9 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen

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Have you played a game that's just impossible to finish? You just try and try, wasting life after life... and nothing works. It's good that now you can just turn to the Internet, watch a walkthrough and easily pass any level... Or you can forget about playing and simply watch someone end the game for you! But before, you could not even dream of such a thing. To find out how a video game ended, you had to beat it yourself. Unfortunately, it didn't always work, and some endings remained mystery for many people. But today we will put an end to that! Let's check the endings of some games that we all know.


  1. David Bazooka

    David Bazooka

    9 minutter siden

    Good stuff

  2. Bryce McKell

    Bryce McKell

    32 minutter siden

    8:10 this is the f1 podium song

  3. FUN TV

    FUN TV

    51 minutt siden

    Contra my fav game

  4. I'm GoingSolo

    I'm GoingSolo

    Time siden

    17-million years to complete the T-rex game, I think people in heaven are playing this

  5. HelloItsCHS


    2 timer siden

    ooooooooooh COOOL

  6. Pizza Parker

    Pizza Parker

    4 timer siden

    If no one has ever seen it, how could you make this video

  7. Kimberly Tran

    Kimberly Tran

    5 timer siden

    the way he pronounced “nguyen” hehe

  8. Dat Åśs

    Dat Åśs

    6 timer siden

    WAIT ..... TETRIS? srsly!!??

  9. Shen Shen

    Shen Shen

    7 timer siden

    My highest score on flappy bird was only 100+ 😂

  10. ExplosionMare


    7 timer siden

    Aww mani really thought the dino game would have an end

  11. ImmortalShadow


    7 timer siden

    10:21 T-Rex/Chrome Dinosaur Game You're welcome.

  12. Megumin


    7 timer siden

    1:39 *tSuNdErEs*

  13. Sñr Ivan

    Sñr Ivan

    8 timer siden

    Hahaha,,dinosaurs has no ending

  14. Priya Chandra

    Priya Chandra

    9 timer siden

    But what happens in the end of t rex

  15. playergamer904 astutetick

    playergamer904 astutetick

    10 timer siden

    4:17 maybe because his using a ps4 controller for last gen

  16. Soulless Mermaid :3

    Soulless Mermaid :3

    10 timer siden

    R.i.p chrome t-rex 2014-2019 (schools)

  17. Wubwoofwolfer


    10 timer siden

    Billy is a goddamn cheater

  18. Luc Escobar

    Luc Escobar

    10 timer siden

    why are there so many snl clips

  19. Baby Bey

    Baby Bey

    10 timer siden

    The villan is actually mario

  20. Sans


    12 timer siden

    Over half of these endings are false, the rest are obvious.

  21. Mohamed Salem

    Mohamed Salem

    12 timer siden

    I see what he did he put the T-Rex in the thumbnail so people click and then put it last so he can get views

  22. Maisie O'Connor

    Maisie O'Connor

    13 timer siden

    I hate flappy bird SOOOO much

  23. Gamemaster Snörge

    Gamemaster Snörge

    14 timer siden

    10:22 this is what you were looking for don't lie!

  24. Wafity


    14 timer siden

    minecraft is one of those games (jk it is infinite)

  25. Işıl Koralp

    Işıl Koralp

    16 timer siden

    Chrome dino is an infinite runner

  26. Benjamin Budgetts

    Benjamin Budgetts

    16 timer siden

    I didn't know most of these video games even had an ending...

  27. Adam Colbert

    Adam Colbert

    16 timer siden

    I was today at the end of this video years old when I found out about the T-Rex game in Chrome.

  28. akash as

    akash as

    17 timer siden

    Some one had finished the dinosaur game

  29. Issac valadez

    Issac valadez

    17 timer siden

    my dad told me a cheat code of some kind for contra to give my dad infinite lives and he completed the game

  30. Sig Adamos

    Sig Adamos

    20 timer siden

    i finished Battle Toads when I was 9 -_- ... it's all memorization.. along with a lot of time and frustration

  31. Riddhi Verma

    Riddhi Verma

    20 timer siden


  32. James Hoyt

    James Hoyt

    21 time siden

    Time stamp for the t-rex run?

  33. stan imagine dragons

    stan imagine dragons

    21 time siden

    What about subway surfers?

  34. Tiffany Andrews

    Tiffany Andrews

    22 timer siden

    What about subway surf ?

  35. Forever Night

    Forever Night

    23 timer siden

    I completed contra in all version

  36. Khoa Tran

    Khoa Tran

    Dag siden

    There's a cheat code for contra that gives you 30 lives

  37. Zombe killer

    Zombe killer

    Dag siden

    It feels bad I had duck hunt but never played it

  38. DADDY


    Dag siden

    10:22 for the dinosaur game

  39. - Thegameplayer-

    - Thegameplayer-

    Dag siden

    2:02 is a fake ending lol

  40. ajo_ 29

    ajo_ 29

    Dag siden

    1:46 you said brain wrong