Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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  1. The Lobby

    The Lobby

    13 minutter siden

    Caitlyn is so different on im a celeb

  2. BLACKBERRY 2020


    Time siden

    noplayer.info/show/S2ZtZW9sUVlUTHc.html 🔊🎴🎶🎵

  3. Rembrandt


    2 timer siden

    bruce thinks that he is a woman, but i want to tell him a secret. He is still a man. Just a confused man who`s dressing like a woman.

  4. Rembrandt


    2 timer siden

    embarrassing persons

  5. Fly Pelican Fly

    Fly Pelican Fly

    3 timer siden

    This hoollywood fucks are sick

  6. 1nodmonkey


    3 timer siden

    Absolutely ridiculous,nice people.......wrong planet

  7. Doreen Kahunde

    Doreen Kahunde

    5 timer siden

    This is so devilish I hate watching this

  8. Samuel L Jackson

    Samuel L Jackson

    5 timer siden

    Caitlin Jenner killed someone and got away with it

  9. L00peey


    5 timer siden

    this is a man who can't get his way so he chose to be female to get it, listen to his tone and voice, not even a stubborn female talks has blunt as he does.

  10. Arson o1manikin

    Arson o1manikin

    6 timer siden


  11. caz kiah

    caz kiah

    6 timer siden

    “so enough of the small talk” .... *insinuates small talk*

  12. Molly Dalton

    Molly Dalton

    6 timer siden

    He's very selfish. Doesn't take into consideration how his ex and children feel.

  13. Maddox Seuden Jean

    Maddox Seuden Jean

    8 timer siden

    Kriss need to be sit down there and swallow her pride and ego just because of the fame that she crave. Who could imagine she was gonna be there talking about his ex husband now caytlin all dressed up. Lol

  14. Claire Ann Tigaronita

    Claire Ann Tigaronita

    9 timer siden

    That moment when they were taking a selfie then suddenly Caitlyn kissed Kris on the cheeks 😳 oh my gosh the cringe 😂😂😂

  15. Bt Rec

    Bt Rec

    11 timer siden

    This guy turned his back on his children to raise another man's children. He got his karma when the kardashians turned their back on him. Carpooling 3 hours a day? He never did that for his biological kids. Scumbag.

  16. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh

    12 timer siden

    Gd this is the most fucked thing ever. Bruce you weird fuck..........if you want to be a broad then get your gd voice changed so you don't sound like a deep throated old bag.

  17. Emp Tee

    Emp Tee

    13 timer siden

    Caitlin/Bruce/fucking whatever: is what a completely fucked-up individual looks like...

  18. Sailasa Vakalala

    Sailasa Vakalala

    14 timer siden

    The world needs men !!!!! God called you forth into this world as a Male. You grow up and develop into a man to take on the responsibility of leading !!! When you decide otherwise and renegade.....we rebel against our maker. Along with that choice comes trouble & upheaval!!!!! Self imposed???

  19. Oliver Dembow

    Oliver Dembow

    15 timer siden

    'her' or 'she' is a very funny choice of words

  20. Yasmin Celvin

    Yasmin Celvin

    16 timer siden

    Cause it’s effects the kids😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂1:24

  21. LollyHolly


    17 timer siden

    I think this should have been a private affair but that being said, to Kris and their children Bruce Jenner is dead, he no longer exists because Caitlyn exists in his place. Therefore, they have the right to mourn for their father and husband while also being welcoming and accepting of Caitlyn which is a lot to get your head around because she isn't Bruce but did everything that Bruce did in hit life. Its easy to see how in circumstances such as this it is impossible to navigate perfectly and for everyone to get it 100% right.

  22. saschai


    17 timer siden

    Melania Trump

  23. K. K.

    K. K.

    19 timer siden

    Selfie?? Really??

  24. ta sa

    ta sa

    20 timer siden

    What's with Caitlin's mouth though? Seems really uncomfortable

  25. Nanda Pratama

    Nanda Pratama

    20 timer siden

    Caitlyn should really start to work on her voice. She didn't make even the slightest effort for her goddamn old dude voice.

  26. Lise I.

    Lise I.

    21 time siden

    What a show is Kris putting on - she's the main narcissist in the family. I think she really did mistreat Caitlyn.

  27. Marie Colley

    Marie Colley

    21 time siden

    Why did Bruce jennet did this shameful thing

  28. Gracie Gaming

    Gracie Gaming

    21 time siden

    The only way I know catlyin is from I’m a celebrity get me out of here lol

  29. Harper F

    Harper F

    22 timer siden

    I feel so sorry for Kris

  30. matias johnston

    matias johnston

    Dag siden

    He's still a man, a femenine man, but still a man

  31. xyner Yvonne

    xyner Yvonne

    Dag siden

    Like the way kids come up first even though they are grown to big ladies n strong one lyk the empire though

  32. Asami Cat

    Asami Cat

    Dag siden

    Kris is super fake

  33. This is not my real name

    This is not my real name

    Dag siden

    Then you have Laverne Cox and Nicole Maines who are all great for trans and the other LGB community and then you have Caitnlyn (or Bruce, whatever you wanna say) who has to ruin everything😭 She (or he) isn’t a great example for transgenders in my opinion

  34. ORMM


    Dag siden

    Caitlyn is a smart ass little brat

  35. Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    Dag siden

    i,m no mind reader ,.but i,m assuming as i scratch my sweaty baws,........that KRIS JENNER,.is turning in it,s grave,...................in a seance,..... thinking to her self,.... ,.i used to get fucked by that oddball,..hand it to meat and two veggie her,...it,s still a bummer in drag!!

  36. Shar Stevens

    Shar Stevens

    Dag siden

    Fake people...

  37. Dot Tot

    Dot Tot

    Dag siden

    I wonder how this man describes betrayal 😄

  38. Koki 1000

    Koki 1000

    Dag siden

    Kris you very strong woman that even you see him again after that all things did to you

  39. nungning ja

    nungning ja

    Dag siden

    Kris is strong n incredible mom manage any1agree with me pls show

  40. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen

    Dag siden

    Never seen so many transphobic people in a comment section