Revealed: Trump Aide's Leaked Emails Show Alleged Bribery Plot | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

The Wall Street Journals has obtained secret White House emails showing Trump’s Ukraine call was orchestrated to launch the investigation into the Bidens. The new revelation comes as Congress prepares to hold new public testimonies from key witnesses, and while Trump and Republicans struggle to defend mounting bribery evidence. Former Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, John Flannery and Timothy Edgar join MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 11/18/19.
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Revealed: Trump Aide's Leaked Emails Show Alleged Bribery Plot | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Mike Riley

    Mike Riley

    17 timer siden

    There's one thing for sure, there's at very least one true patriot in the white house. Probably more than one. Someone there is not a russiapublican. We love you who ever you are! The walls coming in just reminded me of this. I've been wondering how come so many New Yorkers around trump act as crazy as he does completely whacked. I think I got it. When I was riding the subway I read the paper and I remember some stories of bad acid going around a few times. pirro, trump, rudy, do you see the similarities in their behavior? Not only russiapublicans but they're still having flashbacks. lol

  2. paul dini

    paul dini

    4 dager siden

    What's wrong with those blacks holding signs behind this evil

  3. Beatrice Mann

    Beatrice Mann

    5 dager siden

    They want people to lair for trump make him look like he did not do anything buy he did

  4. John Bush

    John Bush

    16 dager siden

    Screw nbc.

  5. BornToQuill


    16 dager siden

    The maga maggots are getting ratio'd so hard lol

  6. BornToQuill


    16 dager siden


  7. Glenn Benedict

    Glenn Benedict

    16 dager siden

    Who is this fake news POS working for Deepstate who lies .going down soon for misrepresenting truth .do you like some that lies I don't.

  8. Peter Hudson

    Peter Hudson

    18 dager siden

    COWARDS! how can all the presidents cowardly men get away with NOT testifying in this incredibly important inquiry? they all cry on TV about how they are innocent, but none of these COWARDS will go under oath to testify. these lying COWARDS need to be publicly shamed: Trump, Giuliani, Pompeo, Bolton, Mulvaney, Perry et al.

  9. millieo


    18 dager siden

    kentao4 ... The Republicans said Obama was driving up the deficit but have said nothing about the wildly increasing deficit under trump.

  10. Jame Franco

    Jame Franco

    19 dager siden

    So, I would like to ask every Democrat a ? I am 100% sure that 0 Senate Republicans would convict Trump NMW we have on him.Even if some people flip, / So what are you going to think about ( if I am right) the Republican Party? Are they just the opposing part of the same team? I hope everyone sees them for who they are now.A Corrupt Platform willing to commit Treason

  11. F00LSG0LD215


    19 dager siden

    I just think the Repb are going to screw the American people during the trial the Senate won't allow so-called hearsay all the while the main players will claim either Presidential Immunity i.g. Giuliani, Pompeo, Mulvaneay, Pence, and even Bolton or they all (sans Bolton) claim the 5th. All the while calling Hunter Biden, the Whistleblower and maybe even Biden. Even if it's wrong it's just as good as an investigation in Ukraine, smearing the Bidens and clogging up Democrats that are running having to focus on the trial Sanders, Warren, Harris. And instead of having the Ukraine's turn the narrative on election meddling it'll be that it was Dems' with the help of the FBI. ((Just you watch)) Then with the I.G.'s FISA Abuse Report dropping on the 11th of December at the start the trial of just before it. Most Repb that have seen it claim it'll be a 'HUGE' bombshell showing the FBI infiltrated Trump's Campaign to meddle in the 2016 election using "so-called" false or defamatory info. Repb will claim it wasn't Russians who meddled but 'EVIL DEMOCRATIC FBI TRAITORS' Then watch as it'll give the Repb a stage to claim everything the Dems have been doing is wrong since the beginning and that this "trial/stage" will turn into an indictment of the FBI/Dems and the FISA court "abuses" that they claim, which they'll be constantly spinning the whole trial completely changing it's narrative.

  12. Bagira G.

    Bagira G.

    19 dager siden

    Don't mess with America, man. Especially if you are in public office. All America needs is strong institutions INSTEAD of strong individuals. People pass but institutions stay.

  13. ShadowFoxSF


    19 dager siden

    Displaces all other business? What business? Clearing out the ash i n the fireplace so you have more room to burn the bills the house has been passing? The Senate isn't doing anything.

  14. geoff mcintosh

    geoff mcintosh

    20 dager siden

    being an aussie watching this from the sideline. It is the best comedy since Monty Phython. the media and the Democrats just look like blinkered shrilling idiots. I listen to both media releases and the hearings to get the whole picture and I think the Democrats are in for another BIG disappointment in your next election. Funny very funny.

  15. Kiichi Yamato

    Kiichi Yamato

    20 dager siden

    Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight. America watch that video.

  16. Ron Siewert

    Ron Siewert

    20 dager siden

    The Rethug senators are compromised either by Trump or Putin or both. You can also bet money is involved. That is all Rethugs care about.

  17. Maria Battaglia

    Maria Battaglia

    20 dager siden We know how this ends

  18. feree M.

    feree M.

    20 dager siden

    Where’s my Roy Cohn

  19. truth warrior7711

    truth warrior7711

    20 dager siden

    Pure DeepFriedState MSM INSANITY!!!

  20. Secure Administrator

    Secure Administrator

    20 dager siden

    So GOP wants closed door sessions? Or doesn’t want closed door sessions? I’m confused 🤷‍♀️

  21. Jeff Tatus

    Jeff Tatus

    20 dager siden

    Mitch McConnell: "Senators will not be allowed to speak... just listen." How refreshing that they won't be able to bring up the Steele Dossier and lament Comey, etc... etc...

