S2E1: Naked - Liza on Demand

Hoping for more exposure on a dating app, Liza tries a new look - which leaves her more way exposed than she’d ever intended. Oliver pretends to be married to Harlow to keep his new boyfriend interested.
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  1. Liza Koshy

    Liza Koshy

    25 dager siden

    Fun fact: We started writing this season 9 months ago. From conception to today's birth on September 25, 2019 at 5:00pm... OUR BABY HAS BEEN BORN. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ALL 10 FREE EPISODES OF LIZA ON DEMAND COMING OUT EVERY WEEK ON WEDNESDAY! BUT HOLLUP... if you have NOplayer Premium... you can watch all ten episodes for free RIGHT NOW. Feel free to binge for free! Thank you for your love, patience and support.

    • Lilly Crawford

      Lilly Crawford

      8 dager siden

      @Ninja yes.

    • teresa andrea Caraveo

      teresa andrea Caraveo

      17 dager siden


    • andy tiniacos

      andy tiniacos

      17 dager siden

      no one cares

    • Waseem Khan official

      Waseem Khan official

      17 dager siden

      Mam all six video banao please

    • Soup is good

      Soup is good

      17 dager siden

      Liza Koshy Stfu boomer

  2. Mariam the explorer

    Mariam the explorer

    24 minutter siden

    it s out on my birthday 26/09

  3. Sanjana Nahid-Sultana

    Sanjana Nahid-Sultana

    3 timer siden

    Are these people in the comments babies? 16 year olds take life drawing classes and they're crying about "nudity" idiots.

  4. Joanna Stafish

    Joanna Stafish

    3 timer siden

    What a load of liberal hippie crap. No wonder YT won't touch it with its censorship stick.

  5. Yeahnah-05


    3 timer siden

    Now this is something you can sit and watch with your 8 year old son.

  6. Mainga Ndeke

    Mainga Ndeke

    4 timer siden

    For a second I thought Liza had stopped being a little boy

  7. RetroSpect


    4 timer siden

    What a sight to see

  8. nayan gharde

    nayan gharde

    7 timer siden

    Who's here after watching the pewds video ...

  9. ashna yasmin

    ashna yasmin

    9 timer siden

    The last part was so cringy...

  10. Gigi Hargrove

    Gigi Hargrove

    11 timer siden

    I miss the old Liza

  11. κικοαмοя


    11 timer siden

    Who else got here from an ad and ACTUALLY WANTED TO WATCH IT

  12. OniiChan


    13 timer siden

    16:02 I love how the tickets reappear. If you’re gonna reshoot something then fix it for a later scene if you’ve already prepped it. It’s one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever seen

  13. RetroBlock


    17 timer siden

    >rated 12

  14. Baron Bär

    Baron Bär

    19 timer siden

    what kind of bullshit is this oh yeah. just here for the comments

  15. Lakisha Hubbart

    Lakisha Hubbart

    20 timer siden

    she has fake boos ew nobody knows that well that why David does not love you haha that why i was with him🐑😁

  16. Intigim YT

    Intigim YT

    21 time siden

    What the frick did I just watch?

  17. Amelia Vienne

    Amelia Vienne

    Dag siden

    I love you

  18. Chris Stark

    Chris Stark

    Dag siden

    Reported for nudity.

  19. Jareth Neoh

    Jareth Neoh

    Dag siden

    if u came from pewds like this

  20. Jerreon Williams

    Jerreon Williams

    Dag siden


  21. thesupervader400


    Dag siden

    So much Cringe it's actually funny !

  22. name someone cuter than harry styles ill wait

    name someone cuter than harry styles ill wait

    Dag siden

    NOplayer algorithm: *Nudity is not allowed* also YT algorithm: *_SIKE_*

  23. Graciela Orozco Mayorquin

    Graciela Orozco Mayorquin

    Dag siden

    You were on a ad

  24. Adam Abbas

    Adam Abbas

    Dag siden

    why my recommended

  25. Anum Sohail

    Anum Sohail

    Dag siden

    why is everybody being so rude lmao



    Dag siden

    This channel needs to be deleted from existence. These people are cringe and have zero acting abilities. They should have stuck with a real study at their community college instead of dropping out to make youtube clickbait garbage videos for the absolute lowest common denominator IQ on this platform.

