We Created Our Own Makeup Line With Fenty Beauty

We went to Fenty Beauty's makeup lab and created our own makeup from scratch... well we tried to
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  1. Michayla Reed

    Michayla Reed

    18 timer siden

    I want the crescent moon collection please

  2. Tori W

    Tori W

    Dag siden

    The girl Grayson gave a makeover was sooo pretty.

  3. Keirshanna Gilson

    Keirshanna Gilson

    2 dager siden

    Why are the wherein Rihanna's lipstick

  4. Brianna Mulcahy

    Brianna Mulcahy

    3 dager siden

    0:46 Ethan: “Oh my oh SHIT!”

  5. craziekoo koo

    craziekoo koo

    5 dager siden

    Ethan: it has too be a beautiful name Grayson: WhAt AbOuT hAuNtEd GrEeN Ethan: ....

  6. Vinita Sharma

    Vinita Sharma

    8 dager siden


  7. Deirdre Blasucci

    Deirdre Blasucci

    11 dager siden

    gray-how many times do you want me to say Mua Gray Ethan-yes

  8. gacha sugar

    gacha sugar

    11 dager siden

    grayson being happy 1:35

  9. Hannah King

    Hannah King

    13 dager siden

    honestly ethan and grayson should actually make makeup and sell it. like fr

  10. Urja Sharma

    Urja Sharma

    15 dager siden

    it’s only been 3 minutes and I’m laughing my fkn ass off

  11. Jaya Chumber

    Jaya Chumber

    16 dager siden

    I love the first 2 minutes ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕

  12. ItsJustJill


    17 dager siden

    why do I want purple lipstick now

  13. Bella bright

    Bella bright

    18 dager siden

    Ethans shirt makes it look like he works at the premier inn 😂😂😂

  14. Sophia


    19 dager siden

    Those girls are so lucky 😩😩

  15. Ãłèx_płãÿž _gãčhã

    Ãłèx_płãÿž _gãčhã

    19 dager siden

    E: “TEE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” G: “all right I’m sorry!!”

  16. Reema Ibra

    Reema Ibra

    20 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂 💕 I would buy it for you

  17. Noah Campbell

    Noah Campbell

    20 dager siden

    I mean tooth

  18. Noah Campbell

    Noah Campbell

    20 dager siden

    I think I see something on Grayson face

  19. Shylinrose Lewis

    Shylinrose Lewis

    22 dager siden

    You should give the lipstick to James Charles

  20. Paige Mann

    Paige Mann

    24 dager siden

    I’m trying so hard NOT to laugh right now... it isn’t working!!!

  21. Charles Howard

    Charles Howard

    24 dager siden

    I’m sure Rihanna would’ve love those lipsticks

  22. Christa Frye

    Christa Frye

    25 dager siden

    I want muted rainbow & the Dolan twin purple lipstick color to be a real lipsticks I love those colors!

  23. Allison P F

    Allison P F

    25 dager siden

    I love the colors and would wear them all the time lol

  24. Kiarah Anderson

    Kiarah Anderson

    26 dager siden

    When even the camera man was laughing as Grayson showed the girl her makeup😂

  25. Carmen Beniquez

    Carmen Beniquez

    27 dager siden

    My names aiyanna and i love u

  26. just d

    just d

    28 dager siden

    The last time i follow this channel was when every cuss word censored.

  27. maddy


    29 dager siden


  28. Amy Nguyên

    Amy Nguyên

    Måned siden

    James Charles is quaking

  29. Savana12 mongan_2k19 Mongan

    Savana12 mongan_2k19 Mongan

    Måned siden

    Omg I can’t I laughed wayyyyyy too much at this 🤦‍♀️😂

  30. Brisy Austin

    Brisy Austin

    Måned siden

    My name is Sephora my mum named me after the shop

  31. The Galaxy Cats 2000

    The Galaxy Cats 2000

    Måned siden

    The intro is the only time Ethan has yelled louder than Grayson 😅😁

  32. charcs_7


    Måned siden

    I wonder what Rihanna thinks of this

  33. Zebra Finch

    Zebra Finch

    Måned siden

    So you guys are gay now ?????

  34. AlexTube TV

    AlexTube TV

    Måned siden


  35. Rumeysa axb

    Rumeysa axb

    Måned siden

    I would love it,when one of the dolan twins would do my make up 😍 how dont they know them??

  36. Nessrine Khattar

    Nessrine Khattar

    Måned siden

    Should’ve named the purple lipstick. Purple couch or DL purple couch XD

  37. demented ree

    demented ree

    Måned siden

    is it just me that's mad at Fenty for not taking them seriously..?

  38. Aubrey Mullen

    Aubrey Mullen

    Måned siden

    What happened at 1:23

  39. Bella Puppies

    Bella Puppies

    Måned siden

    Fenty beauty was kinda rude

  40. Betty Sprouse

    Betty Sprouse

    Måned siden

    Does it really have a ‘caution hot’ sign next to the fridge 😂

  41. Betty Sprouse

    Betty Sprouse

    Måned siden

    It looks like they are wearing dorags lmao 😂

  42. Jabby 101

    Jabby 101

    Måned siden

    The last shade that they made should have been called "The Purple Couch"

  43. Crystal Candice

    Crystal Candice

    Måned siden

    They say both like bolth just thought that was funny lmaoo

  44. Crystal Candice

    Crystal Candice

    Måned siden


  45. SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/


    Måned siden

    And they both messed up on the eyeliner like TWINS FOR LIFE

  46. SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/


    Måned siden

    The first sentence they said they were arguing 😂😅😂

  47. Jabby 101

    Jabby 101

    Måned siden

    Lol my fav part was when they were showing their merch



    Måned siden

    The “haunted green” looks like there’s shit on his lips 😂 still love y’all for trying

  49. Rain Fall

    Rain Fall

    Måned siden

    Bottom..... Top if you prefer -grayson dolan 2019

  50. grethan tea

    grethan tea

    Måned siden

    Is it just me or does it seem like the whole dt fan nation is just girls !?!?!

  51. BabyGirl Reidx16

    BabyGirl Reidx16

    Måned siden

    20:33 Ethan actually looks good in those lipsticks. Whuutt hella hot ❤❤🥰

  52. BabyGirl Reidx16

    BabyGirl Reidx16

    Måned siden

    When they were wearing bandanas and glasses, they kinda became identical twins again. 😂😂

  53. Jabby 101

    Jabby 101

    Måned siden

    lol im not trying to be a 12 yr old but when did they stop bleeping out their curse words? plz dont hate i rlly dont care if they cuss i just didnt notice it till now

  54. Xx Flawn xX

    Xx Flawn xX

    Måned siden

    The girl who got Grayson regrets all her life decisions

  55. Ffion Jones

    Ffion Jones

    Måned siden

    Damn Ethan that was actually pretty good

  56. Naya


    Måned siden

    I was cracking up this whole video 😂😂

  57. Valancea Kallove

    Valancea Kallove

    Måned siden

    "no dairy fuck that shit" 😂💀

  58. Brandy Mowen

    Brandy Mowen

    Måned siden

    Idk if it looks like dirty brush water, I would totally wear that color

  59. Imani Burton

    Imani Burton

    2 måneder siden

    Where’s Rihanna AKA riri

  60. Meme Approved

    Meme Approved

    2 måneder siden

    Twins: That’s actually pretty good James Charles: *. . .*