Epstein Death Sets Off Wild Wave Of Conspiracy Theories

Who had the most to gain from the death of Jeffrey Epstein? President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to support an unfounded conspiracy theory that points a finger at one of his predecessors. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert
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  1. Carl Radon

    Carl Radon

    5 timer siden

    Is Epstein dead? Maybe so, if you believe anything the govt tells you.

  2. Ian Belcher

    Ian Belcher

    5 timer siden

    What a shill he's become. SAD.

  3. Gary Walker

    Gary Walker

    6 timer siden

    Hate to be the one to tell you the Colbert is a gatekeeper for the CIA. Jokes are meant to form an opinion not explore any truth

  4. Richard Federico

    Richard Federico

    6 timer siden

    As usual, here comes Mainstream Colbert to do damage control and divert attention back to Trump (anyone surprised?). More than that, he calls out the conspiracy theories as being from "crazy Trumpers". (Anyone surprised?) Then he goes full on about Trump (anyone still surprised?) I don't watch Colbert because I know he's a bought and paid shill, but had to check to see if he was going to be part of the media cover-up over Epstein's so obvious murder of convenience. I have to say that Colbert must really like his salary as well as his vapid audiences cheers every time intimates "Trump bad" (must be so easy to be entertaining today) because he will say anything his handlers and overlords ask of him without question! Do you cheering snarky Colbert fans really believe that if any of this Epstein Pedo-gate had any significant evidence against Trump that Stephen would be calling these conspiracies WILD??? The only people not questioning Epstein's "suicide" as being extremely convenient, suspicious, and downright ridicules are people on the left breathing a sigh of relief that their party leaders were possibly saved from getting officially fingered. At the same time a very good chance Trump would have been vindicated because he just met Epstein a few times publicly as one would in the billionaire power circles and events (the way Colbert might meet say a Wienstein, or a Cosby), but Trump was not a friend of Epstein like the Clintons and others who flew as guests to his sick PRIVATE Island numerous times. This Trump fact would have come out in the trial starkly contrasting the Clinton and others on the left and that would have been too much for tribal lefties to swallow and have to fess up to. But go ahead people, laugh at the funny cover-up side show distraction clown in his msm circus tent.

  5. mr rasul

    mr rasul

    7 timer siden

    How is the theory of gravity not a conspiracy?

  6. Stephen L

    Stephen L

    7 timer siden

    I wonder who Colbert works for with all his Trump bashing?

  7. brendan sucks

    brendan sucks

    7 timer siden

    HAHAHA HEHEHE im wetting myself laughing at the possibility of Bill Clinton being embroiled in a sex scandal. HEHE HEHE ignore the mans previous televised history , im a clever leftist/ recorded laugh track.

  8. Mister Man

    Mister Man

    7 timer siden

    Going by the fukheds (such as Colbert) doing “damage control” on this issue, it’s apparent who has interest in covering it up.

  9. Dr D

    Dr D

    8 timer siden

    Notice the video of Epstein rubbing his neck, flicking it and then rubbing it in a specific manner...that's a hint..he knew he would be knocked off...inside NY hitjob.

  10. The Antagonist

    The Antagonist

    9 timer siden

    If there is judgement for all at the end of days, surely Colbert doesn't sleep well

  11. William Sroka

    William Sroka

    9 timer siden

    I just survived a National Tragedy. Don't make me meet one! Classic!

  12. Heather Bailie

    Heather Bailie

    10 timer siden

    I don't believe for a second Trump was involved. He's too stupid. If he had even the slightest bit of involvement, he would have tweeted it right away.

  13. Adrian H. Dragan

    Adrian H. Dragan

    10 timer siden


  14. Dread Pirate Lenny

    Dread Pirate Lenny

    10 timer siden

    I used to like Colbert...

  15. James Smithe

    James Smithe

    11 timer siden

    I've read that his windpipe was crushed. Well, if nothing else Epstein is original when it comes to suicide.

