Is This Guy’s Boss Even Real? - Key & Peele

An office worker begins to question whether or not his boss is a real person.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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    • Raul Santos

      Raul Santos

      17 dager siden

      Comedy Central Stand-Up

    • My Dick

      My Dick

      23 dager siden

      @Merk I don't believe this one was ever uploaded before. No they moved onto different things.

    • Merk


      23 dager siden

      @My Dick do key and peele still make videos or are these like re uploads

  2. PandaBeatBox


    3 timer siden

    Mahina means Weak

  3. ChuckTay23


    3 timer siden

    Tim Burton approves this video.

  4. Trowhs


    5 timer siden

    The haircut are always amazing 😂😂

  5. will mach

    will mach

    5 timer siden

    Anyone know what he is saying at the end. "when that witch turned me into a mop creature, she tricked me. the people .." ??

  6. Martin Creton

    Martin Creton

    7 timer siden

    That there was scary for a min. ....Mr. Mahina kinda gave me the 'coraline' impression there.

  7. Adventures with Frodo

    Adventures with Frodo

    8 timer siden

    The good the bad and the ugly.

  8. Carter Oberbroe

    Carter Oberbroe

    10 timer siden

    I don't know what's scarier; Mr. Mahina or the haircut.

  9. Humble G.O.A.T

    Humble G.O.A.T

    12 timer siden

    he look like mr.crocker from fairy odd parents😂😂😂

  10. randomtutorials


    13 timer siden

    He was gonna mop the floor with those two

  11. DancinErrol


    14 timer siden

    End of the year report by 10? If I saw that, I woulda left and quit without notice and not even care about getting my last paycheck!

  12. Metal Chocob0

    Metal Chocob0

    17 timer siden


  13. Margarita M.

    Margarita M.

    19 timer siden

    He has an island on his head.

  14. ELBarto3


    21 time siden


  15. Jamaal Eastmond

    Jamaal Eastmond

    Dag siden


  16. Ian Rapoport

    Ian Rapoport

    Dag siden

    The boss kind of looks like Trevor Philips

  17. Bloodchaos94


    Dag siden

    "That's what turned me into a mop creature!" Damn, *what* did that to you Mr. Mahina?

  18. arko parui

    arko parui

    Dag siden

    Looks more like Franklin and trevor frm gta5

  19. Nubbie Wubbie

    Nubbie Wubbie

    Dag siden

    That ending was scarier than it needed to be.

  20. Twenity


    Dag siden

    peele looks like ice cube here lmao

  21. Thekker3b


    Dag siden

    Kinda funny that mahina in Filipino means unclear

  22. UNclear 1936

    UNclear 1936

    Dag siden

    Why was that more scarier than any other horror movie I've seen

  23. Aaron W.

    Aaron W.

    2 dager siden

    💀💀 bro hair was throwing up gang signs

  24. Ariadne Wilkins

    Ariadne Wilkins

    2 dager siden

    Creepy funny

  25. Almighty Shae

    Almighty Shae

    2 dager siden

    Ain’t gonna lie you got me in the first half.



    2 dager siden


  27. Cresent and star

    Cresent and star

    2 dager siden

    Lol kyzer sozay

  28. Andrew W

    Andrew W

    2 dager siden


  29. The One True Nep

    The One True Nep

    2 dager siden

    That....that was legitimately a bit unnerving lol

  30. Jorgeb


    2 dager siden

    Lol, my boss is actually doing overtime, I have to kick him out myself so he won't stay 1-2 hours more taking care of crazy shits that others did.

  31. aizat27


    2 dager siden

    Reminds of LOST. When Locke really wants to see Jacob. When he does, he freaks out.

  32. Stephanie Cheeks

    Stephanie Cheeks

    2 dager siden

    Well that was just terrifying 😂🤣

  33. William Sewell

    William Sewell

    2 dager siden

    Black Walter White

  34. BillBosby


    2 dager siden

    I was wayyy too high to see a mop “come alive” lol

  35. Ouss Sika

    Ouss Sika

    2 dager siden

    the twist , a sixth sense twist

  36. Samuel Hutchins

    Samuel Hutchins

    2 dager siden

    Found out why he enjoyed the 9 minute walk

  37. abdul199321


    2 dager siden

    Didnt see that coming

  38. Xilofy FN

    Xilofy FN

    2 dager siden

    Why did the fake mr.Mahina sound like penny wise

    • JohnHayzII


      Dag siden

      Maybe he is Pennywise. And maybe Jake's biggest fear is mops.

  39. Stef Willemse

    Stef Willemse

    2 dager siden

    ........ whhhaaaaaaaAAAAAATTTTTTTTT??????????

  40. Brett Morgan

    Brett Morgan

    3 dager siden

    I had a mop as a boss for a little while, all I can say is the floors were always clean at least.