We Created Our Own Makeup Line With Fenty Beauty

We went to Fenty Beauty's makeup lab and created our own makeup from scratch... well we tried to
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  1. M


    11 timer siden

    16:06 this entire meeting was just pulled out of “The Office”

  2. Cheeta246


    11 timer siden

    Muted rainbow, I would buy that.

  3. Madi Dobson

    Madi Dobson

    12 timer siden

    They look like avatars from Episode near the end with their super pink shmackas😂😂

  4. Jocelyn Khalifa

    Jocelyn Khalifa

    13 timer siden

    I never watch the dolan twins but now i cannot see them without thinking of them as jeffree star's twin sisters hahaha.

  5. Estephani Albiter

    Estephani Albiter

    14 timer siden

    Love this video

  6. BlueNova


    15 timer siden

    when non-makeup users get to make makeup with fenty and not an actual makeup guru

  7. ziephernius87


    15 timer siden

    I would be dissapointed if I didn't see those colors In a matte black component limited release for Halloween next year! I'd rock the heck outta that "dirty brush water" shade, not even kidding.

  8. MaDeInSanPabLo


    15 timer siden

    “It looks a bit like dirty brush water from like, somebody like... painting. Was that your intention?” Lmfao

  9. Kayla Starr

    Kayla Starr

    15 timer siden

    When they said “meme tee” I cringed sooo hard cuz their lips were so tinnnnyy

  10. RynShay Reactions

    RynShay Reactions

    15 timer siden


  11. nctiddy


    16 timer siden

    I want to work for fenty beauty oh my god

  12. Ana Victoria Angeles

    Ana Victoria Angeles

    16 timer siden

    Are they gays?

  13. Suryani


    17 timer siden

    Knp u ganteng bgt dah ah, mau tidurr liat u be2 lgsg seger mata gua yaallah

  14. Kristie Verstelle

    Kristie Verstelle

    18 timer siden

    Those colours are amazing, I'd wear the green one and grey one for sure!

  15. Tony Parks

    Tony Parks

    19 timer siden

  16. Stormolaid


    19 timer siden

    I like how Fenty executives said the only shade I want looks like dirty water 😂

  17. Pinkk_ Pandass

    Pinkk_ Pandass

    20 timer siden

    Wich one is the twin in black ? 😐

  18. Ana melsam

    Ana melsam

    21 time siden

    This cool

  19. Caitlyn Hanselman

    Caitlyn Hanselman

    23 timer siden

    Yea quit being rude to James cause he didn’t do anything wrong and he’s Morhpie and that’s all he needs. He doesn’t really like Fenty Beauty and that’s why he hasn’t done anything with them and they haven’t anything with him. It doesn’t matter cause he still has his own line with Morphie. I love you sister James Charles!

  20. Snow White Owl 006

    Snow White Owl 006

    Dag siden

    Why do those people have to take their jobs so seriously? The guys are the Dolan twins give them a smile and be polite. If I were there I would have made the environment more welcoming and open for different ideas. 🙄 Dolan twins didn’t do so bad making their lipstick. Edit : fuck that guy who called ethan ‘s lip shade dirty brush water. His stache looks more like dirty brush water.

  21. Eane Anonymous

    Eane Anonymous

    Dag siden

    The shades of lipsticks that they applied to the girls actually suits them. Good job on that.

  22. ayee_itszaria


    Dag siden

    "You said that with confidence, Im sold" love her

  23. Avex CoopHD

    Avex CoopHD

    Dag siden

    Ha the dolan bro on the right at 1:21

    • Avex CoopHD

      Avex CoopHD

      Dag siden

      His mouth is soooo small

  24. Alejandra Isel

    Alejandra Isel

    Dag siden

    All week?! LMAOOOO 😂😂😂😂

  25. Paolo Pacayra

    Paolo Pacayra

    Dag siden

    who else love the shades? or is it just me?

  26. Angela Magana

    Angela Magana

    Dag siden

    I want!

  27. Pema Dazer

    Pema Dazer

    Dag siden

    I'm a new subscriber and even I'm annoyed at those people saying "tHeRe aRE oTHeRs tHaT desErVe iT mOrE" like excuse me but Ethan and Greyson seem like the nicest, most genuine and open minded people ever. Not only that but they are VERY hardworking and dedicated to their fans. It's not just because they are attractive. They are accomplished and widely loved influencers and I think Fenty is brilliant for potentially reaching out to an audience that perhaps isn't so invested in the beauty industry. I'm excited af

  28. Angeline Teng

    Angeline Teng

    Dag siden

    Little did they know.. Cues The Star Triplets*

  29. raechiegirl808


    Dag siden

    I loved the green!

    • raechiegirl808


      Dag siden

      Oh and the purple. I loved them all!