  16. Dmitrik Guajardo

    Dmitrik Guajardo

    11 timer siden

    I grew up with carter and reagon. I wish presidents were more like them

  17. David Baines

    David Baines

    11 timer siden

    So you turn two multiple shootings, and the death of a prolific pedophile, the result of which will probably see anyone who conspired with him now left unlikely to face any repercussions, into another bullsh*t rant about Trump. How much of your corporate salary do you have to give the audience to laugh? Pitiful..

  18. motorgrader5


    12 timer siden

    used to like Colbert now I know for sure hes a dipshit

  19. Dave Begotka

    Dave Begotka

    12 timer siden

    Propaganda shill!

  20. DJ Yoes

    DJ Yoes

    12 timer siden

    Parsing Bill paining plus the many trips to the Lolita island shows Bill was the better friend. Trump never visited that island, ever. Trump worked with the prosecutors against Epstein. Do whatever, but everyone is figuring the Clinton's out. They kissed all the rings including people like Robert Byrd(kkk) and they still have influence in Washington DC. Career Politicians can pull strings, especially with Hollywood's help!

  21. Anders Json

    Anders Json

    12 timer siden

    Epstein was Clintonised.

  22. Zhōngwén中文;


    13 timer siden

    Making fun of Trump has gotten a bit old, dont you think Stephen?

  23. Jacob Cook

    Jacob Cook

    13 timer siden

    Don't even know how I used to watch you.

  24. Patsy Gay

    Patsy Gay

    13 timer siden

    Well, at least he didn't blame Mr. Obama this time. Well, not yet anyway.

  25. Samson Strong

    Samson Strong

    13 timer siden

    I like how they showed a headline from CNN instead of the actual tweet

  26. Boy Wonderbk

    Boy Wonderbk

    13 timer siden

    The only conspiracy here is calling this obvious murder a suicide. Trump owns barr, bars runs the prison system.

    • The Crappy Robot

      The Crappy Robot

      13 timer siden

      Alex Jones is that you?

  27. Mr Smith

    Mr Smith

    14 timer siden

    Colbert is not an elitist, he was not denying it could have something other than suicide, one of his jokes could be interpreted as pro-conspiracy theorist, and one could be as anti, That seems fair enough. Who knows for sure? It would be good to have an investigation, but it is not the job of late night chat show hosts, or presidents to kind of specifally blame specific people, without any evidence, Even most conspiracy theory vids do not specifically blame a speific person. Colbert is great comedian, and comedy actor, like Conan. There should be a proper investigation into this sick case, but Colbert should not act like a desperate attention seeking fanatic making sick allegations against specific people. So thumbs up Colbert there as ever. He was right o say this is massively suspicous, and right to not blame a speficic person.

  28. Joe Gilkey

    Joe Gilkey

    14 timer siden

    Late night waste of time

  29. Michael M

    Michael M

    14 timer siden

    The truth is nobody knows. This guy likes to use his "humor" to define the bounderies for how the mainstream want you to think. He shows no evidence just his opinions. Painting people as conspiracy theorist or tin foil hat is obvious manipulation to keep people from questioning things and digging into the facts. Well, think for yourself don't let this loon do your thinking. Btw I'm not even a Republican just a person who wants you to be free from all of the phonies.

  30. MJ Music

    MJ Music

    14 timer siden

    I liked it when he said Donald Trump

  31. Victor Sanchez

    Victor Sanchez

    14 timer siden

    Citing CNN's opinion instead of the actual tweet? I guess the sheeple will clap at what they want to hear. I remember when colbert was funny.

    • The Crappy Robot

      The Crappy Robot

      13 timer siden

      CNN are the same people that blackmailed a young teenager over a meme.

