5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party

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5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party
Thanks to:
Cody Ko


  1. Princess Rose

    Princess Rose

    4 timer siden

    You could have easily saved those chips for later 🙄 I hope you plan on eating alllllll that watermelon. ALL OF IT

    • Princess Rose

      Princess Rose

      4 timer siden

      These have really become drunk crafts 😭

  2. Levi Steele

    Levi Steele

    4 timer siden

    Cody I highly recommend you do a that’s cringe or just a reaction on a channel called azzy land

  3. Jae'den


    5 timer siden


  4. Duh Its Kat

    Duh Its Kat

    5 timer siden

    at 2:04 my sister said “wow his hips dont lie” I LAUGHING SO HARD

  5. Sav none ya

    Sav none ya

    5 timer siden

    10:44 "two shots of vodka"

  6. Marco Reyes

    Marco Reyes

    6 timer siden

    You and Noel should do s Minecraft lets play

  7. PileOTrash


    7 timer siden


  8. Luka English

    Luka English

    7 timer siden

    Watermelon party song is a total bop, really just the soundtrack for my lonely early 20s

  9. pentafruit grassi

    pentafruit grassi

    8 timer siden

    Jake: i can't imagine having that much hatred.... Cody: **invites friends to watermelon party after doing watermelon themed crafts for hours**

  10. Nick Croom

    Nick Croom

    8 timer siden

    You have to do a that’s cringe on my brothers video noplayer.info/show/M2VDLTJYY09OMUE.html

  11. DaTBOI aintdead

    DaTBOI aintdead

    10 timer siden

    cody ko: its scorching in la rn Me in arizona: pathetic

  12. Al Vines

    Al Vines

    10 timer siden


  13. Al Vines

    Al Vines

    10 timer siden


  14. Cookie_12191 _SL

    Cookie_12191 _SL

    11 timer siden

    m.a.double made a diss on u

  15. Maria Grazia

    Maria Grazia

    12 timer siden

    yoooo that outro is the funniest shit I´ve seen this week hahahaah

  16. neernou


    12 timer siden

    you put on the pants wrong it wasnt top to bottom but i dont blame you it really just is better to turn on the rotator so the pants didnt get air beacsue of the place you placed them you do front to back i am not mad just saying. I think the life hack would work but also it is just weird to have pants on your fan from the first beggining

  17. Oniox


    13 timer siden

    Yeah in Stockton, CA the temperature was like 100 yesterday. Pretty cold day

  18. Jude Rogers

    Jude Rogers

    13 timer siden

    Any body notice the watermelon placement in the beginning?

  19. Thestandingturtle


    13 timer siden

    I didn’t feel like getting turned on by watermelon sounds (or Cody Ko rimming a watermelon like it’s a nutritious piece of ass) but here I am.

  20. Barely Awake

    Barely Awake

    14 timer siden

    can't spell watermelon party without lemon part

  21. Emma Earthling

    Emma Earthling

    14 timer siden

    Two pants guy 😂

  22. Emma Earthling

    Emma Earthling

    14 timer siden

    Glacial melting 😭

  23. Pizza Productions

    Pizza Productions

    14 timer siden

    Innuendo "the video"

  24. Jannery


    15 timer siden

    Slav version of watermelon camping party Ive attended : sitting on the ground with music blasting, a huge watermelon filled with vodka is passed from person to person,, everyone has to drink it ,,,, ,, that's it

  25. crazyderp38


    15 timer siden

    Am I the only one replaying the 16:20 bit?

  26. Katelyn Aquilo

    Katelyn Aquilo

    16 timer siden

    Did Cody switch editors??? Or hire one? The editing is so different than normal

  27. James Ford

    James Ford

    16 timer siden

    Cody I suggest doing a that's cringe on lance 210s fucking up someone's property video

  28. Miss Fit

    Miss Fit

    17 timer siden

    Why do I get anxiety when I see someone waste food? I literally felt anxiety watching this

  29. Ronkiegurl27


    20 timer siden

    Am I the only one who hate seeing David dobrik? Can you please make a video about him ? ..

  30. Bigen Games

    Bigen Games

    23 timer siden

    The only thing I’ve been to is a lemon party

  31. F.A.K


    Dag siden

    Would love another DM reading video

  32. Jack Reichart

    Jack Reichart

    Dag siden

    You needa watch mobility Mary

    • Badges of Shame

      Badges of Shame

      Dag siden


  33. Slatt


    Dag siden

    Vid on e boys plz so cringe

  34. Lunatoons831


    Dag siden


  35. Dallin De Witt

    Dallin De Witt

    Dag siden

    PLEASE SO A THATS CRINGE ON “SLIM JESUS, DRILL TIME”. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Love you, no homo tho cause I’m not trynna be Sugar Gay.

  36. ollie coulter-docherty

    ollie coulter-docherty

    Dag siden

    Stop talking sh!:t

  37. Jennifer Block

    Jennifer Block

    Dag siden

    So um merch? Yes.

