Doing My Nails In Reverse | esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD

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Examples of reverse/reciprocal gradient nail arts by simply nailogical (?!?):
Cristmas presents: noplayer.info/show/VGpUWG9nM0dORnM.html
Neon chevron pattern: noplayer.info/show/ampRRmFRSEhwOTg.html
Turquoise and green holo diagonal stripes: noplayer.info/show/ZXlyNDgyS2gyUnc.html
Green/mint chevrons: noplayer.info/show/ZGhIa3c1QzVJcWs.html
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  1. ashleigh longue

    ashleigh longue

    6 timer siden

    cristine: studied criminology and sociology majoring in them. me: oh shes really smart also cristine: TEA SPELT BACKWARDS IS EAT

  2. Lucia Macias

    Lucia Macias

    10 timer siden

    What if we actually talk backwards? Like what if the normal thing would be to talk backwards and the strange way to talk normal

  3. Aysegul Ergonul

    Aysegul Ergonul

    15 timer siden

    Christine pls follow my account I am new and subscribed

  4. Malak Tarek

    Malak Tarek

    16 timer siden

    Tea : eat backwards Eat= Education and Technology StAy In ScHoOl,KiDs- I spelled it wrong on purpose I know it's supposed to be "aet" So,Sue me-

  5. Alysa Gustafson

    Alysa Gustafson

    16 timer siden

    Her intro is actually pretty cool backwards

  6. Sofi


    17 timer siden

    You should do your day in reverse

  7. Devil_WolfGirl 101

    Devil_WolfGirl 101

    Dag siden

    Lol my cousins birthday is backwards day

  8. Princess Rose

    Princess Rose

    Dag siden

    In da discription there was written '"subscribe if you ca read this "😂😂

  9. Leanna Patrick

    Leanna Patrick

    Dag siden

    I WAS BORN ON BACKWARDS DAY!! ;0 maybe I was born backwards...

  10. Honeybee MP3

    Honeybee MP3

    Dag siden

    Tea aet

  11. Soldier


    Dag siden

    When you watch the whole video backwards Ah yea it’s big brain time

  12. Jay Sykes

    Jay Sykes

    Dag siden

    if you put a peel off base coat under this mani, will the peelies have holo flakies on the underside???

  13. Jay Sykes

    Jay Sykes

    Dag siden

    are you going to release a matte taco??

  14. Isabella Mahmud

    Isabella Mahmud

    Dag siden

    You should make a matte taco

  15. pony girl Becca UwU

    pony girl Becca UwU

    Dag siden

    ?tseb eht ouy era yhw enitsirC

  16. bergamotblonde


    Dag siden

    What happens if you use a mattifying top coat on top of holo? Does it effect the holo at all?

  17. Ellison Wild

    Ellison Wild

    Dag siden

    Can u please do the five LEGO friends on your nails

  18. CaitlinPlayz Gamez

    CaitlinPlayz Gamez

    Dag siden

    Tea. = aet Christine,are you ok, becuase I think tea spelt backwards is aet

  19. CaitlinPlayz Gamez

    CaitlinPlayz Gamez

    Dag siden

    I like the intro in reverse better lol

  20. Assa Davíðsdóttir

    Assa Davíðsdóttir

    Dag siden

    Cristiiiiiiiiiine! I really wanna buy your nailpolish but its all sold out! What do I do???

  21. Elle B

    Elle B

    Dag siden

    cristines nails are barely orangey yellow anymore. she hasn’t been painting her nails a lot anymore. welp, not surprised

  22. Gatchalife_Gabrielle_ YT

    Gatchalife_Gabrielle_ YT

    Dag siden

    Who else is painting there nails with there holo taco

  23. Tino Väinämöine

    Tino Väinämöine

    2 dager siden

    What's "5-free"?????

  24. Vannasaur


    2 dager siden

    noplayer.info/show/UlBOa3NxSVM4VFE.html Cristine!!! How to cheat at watermarbling part ??? Clip is 4:18

  25. Nina Battaglia

    Nina Battaglia

    2 dager siden

    When you’re hungry and hope no one notices that you failed to spell tea backwards and so you just say eat

  26. XxDragon_ Ariki NightmarexX

    XxDragon_ Ariki NightmarexX

    2 dager siden

    You pick up your bag of nails opens the bag picks up your nails tht u just peeled off ASMR

  27. jatratel site

    jatratel site

    2 dager siden

    Why are her nails yellow?

