Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to

Zoomer goes on Dr Phil and its epic
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  1. 0v3rCr4ft 22

    0v3rCr4ft 22

    3 timer siden


  2. TacoTiger 07

    TacoTiger 07

    3 timer siden

    OK boomer.

  3. Floopy


    3 timer siden

    Im 13 but I think that dr.phil is a good person and he is cool

  4. Sanamana _

    Sanamana _

    4 timer siden

    I’m 16 I play fucking over watch and fail my studies but I can never understand what retardation some of these other fellow teens have

  5. Slash or Slice

    Slash or Slice

    6 timer siden

    bruh her name is bameron

  6. Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi

    Santiago Bernabeu Victor y Ravi

    6 timer siden

    'Bro you just BOSted CRINGE'

  7. Luc Pare

    Luc Pare

    6 timer siden

    This is your culture. You created this lmao dude so happy my kid turned me on to you

  8. Christian Cabe

    Christian Cabe

    6 timer siden

    Are those their real voices???

  9. K0B3


    7 timer siden

    This vid kinda sucks ngl

  10. Adrean Goul

    Adrean Goul

    8 timer siden

    "The vibe"

  11. Adrean Goul

    Adrean Goul

    8 timer siden

    OMG I am pewdiepies old friend I will get famous cuz I said this Ps in case you didn't know that was a reference to 7:25

  12. Krish Jasuja

    Krish Jasuja

    8 timer siden

    they have the same voice

  13. Krish Jasuja

    Krish Jasuja

    8 timer siden

    im a zoomer but wait for it...I have common sense

  14. XxS4VAG3NINJ4xX


    8 timer siden

    What is that girls voice jesus

  15. Bingo Bango

    Bingo Bango

    9 timer siden

    Jeffree Stars' rejected son friend: "that's how relevant I am" Me, a normal person: dude, a fucking fish is more famous than you.

  16. Sir Ducka

    Sir Ducka

    9 timer siden

    I hate these they give us zoomers a bad rep

  17. MagicalRanter224


    9 timer siden

    Ok zoomer

  18. Maddy Jane

    Maddy Jane

    10 timer siden

    Can we get Danielle chon on here!?

  19. Dyani B

    Dyani B

    10 timer siden

    This dude looking like a wannabe Morticia Addams🖤

  20. Andrew Duffy

    Andrew Duffy

    10 timer siden

    birth control pills mustve also been irelavant

  21. Andrew Duffy

    Andrew Duffy

    10 timer siden

    that girl looks like a man

  22. bubbles erotica

    bubbles erotica

    10 timer siden

    i used to follow bameronkall😐 i deeply regret it

  23. Maggie Coyotehill

    Maggie Coyotehill

    11 timer siden

    I find it sad that someone named their child 'Bameron'. It's a mix between Barry and Cameron. *No offence to anyone who has been given the name!*

  24. Mr Fedoraman

    Mr Fedoraman

    11 timer siden

    Why do they both have the same voice

  25. Antboy 925

    Antboy 925

    11 timer siden

    These kids play the victims when people call them out for their behavior and pewdipie takes it in stride when SJWs hate on him for no reason

  26. Musette D

    Musette D

    11 timer siden

    I’m not even 20 and I am still a boomer!

  27. XxReaper WolfxX

    XxReaper WolfxX

    12 timer siden

    That’s what boomers think what we do

  28. Bigsmoke eatsplums

    Bigsmoke eatsplums

    12 timer siden

    Ok Boomer

  29. ultra instinct shinobi

    ultra instinct shinobi

    13 timer siden

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. ENDZ


    13 timer siden

    Ur wrong

  31. teddy Field

    teddy Field

    13 timer siden

    720p all I'm saying

  32. Its Onyx

    Its Onyx

    13 timer siden

    I mean I know your from Sweden but you would honestly look smexy as fuck as a US Marine

  33. Daniel Doce

    Daniel Doce

    14 timer siden

    If they were Asian, they'd be outcast by now

  34. Ronny Rægge

    Ronny Rægge

    14 timer siden

    i legit cant finish this xD

  35. TRocks2008


    14 timer siden

    Them: less then 4K subs Pewds: 102M subs Me:🤔🤔🤔

  36. Tyler Silverman

    Tyler Silverman

    15 timer siden

    Lets Get This Bread

  37. Tyler Silverman

    Tyler Silverman

    15 timer siden

    they sound like the same person

  38. Barkis Maximus

    Barkis Maximus

    16 timer siden

    full ride scholarship ? it was a big check they made out of cardboard.

  39. James Mac

    James Mac

    16 timer siden

    Is that his real voice ???

  40. xo._xa


    17 timer siden

    i have NEVER seen them tho?