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Overtime: Michael Moore, Bari Weiss, Krystal Ball, Michael Steele, Fernand Amandi

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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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  1. alvaro sanchis

    alvaro sanchis

    11 timer siden

    kristal keeps saying this all the time now the russians has nothing to do with anything but they did!! she starting to sound like rudy,isay that and a second later no i didn"t! ok! what is it? kristal important not iimportant? necessary not necessary?

  2. Tyson Mindham

    Tyson Mindham

    22 timer siden

    So basically everybody except Michael and Krystal believe the Democrats should choose another boring centrist dem and shit the election again just like in 2016.

  3. Tyson Mindham

    Tyson Mindham

    22 timer siden

    Everybody except Krystal and Michael are fucking idiots.

  4. toshir0m1


    Dag siden

    Krystal is shining so bright :'-)

  5. John Baugh

    John Baugh

    Dag siden

    I'm only giving Maher's show a like because of Krystal Ball and Michael Moore, the rest of the panel and Bill are worthless pieces of 💩!

  6. Nate


    2 dager siden

    Krystal ball is smoking hot. Brains AND a babe.

  7. Secret Oktober78

    Secret Oktober78

    3 dager siden

    Well, no more respect for Steele- TRUMP2020!

  8. Lyn


    3 dager siden


  9. RJJacob101


    3 dager siden

    I'm a registered democrat and I HATE the democratic party. More Krystal, less establishment POS.

  10. Russell Jennings

    Russell Jennings

    4 dager siden

    Don’t these ppl have a life besides politics politics politics? Politics are so fucking lame and so boring and so pointless to talk about because what does talking or complaining about it accomplish? None of these guys change anything.

  11. ryan storkson

    ryan storkson

    4 dager siden

    Michael Steele looks like political Stephen A Smith

  12. TheLosboogie1973


    5 dager siden

    Just came here to watch Krystal Ball wreck shop 👊🏼🔮💥

  13. Reid Taylor

    Reid Taylor

    5 dager siden

    Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Larry Braverman

    Larry Braverman

    5 dager siden

    Sorry to bring you all the bad news but the US is NOT a progressive country, it's a center left country. "Progressives", according to polls, are not a majority in this country. Yet at the same time they gave us The current president by being so politically pure that they either stayed home or voted third party in 2016. Medicare for All? Where's the choice? Many socialist countries still have private health insurance companies for those who want and can afford better coverage. Does anyone think Medicare for all will equate to the best coverage? "Progressives", like their right-wing teabagger counterparts are not forward thinking, tend to throw pragmatism down the toilet and believe the middle of the country is going to vote for a Jewish socialist.

  15. Kind Kraken Media

    Kind Kraken Media

    6 dager siden

    First insulting comic fans and now not even being a centrist man Bill is just going further south.

  16. smith wesson

    smith wesson

    6 dager siden

    Never...your dems are clowns and don't stand for mainstream Americans

  17. G60J60F80


    6 dager siden

    I lived in Western PA during the last election cycle and I knew of a lot of people who supported Bernie but voted for Trump when Bernie failed to get the nomination. Bernie could siphon a lot of Trump supporters AND energize and draw out a lot of people who didn't vote during the general election last time.

  18. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    7 dager siden

    I’m only voting for Bernie no one else if you know what I mean

  19. Konstruktivist Neo

    Konstruktivist Neo

    7 dager siden

    Yada yada yada, and Trump's back in 2020.

  20. Leif Johnson

    Leif Johnson

    7 dager siden

    Elizabeth Warren will be the Democratic candidate and she will be a GREAT candidate. In a debate she will wipe the floor with Trump.

  21. Mauricio Gonzalez

    Mauricio Gonzalez

    7 dager siden

    Michael Moore is right. Trump is going to win 2020. Voters want a passionate leader (positive/negative)! Not a policy wonk elite teacher or 2 ooold af career politicians, a gay mayor with last name Butt, 2 Obama wannabe has-beens from TX, or an overhyped CA lawyer bc she's black/Indian. Don't forget the Asian game show host, the other woman, the Billionaire, and Corey "I'm not Obama" Booker. Only candidate that will beat a WWE Villain turned President is a WWE Hero... aka Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. That's what the flyover States really fantasize about. Get The Rock & Legal Weed on the Ballot and watch how quickly the South turns Blue.