  22. Richard Dastrup

    Richard Dastrup

    21 dag siden

    MSNBC cant name the whistle blower . MSNBC can not sat President Donald Trump has more impeachable offense. A joke on msnbc clueless to investigating their stories.

  23. dale maloney

    dale maloney

    21 dag siden

    all the people that trump should have fired when he took office and he did NOT replace, NEEDS REPLACED!!

  24. Darrel Alvesteffer

    Darrel Alvesteffer

    21 dag siden

    When MSNBC gets exposed for lying to the American people, you won't believe the truth anyway.

  25. Kelly Ketcham

    Kelly Ketcham

    21 dag siden

    I think America deserves to know who the whistleblower is

  26. Kelly Ketcham

    Kelly Ketcham

    21 dag siden

    Not impeachable

  27. Kelly Ketcham

    Kelly Ketcham

    21 dag siden

    I think it all should be thrown out and move on

  28. Kelly Ketcham

    Kelly Ketcham

    21 dag siden

    The whole thing is a joke

  29. Banned B!!!!

    Banned B!!!!

    21 dag siden

    What did your 'special council ' find in Russia, o0oh that's right, " NOTHING!"

  30. Banned B!!!!

    Banned B!!!!

    21 dag siden

    More straws please!

  31. Hiten Mistry

    Hiten Mistry

    21 dag siden

    The GOP don't have any legal arguments against all the evidence presented to show Trump clearly should be impeached. GOP are sock puppets working for Russia.

  32. Michael_TEACHER-UK TeacherMike

    Michael_TEACHER-UK TeacherMike

    21 dag siden

    Dr Hill said she moved to the USA to enhance her career because in England her accent was seen as a working-class one! How wrong they were! What a mistake for England! She has the qualities and education of being a British Prime Minister or even an American President I thought! Her loyalty, patriotism, loyalty, dedication and commitment to her work and protecting America was outstanding and quite amazing as well as admirable. I stayed up all night to watch this hearing because Dr Hill was mesmerizing when she spoke the truth in so much detail and interest in Trumps CORRUPTION. I think she frightened the Republican lawyers because she was telling so much of the damming truth and became afraid of even asking her more questions! I am now a fan of Dr Hill. Good luck in your future! You would make a great USA President! Just what America needs at this time! Outstanding lady. David Holmes was an impressive guy too. I can see why he does great work in his Department serving America.

  33. Paul Rudwick

    Paul Rudwick

    21 dag siden


  34. Peace for all

    Peace for all

    21 dag siden

    Wow.....the bible says that there is nothing hidden, everything comes to light Luke 8:17 For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

  35. Ozler Gurpinar

    Ozler Gurpinar

    21 dag siden

    I noticed UTUBE fixed it so that we are anonymous, no display of commenters’ names. I am sooo glad as I do comment negatively about Trump as I get so upset, can’t remained silent. and I was experiencing anxiety, fearing I may be located and get hurt by a crazy Trumper.

  36. Ozler Gurpinar

    Ozler Gurpinar

    21 dag siden

    Trump is not like a “mob was”, HE IS THE “MOB BOSS”; from what I heard Robert DeNero said Trump worst than a mob boss. Dinero should know he played in the God Father, he had to study the mobs’ history

  37. Ozler Gurpinar

    Ozler Gurpinar

    21 dag siden

    I am very disappointed only 13M Americans watched the impeachment. I hope they recorded and watched after day’s hard work. In watching Amb. Sunland speak: I felt angry, sad, anxiety this man in current very important global events becomes ambassador to Europe has obsoletely no expertise in diplomatically representing us in this very important position by just giving to Trump $1M to purchase the position. Also from his testimony many many flights , I am sure 1st class, priority, high class hotels, he even orders a bottle of wine for lunch for 4 to discuss, with alcohol affected brains our very important policies on Ukraine in the meantime lives are getting lost in Ukraine and Syria. Also I learned at our expense he rented a mansion, furnished it like an English Lord, while Americans are working on two jobs most with no health care....These corrupt men, Senator Perry included, and many more we know and don’t are, stealing; they are heartless thievesThey are openly stealing to live like princes of our king Trump. I had tears in my eyes thinking the financial struggles, global hunger, poor Americans’ sufferings. Trumper politicians have obsoletely no hearts, cruelty maxing. I remembered great, rich Ottoman Empire, corruption took over in late 19th century almost disappeared, Turks finally fought against European invaders, thousands of men died, expelled the corrupt Padisah; with hero soldier Kemal Ataturk’s leadership Turkey was founded. Shah of Iran was bathing in 22 carot gold bath tub, just an example how corrupt he was, escaped to US. poor Iran with all the oil and rich history Still suffering suffering. Shah’s wife has been living in Paris with luxury still like a queen. We don’t talk about it always blame Iran, during Shah’s authority US and English oil companies pouring money to Shah were grabbing very high percentages from Iranian oil when citizens of Iran were most in poverty, Corruption kills democracy. Let’s wake up and impeach before it is to late.

  38. John Cruz

    John Cruz

    21 dag siden

    Why is Trump giveing the aide when he is still not sure if the corruption . Someone needs to ask?

    • John Cruz

      John Cruz

      21 dag siden

      Why give the aide if there is no investigation! There could still be corruption!

  39. warrior Dog

    warrior Dog

    21 dag siden

    all we need is 20 republicans to vote for removal, that's 20 republicans with Morals,....I think I have a better chance to win the Mega Million Dollar Lottery, I have better chance to become the king of France....

  40. Dog Gonnit

    Dog Gonnit

    21 dag siden

    Moscow Mitch is worried that an impeachment trial will keep him from being busy blocking all the bills.