Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

Joaquin Phoenix confirms a little-known fact about what movie he’s seen more than any other in his life and then trades places with Jimmy.
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Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places


  1. Mina Stefanie

    Mina Stefanie

    4 timer siden

    Bro... I’m not exactly sure who this is. I’m sorry don’t kill me but omg I love him

    • Mina Stefanie

      Mina Stefanie

      4 timer siden

      OMG I WANT TO DIE!!!! I’m so sorry 😭😭😭 I didn’t know he plays the joker omfg the beard... the beard! Cmon it’s not my fault >.>



    4 timer siden


  3. Aku The Mask

    Aku The Mask

    5 timer siden

    “How, about another joke, jimmy? Jimmy: aight imma head out

  4. Claudio Gomes

    Claudio Gomes

    5 timer siden

    Does he actualy seen the movie? jesus man...

    • Claudio Gomes

      Claudio Gomes

      5 timer siden

      Jimmy is on drugs...

  5. Antoine Guichard

    Antoine Guichard

    5 timer siden

    Spoil : Jimmy Fallon die at the end

  6. FBI


    6 timer siden

    He looked so uncomfortable on Jimmy Kimmel. He looks so free here

  7. Things I Like

    Things I Like

    6 timer siden

    This interview was embarassing. It looks like the host hasn't seen the movie and didn't know what to say all the time. Just ridiculous

  8. da boi

    da boi

    6 timer siden

    Joaquin: you brought me here to laugh at me Jimmy... Jimmy:ohhh shit 😨

  9. Hira's Grotto

    Hira's Grotto

    6 timer siden

    Im glad he didn't consume into dark mind of a joker too much like Heath Ledger did and committed suicide. Nah. Im not ungrateful for Ledger joker and I still think his joker is the best joker ever. Im just glad Joaquin didn't turn out to be like him in the end.

  10. REX Yeager

    REX Yeager

    6 timer siden

    *"You're awful Jimmy..."*

  11. Bender Alonzo

    Bender Alonzo

    8 timer siden

    My name is Joaquin its awesome. Jimmy said my name!!

  12. LittleBird


    8 timer siden

    What the hell is this? Both him and Kimmel were so embarrassing interviewing him

  13. Ready Boy

    Ready Boy

    9 timer siden

    Ohhh how the tables have turned

  14. Prano YT

    Prano YT

    9 timer siden

    Joaquin: you just brought me here to make fun of me. Jimmy: what? Oh wait.

  15. Armando Alvarez

    Armando Alvarez

    9 timer siden

    This was a bad interview

  16. FlybyFrancis


    9 timer siden

    I justs came from Jimmy Kimmel's channel...never watching that Jimmy again. Jimmy Kimmel's interview was horrible.

  17. Ben Harrison

    Ben Harrison

    9 timer siden

    My god this is awkward

  18. hertiana halim

    hertiana halim

    9 timer siden

    Jimmy just talk too much and never listen as always

  19. TheOfficalDanny Devito

    TheOfficalDanny Devito

    10 timer siden

    I really like his voice

  20. DS Rutherford

    DS Rutherford

    10 timer siden

    Literally any human beings who speaks English is an upgrade from Fallon.

  21. Ver Ane

    Ver Ane

    10 timer siden

    Way better interview than that jimmy kimmel insulting show

  22. Zurya Z

    Zurya Z

    10 timer siden

    Joaquin: You are awful Jimmy Jimmy:🙂😐😕☹

  23. Diego Lorpus Roads

    Diego Lorpus Roads

    10 timer siden


  24. Josh Thompson

    Josh Thompson

    10 timer siden

    Fallon is one of the very few late night hosts I actually like

  25. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh

    11 timer siden

    Damn Joaquin phoenix is fucking scarry 😮

  26. Sr Basura

    Sr Basura

    11 timer siden

    Im afraid

  27. Maybe you should get a job

    Maybe you should get a job

    11 timer siden

    Disappointing. I was expecting him to shoot the interviewer.

  28. jennabenna6600


    11 timer siden

    I love that he’s wearing a zip up and chucks

  29. Elmer Coreas

    Elmer Coreas

    11 timer siden

    so whens he getting shot ?