  28. Eshal Junaid

    Eshal Junaid

    2 dager siden

    Who knew that I was born on backwards day

  29. Jenna Mewborn

    Jenna Mewborn

    2 dager siden

    I had to get out of bed to make tea in the middle of this video. You'd think I would've learned by now to make tea first.

  30. Ms_Pixi Styx

    Ms_Pixi Styx

    2 dager siden


  31. Ms_Pixi Styx

    Ms_Pixi Styx

    2 dager siden

    I love how you pate your nalls

  32. Ms_Pixi Styx

    Ms_Pixi Styx

    2 dager siden


  33. Alexandria Patrick

    Alexandria Patrick

    2 dager siden

    I think it’s awesome you offer a 5-free nail polish! Having a little one I’m always looking for products like this!

  34. Sonali S

    Sonali S

    2 dager siden

    I am wearing the same exact pajama pants as you!

  35. Andrea Vu

    Andrea Vu

    2 dager siden

    How do u keep ur nails in shape? Because I can not

    • Andrea Vu

      Andrea Vu

      2 dager siden

      And it’s pretty!

  36. Amanda Nordberg

    Amanda Nordberg

    2 dager siden

    Please try spider gel!!!

  37. Olive


    2 dager siden

    Spill the eat, sis

  38. Isabella Perez

    Isabella Perez

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    Taco cat is taco cat backwards

  39. DIY with Aleena & Becca

    DIY with Aleena & Becca

    2 dager siden

    Omg I thought I was the only one with yellow nails because of polish!!

  40. BlueOcean81107


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    16:03 ha la in a another planet

  41. xNatyGacha31 x

    xNatyGacha31 x

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    I havent watched simply in like a month or 2 so i decided i should like every video i missed and watch today ;-;

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    Robin Farstad

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  43. Butter Scotch lol

    Butter Scotch lol

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    You know what I just said holo oloh

  44. Indianna Herbert

    Indianna Herbert

    3 dager siden


  45. Rose H.

    Rose H.

    3 dager siden

    She is testing Holo Taco basecoats, I repeat, SHE IS TESTING HOLO TACO BASE COATS OMG I just can't wait. I'm the kind of person who would not een use top coat or base coat on my nails and now...Well now I follow cristine and I'm simplyaddictedtonailogical Thank you Cristine !!

  46. Lauren Nancy

    Lauren Nancy

    3 dager siden

    What's 5? Why does one have it and one not?

  47. Lu’s Life

    Lu’s Life

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    1:12 aet

  48. Why Me

    Why Me

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    paint from tip to cuticle

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    Midella Villa

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    Midella Villa

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    Isabella Walters

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  52. Kirstin Byrum

    Kirstin Byrum

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    4:57 I used to do my nails like that🤣

  53. Mahri-claire Beere

    Mahri-claire Beere

    3 dager siden

    I that Liza Koshy's intro 2:10

    • Mahri-claire Beere

      Mahri-claire Beere

      3 dager siden


  54. lovelyyecats


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    Yo, January 31st is my birthday, you just blew me away with that backwards day fact.

  55. ll 5

    ll 5

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    I was just going to buy it but it doesn't ship in Europe🗿

  56. Movies


    4 dager siden

    Who does all the insaaane experiments? Cristine - Me! Me! Me!

  57. Leah Koch

    Leah Koch

    4 dager siden

    I was so sad when she didn't peel-or try to peel-the first one. Now I'm so curious...

  58. Erica James

    Erica James

    4 dager siden

    I just really really really really really need to know how the clock changes color

  59. MinYoongi isOPPA

    MinYoongi isOPPA

    4 dager siden

    Tea backwards: “eat” but then wouldn’t it be tae instead of tea?

    • Mary1337


      Dag siden

      like bae but tea

    • Pastel Child

      Pastel Child

      Dag siden

      MinYoongi isOPPA Yesh it would be

  60. Spade dabest

    Spade dabest

    4 dager siden

    Um you have a holo trashcan to oml this is adorable