  30. Maryam Al Rafie

    Maryam Al Rafie

    Dag siden

    While I was watching this revelon lipstick ad came on the fbi I watching me

  31. Jazmin salgado

    Jazmin salgado

    Dag siden

    i think james and jefree made them queer

  32. yiyangcheng


    Dag siden

    I’m looking at this and I’m like Robyn did you approve this lmao

  33. MaiQui Layaoen

    MaiQui Layaoen

    Dag siden

    I'd buy the green one LOL

  34. Sarah Sweeney

    Sarah Sweeney

    Dag siden

    Date me

  35. Sarah Sweeney

    Sarah Sweeney

    Dag siden

    Love you

  36. Bryan’s basic Vlogs

    Bryan’s basic Vlogs

    Dag siden

    Are y’all bi now ?

  37. Patricia Canas

    Patricia Canas

    Dag siden


  38. donna Cooper

    donna Cooper

    Dag siden

    "Haunted green " resembled my babies poop 🤣🤣🤣

  39. Kimberly Ramirez

    Kimberly Ramirez

    Dag siden

    How long does the lipstick last for? I would say all week almost. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  40. Tec Ro

    Tec Ro

    Dag siden

    I would've bought those shades of lipsticks just because they created it lol. I hope Jeffree lets them create some shades for his products i'd so buy it. first time hearing of the Dolan twins today and I do like there videos

  41. Kenna’s_gacha life

    Kenna’s_gacha life

    Dag siden

    At 1:36 Grayson’s face I couldn’t stop laughing

  42. BeautyDaughtMom


    Dag siden

    Cute, but other than advertising, I don’t see the association here; I’ve never know the Dolans to be makeup guys. How about this, with women who have been using makeup for years, since women my age are completely disregarded in the industry, yet we’re the ones who bankroll it. =)

  43. Sydney Gsell

    Sydney Gsell

    Dag siden

    I think Ethan’s shade is not bad I’ve seen lipsticks close to that color

  44. Victoria McGrogan

    Victoria McGrogan

    Dag siden

    collab w jeffreeeeee 🤪🤪🤪

  45. Barakah Azeez

    Barakah Azeez

    Dag siden

    Rihanna wanted the Dolan Twins to be there. The Fenty executives are just mad because they couldn't get James...

  46. brienna vanderwal

    brienna vanderwal

    Dag siden

    I only started watching your videos because of the jeffree star day in the life

  47. faiza qadir

    faiza qadir

    Dag siden

    Don't disrespect dairy and food

  48. Erika M.

    Erika M.

    Dag siden


  49. Maddie Leigh

    Maddie Leigh

    Dag siden

    Is it Jeffree star approved tho?

  50. hennesty


    Dag siden

    My 6 year old son watches you all religiously and I’m so so so happy he does bc honestly you two are amazing role models. Thank you for doing things that all types of children can enjoy and breaking “social norms” ❤️

  51. Jim Bon jovy

    Jim Bon jovy

    Dag siden

    Ethan-"You don't say it at the same time as me, you just act happy!" Grayson- *makes weird happy faces*

  52. S P

    S P

    Dag siden

    I un-subbed a while ago because I couldn't handle the constant beeping when you swore (I am the one who commented that Ethan looks like a young Kenny Hotz, from the iconic show Kenny vs. Spenny, so obviously I find uncensored stuff hilarious). So I am super glad that I watched you on Jeffree Star's video and made it back here because you guys are jokes. Also, you guys looked beautiful in drag, stunning jaw lines! Much love from Canada 🇨🇦

  53. Sean Wnuk

    Sean Wnuk

    Dag siden

    The sad fact that they can pitch the fenty face and celebrate exclusive brands better than most.... Lmao

  54. Sydney Marie

    Sydney Marie

    Dag siden

    My dumb ass just noticed that they aren’t censoring their ‘fuck’s anymore and I’m here for it.

  55. Zoe Wowiee

    Zoe Wowiee

    Dag siden

    I would buy all of them.

  56. Belle BG

    Belle BG

    Dag siden

    This is the funniest video I’ve ever seen of theirs

  57. Sandy Manzo

    Sandy Manzo

    Dag siden

    Not gonna lie, I like the purple one they made together. 10/10 would buy

  58. Patofna


    Dag siden

    Ooh I love the shade directed at james charles at 3:30

  59. Kiana Carlisle

    Kiana Carlisle

    Dag siden

    Why didnt they bleep out swear words they've gotten into some actual adulthood

  60. Florentina Rosalyn

    Florentina Rosalyn

    Dag siden

    I think the twins did a great job, I'd wear those shades. The Fenty board was a bit mean and it gives me some insight on what's going on. Just cause they made black lipstick doesnt mean they're creating something for everyone. Just basic hoes I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️