I Spent $20,000 Advertising On YouTube And Now Everyone Hates Me

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I decided to put bad Instagram ads for mobile games to the test by making some of my own and then spending $20,000 advertising them all over NOplayer. Will they work? Stop reading the description and just watch the video to find out.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOplayer, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  1. Emma


    15 dager siden

    Nice shirt

    • Sky Wolf

      Sky Wolf

      2 dager siden


    • The gamer !

      The gamer !

      2 dager siden


    • Arizona Tea

      Arizona Tea

      4 dager siden

      I personally think it was to colorful

    • Waylon Brian

      Waylon Brian

      4 dager siden

      chris s. You’re the one that’s fucking tacky

    • New Movie Trailers

      New Movie Trailers

      13 dager siden


  2. Brenda C.

    Brenda C.

    16 minutter siden

    I’m actually very disappointed I didn’t get to see these beautiful, life-changing ads :(

  3. FreddCraft but its his phone acount

    FreddCraft but its his phone acount

    34 minutter siden

    congrats! this is the first video of you I saw. Didn't even see the adds XD

  4. MTGfoilCandy


    Time siden

    You forgot to make the video blurry and zoomed in on weird places...

  5. all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ

    all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ

    Time siden

    who greg

  6. BeachTurkey


    Time siden

    if you beat level 2 you're legally text for your header

  7. Elite Twisted

    Elite Twisted

    Time siden

    It’s always whats up greg But n-n-never how are you greg 😢

  8. Leo


    Time siden

    Pretty sure he made all his money back from this video

  9. jaz !

    jaz !

    Time siden

    I got all 3 ads on a video once, I was so confused-

  10. Taylor Harden

    Taylor Harden

    2 timer siden

    Who is greg

  11. Swagatron64


    3 timer siden

    danny how you feeeel?

  12. Moonbeam Scribbles

    Moonbeam Scribbles

    3 timer siden

    So glad I found your channel your videos are great

  13. doggo 123

    doggo 123

    4 timer siden

    I actually got one of these ads

  14. P4RK3R G4M35

    P4RK3R G4M35

    4 timer siden

    I wish I got an ad 😭

  15. hayley christine

    hayley christine

    5 timer siden

    Those ads scared me so much and made me...unimaginably uncomfortable. So glad I actually knew who you were and wasn’t new to your stuff.

  16. Gabby Kelsey

    Gabby Kelsey

    5 timer siden

    Why did he fucking nail that emoji face

  17. user


    5 timer siden

    I didn't get an ad but youtube recommend me this video so I subscribed, I better become a fucking fat ass wizard or else

  18. Samantha Liska

    Samantha Liska

    5 timer siden

    The third one sounds like a porn hub ad

  19. Ty Guimond

    Ty Guimond

    5 timer siden

    I found this on the ads

  20. BatzillaCraft Z

    BatzillaCraft Z

    6 timer siden

    "if you're a parent uNSuBSCRiBe"

  21. Blesson daniel

    Blesson daniel

    6 timer siden

    He has a wife? WHAT? I thought he was a teenager

  22. Poyraz Tuncer

    Poyraz Tuncer

    6 timer siden

    Liked because "Spankee"

  23. KenRewind


    6 timer siden

    So sad I didn't get these ads

  24. Alice Baohna

    Alice Baohna

    7 timer siden

    MY NaMe is GrEg!!!!😎

  25. Diseased Deer

    Diseased Deer

    8 timer siden

    I want to claw my eyes out.

  26. Gianna Capella

    Gianna Capella

    8 timer siden

    I saw the spanking add. I legit thought it was a fever dream. I was so confused I really thought you were in crack.

    • Gianna Capella

      Gianna Capella

      8 timer siden

      Btw, I was wearing the Greg sweatshirt... While watching the add. Hahaha.

  27. Fuck You

    Fuck You

    8 timer siden

    The second ad though

  28. Gacha Cocoa 卡哇伊

    Gacha Cocoa 卡哇伊

    8 timer siden

    *Im actually disappointed I Wasn’t one of the 1.3 million people who got your ads* 😭😭😭

  29. Will S

    Will S

    8 timer siden

    I paid 20,000 to advertise 100 times and this is what happens I’m broke

  30. Angry Bidoof

    Angry Bidoof

    8 timer siden

    I didn't get any of the adds :(

  31. Slice of meatloaf with 15 subs

    Slice of meatloaf with 15 subs

    9 timer siden

    I got the spanking one

  32. dead meme

    dead meme

    9 timer siden

    I was subbed before hang and never saw these

  33. Adnama Fett

    Adnama Fett

    9 timer siden

    I'm already subscribed and I liked the video. After seeing the ads I wanted to double sub but I can't :( So I thought the next best thing was to comment :)

  34. aissa camille

    aissa camille

    9 timer siden

    Dude, i wish i never saw the spanking ad. I'm truly disturbed.

  35. Turdburglartara spencer

    Turdburglartara spencer

    9 timer siden

    Hahaha this is the best video I’ve ever watched. You are so freakin funny!

  36. Connor .Finke

    Connor .Finke

    10 timer siden

    Instead of a photo you should start playing entire videos of drew’s In the picture frame during your videos

  37. bruh fam moment epic lit bruh

    bruh fam moment epic lit bruh

    10 timer siden

    i received them and kinda hated you

  38. Bronson


    10 timer siden

    I think this particular video really lives up to the promise of "I do *everything* on my channel."

