2 Strangers Swap Lives Across the World for 72hrs!!

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory

    21 dag siden

    Hey everyone, this is Thomas, I just want to say that the morning I walked out with TD to meet Staffan was so strange. I've been a skeptical of "energy" and how much influence manifesting something can have. But that morning, I decided to approach looking for a stranger differently. I took my time. I wanted to create the most optimal headspace for myself. I went for a run, meditated, felt grateful about the opportunities we have and everyone around us and decided that I was going to walk out the door and change someone's life. Changing someone's life might sound hyperbolic to some of you, but I knew that whatever would happen that day, it would forever alter their perception of the world. Then TD landed that morning and arrived with equally good vibes. But we weren't in a rush. We didn't stress about "finding someone" for the episode, or just filming for the sake of filming. Instead, we went for coffee to catch up before going out, we took our time prepping the gear and making sure we were both in the right headspace. We made a dozen small decisions that morning that pushed us back by 5 minutes each time, then walked out and immediately met Staffan. You might call this luck. But for me, this just showed how our perspective, intention and the energy we bring to everything we do is important beyond measure. You just can't fake it. It's real and fires inside of you. TD was for the longest time one of the most skeptical people I've ever met but through experiences like this, he now fully believes anything is possible. Believing and positive energy can truly go a long way. Much love

    • Chris CN

      Chris CN

      3 dager siden

      Best, Speech, Ever 🔥🙏 And The Best, Channel, WORLDWIDE 🌎 ❤️💙❤️ Thank you for changing my life for the better and thank you for all of the inspirational videos

    • Harry Hilton

      Harry Hilton

      4 dager siden

      The most beautiful place is Loch Doon in Scotland, East Ayrshire. It would be an awesome experience and i think you should come our culture is different to say the least but its something you would want to experience. @wee_gingerboi on insta for contact reasons. Hope you come.

    • heavy Araujo

      heavy Araujo

      4 dager siden

      Thomas you are amazing and every video makes me so happy. It motivates me and I learn something new everytime. I love all of you guys and Im not just saying that. Just as a person. Keep up the great work

    • adil khan

      adil khan

      5 dager siden

      Come visit Pakistan. It is a beautiful country. I am sure you guys will love it.

    • Abbey


      6 dager siden

      I got chills near the end of this comment. Thanks for inspiring me and challenging the way I go about life. I always feel so positive and motivated after these videos.

  2. Kaitlyn Micks

    Kaitlyn Micks

    3 timer siden

    Currently live in Portland, Maine. But IAM from Northern Western Maine. My partner and I are very welcoming!! I love cooking food for everyone. You guys make me laugh, cry and so incredibly happy. I would love to be apart of something so great. I am trying to start a non profit or a space like this for adults on the spectrum. I have Asperger's and am very talented on the inside I just do not know how to show it to the world.

  3. Ahmed Jama

    Ahmed Jama

    3 timer siden

    Im from the horn of africa called Somalia

  4. GA's Vids

    GA's Vids

    7 timer siden

    please try going here in the Philippines

  5. D Hrishik

    D Hrishik

    7 timer siden

    Im from india vist northeast of india. You'll be amazed.

  6. JJ Hannigan

    JJ Hannigan

    7 timer siden

    Who else recognized Ryan Fenton from Flotrack @10:50?

  7. Benjamin Thomas

    Benjamin Thomas

    8 timer siden

    This is really amazing!!

  8. Krystian Dear

    Krystian Dear

    8 timer siden

    I am from Jamaica! You should visit my country because, not only do we have incredible natural beauty, but we also have some of the warmest, most welcoming people in the world and an amazing, unique culture to compliment it!