  22. 00 18

    00 18

    7 dager siden

    Bill Maher has a severe case Trump derangement syndrome. Hes obsessed with someone who doesn't share his very small world view. All the people on his show is. I'm never voting Democrat again.

  23. regulator619


    7 dager siden

    FUCK YOU MICHAEL STEELE. Dont tell us how we want to vote. We are voting for Bernie for a reason you corrupt fuck

  24. Kenneth Lee

    Kenneth Lee

    7 dager siden

    TRUTH , division is the weakness of the hole , it's been to many ways said ( a open hand is weaker than a close fist , a single twig is stronger when joined with others ) , if you wish to win a distinct , you get someone to take part of your opponents votes , division ( music , hair , color , religion , east v west , north v south , RACE ) , but how many of us just wish to just live in peace , that what was given to us by right of my lord father at birth , THAT'S THE HOLE I BELONG TO , I'm just saying ,

  25. Carol McKee

    Carol McKee

    8 dager siden

    Bernie probably won't win perpetually-stupid FL, (this Floridian *will* vote for him) but he'll crush in PA, MI & WI, bc Trump has roundly fucked them over. Voters DON'T want a DEMOCRAT or a Republican, which is why Trump won in 2016. All these folks (except Krystal & Michael) think the Dems need to win over disillusioned Republican voters with a Republican-lite white guy. No No No- they'll vote for Bernie the socialist before they'll rally around Biden the establishment hack, bc Bernie will continue to shake things up. The "haves" don't want him, but there are a LOT more "have-nots", and we're pissed.

  26. Dysart Demon Dad

    Dysart Demon Dad

    8 dager siden

    Bernie isn't owned by any corporations that's why he can win. He works for us not the corporations.

  27. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    9 dager siden

    Michael Steele is right. Democrats need to choose a candidate who can get independents and center-right voters. His name? BERNIE SANDERS. You know, the left-winger who got A FOX NEWS AUDIENCE TO GIVE HIM MULTIPLE STANDING OVATIONS!!!!! DUH!!!!!

  28. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    9 dager siden

    Bill Maher thinks the people on MSNBC have gone "very far left"? He's officially insane. MSNBC is, at best, center, and most of the time, center right. Bill Maher, I love you, and I appreciate you, but you're simply factually wrong on this topic.

  29. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    9 dager siden

    That political strategist is incredibly stupid. Bernie Sanders would destroy Trump and win by a landslide.

  30. The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    The Dancing Vegan Atheist

    9 dager siden

    The way Bill Maher says "DAMAGE?" surprised shows how out of touch he is. Of course MSNBC is damaging the left! Duh! Anyways, Krystal Ball is a class act, gracious, intelligent.

  31. Patrick Lancaster

    Patrick Lancaster

    9 dager siden

    These people are nuts and they will lose to Trump again

  32. notrombones


    9 dager siden

    Bari Weiss is as superficial as superficial gets. Meanwhile, she and Maher are getting closer to Michael Steele's GOPer ideology every day.

  33. Brian Pomeroy

    Brian Pomeroy

    9 dager siden

    You're not going to win with

  34. Brian Pomeroy

    Brian Pomeroy

    9 dager siden

    This idiot country does not know that the power is in the people.

  35. Robert Geilfuss

    Robert Geilfuss

    9 dager siden

    Wisconsin has open primaries, suggesting Bernie was also popular with independents and even some disaffected republicans there.

  36. Brian Pomeroy

    Brian Pomeroy

    9 dager siden

    The AG is so obviously on the take I wonder just how 'very' retarded are the people. Are the wealthy and the pigs that powerful in that shithole country?

  37. Brian Pomeroy

    Brian Pomeroy

    9 dager siden

    The people give the politician the power. The people follow the POTUS, no matter how stupid. The people are stupid. 'Notice' how 'everyone' tiptoes around the King. He has the power. Who gave this retard the power? The fucking idiot voters.

  38. Panada Bear

    Panada Bear

    10 dager siden

    Love Krystal!!!!!!!