  30. kaustubh kadam

    kaustubh kadam

    11 timer siden

    The Joaquin dead

  31. daisy__in__bloom


    11 timer siden

    Poor Joaquin 😂

  32. daisy__in__bloom


    11 timer siden

    So cringe

  33. Jayinder Kaushik

    Jayinder Kaushik

    11 timer siden

    "You're great" "Thank you" "In general..."

  34. Big Boss

    Big Boss

    12 timer siden

    You telling me Joaquin is pronounced Wa-keen and not Joe-air-quinn?



    12 timer siden

    The talk show scene from the joker very similar to the comics when joker is released from arkham and is killes everyone

  36. Ahsan Kabir Ohi

    Ahsan Kabir Ohi

    12 timer siden

    Joaquin: Jimmy wanna hear a joke.Knock knock . . . Jimmy: ❌❌❌

  37. Tessa's Art

    Tessa's Art

    12 timer siden

    The way he put his leg on the chair was absolutely adorable! He's like a big kid! 😍

  38. Emily


    12 timer siden

    He looks happier in this interview than jimmy kinmle

  39. Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa Garcia

    12 timer siden

    Jimmy is so awkward, i'm surprised Joaquin didn't get pissed, instead he enjoyed himself

  40. Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup

    12 timer siden

    Oh no Jimmy Fallon watch out!

  41. Thomas Huang

    Thomas Huang

    12 timer siden

    Joaquin is sitting like a kid at a dentists office it reminds me of myself lmao

  42. Victor Ruiz

    Victor Ruiz

    12 timer siden

    Was I the only one who came here only to see if jimmy was killed?

  43. Chic Canyon

    Chic Canyon

    12 timer siden

    Falon was a better guest than host. Not surprised.

  44. Brianna Kanable

    Brianna Kanable

    13 timer siden

    He's like a 5 year old boy😂❤

  45. Cynthia A

    Cynthia A

    13 timer siden

    😂😂creepy and funny

  46. The SunChaser

    The SunChaser

    13 timer siden

    *You’re awful, Jimmy.*

  47. Leo Lim

    Leo Lim

    13 timer siden

    I’ll never watch this the same way again.

  48. Meme King

    Meme King

    13 timer siden

    If I ever see this man on the street imma walk the other direction.

  49. Abraham Amdrades

    Abraham Amdrades

    14 timer siden

    The way he sits is the way I sit 👽

  50. Lucca Soares

    Lucca Soares

    14 timer siden

    it seems kinda complicated to interview him

  51. ᄂᄋᄉᄐ


    14 timer siden

    Joaquin would be a better talk show host than all the others. He genuinely made me laugh whilst he took over the seat

  52. Albin M

    Albin M

    14 timer siden

    I can't believe how boring Jimmy Fallon is.

  53. Joey Nanni

    Joey Nanni

    14 timer siden

    How about another joke Jimmy...

  54. Willyrex Roberto

    Willyrex Roberto

    14 timer siden

    Imagine if Joaquin says "what about another joke Jimmy?

  55. Dovea Dove

    Dovea Dove

    14 timer siden

    He is one of the best actors and a really decent guy, I didn’t even see the joker and probably won’t but I know he nailed it and I knew when I found out he was playing the joker that he’d make others before him look ridiculous lol Also I’m surprised he is doing any talking in any talk shows and he is not getting pissed lol He is just in a different class than most I think because he is purely an actor and not a celebrity!

  56. Ikike Udobong

    Ikike Udobong

    14 timer siden

    am I the only person that loves this dudes personality

  57. legin makez

    legin makez

    14 timer siden

    god damnit, i clicked on another fallon video knowing i wouldnt like it and sure efuckingnough it ended up being more boring than driving through kansas at 2 in the morning

  58. Orange juice Apple juice

    Orange juice Apple juice

    14 timer siden

    Kimmel sucks trash, fallon ftw

  59. Racoon


    15 timer siden


  60. poy poy

    poy poy

    15 timer siden

    He's so comfortable, I loveee him~!