  38. jeez burger

    jeez burger

    Dag siden

    14:31 watermelon party 🍉 [self note]

  39. The Face

    The Face

    Dag siden

    Please make a video about e-boys

  40. levi's stray killjoy

    levi's stray killjoy

    Dag siden

    cody wasting melons for 17 minutes and 30 seconds

  41. Alan Wheeler

    Alan Wheeler

    Dag siden


  42. Carlos R

    Carlos R

    Dag siden

    8:32 come on mayne

  43. Harry Perkins

    Harry Perkins

    Dag siden

    I love ur vids so much ur my fave tuber ❤️

  44. J.T. Thompson

    J.T. Thompson

    Dag siden

    You should do a That's Cringe of I'm So Lit Right Now

  45. Lu


    Dag siden

    4:16 ''Oh wow'''

    • Lu


      Dag siden

      OH and my dad walked in at 9:13 .. so that was funny

  46. em doke

    em doke

    Dag siden

    this is for those people in the math problems

  47. hakuna matata

    hakuna matata

    Dag siden

    I can only imagine the ants

  48. Noah Percy

    Noah Percy

    Dag siden

    Can I be invited

  49. LimeCinemas


    Dag siden

    this is take a walk energy

  50. Emma Ford

    Emma Ford

    Dag siden

    When we gettin a new Love Island episode tho

  51. jim jon

    jim jon

    Dag siden

    2:04 Oh hell yeah. I love me some sweaty ball air on a hot summer day.

  52. MsnNova


    Dag siden

    *that looks familiar*

  53. Melissa


    Dag siden

    yo you’re so funny I love your videos, I hope you don’t die in the near future

  54. Mike G

    Mike G

    Dag siden

    "we had really fun" English has left the lobby

  55. Gabriela Pérez

    Gabriela Pérez

    Dag siden

    Cody is the type of guy you read in math problems buying all those watermelons

  56. Ned Head

    Ned Head

    Dag siden

    Please react to funkee bunch on NOplayer . Gave me nightmares please stop these shenanigans

  57. Ryan Quinn

    Ryan Quinn

    Dag siden

    2nd one just cut both ends after tubing it

  58. Ariana Anderson

    Ariana Anderson

    Dag siden

    after he karate chopped that watermelon, the face? Omfg I lost my mind

  59. shuyi shoe

    shuyi shoe

    Dag siden

    looks like cody murdered someone and shoved the body into the pringles can

  60. Walter Clements

    Walter Clements

    Dag siden


  61. Lani Koppermann

    Lani Koppermann

    Dag siden

    do a thats cringe on tana turns 21

  62. Kanye De Slobozia

    Kanye De Slobozia

    Dag siden

    that beat switch tho 😔

  63. Alexander DUTTON

    Alexander DUTTON

    Dag siden

    Can u do another cringe thingy of the Christian girls they did a video with their husbands 😂 noplayer.info/show/VGdPR2I0dTlZOVk.html

  64. Gamingguy242


    Dag siden

    80 lol where I’m from it’s 115 on the daily

  65. AJ Arocha

    AJ Arocha

    Dag siden


  66. Tóth Fanni

    Tóth Fanni

    Dag siden

    who the fuck coughs after drinking alchol when theyre 60?

  67. Kari’s Life

    Kari’s Life

    Dag siden

    He reminded me of the butler with the distorted hand in scary movie 3 or something when he shoved his hand in the watermelon

  68. Chris Gabbour

    Chris Gabbour

    Dag siden

    why does this video remind me of that scene from ice age with the dodo birds and the melon😂😂😂

  69. Devin Groth

    Devin Groth

    Dag siden

    Do a that's cringe on my strange addiction

  70. fr now

    fr now

    Dag siden

    I got anxiety just from looking at those tiny ass american watermalons

  71. Zachchisholm


    2 dager siden

    Imagine cleaning that after lol

  72. Ellie Cee

    Ellie Cee

    2 dager siden

    That goddamn watermelon song is gonna be stuck in my head all day

  73. Millie


    2 dager siden

    "that looks familiar" LMAO

  74. mim


    2 dager siden

    why does that song at the end slap though?

  75. Pan Ian

    Pan Ian

    2 dager siden

    The song is a banger

  76. Christina Goto

    Christina Goto

    2 dager siden

    why is emma chamberlain editing these videos

  77. Calista Paterson

    Calista Paterson

    2 dager siden

    POV: You’re Kelsey while Cody does Crafts

  78. Keidy Carrasco

    Keidy Carrasco

    2 dager siden

    This is just an excuse for Cody to eat watermelon

  79. Allison Rae

    Allison Rae

    2 dager siden

    my house is full of ants just by watching this video

  80. lil danny

    lil danny

    2 dager siden

    When your friends leave your watermelon party😔💔