  32. John Doe

    John Doe

    14 timer siden

    Let me comment on Wexner. He is a child molester, and a satanist, and works for Israel. He runs honey-pot operations with Jeff Epstein and Dershowitz . BTW I am a 2004 graduate of OSU and I am embarrassed to have Wexner name on any building....We need to suspend Wexner like they did the Tressel and Urban Meyer.....Your school is not good for anything but football. Very sad ohio state does not give academic scholarships to “white” students.....they are all about diversity, and Illuminati Jews and freemasons hate America and want to put America back in the third world.....REMOVE WEXNER NAME,,,,,or should I say, Wexner the Molestner....Its obvious the New World Order has a “homosexual” agenda and there are more rainbow flags on campus then Ohio State Flags....The campus is full of homos.....Everyone needs to google “trannies in Hollywood” to expose the elite agenda. Colleges, news out lets, military, and politicians are corrupt, by way of Satanist pretending to be Jewish. QUIZ for buckeyes....Who dotted the eye for the marching band and is a accused of being a “sexual handler of children?” None other than Bob Hope, who can be seen shaking hands with coach “woody Hayes”...Woody Hayes son is a corrupt judge in upper Arlington. That judge is straight trash, lets give him the boot out of office. Google “trannies for victory secret”. The world is counting on the buckeye community to do the right thing.....REMOVE THE WEXNER NAME from OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. I know construction workers who have been in the Wexner home and they said 2 Columbus police officers run daily warrant checks on every worker that’s come in, ON A DAILY BASIS. It is said if there is a warrant, the Columbus police watching Wexner New Albany home will take the construction worker to jail.. Do you really think Wexner had no idea of what Epstein was up to, yet gave him power of attorney.....Bullshit.....Lets get together buckeyes, lets remove the Wexner name from ohio state, and why we are at it, lets expose Bob Hope and Jimmy Seville......fucking Illuminati Jew monsters.

  33. Lloyd Succes

    Lloyd Succes

    14 timer siden

    Does Colbert actually naively think that the well connected and powerful would let Epstein be alive to testify in court?! Fat chance.

  34. John Doe

    John Doe

    15 timer siden

    We came, we saw, HE DIED!!! HA HA HA HA!!!😆😆😂😂....says the clin-tones

  35. MG Massey

    MG Massey

    15 timer siden

    Who cares..Millions of children are trafficked..thats what matters. Fuck the dead psychopath Hollywierd.. Pedophile heaven that's L.A.

  36. Kurt Lac

    Kurt Lac

    15 timer siden

    Why are we covering for the Clintons? Because Trump said it? I hate Trump too, but that doesn't mean the Clintons are innocent.

  37. Tyler ThaGr8

    Tyler ThaGr8

    15 timer siden

    I wonder how much Steven got payed to spew this sht? Make sure you throw trumps name in there ALOT to try and distract people from the real culprits

  38. Ryan Potter

    Ryan Potter

    15 timer siden

    another american tv host who chose money over people. wow, what a hero.

  39. Ryan Potter

    Ryan Potter

    15 timer siden

    This reminds me of the MSM scenes in V For Vendetta and Natalie Portman's character says "b.s" to the TV

  40. mike morris

    mike morris

    16 timer siden

    If Mr. Clinton was likely to be named by Epstein as a co-conspirator it is not impossible that Clinton would put a ten million dollar bounty on him. However naming him without evidence is simply diversion. One could say the same about any of the rich individuals also named in documentation

  41. Usual Suspect

    Usual Suspect

    16 timer siden

    Colbert is probably in Epstein's little black book. No wonder he's happy about the Arkancide.

  42. Bill S

    Bill S

    16 timer siden

    He had to die.. too many dirt on the power and rich pieces of shit!

  43. jspro100


    16 timer siden

    Ok so Colbert starts off by joking about how suspect the Death of Epstein is and then proceeds to make fun of Trump for pedaling a conspiracy theory and defends the Clintons by saying they don't have power anymore. Its really sad to see someone like Colbert sell out after all these years. This show isn't funny its just depressing to see an old ally turn to the dark side.

