When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal

👍 When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal ⚽🔥


  1. Toko Loko

    Toko Loko

    21 minutt siden

    very unselfish from Neuer. He could have easily scored himself 07:01

  2. Toko Loko

    Toko Loko

    28 minutter siden

    good video but why the music?

  3. der_Echte


    Time siden

    Why did this get recommended to me now?

  4. Trolliixz


    2 timer siden

    I don’t even like soccer. I enjoyed this though

  5. Dimitrije Mijalkovic

    Dimitrije Mijalkovic

    2 timer siden

    5:15 srbija 😍🇷🇸

  6. Yami Lekë

    Yami Lekë

    4 timer siden

    I heard Navi say listen

  7. The Dr

    The Dr

    5 timer siden

    I’m sorry but 2:12, how does one do that. De Bruyne is mad.

  8. Melon Bread

    Melon Bread

    7 timer siden

    Past Present Future Comment

  9. gumunan ndeso

    gumunan ndeso

    9 timer siden

    7:11 paling suka deh

  10. gumunan ndeso

    gumunan ndeso

    9 timer siden

    Keren Abizzz

  11. Nubian Proud

    Nubian Proud

    10 timer siden

    2nd goal is sick

  12. Alcantar Alcantar

    Alcantar Alcantar

    12 timer siden

    No se como se atreven a decir que el béisbol es el rey de los deportes yo creo que el fútbol es lo mejor

  13. Juanfer Quinterito

    Juanfer Quinterito

    12 timer siden

    Forlan to Aguiar vs Liverpool

  14. AllKineHawaiian


    13 timer siden

    this video is put together well



    13 timer siden

    Deslike só pq na foto aparece Roberto Carlos e no vídeo ele não está

  16. Sheikh Saeyd Al Noman

    Sheikh Saeyd Al Noman

    14 timer siden

    Halar pot

  17. 공씨포차


    15 timer siden

    한국사람 여기있습니다~~ 구티가 나올줄 예상하고 있었지!

  18. BreadHead Fr

    BreadHead Fr

    15 timer siden

    5:17 everything is crazy here( exept the scorer who is not recognizing the others^^)

  19. Marcelo Azevedo

    Marcelo Azevedo

    15 timer siden

    annoying background noise, new generation think this is music nowadays, terrible

  20. Entxrz


    16 timer siden

    song 4:20 ?

  21. Борис Попов

    Борис Попов

    17 timer siden

    6:27 Legend has it, he is still saying goal to this day.



    20 timer siden

    Thumbnail referee loook like yogi Adityanath

  23. Mr Karate

    Mr Karate

    20 timer siden

    Where is Ronaldinho making no looking passes, or passes with his back? Big mistake.

  24. Bagus Setiaji Darmawan

    Bagus Setiaji Darmawan

    20 timer siden

    Missed Guti so much!

  25. Mena Griego

    Mena Griego

    22 timer siden

    I hate it when people do not give any credit to the defense and the people who assist

  26. GabePWNZ


    Dag siden

    Thank you for this recommendation

  27. Thore


    Dag siden

    That moment when the goalkeeper gives you an assist. Two legends, Neuer and Klose!

  28. Jiikk Heinz

    Jiikk Heinz

    Dag siden

    Ahora entiendo por qué mi esposo amas este deporte.

  29. mo asesorias

    mo asesorias

    Dag siden

    No entiendo por qué entre bellas asistencias aparece un feo y desganado pase de messi. Es un error de quien editó seguramente no se dio cuenta del error de incluirlo.

  30. Berk Akdaş

    Berk Akdaş

    Dag siden

    really!! where is ronaldinho?

  31. Atharv Negi

    Atharv Negi

    Dag siden

    Best assist, Awesome

  32. Dalember Montaño

    Dalember Montaño

    Dag siden

    Since I started to see the video I was expecting to see Ronaldinho's assistance. He deserves more than one here!

  33. Gavarmma mades

    Gavarmma mades

    Dag siden


  34. Patricio0611 7

    Patricio0611 7

    Dag siden


  35. Nando Capo

    Nando Capo

    Dag siden

    Riquelme a palermo boca vs real madrid pase de 60 metros

  36. Deecky Rizzo

    Deecky Rizzo

    Dag siden

    No está aquí, pero busquen la asistencia de Andrés Guardado a Joaquín, en el Betis vs La Coruña.

  37. Pablo Perez Bruna

    Pablo Perez Bruna

    Dag siden esta asistencia y gol es mejor que varios...

  38. Sunzi


    Dag siden

    where is Beckham?

  39. Bikash konwar

    Bikash konwar

    Dag siden


  40. Te llama mi contestadora

    Te llama mi contestadora

    Dag siden

    3:43 song?

  41. Breno Lima

    Breno Lima

    Dag siden

    Nunca vou comprar na MOBLY só por causa dessa propaganda chata em todos os vídeos do NOplayer.

  42. Mushy Ali

    Mushy Ali

    Dag siden

    Sometimes the assist is beautiful but that rarely happens

  43. Rodger Prado

    Rodger Prado

    Dag siden

    Põe a do Jadson pro Jô em 2017

  44. Galo York

    Galo York

    Dag siden

    Fact that there are two Zidane assists here that are just ok and no King Ronaldinho tells me whoever put this together knows nothing of nothing.

  45. Marianna M

    Marianna M

    Dag siden


  46. You're absolutly right, I just want to say that

    You're absolutly right, I just want to say that

    Dag siden


  47. 主动先


    2 dager siden

    For travelers from the future, please reply in 3 years.

  48. twowordsonefinger. xo

    twowordsonefinger. xo

    2 dager siden

    I missed Draxlers assist where he played for Schalke

  49. Luiz Guilherme

    Luiz Guilherme

    2 dager siden

    Algum brasileiro? 2019?

    • Mil Ton's

      Mil Ton's

      Dag siden

      Vc viu cara que canal inútil.. coloca na cara do vídeo o Roberto Carlos e não mostra o cara fazendo nada..

    • pedro cardozo

      pedro cardozo

      2 dager siden

      O canal é brasileiro só tem gringo kkkkk

  50. Djordje Jesic

    Djordje Jesic

    2 dager siden

    Pogledaj 5:17

  51. Bishal


    2 dager siden

    Goal scorer should give Credit to Assister😞........Lionel Messi always give credit ,I saw him always..He is best....He is humble..Love u Messi🥰♥️♥️

  52. M 9

    M 9

    2 dager siden

    esta bien verga

  53. ABCDEF abcdef

    ABCDEF abcdef

    2 dager siden


  54. El Zar

    El Zar

    2 dager siden

    Les pusieron el Desayuno en la Mesa ya lista y bien Servida... Y con propina ya Incluida... Apaga. Y Vámonos A CELEBRAR!!!

  55. Paulo Mendieta Castro

    Paulo Mendieta Castro

    2 dager siden

    3:15 name of the song please

  56. Eduardo Crespin

    Eduardo Crespin

    2 dager siden

    Cuando se jugaba por amor no por dinero

  57. Eskeeler team

    Eskeeler team

    2 dager siden

    Creeper, aww men

  58. maria loor

    maria loor

    2 dager siden

    What is te name of the song??



    2 dager siden

    No hay ninguna de ronaldiho

  60. Mr Robot

    Mr Robot

    2 dager siden

    não entendi o do zidane ???