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Making a Wedding Ring from a Wheelchair?! - Titanium & Gold!

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Over $24,000 donated to the school in Kenya! Every penny counts! You can donate through NOplayer on this video: or if you live outside the US and want to donate, here is the website: say 'Zack and Cambry' in the form when donating.
HUGE thanks to my buddy Weston. Tell him hi for me over on his NOplayer channel: or on his Instagram here: rose_anvil
Cambry and I have done a LOT of projects together. From the off road wheelchair: to building legos: to adding an elevator to our house: Cambry has been a great teammate. And we are excited for our future adventures together. If you want to learn more about what happened to Cambry you can watch this video: which explains more about her accident, and how she moved forward.
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  1. ademar9988


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    Agent 47 is getting married?

  2. Elogium


    12 minutter siden

    Wow, that was great and the funding as well! Congrats to you both on your wedding, may the Goddess watch over you and keep you in her light.

  3. Skinny


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    Surely Jerry is only into deepthroat s3x



    2 timer siden

    Congratulations jerry

  5. Kelly Simonsson

    Kelly Simonsson

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    You guys are gorgeous and so sweet together!! All the best to you both

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    let's listen man

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    Happy married life

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    Itzz_kai jay

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    yea mrwhosetheboss I tell you subcribe your channel and bell button

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    Ricardo Maldonado

    5 timer siden

    Congrats broh.! U deserve the whole heaven.

  11. ivanteo1973


    6 timer siden

    Fucking Cheap skate. Even a fake ring from Aliexpress would cost just a few dollars.

  12. batmanneedssome200


    7 timer siden

    What, not made from headphone jacks?

  13. Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee

    10 timer siden

    Is she the good type of karen or the type of Karen store managers are scared of. No matter what congrats

  14. Just ME Onlyme

    Just ME Onlyme

    10 timer siden

    The title is about JerryRigEverything making a ring from his wife's wheelchair. Watch the video.

  15. Erica Babbitt

    Erica Babbitt

    11 timer siden

    This was beautiful from start to finish. You two are such amazing people. The world is definitely a better place because the two of you exist and even better because you two fell in love. ♡ congratulations on the wedding! I wish you all the joy and happiness♡

  16. Zack Tron

    Zack Tron

    11 timer siden

    Mr.Clean now gonna have a Mrs.Clean 👌💯😎

  17. Static Nade

    Static Nade

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    ay congratulations its a celebration, i just wanna tell u that i think that you're amazing!

  18. imed Hamzewi

    imed Hamzewi

    11 timer siden

    i love what you do for the poor kids in africa keep up guys

  19. M Hasan

    M Hasan

    13 timer siden

    You become one of my favorite person.... Not for what you did with Apple phones..😄 Because of .. You have good gf.. & for donating a school....😍 .. Love you bro.... Carry on.....😊✌️✌️✌️✌️

  20. Diesel Ramcharger

    Diesel Ramcharger

    13 timer siden

    you should light those titanium shavings on fire. its pretty surprising how bright it burns

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    mo gana

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    Bagia Adi S

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  23. Silvio Rispoli

    Silvio Rispoli

    16 timer siden

    "I thought the wheelchair would deter people from dating me..." Alright, you're married and all, but... *breathes in deeply* ARE YOU KIDDIN'? Only a .. I don't even know what type of person would refuse you ever. And you have full proof of it, right on his finger. So best wishes even if late, and own it cos ya gotta and want to. =) Cheers

  24. Recxter Blaze

    Recxter Blaze

    16 timer siden

    This is really priceless.. wish you both a happy marriage life.. 🥰

  25. Backstab0393


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    The titanium piece snaps into place with the gold... Like a little Lego

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  27. VJK United

    VJK United

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    This is one of the most beautiful Ring, because your love and acceptance for your Wife is remarkable.

  28. Alain Franco

    Alain Franco

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    You two are awesome. :)

  29. wheelchair guy

    wheelchair guy

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    Made me cry straight up

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    sourabh vishwakarma

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    That's what you call a true love!!!🥰

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    Tha Logo

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    Have a nice couple life!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ You did such a wise desicion!!!

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    Ahmed Nishad

    19 timer siden

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  33. Chí Hải Hà

    Chí Hải Hà

    19 timer siden

    Zach: I made a wedding ring out of Gold and Titanium Me: Iron Man's armor?

  34. Daniel Sempere Pico

    Daniel Sempere Pico

    19 timer siden

    You are the world's greatest youtuber

  35. Carbon Six

    Carbon Six

    20 timer siden

    This was an awesome inside look as to how a custom ring could be made! I want to get a wedding ring made out of pure carbon fiber!

  36. Rick Asante

    Rick Asante

    20 timer siden

    Wonderful, Zack and Cambry! And congratulations to you both!

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    Technical baman ji

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    This couple's Amazing❤

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    Carol Lori

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    Florito Bentillo

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  40. Anbu Ras

    Anbu Ras

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    The only channel that I volunteerly(Proudly) click Ads. You are a great person Jerry. Salute from India 🇮🇳.

  41. Kaustuva Biswal

    Kaustuva Biswal

    21 time siden

    I thought cambry was ur sister but not now though

  42. Teuton Nuker

    Teuton Nuker

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    Look woman, that's what I will make out of you when you disappoint me.

  43. Baby Monkey Too

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  44. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson

    22 timer siden

    You should fix the chair and donate it, also move to Africa.

  45. Aj Barboza

    Aj Barboza

    22 timer siden

    Best wishes man! So proud of you. Love all your videos. Keep it up

  46. Tracer2376


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    Now that is badass, that is how you do it. Good job sir.

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    Akคsђ KumสR

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    ❤️😘Super special

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    Great vid... esp the end msg 👍🏽

  49. optimus75


    23 timer siden

    Great vid... esp the end msg 👍🏽

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    Kosta Leotta

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    Kanha Vintage

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    This video assassinated my heart, you're deadly as ever, 47. Much love to you and your wife.

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    Jeremy Yap

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  55. Djjdjjdjdjdj PLZZZ

    Djjdjjdjdjdj PLZZZ

    Dag siden

    HELLO I’m am new btw I’ve wanted to know why is your wife in a wheelchair

    • raj kumar

      raj kumar

      20 timer siden

      0:32 better keep ears open next time 😅

  56. redroyandeb


    Dag siden

    Not cool cutting up a perfectly useable wheelchair (yes maybe past it's best but still useable), there are countless charity's that could have been donated to and then redistributed to the needy. I'm a big fan of your channel but you just dropped a notch.

    • redroyandeb


      3 timer siden

      Fair enough, I probably jumped the gun a bit getting grumpy, it's just I get really annoyed seeing perfectly good stuff being damaged that other people could really make use of. Keep up the good work. 👍

    • JerryRigEverything


      Dag siden

      I sliced half an inch off the end of the tube. Still usable. Ill put the end cap back on and keep using it for my other projects. Thanks.

  57. Bukan Vanessa Angel

    Bukan Vanessa Angel

    Dag siden

    *I came here to laugh, not to feel.*

  58. alberto martinelli

    alberto martinelli

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    Jerry you are amazing great

  59. 5k subs with no vids?

    5k subs with no vids?

    Dag siden

    But does the ring scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7?

  60. R C P

    R C P

    Dag siden

    Next, wedding ring scratch test.