Reacting to KSI Vs Logan Paul Memes

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  1. vGaws


    3 timer siden

    Viddal has 920k subs

  2. Sweet T

    Sweet T

    5 timer siden

    We need a part 2 to this especially after Logan got denied the appeal

  3. John2 Lin

    John2 Lin

    6 timer siden


  4. Alex Radu

    Alex Radu

    7 timer siden

    You didn't even touched Logan you got knocked down if I were you I wouldn't be so excited also your technique was all over the place you were swinging and praying.

  5. richie peterson

    richie peterson

    8 timer siden

    KSI: “YA BOY GOT ABS!!” Also KSI: *shows his man boobs*

  6. Stone Puncher

    Stone Puncher

    9 timer siden


  7. Jasper YT

    Jasper YT

    11 timer siden


  8. Jasper YT

    Jasper YT

    11 timer siden

    Kai won

  9. Lyndan Brovado

    Lyndan Brovado

    12 timer siden

    I know my man KSI is having the time of his life, but seriously, this man gonna be bulking for a long while longer

  10. Zander Leischner

    Zander Leischner

    13 timer siden

    Your laugh sounds like a dying dog

  11. Armando Hernandez

    Armando Hernandez

    15 timer siden

    You are bich

  12. Caillou GoCrazy

    Caillou GoCrazy

    15 timer siden

    “ya boy got them abs” *goes to the comments*

  13. Anxiety Fetty

    Anxiety Fetty

    15 timer siden

    I subbed to Vidal

  14. GriefNinja26


    15 timer siden

    Yo what if everytime briggs said let's go champ he was really talking to ksi. Since ksi was always the champ.....

  15. Drunk Penguin

    Drunk Penguin

    16 timer siden

    I didnt know my favourite anime character (Yinka Olotunji) was gonna make an apearance at 1:18.This is very epic!

  16. Ronny Boy

    Ronny Boy

    18 timer siden

    JJ just found out Logan's appeal was denied 😂😂🤣

  17. Irena Kalajdzieska

    Irena Kalajdzieska

    19 timer siden

    Activate Windows Go to Settings to Activate Windows

  18. willy Charles

    willy Charles

    19 timer siden

    What about jake Paul are you Fighting em

    • ItsLenTastic


      17 timer siden

      That would be a sh!t fight, only part being fun about that is seeing jake get beat up...

  19. Γιωργος .Γ

    Γιωργος .Γ

    19 timer siden

    My favorite part 12:25 I laughed so hard 😂

  20. FortnutePro


    20 timer siden

    Lmao 9:02

  21. el club de los gerreros

    el club de los gerreros

    20 timer siden

    You won just cuz Logan Logan Paul got two warning is Logan have not got those two he's going to win you win for lucky I am not a hater but I'm just telling you what's up

    • ItsLenTastic


      17 timer siden

      No... he deserved it it was his own fault for having 2 illegal shots lol, also if JJ's knockdown counted Logan still wouldn't have won even if he didn't have those 2 points taken

  22. Ryan Soul

    Ryan Soul

    Dag siden

    Made a cheeky tribute vid for the KSI Win! Check it out here>>>

  23. Homeless Furry

    Homeless Furry

    Dag siden

    KSI:no more being fat just working out Also ksi by january: m8 it's blocking season

  24. Scjaxgo


    Dag siden

    Logan: 16:12 KSI: secretly has UNO reverse card Logan: I lost because I sneezed 3 times this morning Logan Coach: something is wrong with this man

  25. james black

    james black

    Dag siden

    If your the best fighter you would’ve knocked him out in the first round

  26. Team JazeYT

    Team JazeYT

    Dag siden

    Bruh when he lifted his shirt

  27. BasketFlame


    Dag siden

    Look at Viddal Riley’s NOplayer now

  28. Fire Phoenix

    Fire Phoenix

    Dag siden

    Lil bored can make anything into an anime and it is always funny

  29. Tomahawk


    Dag siden

    15:50 “clip this” I’m so dead 😂😂😂😂

  30. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin

    Dag siden

    Viddal’s close! 920k! We can do it!

  31. Angel Lujan

    Angel Lujan

    Dag siden

    Pays the ref supit

  32. Victoria mccluskey

    Victoria mccluskey

    Dag siden

    JJ us gay and Logan should have won

  33. Matt Causon

    Matt Causon

    Dag siden

    4:00 favorite meme.

  34. Unknown


    Dag siden

    2:51 nice one

  35. ItzJustKian


    Dag siden

    I don't get why people like Logan he looks like a duck. LOLXXX😜

  36. Mobile Exo

    Mobile Exo

    Dag siden


    • Mobile Exo

      Mobile Exo

      Dag siden

      He showed some hair...

  37. ORME


    Dag siden

    why does his laugh make this 10x better 🤣

  38. AlfaAsiaten


    Dag siden

    Ksi said viddal wouldn't hit 1 mil, but he close now. Lol

  39. Jennifer Leslie

    Jennifer Leslie

    Dag siden

    Ok dude u won good job nobody cares .If it was a mma fight u be crying

  40. xd_ryley King

    xd_ryley King

    Dag siden

    Your trash 🗑 Logan Paul is better

    • 10k subscribers with 0 friends Challenge

      10k subscribers with 0 friends Challenge

      Dag siden

      Are you mad Mr. forest lost😂