GOLDBRIDGE! GREENWOOD SUPERB! Manchester United 1-0 Astana Match Reaction

Manchester United 1-0 Astana! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a great win for United with a super Mason Greenwood goal. Get Manchester United Player Ratings and Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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  1. Bilal Berkane

    Bilal Berkane

    Måned siden

    We will lose to AZ Alkmaar they play attractive football with youngsters only

  2. Nicky Britton

    Nicky Britton

    Måned siden

    Disappointed that we didn't play James garner

  3. Red or Dead

    Red or Dead

    Måned siden

    Greenwood and Rashford = Dwight and Cole 👍🏼😁

  4. Nangolo Angula

    Nangolo Angula

    Måned siden

    sanchez out on loan in his dying prime wont serve the team like if we had chong on loan and sanchez doing his job @carrington for the 350K he receives. Utd is becoming a feeder club losing lukaku and sanchez makes us much less prolific gives us the weakest squad since AF left 🤷‍♀️

  5. Terence Gilfillian

    Terence Gilfillian

    Måned siden

    I cant believe how bad united is, and how bad ur views are. Do you really get sponsored for this...fair play... however it'ohdodoo u talk.

  6. abby Anderson

    abby Anderson

    Måned siden

    Starting position are microscopic, otherwise OK

  7. craig barnes

    craig barnes

    Måned siden

    As long as rashford is still taking free kicks we will never score a free kick . its ridiculous he has not score a free kick in a very long time and he still taking them it pisses me off I hate it

  8. Steven Ow

    Steven Ow

    Måned siden

    Tuanzebe was another player who did well and need more game time.

  9. Steven Ow

    Steven Ow

    Måned siden

    Positive!!!!!!!! Total control. Draw out best of some players. I am amazed by Rojo's quality. At least 4 crosses that were world class that could have been assists if Rashford and Greenwood hit the net. And his energy was great.

    • Dybala 9 barrett

      Dybala 9 barrett

      29 dager siden

      And his first game this season

  10. Ian Baldock

    Ian Baldock

    Måned siden

    Fred,Rojo did well. Gomez so small. Chong not that impressive. Greenwood did ok. These kids need to play more. We will be sorry we didnt go after Jao Felix.

  11. jermyn ryan

    jermyn ryan

    Måned siden

    Rather rojo than ashley

  12. jermyn ryan

    jermyn ryan

    Måned siden

    Ole should have let played burkhart.... couldnt been worse.....

  13. jermyn ryan

    jermyn ryan

    Måned siden

    Positive!!!! We are very young....and now the youngsters see that it takes a lot more than running around and pass......and they now can improve on that! Great game! Could be 5:0.....rashy was unconcentrate!

  14. Franklin D Roosevelt

    Franklin D Roosevelt

    Måned siden

    I will still praise Rashford for being the great kid he is by celebrating Masons goal like that, so many players who are digging for goals all game and then someone else finishes the chance to be the winner, let alone a kid fighting for your spot, would be like yeah okay good job and slowly walk over to congratulate him. Some of the players in the past couple years showed no drive or happiness at all when goals were scored not by themselves and thats horrible. Seeing other goal scorers and defenders and DDG celebrate anything for the team all as one is important. I feel like Maguire is bringing that on people, hes a great guy. Was celebrating Uniteds goals like no other in these first few games he has started. They should fight for the shirt, not for the failure to not score like Sanchez continually did

  15. BR BAS

    BR BAS

    Måned siden

    Lingard , rashford , pogba , matic , mata , not good enough anymore , rashford has something as an attacking centre midfield but clearly not NO.9.

