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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  1. Wolverine gaming

    Wolverine gaming

    4 timer siden


  2. Suliman El Idrissi

    Suliman El Idrissi

    8 timer siden


  3. Julianna Rose Warner

    Julianna Rose Warner

    8 timer siden

    its my birthday presant my birthday is nov 10th yay thanks logan

  4. Taeden Brown

    Taeden Brown

    10 timer siden

    2016 was the best Logan Paul

  5. Kenny McIntyre

    Kenny McIntyre

    10 timer siden

    So you don’t care about us??? Your fans?? You say I don’t need to say oh I make NOplayer videos! So we nothing to you!!? 😕🤨

  6. Elem Erçırpan

    Elem Erçırpan

    10 timer siden

    Why is this so funny damnn

  7. Batman -

    Batman -

    10 timer siden

    Hope you get dropped logan

  8. TSO Isaac_Official

    TSO Isaac_Official

    11 timer siden

    When I told my sister their next fight was gonna be with no headgear, she said "its gonna be pretty bloody"

  9. Alex Music

    Alex Music

    13 timer siden

    It’s going to be littt🤪

  10. Kylie Ellison

    Kylie Ellison

    13 timer siden

    Post moreeee abttt it

  11. Pareeha K

    Pareeha K

    14 timer siden

    alright I’m sorry, but what the fuck happened to ksi-

  12. Ryan Allison

    Ryan Allison

    14 timer siden


  13. Kadin Napier

    Kadin Napier

    15 timer siden

    Yep and you lose XD

  14. 17 timer siden

    Omg I hate him so much

  15. ItSrB


    17 timer siden

    Anyone gonna watch this "legally" 🤔

  16. The hoosher

    The hoosher

    18 timer siden

    Who will win: Like for Vanilla Comment for chocolate

  17. alexia maritz

    alexia maritz

    21 time siden

    Welcome to America bitch!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao

  18. The pro Slomos

    The pro Slomos

    Dag siden

    Sick roasts bro

  19. John Esposito

    John Esposito

    Dag siden

    Logan’s right about how KSI lost the “eye of the tiger” some would say coming into this fight. But watching one of KSI’s videos from before the fight he’s had that spot in his eye

  20. Kevin J

    Kevin J

    Dag siden

    Logan Paul is such a faggot

  21. Savage


    Dag siden

    Imagine a logan vs Jungkook I-

  22. Randy Rodriguez

    Randy Rodriguez

    Dag siden

    Of course there are going to be broken plates

  23. alex Carter

    alex Carter

    Dag siden

    Did you actually knock out KSI

  24. alex Carter

    alex Carter

    Dag siden

    I've been watching you for one year please help me out and you're next with you

  25. Mo Bamba

    Mo Bamba

    Dag siden

    Not a big fan of either of these dudes, but respect for dropping the head gear this time, that takes balls. It should also ensure somebody doesn’t make it through all the rounds.

  26. Hame Rose

    Hame Rose

    Dag siden

    Fuck u ksi fuck u ksi Sorry ksi dude. @fanoflogan❤️❤️

  27. Harlen Lynch

    Harlen Lynch

    Dag siden

    Tell jake to fight deji again

  28. Jack Hammond

    Jack Hammond

    Dag siden

    I don’t who I should vote for I’m a fan of Ksi an logan

  29. Mohdmustafa.m


    Dag siden

    Yooo, myyy mannn! Fuck that nigga up bruxxxx! That son of a bitch! End him.

  30. you thot

    you thot

    Dag siden

    If Logan wins I’m gonna immediately assume he cheated and wait for him to prove otherwise. If he was proved to win fairly I’m gonna first make all my devices and accounts subscribe to ksi, then take a bus to a very nice mountain, slit my throat with a pocket knife and fall off the tip of the mountain whilst watching a ksi video, my friend.

  31. Chicken_DoiDoi YT

    Chicken_DoiDoi YT

    Dag siden

    I loved the sound effects in the beginning

  32. Melanie Panama

    Melanie Panama

    Dag siden

    It’s my birthday on November 24 and I wish I can go but it’s to much and I wish I can but it’s to much money but I wish u the best I hope u win

  33. Blu


    Dag siden

    LMAO, HE LOWKEY SOUNDS LIKE AN AMBULANCE 🚑 LMFAOOOOO Idc who you like, that was funny lol

  34. Tre'Chaun Marshall

    Tre'Chaun Marshall

    Dag siden

    How old are you logen pole

  35. lil_mighty_ 03

    lil_mighty_ 03

    Dag siden

    Bich I am fuck ing going for Logan fuck you ksi FUCK YOU!!!!

  36. Christopher Reed

    Christopher Reed

    Dag siden

    Logan Paul you got this beat up ksi no Dick having ass!!!!!!

  37. Munesha Kamara

    Munesha Kamara

    Dag siden

    Like the beef is burnt but it's still on the grill like through it away ,it's not gonna taste good

  38. Mygo_Szn


    Dag siden

    Logan: ur growing a baby Meanwhile Logan at 0:46

  39. NoobSlayer 69

    NoobSlayer 69

    Dag siden

    1:58 pogan laul

  40. LIL Garry

    LIL Garry

    Dag siden

    No Offence KSI is ganna win again

  41. oklahomaMAXXY


    Dag siden


  42. Verdalite


    Dag siden

    ill be streaming the rematch on yt sub and turn on noti boissss

  43. Justin Tellor

    Justin Tellor

    Dag siden

    I fucking loved this video Pogan Laul.

  44. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina

    Dag siden

    Pogan Paul 😂😂

  45. Jason Kolka

    Jason Kolka

    Dag siden

    Logan fuck KSI beat his ass

  46. Jason Kolka

    Jason Kolka

    Dag siden

    Yo Logan knock him out beat his ass KSI

  47. Tricks.


    Dag siden

    Imagine the match is a draw again 😂😂

  48. Fraser Mclennan

    Fraser Mclennan

    Dag siden

    ill make a deal if u win ill sub to u and unsub to ksi

  49. Zayaan Dadoo

    Zayaan Dadoo

    Dag siden

    Streaming the fight!! Don’t forget to sub!!

  50. Tiana Graeff

    Tiana Graeff

    Dag siden

    Are u streaming it on NOplayer

  51. Nachos OwO

    Nachos OwO

    Dag siden

    September is the month that NOplayer loves

  52. Mason and Jackson Danielson

    Mason and Jackson Danielson

    Dag siden

    I will watch on NOplayer btw

  53. מרדכי פרידלנד

    מרדכי פרידלנד

    Dag siden

    I love your videos I love your sense of humour and I hope you be the zs

  54. Johann Arciszewski

    Johann Arciszewski

    Dag siden


  55. will Barham

    will Barham

    Dag siden

    Your gay your lost and like ball o wait your a puss 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. LeGiT_eliaswold


    Dag siden

    You`ve done so much bad shit, and you still think that you are the king.

  57. Russia Can draw

    Russia Can draw

    Dag siden

    What contry you come from oh u.s.a well i come from ther but im come from more contrys then you b***

  58. sagar sondarva

    sagar sondarva

    Dag siden

    Ask Dr. Strange about this, he knows.

  59. Stars


    Dag siden


  60. Theo Whitsun-Jones

    Theo Whitsun-Jones

    Dag siden

    Yo u talking shit and boasting about "knocking him out" but when JJ floors u it will be embarrasing lmao