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  1. Damien Gribben

    Damien Gribben

    2 dager siden

    Babatunde should have commentated

  2. ILI GAMER 123

    ILI GAMER 123

    3 dager siden

    Where's top shager

  3. Jonathan Valenzuela

    Jonathan Valenzuela

    4 dager siden

    19:14 look at score oof

  4. alisha


    5 dager siden

    freezys little ‘oh shit he’s coming’ when tobi was running towards him😭

  5. Josh Sakson

    Josh Sakson

    9 dager siden

    vik has a banging assist

  6. Brandon Lapizco

    Brandon Lapizco

    10 dager siden

    Vik scored a banger

  7. Bichitrabarman Bb

    Bichitrabarman Bb

    11 dager siden

    A match in which the player celebrates more after giving a nutmeg........than scoring a goal

  8. MEMEGOD 69

    MEMEGOD 69

    12 dager siden

    8:03 is the thumbnail

  9. Elias Homer

    Elias Homer

    14 dager siden

    Can anyone tell me the beat around 4:03 it’s really sick

  10. Vladi


    22 dager siden

    Why are they all wearing fitbits? *jk*

  11. Thomas Kerbey

    Thomas Kerbey

    23 dager siden

    U should do World Cup solo or duos

  12. Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    23 dager siden

    Why is vik still in the sidemen

    • Assassin Pies

      Assassin Pies

      21 dag siden


  13. Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    23 dager siden

    Vik scores one shit goal and thinks he is class tramp

  14. Thomas Kennedy

    Thomas Kennedy

    23 dager siden

    Vik just runs randomly round the pitch the we spaz

  15. Lucie Kupkova

    Lucie Kupkova

    24 dager siden


  16. SH3 United31

    SH3 United31

    25 dager siden

    They were doing a calorie challenge whilst playing

  17. Ed Chavez

    Ed Chavez

    26 dager siden

    Joshs accent makes him 2X worse at the sport than he already is

  18. Ed Chavez

    Ed Chavez

    26 dager siden

    Who’s in goal JMe

  19. MegaDave


    27 dager siden

    what's the music at 5:12

  20. Robi Khan

    Robi Khan

    28 dager siden


  21. aditya ashok

    aditya ashok

    Måned siden

    This was the worst videography by Kon ever. I dont blame him tho. I’d be bored just filming & wanna watch too.

  22. Anees Razia

    Anees Razia

    Måned siden

    22:55 Second fastest youtuber Tobi is lit

  23. Ali Shams

    Ali Shams

    Måned siden

    behzinga is the worst sidemen at dancing

  24. RockyRoblox !!!!

    RockyRoblox !!!!

    Måned siden

    Me when Vikk was in goal: Oh the Allstars win already

  25. Olav Klausen

    Olav Klausen

    Måned siden

    this video is a perfect example of the beautiful game. Everybody's having fun, quality skills etc

  26. Amaan


    Måned siden


  27. Haroon Nadim

    Haroon Nadim

    Måned siden

    1:05. Ethan calm down 😂😂😂

  28. Jke05


    Måned siden

    Oi can someone tell the lads to stfu laughing at vik he’s a g he’s tryin you know

  29. pro xy gamer

    pro xy gamer

    Måned siden

    Which is better the first or second sidemen vs NOplayer all-stars like for the first one comment for the second one 😃

  30. Max ŁFÇ

    Max ŁFÇ

    Måned siden




    Måned siden

    did everything get smaller this year?

  32. Don don

    Don don

    Måned siden

    Get Vik off the pitch

  33. 배현준


    Måned siden

    16:05 Moment of silence for Calfreezy's balls

  34. Chidumeje Madubuko

    Chidumeje Madubuko

    Måned siden

    Ksi says he's slow but according to the 100m run he would have 82 sprint speed in fifa

  35. Tom G

    Tom G

    Måned siden

    JJ is a good CDM ngl

  36. Brendan Hodgson

    Brendan Hodgson

    Måned siden

    Should of used a 360 camera would of been more better than this

  37. Alex coughlan

    Alex coughlan

    Måned siden

    6:15 gasping for breath



    Måned siden

    4:33 what did Chris do to Ethan

  39. Jimbob 11

    Jimbob 11

    Måned siden

    It would have been better with comantary

  40. Donavon Turner

    Donavon Turner

    Måned siden

    What is the music please