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To be honest, we've been waiting to watch the new version of IT because we were still having nightmares about that goddamn ponytail in the original miniseries, but it's finally time to face our fears.
While there are no ponytails in this movie, there's still plenty of spooky stuff, including a very different take on Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Is it as memorable a performance as Tim Curry's? And does splitting the timeline up between two movies - kids in the first, adults in the second - seem like it will pay off? Lets venture down the drain and find out...
This is an audio commentary ONLY. It is meant to be watched along with the movie so you can raise or lower the volume on the commentary or the movie itself as you wish.
#it2017 #wetshoes


  1. quack whore

    quack whore

    22 timer siden

    "The original sewer scene is way just is. Its iconic and this didnt seem iconic" *5 seconds later, drain scene starts * "This is one of my favorite performances ever"

  2. Nephlion


    Dag siden


  3. Taylor Larson

    Taylor Larson

    Dag siden

    I would buy the begining song tho!!!!!lol

  4. Dalyliah Valdez

    Dalyliah Valdez

    Dag siden

    I can’t wait for them to react to IT 2

  5. Anna K

    Anna K

    2 dager siden

    I literally just watching the first like 15 seconds of this video cause I die laughing each time

  6. moon8983


    3 dager siden

    What song were they parodying st the beginning

  7. SnowyFoxlinn


    3 dager siden

    3:14 Ahh, but here in lies the problem: Bill Hader is Richie

  8. Almiller


    4 dager siden

    I thought the storyline of this one was really good but it was barely scary, it should be called a thriller. I hate scary movies and never watch them, but my husband convinced me to watch this with him and I could watch this without wanting to turn it off.

  9. Isak Valtersen

    Isak Valtersen

    4 dager siden

    11:30 the reason they make Bev the "damsel in distress" is because after Neibolt, she was the one tying everyone together in the group, she was acting as the glue after the fracture between members of the Loser's Club. In Fukunaga's draft, Pennywise abducts Bill because both Bill and Bev act as the driving force and the glue in those cases.

  10. Pastel milk パステルミルク

    Pastel milk パステルミルク

    4 dager siden

    React to the second oneeeee!!!!

  11. Avery Moss

    Avery Moss

    5 dager siden

    they should watch chapter two. they will one: be glad that they have more of mike being a historian, two: cry a LOT, three: fall in love with bill hader, and four: also fall in love with the INSANELY GOOD transitions

  12. Chelsea


    5 dager siden

    One thing that gets me about the new adaptation is the fact that they switched it and had been be the historian type character. That makes sense that he would want to study the town that he's moving to but at the same time it would have made more sense if his character would have stayed behind when he grew up instead of Mike. It kind of became pointless for him to take on that role as a character since they didn't have him stay behind as an adult

  13. Sydney Harrell

    Sydney Harrell

    9 dager siden

    The P in PO Box stands for Pennywise

  14. Andrew Kohler

    Andrew Kohler

    9 dager siden

    15:04 - As upsetting as it is that he says "she" rather than "her," the whole gendering boats as feminine is kinda gross in itself. And I could see correcting "who"/"whom" in this situation, but anything other than that is just gratuitous. :-P

  15. Key Item Plays

    Key Item Plays

    10 dager siden

    apparently 2 is filmed in Mississauga lmao

  16. Anya Jackson

    Anya Jackson

    11 dager siden

    i love how you guys wanted Bill Hader in the new movie, your wish came true

  17. Sith Master

    Sith Master

    12 dager siden

    "Bill Hader should play Mike" Well, Bill Hader was cast for IT Chapter Two...

  18. Tory Jaeger

    Tory Jaeger

    14 dager siden

    13:10 omg I never realized that when I watched the new one I didn’t even think about that

  19. Lord Kiza

    Lord Kiza

    15 dager siden

    There are only 2 genders 3:48

  20. MaryEmma Regen

    MaryEmma Regen

    15 dager siden

    Bill Skarsgård said that he thinks the reason It says fear at the end is because it was It's first time experiencing fear

  21. Court P

    Court P

    17 dager siden

    Can't wait for the commentary on the new one!

  22. Sinner Simmer

    Sinner Simmer

    18 dager siden

    I regret watching this because it’s night time and I’m spooked

  23. iiStarry Nxght

    iiStarry Nxght

    19 dager siden

    I don't know why, But every time they just refer to the losers as, ``That kid.`` when they're talking, just makes me angry and I don't know why

  24. Ernesto Caro

    Ernesto Caro

    21 dag siden

    Omg that rapping killed me hahahahaha

  25. Shelby Beeimus

    Shelby Beeimus

    21 dag siden

    Thankfully Mike regains the historian role in Chapter 2.

