Boeing's China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Music by
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation


  1. Christos Perchanidis

    Christos Perchanidis

    13 timer siden

    You should also mentioned that Russia and China develop jointly a new plane (that Comac one)

  2. cnccarving


    15 timer siden

    mightbe it sounds bad that boeing has to lower price, but same time it will be cheaper thna airbus then, if same price makes 10 boeing plane versus 6-7 airbus plane then boeing can slice way bigger from the chinese market

  3. cnccarving


    15 timer siden

    on the end china will start their own airplane production

  4. Tomato Madness

    Tomato Madness

    16 timer siden

    If I would fly 1000hrs non stop, I'll only do it with A320. lol!

  5. bert


    16 timer siden

    Mainstream education is not an actual representative of a true understanding of reality, it is the biggest mind control church ever, with a very sophisticated compartmentalised traumatised fractured psychological fear based control system and that doesn't need you're belief, try telling the government that you promise not to break any laws and you no longer need to pay tax and you could ask how can they tell you what to do if they work for you, with an educated and entertained understanding of freedom you now in the land of make believe, it is as they say time to wake up, now don't think I'm telling you this because of compassion most of you are to childish to care with poorly maintained minds that will now act in according to you're programming brainwashing education call it what you're comfortable with

  6. Moosey1789


    17 timer siden

    The trade war will pass? Quite a crystal ball you have there

  7. Ju hyo Kang

    Ju hyo Kang

    17 timer siden

    Irder no meeting ok

  8. Ju hyo Kang

    Ju hyo Kang

    17 timer siden

    약속파기 ㅡ

  9. Caio Lopez

    Caio Lopez

    17 timer siden

    Please don't ruin every company's logo with that thick, white, rounded outline.

  10. Nadir Osman

    Nadir Osman

    18 timer siden

    If you look at the broader picture, this is part of transition and shifting of centre of gravity from West to the East and hence the ensuing struggle & readjustment on the world level.

  11. wp r

    wp r

    19 timer siden

    What's spooky is that Hainan has become a peninsula!

  12. Airtheriey Morientes

    Airtheriey Morientes

    20 timer siden

    No issue...only speculation from USA...

  13. Crypto Dwayne

    Crypto Dwayne

    20 timer siden

    China will just Steal all the parts and Technology that's on the Boeing Planes. It's what they do

  14. John sweda

    John sweda

    22 timer siden

    The Airbus is a much superior plane it is fully autonomous no pilot error can be introduced into the plane

    • F.B.I


      9 timer siden

      I have never even heard of a fully automated airplane from Airbus. I can’t even understand what you’ve written.

  15. happy99


    22 timer siden

    fuck chinazi

  16. Ming Fang

    Ming Fang

    Dag siden

    To be frank, i will never choice Boeing during my left life. You are evil and not honest. You made fault and pretend nothing happened. What the fuck!

  17. The Unboxing Experience

    The Unboxing Experience

    Dag siden

    Top notch quality! Keep up the good work

  18. Incurable Romanticist

    Incurable Romanticist

    Dag siden

    I can’t take the sing song voice.

  19. 74KU


    Dag siden

    The World's China Problem.

  20. Findyification


    Dag siden

    FAA get paid by boeing its useless now

  21. Mr. Showers

    Mr. Showers

    Dag siden

    Parachutes not included...

  22. Teacher Chris

    Teacher Chris

    Dag siden

    All manufacturing must be done in US; otherwise, the CCP's CAAC will sabotage production and ground planes then sue and cripple Boeing meanwhile the CCP steals the IP and makes these counterfeit planes and shoddy parts themselves. The world can't afford an out of control overpopulated country like China to continue profiting from polluting, stealing, lying, infiltrating civilized democratized god-fearing nations like US.

  23. Mr. Showers

    Mr. Showers

    Dag siden

    I am predicting the weather. "Todays forcast is showers closely followed by Chinese made aircraft...."

  24. Mark Moses

    Mark Moses

    Dag siden

    That will stop guarantee it

  25. Matlockization


    Dag siden

    The Chinese have always been a problem to do trade with.