  9. Rush Warriors

    Rush Warriors

    9 timer siden

    Come to Colorado

  10. Modular Meyham

    Modular Meyham

    11 timer siden

    who else cried after steffans speach



    11 timer siden

    what a great video

  12. Bot Sexy

    Bot Sexy

    11 timer siden

    LSU fan here, happy we stomped yall

  13. Adeline Bryant

    Adeline Bryant

    11 timer siden

    LSU won baby!!! 💜💛

  14. Marianinz


    12 timer siden

    Hi!! You should visit philippines please.. Come visit here in Philippines

  15. Barooj Ahmed

    Barooj Ahmed

    12 timer siden

    Y'all should visit Pakistan and visit the beautiful places there, it's truly an experience. Go hiking, visit beautiful restaurants. I'm telling you, it's amazing.

  16. Agnxxes


    13 timer siden


  17. alicia


    16 timer siden

    this truly made me tear up and I had the biggest smile watching :) I LOVE YOU YESTHEORY! I truly feel like I'm more driven to seek discomfort and chase my dreams

  18. trinxhella's life

    trinxhella's life

    17 timer siden

    Ohio i think it would be crazy for someone not from ohio to come her i dont think we all realize how different we are

  19. NeXo Galaxy

    NeXo Galaxy

    17 timer siden

    Shot On A Google Pixel : Also Google Pixel : Has the crappy android quality like all andriod phones.

  20. Rasmus Radefalk

    Rasmus Radefalk

    18 timer siden

    Is Thomas from Sweden?

  21. Lauren Dolezal

    Lauren Dolezal

    18 timer siden

    I would love you guys to travel to the Faroe Islands, it’s the most beautiful place with one of the nicest communities, it holds a special place in my heart

  22. Lil Herman

    Lil Herman

    18 timer siden

    It was cool that they saw the sweeden vs Norway match Im from Norway btw

  23. Shennen Sahir

    Shennen Sahir

    18 timer siden

    YOU SHOULD DO THIS BUT WITH TEENAGERS, I would definitely do it

  24. rizal kusnadi

    rizal kusnadi

    19 timer siden

    Hope i can meet you guys 😟 can you come to my country? Actually come to indonesia ?

  25. Sustahduhh


    19 timer siden

    i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if yes theory passed pewdiepie in subs

  26. jomalyn frades

    jomalyn frades

    19 timer siden


    • jomalyn frades

      jomalyn frades

      19 timer siden

      PLEAAAASE 💕 You can do lots of things here 😊 Enjoy nature, travel a lot . I can be your tour guide 😊 Am not sure if you will read this thou haha

  27. MoonBoom The Ear Rapist ,-,

    MoonBoom The Ear Rapist ,-,

    19 timer siden

    14:48 /tp Amar Thomas

  28. Finn


    19 timer siden

    o´this is gonna be one of my favorites!

  29. The Broccodils

    The Broccodils

    19 timer siden

    hhey sweden im from sweden im gona prove it du ha en fin frisyr och fortset med det bra jobbet

  30. TomLozBomb


    20 timer siden

    I would love it if you could come visit spain (where i live ) i am originally from the uk but i stepped out of my comfort zone and came here to spain i would love it if you could come here my ig is tomlozbomb plz reply

  31. Isaac


    20 timer siden

    This comment section is all positive vibes which I dont want to ruin but.. In personal swedish experience you need to preapply for a visa before going to America. Even if you get quickly preapproved, it doesnt take just a day...

  32. Ayee


    20 timer siden

    shit got a little gay at the end there smh

  33. katei nav ko darīt

    katei nav ko darīt

    21 time siden

    It would be so cool if you guys could come to Latvia. Not a lot of people know about this place and i think we have so many amaizing gems that you would love to see. Also i know lot people who watch your chanel and would love to see some content about our small contrie. (Sorry for the spelling mistakes that i might have.)

  34. Nasserxpro 4Ever

    Nasserxpro 4Ever

    21 time siden

    I’m from Saudi Arabia and the reason to visit my country to prove that what the media says is not true. Please visit my country and see the real Saudi Arabia.❤️

  35. Trillix V

    Trillix V

    22 timer siden

    Why does no one sub to me

  36. David Murathe

    David Murathe

    23 timer siden

    HEYYYY... I LOVE!!! LOVE!! THE VIDEO... the idea of love and kindness lives within us... I live in Kenya and I would love for you guys to visit our beautiful country. I bet you will find it a true adventure... Spread the love...