  27. XERES


    Dag siden

    anyone here from PewDiePie's ''this is mildly infuriating'' video?

  28. ufoguyspaceman


    Dag siden

    Liza Koshy is a national treasure. She is that funny.

  29. the Queen

    the Queen

    Dag siden

    Pour quoi le titre il est en français?

  30. Astra


    Dag siden

    you came for 7:54 and yes... reality is often disappointing

    • Deathstroke56 56

      Deathstroke56 56

      17 timer siden

      I am unsatisfied...

    • Deathstroke56 56

      Deathstroke56 56

      17 timer siden

      Thank you. You have saved millions.

  31. Adam Shelton

    Adam Shelton

    2 dager siden

    Love the show! Very entertaining!

  32. Kiss The Moon

    Kiss The Moon

    2 dager siden

    its actually funny how many people are shitting on this lol

  33. Daniel Ribas

    Daniel Ribas

    2 dager siden


  34. Daniel Ribas

    Daniel Ribas

    2 dager siden


  35. Daniel Ribas

    Daniel Ribas

    2 dager siden

    If you love, like me , please like here to see 👇🏻

  36. LUNA MORENA Castro

    LUNA MORENA Castro

    2 dager siden

    Asgggg 😤,😨😧😦😲

  37. Keve Teller

    Keve Teller

    2 dager siden

    How is this sponsored??

  38. jessica barbosa

    jessica barbosa

    2 dager siden

    I’m here bc Heath and Zane talked about Liza coming out of her bubble 😂

  39. 안녕히계세요계정 접어요

    안녕히계세요계정 접어요

    2 dager siden

    This is amazing and amazing

  40. Deaconator22 Official

    Deaconator22 Official

    2 dager siden

    90% of people: why is this in my recommended? 9% of people: make memes for clout (likes) 1% of people: actually care for Liza/came for the thumbnail.

  41. Dion Hosseini

    Dion Hosseini

    2 dager siden

    how can anyone dislike this video?! Liza on Demand is AWESOME!!!!!!

  42. pkpress


    2 dager siden

    Im just guessing but does she go for platinum status. I haven't watched dis

  43. Narwhalman


    2 dager siden

    NOplayer: demonetises a ton of vids for no reason Also NOplayer:

  44. One Strong girl!

    One Strong girl!

    2 dager siden

    I’m from buffalo

  45. souptroophat Esplin

    souptroophat Esplin

    2 dager siden

    NOplayer doubles standard

  46. J JokeR

    J JokeR

    2 dager siden

    *watching this show i listened my original laugh 1st time in my life that came out from inside of me*

  47. 1800-GiveWinWinHisFuckingLines _

    1800-GiveWinWinHisFuckingLines _

    2 dager siden

    Omg so funny XD 😂

  48. Santi PB

    Santi PB

    2 dager siden

    NOplayer: Yeah lets just demonatize someone for saying cuss words while we do this

  49. Ella Hunsaker

    Ella Hunsaker

    2 dager siden

    Is this a free episode?

  50. Psulz.


    2 dager siden

    77,749,148 Men's girlfriends' / wifes': *We need to talk about your recommended*

  51. Dr Confirmed

    Dr Confirmed

    2 dager siden

    This has to be the worst recommendations I ever got. First it's clickbait and it promotes nudity.

  52. Sorry not Sorry

    Sorry not Sorry

    2 dager siden


  53. Dumb Asses

    Dumb Asses

    2 dager siden

    This is sooo dum in sweden all NOplayerrs get yello videos and youtube publish dis?

  54. Nemurenai


    3 dager siden

    came from pewds

  55. Amanda Higgs

    Amanda Higgs

    3 dager siden


  56. Marcilene Gaspar

    Marcilene Gaspar

    3 dager siden

    Sou do Brasil, te acho um máximo, e se parece muitíssimo com minha cunhada na aparência manoo kkkkkk tem uma sósia sua AK no Brasil. Gostaria te mostrar ela.

  57. Trash '

    Trash '

    3 dager siden

    NOplayer: *Demonetizing random videos without any reasonable explanations* Also youtube:

  58. Susana Macapagal

    Susana Macapagal

    3 dager siden

    What the hel youtube?

  59. nationXcreation


    3 dager siden

    NOplayer I hope you will stop exist in near future

  60. Game Smasher

    Game Smasher

    3 dager siden

    How stupid could you be