  26. Lambchop2.0


    22 dager siden

    I mean, Steven King actually hates the original mini-series and loves how the kids friendship was portrayed in the 2017 version, but yes you carry on comparing the two versions because the original always better, right? Even if the actual writer thinks otherwise.... 🙄🙄

    • Pretty Much It

      Pretty Much It

      22 dager siden

      if you want to let someone else’s opinion form your own, go for it. we prefer to have our own opinions.

  27. Laura Martini

    Laura Martini

    22 dager siden


  28. Penny Human

    Penny Human

    22 dager siden


  29. Ramen Boi

    Ramen Boi

    23 dager siden

    No Painting lady scene :(

  30. fear Bazzboi

    fear Bazzboi

    23 dager siden

    BRUH DIS MOVIE IS amazing and I’m f***ing nine

  31. Fayth Craig

    Fayth Craig

    23 dager siden

    At 3:21 they said bill hader should play mike... little did they know bill hader would actually be in the second movie.

  32. Shadow mor

    Shadow mor

    24 dager siden

    12:41 the thing about the rope That had me rolling😂😂 ahhhh

  33. Ashley drouin

    Ashley drouin

    24 dager siden

    I love IT. I saw it for the first time last week even though it came out a couple years ago lol. I didn't find the movie scary, except for when Pennywise turns into that grey lady from the painting, nightmare fuel 😨😂

  34. ParanormalMoon


    24 dager siden

    Little did you know~~~

  35. fawful52


    26 dager siden

    Can't wait to see you guys do IT 2

  36. shuujinko


    27 dager siden

    2019: "It's xer, Georgie, I couldn't keep up with xer." 2050: ➡️👫🏼👤❎🏃‍♂️👫🏼

  37. Adrian Rocha

    Adrian Rocha

    27 dager siden

    Ben was the historian in the book they changed it in the mini series so this was accurate

  38. LordMichaelRahl


    27 dager siden

    As a guy with a smaller brother with that age difference from me and not really expecting any on screen gore during the movie, the sewer scene shook me quite a bit.

  39. Jack Moore

    Jack Moore

    28 dager siden

    "I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling jews" Amazing

  40. Ben Rice

    Ben Rice

    28 dager siden

    Am I seriously the only one who thinks of Beavis and Butt-head at 12:55?

  41. flash zam

    flash zam

    28 dager siden

    they did a lot of things different on purpose

  42. Killjøy Clique

    Killjøy Clique

    28 dager siden

    12:27 I couldn't stop replaying that part

  43. Louis Toth

    Louis Toth

    28 dager siden

    Stop making stupid assumptions.

  44. Tin Qan

    Tin Qan

    28 dager siden

    everyone predicted bill hader in chapter 2

  45. Gaspowered Nuudle

    Gaspowered Nuudle

    Måned siden

    Yo you guys guessed the fucking future

  46. Sarah Connors

    Sarah Connors

    Måned siden

    I’m watching this as my puppy is asleep on me snoring. It’s a little hard to be scared when you’ve got 45 pounds of snoring dog on you. Also both your commentary is hilarious

  47. Haley Spence

    Haley Spence

    Måned siden

    I had never noticed the woman until this video

  48. AnEasyGoPerson YT

    AnEasyGoPerson YT

    Måned siden

    Wow you guys are so annoying and just wrong, there was never gonna be a drug plotline in the second, and all the fucking stupid points amount to nothing

  49. KnookBook


    Måned siden

    The original IT miniseries was dog tits terrible

  50. Nicholas Queen

    Nicholas Queen

    Måned siden

    Theres only 2 genders 😂

  51. Lizzie


    Måned siden

    Im sorry, I am rewatching this and it's tagged as fucking #wetshoes. I am dead.

  52. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler

    Måned siden

    For anyone who dosent know he kisses her because its poetry

  53. Oof :/

    Oof :/

    Måned siden

    The second one was so good. It really ties the whole thing together but the jumpscares really got annoying

  54. Robin Wakelin

    Robin Wakelin

    Måned siden

    I've watched this movie twice and NEVER NOTICED the old lady im fREAKING OUT

  55. Kevin Odom

    Kevin Odom

    Måned siden

    Bro I was digging that freestyle in the beginning

  56. Jaycie Seland

    Jaycie Seland

    Måned siden

    I’d love Eric and Jacob to do a reading of the end of the book (see child orgy)

  57. Daisy C

    Daisy C

    Måned siden

    ok well now you guys have to react to chapter 2

  58. shuujinko


    Måned siden

    Yep... This is pretty much IT.

  59. Champions of Random

    Champions of Random

    Måned siden

    I learned 2 things from this ... pretty much it would walk barefoot in a sewer and would leave underwear on their floor for their guests to see and doesn’t like black kids lol

  60. High quality Taco

    High quality Taco

    Måned siden

    Fire verse