Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest

This was a lot of fun!
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  1. MrBeast


    29 dager siden

    Subscribe or I’ll kick you.. no joke

    • Hyper Nova

      Hyper Nova

      8 dager siden

      Uno revengerr

    • Qceana


      12 dager siden

      I have already subbed!

    • princes iris

      princes iris

      16 dager siden

      @BluTofu actally MrBeast was first lol

  2. Mr Gamer

    Mr Gamer

    6 timer siden

    Mrbeast is playin minecraft in rl



    7 timer siden

    Jungle? Bear? Umm am I slow or .. 😂😂

  4. Rj Badongen

    Rj Badongen

    8 timer siden

    Wait did he just said Jake Paulers in the end of the vid.

  5. Itz_Crystal Shine

    Itz_Crystal Shine

    9 timer siden

    *reads desc* says it was a lot of fun....one of his friends is dead(i think)

  6. Holly Lee

    Holly Lee

    9 timer siden

    Thanks for the awesome presentation at VidSummit. You are amazing!

  7. Jmike Blue

    Jmike Blue

    9 timer siden

    I’m a extremely small NOplayerrs but I can plant trees

  8. That_One_Gy


    10 timer siden

    No one. Literally no one. Chandler- SAY IT BACKK

  9. Brenden Hamo

    Brenden Hamo

    11 timer siden

    12:29 Jimmy- Make sure you pick up all your trash. *empty bags in bottom left corner*

  10. Kotazzztheseal


    13 timer siden

    Have you...heard of camping?

  11. Doge Meme

    Doge Meme

    13 timer siden

    Your all gonna get hurt on one of these challenges

  12. Olllie Draws4fun

    Olllie Draws4fun

    14 timer siden

    Oh no chandler!

  13. Court Lehnhoff

    Court Lehnhoff

    15 timer siden

    Chandler at 0:36 😂

  14. DailyDoes OfAids

    DailyDoes OfAids

    15 timer siden

    12:26 literally empty red bull cans in the back

  15. Jahir Hines

    Jahir Hines

    15 timer siden

    Chancellor is such a little bitch because he wouldn’t stay there I would’ve stayed there

  16. Chezhead2121


    18 timer siden

    I’ll help

  17. Mousita Mousita

    Mousita Mousita

    18 timer siden

    “If the water’s moving really fast, you can drink it” lol no fam you still have boil it

  18. Candace Fanning

    Candace Fanning

    19 timer siden

    Ok I did and I have planted 5,000 trees to save the earth.

  19. Doggo Lord

    Doggo Lord

    20 timer siden

    Why these dudes playing Shang ra la

  20. Isaac


    20 timer siden

    There was a bridge by the river

  21. Creating_ Time

    Creating_ Time

    20 timer siden

    Help me PLZ

  22. Brooklyn Murphy

    Brooklyn Murphy

    21 time siden

    Chandler you suckkkk LMFAO

  23. MikeGlasses


    21 time siden

    So were finally planting all those trees I see

  24. Machine 27

    Machine 27

    22 timer siden

    You need a PO box where viewers can send you things. It's awesome you give so much to random people. Really enjoy your videos.

  25. Nataly Gaming and toys

    Nataly Gaming and toys

    22 timer siden

    Ill do it I love nature and I am a youtuber

  26. YouTube Copyrighter

    YouTube Copyrighter

    22 timer siden

    Hope you get 25m subs



    22 timer siden

    Guy's did you see when jake was touching chris's belly

  28. Aidan Perry

    Aidan Perry

    Dag siden


  29. Liammoz


    Dag siden

    Mr.beast: We have food Chandler: Mr.beast: this is serious

  30. Thlougzy


    Dag siden

    I want to make an impact

  31. Andrey Theninja

    Andrey Theninja

    Dag siden


  32. Crazy CookieGirl772

    Crazy CookieGirl772

    Dag siden

    Thank you for letting me know how to make stuff in a rainforest because I need to write a research paper on rainforests!

  33. ben mixon

    ben mixon

    Dag siden

    ok bet lmaoo hmu lets do this

  34. Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor

    Dag siden

    Down to plant trees man

  35. Fantastic OOF

    Fantastic OOF

    Dag siden

    Poor chanler :(

  36. OJ art

    OJ art

    Dag siden

    Mr beast and Chandler need to get married in a swimming pool of g fuel

  37. General Gaming

    General Gaming

    Dag siden

    Whatever he was bit by wasn’t poisonous poisonous is if ingested Venezia is when injected

  38. Sarah Hanson

    Sarah Hanson

    Dag siden

    Does Chandler ever finish a challenge?🤣🤣

  39. Pink fluffy Unicorns

    Pink fluffy Unicorns

    Dag siden

    "It was a millepied bro"

  40. Brother-guns 321

    Brother-guns 321

    Dag siden

    Can I get some subscribers at brother-guns 321

  41. Carmella AJ

    Carmella AJ

    Dag siden

    1:19 IS THAT A FOX

  42. Ph9ntom


    Dag siden

    Brah why is Chandler the only one that gets hurt in these videos

  43. Nuggets :D

    Nuggets :D

    Dag siden

    Chandler can’t even beat Mother Nature

  44. Jake’s Ng Vlogs

    Jake’s Ng Vlogs

    Dag siden


  45. John Gbla

    John Gbla

    Dag siden

    I love you outdo it goes “mr beast oh MR BEAST *explosion go off while I’m saying mr beast yea.

  46. Oliver Baker

    Oliver Baker

    Dag siden

    ‘I’m itching my buttsack off’ -Chandler

  47. It's Kara

    It's Kara

    Dag siden

    'we need go draw our anti-sea bear circle' Good to know you watch spongebob😂😂

  48. Caleb Pepperell

    Caleb Pepperell

    Dag siden

    Butt Sack

  49. Albany Spartans

    Albany Spartans

    Dag siden

  50. The Narcoleptic Goat

    The Narcoleptic Goat

    Dag siden


  51. Gato Cm

    Gato Cm

    Dag siden

    I think all of them were on acid , poor Chandler OD'd

  52. Lauren Speir

    Lauren Speir

    Dag siden

    so uh i’m ok with being kicked

  53. DarkNightWolves


    Dag siden

    Mr. Beast 2020

  54. I’m hot, You’re not UwU

    I’m hot, You’re not UwU

    Dag siden

    MrBeast: “So me and the boys are going to spend 24 hours in a rainforest.” Brain: “Am I a joke to you?”

  55. Luna Quil

    Luna Quil

    Dag siden

    If this was a TV show Chandler would be my favorite character ngl

  56. ChillyToadYT


    Dag siden

    If you need another youtuber I'm willing. I am a atom sized channel but I wanna make a difference

  57. Tm Friggin

    Tm Friggin

    Dag siden

    Chandler 😂😂

  58. Ts Artist

    Ts Artist

    Dag siden

    “Alright boys I’ll grab oak, you get cobble”

  59. JoshTheShadow Jts

    JoshTheShadow Jts

    Dag siden

    MR.BEAST is so cool my mom even likes his vids to

  60. L0GAN _

    L0GAN _

    Dag siden