  37. Jassarna


    Dag siden


  38. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah

    Dag siden


  39. Jacob Low

    Jacob Low

    Dag siden

    Come to Singapore !!!

  40. Lenard M

    Lenard M

    Dag siden

    Come here in the Philippines, Discomfort is our middle name. You'll love it here!!!

  41. Shivam Pokar

    Shivam Pokar

    Dag siden

    All Indians You know wat to do 👇 LIKEEE

  42. Shivam Pokar

    Shivam Pokar

    Dag siden

    Come visit the city of Hyderabad which is in India .. i know u have been to bombay/mumbai my hyderabad is totally different and do i even have to tell the reason ... its pure CULTURE. FOOD. STREET FOOD. SPICES. HOSPITALITY. UNITY and MUCH MORE

  43. koala tear

    koala tear

    Dag siden

    “Hello is this my dreams I. America” 😭😭😭

    • Staffan Taylor

      Staffan Taylor

      Dag siden


  44. Smashit 36

    Smashit 36

    Dag siden

    19:01 so many on their phones... Kind of sad

    • Smashit 36

      Smashit 36

      Dag siden

      @Staffan Taylor I saw it afterwards, too. I was just a bit upset that they weren't interested in such a great speach. You did awesome!

    • Staffan Taylor

      Staffan Taylor

      Dag siden

      It was when I showed my IG-name on the screen and they typed it in, the students were all polite and awesome! :D <3

  45. gayathri natarajan

    gayathri natarajan

    Dag siden

    Steffan reminds me of Alexi from Stanger things! He's so innocent and pure. He's truly become an American

  46. Joshua Peralta

    Joshua Peralta

    Dag siden

    Spreading love from Philippines!!! COME HERE YES THEORY (IF YOU CAN...)

  47. Pop Razvan

    Pop Razvan

    Dag siden

    S-au luat dupa Schimb de mame :))

  48. neve941


    Dag siden

    When he wanted to go wide but google says telephoto is more important. Smh.

  49. Nofucsgiven 132

    Nofucsgiven 132

    2 dager siden

    I dont think Swedes are that welcoming with Black hair people!

  50. Kagima Beata

    Kagima Beata

    2 dager siden

    Notice at 22:49 the hats match up and say "Stay Wild, For The People"

  51. Blackout Highlights

    Blackout Highlights

    2 dager siden

    Come to strya cos we got plenty of eshays

  52. johnpaul buttigieg

    johnpaul buttigieg

    2 dager siden

    Come to Malta. Its a tiny island in the Mediterranean with a unique culture, people and scenery. I LOVE your content and inspiration. Wish to meet you some day

  53. Rence Tang

    Rence Tang

    2 dager siden

    Indica goes to sativa goes to indica

  54. Holden Harper

    Holden Harper

    2 dager siden


  55. oh yeahyeah

    oh yeahyeah

    2 dager siden


  56. toocoolnarwhal


    2 dager siden

    I live in Austin and this video was so cool it just made me feel good and notice how cool the place I live is

  57. ThatAsianGuy


    2 dager siden

    visit philippines

  58. Roma Yakovlev

    Roma Yakovlev

    2 dager siden

    20:46 Am I the only one who've noticed that this guys is wearing a hat with the Ukrainian symbol on it? How come?

  59. Kelly St

    Kelly St

    2 dager siden

    Hello from our country Greece. We watch you and admire you every step of the way. From little things to big like these you bring people together and fulfilling their dreams inspiring them to keep being posivitive and keep saying yes. You make the world a better place day by day with every fan across the globe. Greece, Crete where we are at is a beautiful place hopefully for your next trip. We are waiting for you loats of love!!

  60. Ville Wallbing

    Ville Wallbing

    2 dager siden

    Ime frone sweden