Lil Nas X - Panini (Official Video)

Official video for "Panini" by Lil Nas X.
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Director: Mike Diva
Story By: Lil Nas X
Starring: Skai Jackson

Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Associate Producer: Marissa Alanis
Producers: Johnny Hernandez & Joseph Barbalaco
Commissioner/Producer: Saul Levitz

Production Company: Lord Danger

Director of Photography: Aaron Grasso
1st AC: Keith Jones
Steadicam: Ari Robbins

Gaffer: Michael Schilling
BBE: Ardy Fatehi
Key Grip: Fritz Weber
BBG: Nico Ortiz

Production Designer: Johnny Love
Art Director: Michelle Hall

Wardrobe Stylist: Justin Lynn
Costume Design/Fabrication: Lucid Studios

Skai Jackson's Hair & Make-Up: Alexander Armand & Brandy Allen
Lil Nas X Hair & Make-Up: Diana Escamilla & Jennifer Urquizo

Choreographer: Phil Wright

Motion Capture Specialist: Don Allen Stevenson III

VFX/Post Production Company: Chimney Group
Executive Producer: Ron Moon
Post Producers: Alex Ramos
Creative Director: Frederick Ross
VFX/Post Production Company: Post Lord (Lord Danger)
Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Post Producer: Shyam Sengupta & Marissa Alanis
Creative Director: Mike Diva
Post Supervisor: Andrew Henry
Editors: Mike Diva & Andrew Henry
3D Artist: Cornel Swodoba
3D Artist: Calvin Serrano
VFX Artist: Octane Jesus (David Ariew)
VFX Artist: Ryan Talbot
GFX Artist: Cody Vondell
GFX Artist: Silica (Eric Castro)
GFX Artist: Olney Atwell
GFX Artist: Tom Arena
Compositor: Ethan Chancer
Compositor: Josh Johnson

Special Thanks: Rokoko Electronics for providing Motion Capture Suit
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  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki

    2 timer siden

    Hes a good singer

  2. toastdensest cam

    toastdensest cam

    2 timer siden

    What If lilnasx is secretly a stalker and he's going to kill panini

  3. Hippie virgo

    Hippie virgo

    2 timer siden

    This reminds me of warcross !!!!!!!

  4. ɯɐʎɥs


    2 timer siden

    That NIRVANA Chorus 🥰🥰🥰

  5. t vat

    t vat

    2 timer siden

    69m nice 🤠

  6. Roblox Lover

    Roblox Lover

    2 timer siden


  7. Gta Ramous

    Gta Ramous

    2 timer siden

    I wonder how much it took to edit

  8. Rhonda Bolton

    Rhonda Bolton

    2 timer siden

    He's famous



    2 timer siden

    Went from John Marston to Pathfinder in a couple months 😂🤟🏽

  10. Michelle Valentine Blue

    Michelle Valentine Blue

    2 timer siden

    Hahhahahahahha 69 million views 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  11. Viral Entertainment

    Viral Entertainment

    2 timer siden

    pathfinder can actualy bust some moves

  12. Ezequiel Nahuel

    Ezequiel Nahuel

    2 timer siden

    Alto acozzadorr el negrito



    2 timer siden

    I am waiting the views hit 69.696.969 🍌🛶

  14. Mark Corkish

    Mark Corkish

    2 timer siden

    New cyberpunk gameplay

  15. E-Mann


    2 timer siden

    At 1:14 that girl was like “dafuq”

  16. E-Mann


    2 timer siden

    From 1946 to 2095?

  17. Xeopex


    2 timer siden

    69M views N O I C E

  18. lai kian chang

    lai kian chang

    2 timer siden

    0:52 *Machine gun noise*

  19. Karl


    2 timer siden

    This music video is basically about a girl trying to get away from a boy that’s crazy for her

  20. stasio lasio

    stasio lasio

    2 timer siden

    ayyyyy panini

  21. Zsiege


    2 timer siden

    Indian virsion is way tooo better

  22. Tom Wesley

    Tom Wesley

    2 timer siden

    "Say to me what you want from me" is the same melody as "hes the one who likes all our pretty songs and he likes to sing along...." from In Bloom by Nirvana.

  23. свин


    2 timer siden

    We are number one.