  26. p D

    p D

    Dag siden

    Boeing is a stupid company. They did not know who they are working with.

  27. David Bardavidi

    David Bardavidi

    Dag siden

    Chinese will dump boeing due to the National security risk it poses to non-US nations as soon as their capabilities are in Sync.........Boeing is too involved in Arms manufacturing not to be involved in spying and Info. Extracting operations.......After all no one company in US has the Power to regulates itself unless involved in Covert ops.............The relationship of Boeing and the Defense dept. is too close and highly risky for any major Nation not to pay attention to...........Chinese might be Friendly and Diplomatic but would not take them for Naivity.........Selah

  28. Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Mia DoubleZeroSeven

    Dag siden

    The “cheap” always becomes expensive. Thanks to the greed of corporations; America has decimated its manufacturing, transferred its wealth & handed over their blueprints...all whilst crushing the middle class. They were outplayed. SMH

  29. sushi777300


    Dag siden

    The FAA failed to keep its leading role because it tried to protect Boeing and ignored the evidence

  30. mitchell wood

    mitchell wood

    Dag siden

    i got bored.. opened up porn.. jerked off... allt he while this guys blabbering in the back ground... looked at my facebook.. then realized I had this playing in the background the whole time for the past 9 minutes and completely forget about fucking boeing or china.

  31. Stefan Adamcik

    Stefan Adamcik

    Dag siden

    Look at that Whore, Macron. What a perfect prostitute he is, smiling, while he has that Chinese cock in his mouth. Making eye contact while he sucks, and all. So good.What does he charge for an hour?

  32. The Foreigner

    The Foreigner

    Dag siden

    Airbus is better anyway. Boeing is over rated and over priced.

  33. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin

    Dag siden

    wham watching whis

  34. Aaron Moreno

    Aaron Moreno

    Dag siden

    I think the lyrics are a bit dull for a hot-button Swing song, but the bass line is killer!

  35. IETCHX69


    Dag siden

    self 323

  36. Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel

    Dag siden

    boeings biggest competitor is the 3rd camera on the iPhone 11

  37. sailorashore


    Dag siden

    Boeings production is now out-scourced since the move to Obamas' Chicago it a different company..

  38. Lost Poet

    Lost Poet

    Dag siden

    COMAC was charged with copying the A320 and 737 without the benefit of experience with design and manufacturing regulations or the tribal knowledge of Boeing or Airbus. Historically Chinese corporations seem to expect regulations to adapt to their needs which fails to work in a world regulated market such as aviation. This will require a massive shift in thinking at COMAC and a willingness to adapt to the realities of the rest of the world. It is a significant accomplishment that they have produced a prototype C919 that has even flown but this falls decades short of Chinas stated goal to mass produce an FAA or EASA Type Certificated aircraft for the world market. Unfortunately for Chinas world stage ambitions the C919 may be be delayed long enough to be out of date. Uncertified outside of China the C919 if produced at all will exist only in small numbers. The odds are China will eventually get commercial aircraft manufacturing right but the rest of the world sees the obvious need for huge cultural and intellectual evolution. These changes may require generations to accomplish and cannot just be willed into place by government decree.

    • yehoutube


      8 timer siden

      So..... you don't know even C919 can only fly in China, it means COMAC will be Top1 maker

  39. powerone1


    Dag siden

    You can not deal with China using free market principles. You have to look at any large company as being the Chinese government. Tariffs are a very important tool to use. Never allow Chinese products to be sold in the US at a lower cost then what products manufactured in the US can be purchased at.

  40. Rishav


    Dag siden

    why does china need planes when they have trains?

    • Liu Leo

      Liu Leo

      17 timer siden

      A train can't fly, can it?

  41. James L

    James L

    Dag siden

    Brilliant vid !!

