Bebop movie

  19. Lei Ecleo

    Lei Ecleo

    3 dager siden

    Please react to Gravity with George Clonney and Sandra Bullock please

  20. Stephen 1982

    Stephen 1982

    3 dager siden

    Space Jam was my first "date movie;" I was 14. I didn't see any of the movie (giggity).

  21. Jared Boline

    Jared Boline

    4 dager siden

    Altered Carbon would be really cool to see you guys react to

  22. Enrico Randolph

    Enrico Randolph

    4 dager siden

    Hey please react to The adventures of Tintin. At first I thought it was real but then I found out it was all motion tracking. Please go and check it out. Thanks 🤘

  23. ANGUS 4277

    ANGUS 4277

    4 dager siden

    I would love for you guys to react to the VFX in Saturn 3 from 1980.

  24. Lights and Shades

    Lights and Shades

    4 dager siden

    React to Krish 3 Dhoom 4 Ra one

  25. Nickalas Channel

    Nickalas Channel

    4 dager siden

    IF you can rank all 3 CGI Hulks from the movies from best to worse I will sub, and become a Patron member. Deal?

  26. elendil6668


    4 dager siden

    Pleaaaase react to "Star Trek Nemesis", it has some super impressive space battle shots for 2002 :)

  27. Drragnorr


    4 dager siden

    you need high frame rate for 3d movies, because they fall apart if there is a fast movement of camera. sadly no one is doing that, and thats why 3d sucks

  28. Olli Barnd

    Olli Barnd

    4 dager siden

    Maybe try the Constantine movie

  29. practyc


    4 dager siden

    Altered Carbon

  30. Frankie Cuellar

    Frankie Cuellar

    5 dager siden

    Frankie Cuellar

  31. Attiq ur Rehman

    Attiq ur Rehman

    5 dager siden




    5 dager siden

    react to W A L L E

  33. Cyndrick


    5 dager siden

    I am Mother reminds me a ton of the new Lost in Space show on Netflix



    5 dager siden

    Next thing I know that couch is CGI green screen or something

  35. Santhosh s

    Santhosh s

    5 dager siden

    godzilla cg is incredible

  36. panther vlogs

    panther vlogs

    5 dager siden

    Spongebob out of water

  37. Edwin Bonsrah

    Edwin Bonsrah

    5 dager siden

    Please dooooooo final fantasy kingsglaive XV please!!!!

  38. marvelous_deviant-ass


    5 dager siden

    12:17 man, i wish i had myself a SHIELD shirt too

  39. Sue Visions

    Sue Visions

    5 dager siden


  40. Deejay Marco 254

    Deejay Marco 254

    5 dager siden

    you guys should do a G-rated Deadpool ;)

  41. Faewulf


    5 dager siden

    I would have never known I Am Mother was a low budget film. Great job on it.

  42. saferro 10

    saferro 10

    5 dager siden

    why didnt you talk about the ending of the movie, the CG looked horrible

  43. Jeremy Lindemann

    Jeremy Lindemann

    5 dager siden

    I was thinking about what Niko or Wren said about vfx peopletaking hundreds of pictures of a basketball for Spacejam. That sounds too laborious. I think we're at the point now where we someone should be able to create an automated and intelligent method/system for 3D scanning objects. Objects could held by something and carefully moved around or a camera could move around an object on an automated rig. Either method could be controlled by software which is designed to carefully capture all of the detail from an object and correctly put the image data together in some format which would be useful to all 3D effects programs. Taking hundreds of photos sounds, to me, like it's very time and resource intensive, inefficient and prone to mistakes.

  44. Inquisition31


    5 dager siden

    i had to stop and go watch I am Mother, its cool, im back now, world shattered, over the moon, etc etc. :D

  45. Jeremy Lindemann

    Jeremy Lindemann

    5 dager siden

    Niko is quite the skilled pan handler.

  46. duncancoe


    5 dager siden

    The pod races please

  47. Nitish Nayak

    Nitish Nayak

    6 dager siden

    Make reaction video on Bollywood movie RA-ONE

  48. Miner0521 !

    Miner0521 !

    6 dager siden

    Who here has watched this video and then watches it again to count his times saying Michael Jackson

  49. ƬψƬ


    7 dager siden

    React to Tron legacy

  50. Joseph Bell

    Joseph Bell

    7 dager siden

    Tell Dan I said hi



    7 dager siden

    Can I learn vfx in six months

  52. Kyle


    7 dager siden

    Solo was 2018 not 2019

  53. Baylux


    7 dager siden


  54. Cas The Demon

    Cas The Demon

    7 dager siden

    I get them two confused all the time too.

  55. Swift


    7 dager siden

    React to I,robot CGI

  56. Zinzon


    7 dager siden

    i have been requesting space jam forever, thank you.

  57. Preston Jones

    Preston Jones

    7 dager siden

    Do a reaction to Willow

  58. Blonde


    7 dager siden

    Should do rebel without a cause and do the chicken run. Lots of good effects in that

  59. Blonde


    7 dager siden

    Should do rebel without a cause and do the chicken run. Lots of good effects in that

  60. Jonathan Haddock

    Jonathan Haddock

    7 dager siden

    React to Harlock: Space Pirate