  24. My back broke

    My back broke

    2 timer siden

    nice 69 mil views

  25. Tiren - gg

    Tiren - gg

    2 timer siden

    Make a song with fitz

  26. Isabella Pomeroy

    Isabella Pomeroy

    2 timer siden

    Okay lil nas X is sooooo good but I feel like old town road have him a bad reputation Bcz it was played too much just my opinion

  27. Juben 22

    Juben 22

    2 timer siden

    1:08 Her lips are saying What the f $#@

  28. TfoulsTeaurere tautari

    TfoulsTeaurere tautari

    2 timer siden

    this is my fav song now

  29. Kevler Gagan

    Kevler Gagan

    2 timer siden

    WTF 1:12

  30. Zoë Kpop lover.

    Zoë Kpop lover.

    2 timer siden

    Old Town Road is better

  31. Christopher King

    Christopher King

    2 timer siden

    1859: '' l'm Take My Horse To The Old Town Road". 2059: "Just Say To Me, That you Wanted Me".

  32. killer queen Bites za dusto

    killer queen Bites za dusto

    2 timer siden

    Hey panini lemme suck your wienie

  33. Dibbo sarker

    Dibbo sarker

    2 timer siden

    69 million views

  34. Jeff The Killer

    Jeff The Killer

    2 timer siden

    1:13 What the Fuc... :))))))))) 😂

  35. Ava Adames

    Ava Adames

    2 timer siden

    We only liked old town road you can go home now

  36. Makkei


    3 timer siden

    *Y O U L I E D*

  37. Red Коммунизм

    Red Коммунизм

    3 timer siden

    In my language (italian) panini it means sandwiches 🥪🥪🥪

  38. adam marc

    adam marc

    3 timer siden

    1:12 you can see the words she is mouthing.. GOTCHA

  39. Sacred Cow

    Sacred Cow

    3 timer siden

    69 mil ... *Oh yeah*

  40. Ecks Dee

    Ecks Dee

    3 timer siden

    why does this look like promethea from borderlands 3 lmao

  41. Primal PrayHard

    Primal PrayHard

    3 timer siden

    This is when global warming really effects us

  42. Meili Monk

    Meili Monk

    3 timer siden


  43. sub to pewdiepie

    sub to pewdiepie

    3 timer siden

    0:50 lmfao It's the dance like Tf if you dont get it you're dead to me

  44. MoTaKez


    3 timer siden

    69m views... nice

  45. LGCY KIA


    3 timer siden

    Are we sure Lil Nas is gay?

  46. Sherif Saad

    Sherif Saad

    3 timer siden

    best song hes every posted right

  47. Joshua Sullivan

    Joshua Sullivan

    3 timer siden

    We've had a wild west theme, and now a futuristic theme. Now we need a medieval times theme with knights and dragons

  48. Crystal Rose

    Crystal Rose

    3 timer siden

    Bruh-- 69 Million views, welp boys. We did it

  49. mr. vip

    mr. vip

    3 timer siden

    العرب موجودين؟؟؟

  50. Tasfiq Rahman

    Tasfiq Rahman

    3 timer siden

    1:13 Panini:wutdafuq!?!

  51. KOOL - SNAIL


    3 timer siden

    Idk why but Lil Naz X seems like the kind of artist that I would’ve gone crazy for when I was 10 lol. Especially in this video. Nothing too serious or profane, just a fun vid with a catchy song to back it. I’m glad he’s doing so well with his career. Keep it up, my man!

  52. Death adder

    Death adder

    3 timer siden

    Good song

  53. Inderpreet Bains

    Inderpreet Bains

    3 timer siden

    69m views perfect

  54. swati Rai

    swati Rai

    3 timer siden


  55. piechestpiece


    3 timer siden

    Its cyberpunk 2077 XD

  56. sloppymacaroni


    3 timer siden

    making that cheese panini.

  57. ᴄᴏʟᴅ ʟᴀsᴀɢɴᴀ

    ᴄᴏʟᴅ ʟᴀsᴀɢɴᴀ

    3 timer siden


  58. Radi The BEST

    Radi The BEST

    3 timer siden

    Skаi vs Lil

  59. Egg with 10k subscribers?

    Egg with 10k subscribers?

    3 timer siden

    When skai sees lil nas *aight imma head out*

  60. Aleksander Regn

    Aleksander Regn

    3 timer siden

    This guy come from 1871 (the cowboy days) to 2076 (modern world)