  42. Magnus Juul

    Magnus Juul

    Dag siden

    Funny how when china actually makes "their own" plane, it's just a ripoff off a european plane. They really have zero innovative capabilities what-so-ever. I don't get why western countries still keep pouring money into china, when they'll just become our greatest competitor in a 100 years or so

    • sophon block

      sophon block

      Dag siden

      Why western countries still keep investing into China? The same reason Boeing made a crap passenger plane 737Max, because they want to earn more with spending less. However China nowadays produce better products with cheaper prices. China is becoming the new Japan, superior technology development that becomes better and better. Actually WE, the consumers benefit from this. The ones are crying are the 1% filthy rich, and I am not sorry for them,. for too long they cheated our money with overpriced products and getting it made with slave wage labor.

  43. Ken Kir

    Ken Kir

    Dag siden

    Why is China buying so many planes? Well capital chases assets, and right now China has a capitalization bubble. What will China do to those planes? Probably sell most of them at a loss in 5 years. China is fast becoming japan 1984 2.0

  44. Jamy Chong

    Jamy Chong

    Dag siden

    It's weird that clicked on this video andI enjoyed it as I have no interest in airlines or China

  45. Cbeddoe19


    Dag siden

    Boeing screwed the pooch big time in multiple ways with the 437 max.

    • Cbeddoe19


      Dag siden

      @Noble Six lol. That was supposed to be a 7. Oops.

    • Noble Six

      Noble Six

      Dag siden

      Well. Considering they never made it, yes

  46. Waleed Banjar

    Waleed Banjar

    Dag siden

    China are the biggest Boeing costumers and yet, your STUPID president are threatening china by cutting American services such as Android, what a stupid move

  47. Colonel Chuck

    Colonel Chuck

    Dag siden

    Airbus and Boeing are both on the government tit, but those awful, scheming Chinese!

  48. Brennen Cox

    Brennen Cox

    Dag siden

    9:28 Forced technology transfer... DUH.

  49. Brennen Cox

    Brennen Cox

    Dag siden

    In the long run, which is the game the CCP is playing, it doesnt matter. China already produces its own scooters and cars. Commercial aircraft are soon on the horizon. So it doesnt matter what Boeing or Airbus do, the CCP will replace them with domestically made aircraft as soon as it can. And just like with all its other markets, outsiders will be pushed out (largely) and domestically produced goods will be given an unfair advantage. Edit: Oh, 7:44 this video mentions that.

  50. Wade Higgins

    Wade Higgins

    Dag siden

    They knew the plane had issues, that's why the May Crash Any Second sensor was installed.

  51. Brennen Cox

    Brennen Cox

    Dag siden

    1:08 China isn't a continent.

  52. TheDimHall


    Dag siden

    Of course China makes rip off planes now too

  53. GLR


    Dag siden


  54. The Casual Citizen

    The Casual Citizen

    Dag siden

    Good content about the China aircraft market. I will not fly on a COMAIR aircraft. There is now and never has been quality manufacturing result in a Communist political system.

  55. wizbang68


    2 dager siden

    :15 odd way to say half a billion passengers, but then put the number of 500,000,000 (500 million) yes they could be considered equals but for those who aren't native english speakers it's confusing to state one number and then display a different wording visually... Although equivalent they aren't the same. 1/2 billion would have been better in the graphic or verbally state 500 million. Also, Anatov was defect in 2017. But if the Comac is produced the way many of low cost items are produced in China. IE: Using substandard materials, not maintaining quality control standards, etc. If you look at a category on Amazon for a product. The low cost versions made in China will often show shorted wiring, cracked casing, etc, etc. So If Comac is to be low cost jet, Ryanair may be expecting more than they receive.

  56. Thom Al

    Thom Al

    2 dager siden

    ho hum - sometimes I wish china went back behind whatever it was they opened to open up.

  57. P Daniel

    P Daniel

    2 dager siden


  58. P Daniel

    P Daniel

    2 dager siden


  59. Dan Doris

    Dan Doris

    2 dager siden

    I'm curious what Boeing is doing to really fix the problem with the 737 Max. Seems they really should either go back to the original engines designed for the 737, or redesign the 737 to not need the MCAS (the device that caused the crashes). Be even more maddening then the self certification Boeing was allowed to certify their own planes, not sure what has been to address that problem.

  60. 微博:环球商务客


    2 dager siden

    China has big markets but it belongs to its own aircrafts