  39. shizuo kanemoto

    shizuo kanemoto

    10 dager siden


  40. Erik Cnating

    Erik Cnating

    10 dager siden

    Nice to see Michael Moore sticking up a bit for Bernie for once. I've seen all his movies and you'd think that the fact that Bernie is running and doing so well would be his ultimate political wet dream. Yet, he keeps pushing people who have never shown interest in running. Like Tom Hanks, Oprah and Michelle Obama. Let's face it. He's a sell out just like Bill Maher. Thank god for Krystal Ball though. I suspect we'll never see her on this show again...

  41. Dale Gervais

    Dale Gervais

    11 dager siden

    This is an epstein pedophile hate and hoax deamoncrat peep show. Once the audience lights are lowered the masterbating actually increases.

  42. Dale Gervais

    Dale Gervais

    11 dager siden

    We should demand all oblama/biden/comey/epstein/clinton/pelosi/schiff/nadler off shore account activity. We have a right to know the profits of the oblama/clinton regime ethnic cleansing and epstein pedophile crimes. Deamoncrats are the hate, rape, mass murder, and hoax humiliation of the world. Long live Trump. Trump2020

  43. Dale Gervais

    Dale Gervais

    11 dager siden

    Fat epstein pedophile hate and hoax Moore is a humiliating wind up tool. Try taking a bath more then once a year.....

  44. rainwolf034


    11 dager siden

    Are all these people on this panel idiots. And Canadian’s hate their healthcare.. So Micheal names Social Programs like police and fire departments.. that’s not even close to running healthcare..

  45. analytica


    11 dager siden

    Fucking bernie haters Fuck democrats Bernie should be president

  46. Deev Deeve

    Deev Deeve

    11 dager siden

    Absolutely delusional, doubling down on a fucking fantasy.

  47. PushingFoward28


    11 dager siden

    Kristal is brilliant in the way she stood her ground. She used their arguments against them nicely. Michael Moore was correct then and is correct now.

  48. PushingFoward28


    11 dager siden

    This idea of trying to convince Republicans is insane. The Democrats are going to lose because they haven't learned from their mistakes. This is one of the most infuriating things about the DNC.

  49. Santa Clause just did Crack

    Santa Clause just did Crack

    12 dager siden

    A lot of people talking in the comments about how Krystal and Michael are the only smart ones on the panel. Just because other people don’t align with your views, doesn’t mean their “unwatchable.”

  50. ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend

    ƒine-ƒeather'd ƒiend

    12 dager siden

    i believe in THIS Krystal Ball 🔮

  51. Terry Breedlove

    Terry Breedlove

    13 dager siden

    Trump wins in a record landslide 2020 watch for these crying snowflakes in the streets. Bye bye speaker Pelosi. Prepare to laugh your asses off people

  52. jer camp

    jer camp

    14 dager siden

    Still crying about Mueller an his failed attempt 😂

  53. MsDarby64


    14 dager siden

    Reading the comments is hilarious. Y'all keep talking about polls as if they are actual votes. "Medicare for all is polling great", right, until you get down into the details and tell people how much their taxes will have to go up, and that it doesn't cover any outpatient, and show them what the wait times for surgery, etc., are in other countries, and then the poll numbers tank. Same with free education. You think everyone gets a free ride? Or perhaps eventually you'll have to take an aptitude test to get a college education? Because that's how it works elsewhere. But y'all keep looking at the information that confirms your ideology. It works for me.

  54. Draigon18


    15 dager siden

    after this episode and the last..pretty sure dems r gonna lose unless trump just totally and ABSOLUTELY gives it to them. 2 party systems fails again. and no one is surprised. politics..boring.

  55. Nick W

    Nick W

    15 dager siden

    Bari Weiss saying "YEEESS!" at 9:55 made me cringe so hard

  56. Peter Fox

    Peter Fox

    15 dager siden

    The only streetfighting woman who can get the latino vote would be AOC. The dems will loose. They will manage to screw it all up. No problemo ;) Clueless, powerhungry ... IDKM!

  57. David Richardson

    David Richardson

    16 dager siden

    These people are disgusting!

  58. Rondell Threadgate

    Rondell Threadgate

    16 dager siden

    Americans are anti Socialism, but their president is “in bed “weigh the COMMUNIST Leader of Russia, he is a COMMUNIST sympathiser FFS !!

  59. Jimmy Goode

    Jimmy Goode

    16 dager siden

    Bill Maher is the most phoney person on the planet

  60. Obsidian555


    16 dager siden

    Bill Maher's a sellout prick.