  44. Alpax Dis

    Alpax Dis

    16 timer siden

    Clinton death count rises.....#53

  45. Nasir Karim

    Nasir Karim

    17 timer siden

    You're a sellout & you're making a total fool out of yourself Colbert

  46. Michael Naughton

    Michael Naughton

    17 timer siden

    The age of spin. Some orson welles 1984 shit. Epstein was an elite pedofile ring leader, whom is connected to presidents and royals. Then Colbert comes out making fun of conspiry theorist. Colbert is part of the problem. These people need to be accountable. Including maggots like Colbert

  47. Veronica Nevarez

    Veronica Nevarez

    17 timer siden

    Jokes are on point lol



    18 timer siden


  49. mkidd11


    18 timer siden

    Try to blame Trump...I suppose that would be your ONLY option at this point. I hope this video is saved and replayed after the full investigation is completed. Than again...you're probably used to looking like a snake.

  50. Andres Virgen

    Andres Virgen

    18 timer siden

    Stephen, thanks for keeping alive the faith and essence of the American Spirit burning strong! #ELPASOSTRONG

  51. Trumpet Music

    Trumpet Music

    18 timer siden

    Stephen Colbert has turned out to be just one more hack of the establishment. Conspiracy theories is what you call the obvious murder committed by very powerful people? What is the point of going after Trump every night if you are going to turn around and do the work of the powerful anyways? If Colbert wants to keep talking about politics, he needs to take on his bosses at CBS and say whatever he wants! Grow a pair Stephen!

  52. blitzmarshall


    19 timer siden

    Well done Steven , the masters are pleased . Keep up the good work and youll surely get your invitation to the bohemian grove this year . Moloch smiles upon you this day .

  53. andy bosik

    andy bosik

    19 timer siden

    When the truth comes-out, alot of democrats are going to prison. PS. Stephan Colbert sucks!

  54. Jerushas toybox Spoiler of war

    Jerushas toybox Spoiler of war

    19 timer siden

    Wow Stephen you sound like a moron on this one. But I guess they bought you long ago.

  55. Marc Herman

    Marc Herman

    20 timer siden

    Devastatingly funny/sad.

  56. Parrhasius


    20 timer siden

    There's a conspiracy theory going around that any of us that questions the given narrative and considers a variety of possibilities, is a conspiracy theorist if that's so, I'm guilty as charged...

  57. LuigiDonatello


    20 timer siden

    On which channel does this air? CBS? Wasn't its long time owner related to the MEGA GROUP? I'm not surprised you downplay any theory coming too close, Stephen.

  58. Erica Moss

    Erica Moss

    20 timer siden

    I think someone killed Epstein because he knew too much so that would be the Russians or Trump and his administration

  59. 1JAAJ


    21 time siden

    He was definitely murdered.

  60. Doom And Gloom

    Doom And Gloom

    21 time siden

    This show is going down hill faster then I expected

  61. Jeff Leddin

    Jeff Leddin

    22 timer siden

    This clown is such a blowhard. Morons think he's a news reporter.

  62. Robert Burnett

    Robert Burnett

    23 timer siden

    Clinton...26 rides on the loli express. Some without secret service. Colbert turned into a snake.

  63. Robert Burnett

    Robert Burnett

    23 timer siden

    A govt. agent said some conspiracies are real.

  64. Lex Bor

    Lex Bor

    23 timer siden

    Coward "journalists" and propaganda-comedians are disgusting in covering up these high profile child-abusers. And the stupid selfish crowd buying this bs and laughing thinking - some underage chicks where fucked, the main source of info was murdered, who cares, lets make fun of Trump.

  65. bammbamm12


    23 timer siden

    The most unfunny person in the media.

  66. king Igor

    king Igor

    Dag siden

    FBI own/control presidents/police/citizens...Epstein was obviously a informant being paid with government property (FBI/police informant system is human trafficking) and they found him no longer useful... fbi didn't want him to make a plea deal...no fan of trump but he's a cover for the FBI... some conspiracies are true

  67. ahojahojish


    Dag siden

    This video just made me believe the "conspiracy" even more.

  68. Krista Zieschang

    Krista Zieschang

    Dag siden

    Hannibal Lecter: I've been in this room for eight years now, Clarice. I know they will never, ever let me out while I'm alive.