  39. Vera Wickiser

    Vera Wickiser

    10 timer siden

    Um excuse me im not thicc or a wizard

  40. Guzzy Senpai

    Guzzy Senpai

    11 timer siden

    When I saw you spanking yourself on a Pewdiepie video I was like "Isn't that the guy from vine? Wtf is he doing"

  41. *Soul Flicker*

    *Soul Flicker*

    11 timer siden

    Danny I haven't become any thiccer have I done something wrong



    11 timer siden

    Ah Dolphin Man

  43. Oxy Baby

    Oxy Baby

    11 timer siden

    Dang, I only saved 2 of his ads

  44. xM4DN355x Gaming

    xM4DN355x Gaming

    11 timer siden

    Got an ad for: King’s Throne: Game of Lust before watching... :/

  45. Mr meow444

    Mr meow444

    11 timer siden

    I was seeing a video and then i saw an add and i saw u spanking someone and they said "sub to /÷\=!\$% Please" And when i saw it ehhh...👎

  46. Jack Feldman

    Jack Feldman

    11 timer siden

    Now I’m new to this channels and I have one question why the fuck does he me fuckin Greg

  47. Sushi Noodles

    Sushi Noodles

    12 timer siden

    I think I saw your add once a while back and it was during the time I had a really bad day. Honestly, it made me laugh and made my day- though after the add I think I sat in my room thinking about life for an hour straight.

  48. Alex Fumero

    Alex Fumero

    13 timer siden

    i hoped this was clickbait when i clicked on the video

  49. Kacper


    13 timer siden

    You look like Riley from LinusTechTips

  50. Mesothelioma Compensation

    Mesothelioma Compensation

    13 timer siden

    These ads helped me realize I wasn't actually subscribed

  51. The legendary Channel

    The legendary Channel

    13 timer siden

    I love these ads

  52. Grand Ole Duke

    Grand Ole Duke

    13 timer siden

    Saw this in my recommended, never seen your vids ever so.... ads might have indirectly worked?

  53. Oowi Aouii

    Oowi Aouii

    14 timer siden

    I honestly love this channel and just recently found it. I already saw 10 videos. Great humor, amazing commentary. 2/10 , unsubscribed

  54. It's Camilla Taylor

    It's Camilla Taylor

    14 timer siden

    become a legal pumpkin, why is that so funny to me

  55. Jesus


    15 timer siden

    I notice a lot of ads use clips from Empire: total war and try to pass it off as their shitty app.


    15 timer siden

    protip: add an adblocker to your browser in order to not see ads on youtube

  57. Wow


    15 timer siden

    Right after I paid for NOplayer Premium The ads became worth watching

  58. Clark McQuiston

    Clark McQuiston

    15 timer siden

    I’ve never seen one of ur ads till this vid

  59. dohg


    16 timer siden

    Hey, who's this dude? I think I remember him from somewhere...

    • Jesse Holden

      Jesse Holden

      15 timer siden

      Danny gonzalez. He was pretty popular on vine? You might recognize him from there

  60. dohg


    16 timer siden

    Hey, who's this dude? I think I remember him from somewhere...

  61. JamesVlogs


    16 timer siden

    I’m legally pencil sharpener

  62. Yickle my Pickle

    Yickle my Pickle

    16 timer siden

    I sort of wanted to stop watching the video after 10 minutes but decided to watch the whole thing since how Danny earns money off this is from watch time I think so...

  63. ghosting


    16 timer siden


  64. Yickle my Pickle

    Yickle my Pickle

    16 timer siden

    Well shit, I could’ve gotten these ads if I didn’t make my account “age” 50 something

  65. Rubi Guzman

    Rubi Guzman

    16 timer siden

    No wonder i didn't get the ad. Im a minor

  66. Karen Guerra

    Karen Guerra

    17 timer siden

    danny continues to drink that respect women juice 🤩

  67. Ailan Krohn

    Ailan Krohn

    18 timer siden

    Stop being in my recommendations plssssss

  68. Sophia Smock

    Sophia Smock

    18 timer siden

    This is what you need to do for merch!

  69. DextyDucky


    18 timer siden

    Best 30 minutes of my life.

  70. SkittlesTM


    19 timer siden

    21:11 and an ad plays after that.

  71. CatGods


    19 timer siden

    I’m too young to see these advertisements ;(

  72. somebodey toucha mah spaghet

    somebodey toucha mah spaghet

    19 timer siden

    the spanking add is traumatizing

  73. Time Traveling Old Man

    Time Traveling Old Man

    20 timer siden

    The 3rd app is the best one lol

  74. Char


    21 time siden

    i saw that ad right before the winner. 😤

  75. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos

    21 time siden

    People don’t realise its you because.. It’s kinda realistic to nowadays ads.

  76. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos

    21 time siden

    *i would click on that ad* I’ve been subbed for about 8 months, *INTELLIGENCE 1000000000*

  77. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos

    21 time siden

    I DIDN’T GET THESE ADS *noooooo*

  78. Isaacs Random Videos

    Isaacs Random Videos

    21 time siden

    The worst one are the strip girl ads on that ball drop game.

  79. Unknown Human

    Unknown Human

    21 time siden

    Personally, I’d click on the normal ad

  80. EpicFortniteGamer


    21 time siden

    Everyone : badads Me, an intellectual : *Badvertisments*