  16. Stuart O

    Stuart O

    Måned siden

    Fred MOM for me

  17. mr starfire

    mr starfire

    Måned siden

    And honestly fred was motm for me ..He was constantly looking forward and was getting frustrated at his team mates passing sideway

  18. mr starfire

    mr starfire

    Måned siden

    Negative...And it does my head in that you insist on banging on about how easy a match is going to be ...Only for us to scrape a win.I appreciate that people get on your back about being nagative but come on mark ..You were talking like we were going to win at least 3-4 nill ..You put a jinx on the match before a ball is kicked

  19. Fianna


    Måned siden

    if a mourinho team performed like that Mark would be screaming in this video..such an Ole apologist. He should have never been given the job. This is nothing but lowering fans expectations so they eventually think 4th place is an achievement. Finishing 4th is an embarrassment for a club the size of united and we cant even achieve that.

  20. ian crowley

    ian crowley

    Måned siden

    It is always difficult for the squad players to play in the Starting XI and have an impact over their opponents. For some it was their first match of the season. What would you expect ?? I think the players performed well and created enough chances. Ole's tactics were good. They will dominate the upcoming matches....i'm quite sure after what i've witnessed last night.

  21. John Francis

    John Francis

    Måned siden

    united getting gassed on beating a team nobody has ever heard i find it sad and shows how far united have fallen how dare you compare rvp to one of your players rvp is a legend my man world class mr goldbridge next your gonna say rashford plays like henry

  22. Reiss Sato

    Reiss Sato

    Måned siden

    Not a united fan but I have to admit, Greenwood is the real deal. When you know, you know!

  23. EstellaR


    Måned siden

    We really need a striker in January, even if they are all fit, we NEED a backup!!

  24. Harry Saunders

    Harry Saunders

    Måned siden

    Why can’t Rashy play RW and Greenwood (the better finisher) ST?

  25. Manas Khadye

    Manas Khadye

    Måned siden

    Greenwood scored the goal Gomes created many freekicks, Chong was decent, Fred had most interception and passes Dalot put good crosses and Tuanzebe was the dominant CB ! Well it was their first ever start they show promise and will learn from their mistakes.

  26. Kjetil ‘

    Kjetil ‘

    Måned siden

    Top 3 yesterday, Fred, Greenwood, Tuanzebe :)

  27. Aditya Agarwal

    Aditya Agarwal

    Måned siden

    Fickle fans rating performance on result. We had 7 shots on target Astana had 0. If not for rashfords shitty finishing we would have won 4 5 easy then u fake fans would have been crying to give Ole a 10 year contract

  28. Vu Lang

    Vu Lang

    Måned siden

    definitely Greenwood, and Gomez and Chong need more game time to prove themselves.

  29. Lewis Catlin

    Lewis Catlin

    Måned siden

    People calling gomes ‘gomez’ and they call themselves united fans lol

  30. viktor viktorelius

    viktor viktorelius

    Måned siden

    During the entire game all I heard was "Greenwood too slow, not physical, not this level" one goal and he's Messi ... Mark you are all over the place.

  31. tony chamorro

    tony chamorro

    Måned siden

    Rojo should play more as a left back.

  32. Sebastian


    Måned siden

    Bring in Zlatan

  33. KIZZY 69

    KIZZY 69

    Måned siden

    Welbeck 3.0 was pretty good

  34. Denis Joyce

    Denis Joyce

    Måned siden

    De gea AWB tuanzebe Maguire shaw Fred gomes mctominay Greenwood martial James That's the team I would play Sunday if they are fit

  35. Elliott Pettigrove

    Elliott Pettigrove

    Måned siden

    I think it’s safe to say Ole genuinely is right with the teams he’s been selecting. The youth aren’t quite there yet

  36. DCCH100


    Måned siden

    This was a no brainer. You were going to win. Playing alot of younsters is good experience for them. Just a football view.

  37. MayDay GoingDown!!

    MayDay GoingDown!!

    Måned siden

    For Rashford to improve he needs to leave United.

  38. Mbuso Manyathi

    Mbuso Manyathi

    Måned siden

    Fred was my man of the match

  39. Solomon James

    Solomon James

    Måned siden

    When considering what we had to work with yeah it was a good result. There were 3 other big chances missed so I'm happy for this result.