  69. showtime951


    Dag siden

    Has anyone actually laughed with Colbert? I find him to be a sad, pathetic, unfunny, unwise, soul-less, estogen-enhanced half-man. You know, a puke.

    • showtime951


      9 timer siden

      @Greg Giles - Thank you and you too. God bless, brother and may only the best things in life happen to you and those you love. Good health and long life!

    • showtime951


      9 timer siden

      @Krista Zieschang - Are you trying to get Kilborn killid?

    • Greg Giles

      Greg Giles

      Dag siden

      keep drinking the confederate Kool aid,

    • Krista Zieschang

      Krista Zieschang

      Dag siden

      without craig kilborn, colbert never woulda happened.

  70. Krista Zieschang

    Krista Zieschang

    Dag siden

    I was in jail for something minor and stupid, around 1995. My cell had camera in ceiling, with glass plate over it. Audio too. Drunk in next cell kept screaming, and some woman kept laughing at him over the speaker.

  71. The Cainr

    The Cainr

    Dag siden

    He used to be so funny before Trump

  72. starscreamm


    Dag siden

    Everyone knows he was murdered and him doing what he did some of us knew he was doing that for the last 10 15 years at least but really he was supplying children to the 1 percent elite since the 90s. That's the real reason why he committed "suicide" it's because of the clients he had. He had presidents..wallstreet bankers... elite families actors politicians people from the royal family hosts from the GEC etc...this isnt news at all more like waiting for him to get caught already knew he was going to commit "suicide" btw he was a billionaire that worked his way up because he was literally a genius in mathematics...that's how he was introduced and worked his way up in the first place...and he would fly his clients on his private Boeing 747 to his private island with clients being the social status of the group's I listed above and much more. Again who Epstein was and did is old news funny how all this is happening now. Suprised all that lasted so long. # people the run the planet the government also in entertainment run the economy etc. World leaders of every industry in every industry you can think of. # they will never find his little black book. Ever. (List of clients) it runs so deep most of the idiots that make up the world population have been oblivious to this lmao if they only knew who these client are and were it would run so deep it would literally distort their sense of reality and they would shun the information immediately. Distort their little bubble. # ignorance is bliss. Lmao btw...they arent conspiracy theories its documented but if you were good enough with a computer you would know that and would be able to find it. There's files and facts supporting then going back to the 80's lmao but because they dont know they're labeled conspiracy theories. # your bubble. And steven Colbert needs to stfu because clients that were from Colbert's political party of choice as well as people from the opposing party were in bed with epsteins services as well...people dont seem to get who was involved. ...information has been out for decades but whatever...

  73. susan lindquist

    susan lindquist

    Dag siden

    Someone bring up ...how much do the guards make at the jail ? Why couldn't they fall asleep .

  74. wootuser


    Dag siden

    Alright so Cuckbert is actually painting the Clinton's as so powerful they can get reservations at any restaurant. Yeah, lets just make them the average little guys that can only do little things. Then there is this that the media seems to not want to talk about: noplayer.info/show/anFQeUo2XzZHQUE.html

  75. Nunya Damn Bidness

    Nunya Damn Bidness

    Dag siden

    my thing is usually people wait for a guilty verdict before killing themselves. Pretty sure epstein had heard of the oj simpson trial. Billionaire could at least try to knock off witness. He didnt try anything. And his name is epstein. I would expect him to be more resourceful.

  76. Hong Fei Bai

    Hong Fei Bai

    Dag siden

    I'm not tired of winning. I'm tired of hearing about Trump's crowd size.

  77. yourin8er


    Dag siden

    Does James Gunn know this guy?

  78. Howard Switzer

    Howard Switzer

    Dag siden

    There is no "masterminding" all they had to do was give the order. "They" is who knows, but certainly there is well organized violence to protect the sensitive secrets of the power elite.

  79. Adam Gerloff

    Adam Gerloff

    Dag siden


  80. robert mccully

    robert mccully

    Dag siden

    Clintons have a long line of mystery deaths before they could testify, just look it up. Just saying--