£500 Sports Car Challenge

This week, Ethan and Jack give Alex the task of purchasing a sports car... for only £500.
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  1. J Thomas

    J Thomas

    3 dager siden

    That's amazing. You bought it for only £500, and yet it looks like it's worth about… £500.

  2. Ashley Sutherland

    Ashley Sutherland

    4 dager siden

    So if your ruling out the Hyundai coupe and Toyota Celica because of their humble origins than the MG should not be counted. It uses 2 rover metro subframes front and rear with hydrolastic in early F models, clever use of resources but hardly original pedigree

  3. rabbitss11


    4 dager siden

    £500 sports car, not so much a challenge more of a desire to go into debt

  4. alfredlikc00


    9 dager siden

    NB mx5?

  5. Connor Whitney

    Connor Whitney

    10 dager siden

    Can you do more of these videos

  6. klemen kolar

    klemen kolar

    17 dager siden

    This guy is trying way too hard to flex his muscles

  7. Oli S

    Oli S

    20 dager siden

    next challenge should be to buy new socks....yuck

  8. Kash Sattar

    Kash Sattar

    21 dag siden

    Toyota Corolla twin cam 16v for less that £500 all day 2 door sports PHAST AS PHUCK

  9. Mairold Kunimägi

    Mairold Kunimägi

    24 dager siden

    " Cant ask for more than that" Jup actually one could ask for a car which has its steering wheen on the correct side :D

  10. Tom Hudson

    Tom Hudson

    27 dager siden

    do a £50,000 supercar challenge

  11. MotoCat


    27 dager siden

    I just checked Carsales in Australia, searching for registered 2 door sports cars under $1kAUD, which is barely higher than 500 quid There is literally 1 option in the whole country, a 1992 Ford Capri with 374,000kms You guys are lucky to have so many cheap cars available

  12. ZeeMotto


    28 dager siden

    Personally think you fellas missed a trick with the Fiat Barchetta or a Ford Puma

  13. gru the boss man

    gru the boss man

    Måned siden

    I love west witterings I go there on holiday and it’s a beautiful place.

  14. Izy Hamblinz

    Izy Hamblinz

    Måned siden

    Are cars just cheaper in the UK? Here in America, you're looking at older Honda Civics hovering around $1000 minimum. Yet you guys are able to find old sports cars for cheaper...

  15. Awais


    Måned siden

    What’s with the camera angle? Always got their toes in my face wth

  16. Trev Atkin

    Trev Atkin

    Måned siden

    Would love to see more of these challenges. These were the best thing that Top Gear used to do imo, when Top Gear used to be half decent.

  17. Shivraj yadav

    Shivraj yadav

    Måned siden

    Shivraj yadav

    • Shivraj yadav

      Shivraj yadav

      Måned siden


  18. Jack McDonald

    Jack McDonald

    Måned siden

    Bro, your front and rear sub frames are both corroded to shit, get over yourself. 300 quid id too much to pay.

  19. So. Louud

    So. Louud

    Måned siden

    Fuck u guys

  20. David Robert Gibson

    David Robert Gibson

    Måned siden

    Is that a Honda CB300R parked in the garden? What do you think of it?

  21. Anders Forsman

    Anders Forsman

    Måned siden

    In the comedy timeline i can see the muffler come loose at 18:31 and then the head gasket blows at 18:38!

  22. Sarmad Abrar

    Sarmad Abrar

    Måned siden

    Even my smart phone costs more than that 🤣😂🤣😂

  23. dave edvalds

    dave edvalds

    Måned siden

    Cars are cheaper in GB than Seattle area .... that would be 2,500 to 3,500 here

  24. Mr. Jesus

    Mr. Jesus

    Måned siden

    mr2 ?!?

  25. Huzaifa Rizwan

    Huzaifa Rizwan

    Måned siden

    Search on auto tempest

  26. justin brown

    justin brown

    Måned siden

    Half bald midget bastard his jokes are as funny as aids

  27. Reese Purchase

    Reese Purchase

    Måned siden

    😂 good old emsworth

  28. WilsonLee5


    Måned siden

    Had one of these in storage at work for about 7 years as soon as it was pulled out and started the head gasket went on the mot ramp😂

  29. pauline bates

    pauline bates

    Måned siden

    what about insurance before driving or are you driving uninsured

  30. Alex V

    Alex V

    Måned siden

    call it Magnus

  31. David Knowles

    David Knowles

    Måned siden

    2 months later and it's still on the road according to the DVLA:)

  32. Wanna be Retro

    Wanna be Retro

    Måned siden

    Get an MGB

  33. Chemistril


    Måned siden

    Alex I would give everything to have that sticker of Phil!

  34. Mister Driftster

    Mister Driftster

    Måned siden

    Bought a micra for 10€ and it actually works kinda good enough.

  35. theymusthatetesla


    Måned siden

    Lads....your 'JFK' pal, is a bit of a jerk, methinks :( (Not a joke)

  36. Josh


    Måned siden

    This was great but it would’ve been cool if all three of you competed and had say a week to each buy your own car and reveal them at the end.

  37. JtotheW


    Måned siden

    They are good fun but the head gasket will go sooner rather than later.

  38. John Moriarty

    John Moriarty

    Måned siden

    Mg and z3 are roadsters

  39. Prigruss


    Måned siden

    Does the camera man have a foot fetish? Early vid it's a focal point

  40. Kimpee S.

    Kimpee S.

    Måned siden

    Please do more about this