  40. MayDay GoingDown!!

    MayDay GoingDown!!

    Måned siden

    Can the overhype of Chong please now STOP once and for all...been saying he's crap from day one and I'm constantly being proved correct everytime he play's.

  41. indention7


    Måned siden

    Not impressed by Chong. Another Lingarde. All huff and puff no end product. We srruggled to beat a crap team team . Thought Rojo put in a good shift . Still think ole is out of his depth.

  42. Iztok Golob

    Iztok Golob

    Måned siden

    I really struggle with the idea of what roles Lingard and Rushford are playing. Lingard is like a ball in a pinball machine. And Rushford? Is he a 9 or not. Bury the chances FFS.

  43. Khaya Ntuli

    Khaya Ntuli

    Måned siden

    Fred needs to start games again

  44. Izuka Jeffrey

    Izuka Jeffrey

    Måned siden

    Matic was good but just still slow

  45. Cherno Bari

    Cherno Bari

    Måned siden

    Is Antonio Valencia Rashford's Dad??

  46. Mogammad Abrahams

    Mogammad Abrahams

    Måned siden

    Positive for me. Complete domination. Just a matter of us not being clinical enough. That will come with more game time. Patience.

  47. Nnaemeka Stephen

    Nnaemeka Stephen

    Måned siden

    Let man United loan Rashford Greenwood i have always like this guy

  48. albertvagyok


    Måned siden

    We really need a finisher. Sooo many chances and Rashford just can't score.. We need those last touches.

  49. Relevance


    Måned siden

    Y'all flake on your players like no other club ive seen. Its a wonder why they have issues on the pitch. As soon as they start scoring y'all could care less if they took a dump in the center of the field. But let them miss a couple of time and its a wrap for them. From Man U's "Rashy" to Alexis Sanchez in months.

  50. Mike York

    Mike York

    Måned siden

    I like Mason but I still believe we need to get a "cheap" striker from one of the prem teams as a backup to Martial, someone who can poach goals and is decent in the air. Gomes is quality but he needs games. Chong needs a loan next season preferably in the championship. Tuanzebe is ready for first team football very impressed with him. Rashford is a bench player and must be used as a winger not a no9 unfortunately our squad is too thin. DJ has a bright future. Matic and Mata must be sold next season.

  51. Relevance


    Måned siden

    Docent look like Lukaku or Alexis leaving made any bit of a difference.

  52. Kris Ness

    Kris Ness

    Måned siden

    How did we loan smalling and keep Jones 🤯

  53. Tony Kasyno

    Tony Kasyno

    Måned siden

    It's so crazy you keep talking about greenwood when gomes and fred and even rojo played so well. And the stupid ole removed gomes

  54. wakeup2theNWO


    Måned siden

    1-0 against a pub team and a youth player scored who needs to win the league or UCL we can all get hard over ole and his pathetic team

  55. Cam 24fps

    Cam 24fps

    Måned siden

    Ffs, the kids were not that bad at all. Gomes, being the best. Trashford ruin the game for kids, brought them down towards the end of the first half. Trashford just ruins the game for wveryone

  56. sunil roka

    sunil roka

    Måned siden

    Rojo is better as left back...putting crosses,making better contact with ball..should start often ahead of shaw

  57. Donal Power

    Donal Power

    Måned siden

    Marcus Rashford needs to have a rest can't keep playing otherwise he will burn out by end of the season at 21 years old

  58. Donal Power

    Donal Power

    Måned siden

    When teams sit deep and have every man behind the ball we struggle and young players will have up and down performance its part of their development and if we took the chances we created than it would be a bigger score line this is why we need too be more clinical in front of goal

  59. james cox

    james cox

    Måned siden

    No need to be negative about last night, ole walked the walk and played the youth and gave others game time and we got the win...if Rashford scored those chances would you all be saying he had a great game?

  60. Rizky Saputro

    Rizky Saputro

    Måned siden