Onision Just Got Exposed By This POLICE REPORT..

Onision recently has been involved in so much involving Chris Hansen, Repzion and others. Onision and Kai are under investigation, and recently Chris Hansen has exposed them, but now they've been exposed again by a police report. This whole video is opinion and should not be taken as fact.
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This video is made for satire purposes and should be not be taken as fact.


  1. iNabber


    28 dager siden

    I JUST HAVE TO CLARIFY A FEW THINGS - I noticed that the dates were SWAPPED because of american dates, but the point still stands. He uploaded a video on the EXACT DATE it happened on. Okay now please subscribe and like the video so i can get to 500k hehe - I accidentally didn't read the part of the text about the report of onision and s*xual abuse - i was meant to say ALLEGEDLY, but you can see it says that in the text. - THIS IS ALL AN OPINION AND BASED ON FAIR USE - I noticed that the dates were SWAPPED - Stan Jimin

    • Weeb - sama

      Weeb - sama

      17 dager siden

      *stan jimin*

    • MindlessYogurtclosset


      21 dag siden

      Your tweets are the gayest shit ive ever seen

    • Ray


      22 dager siden

      That's right Stan Jimin

    • antonela bakavic

      antonela bakavic

      25 dager siden

      I was following the latest story about Onision and I've stumbled upon your channel and I am so glad I did. You are super. I love how smart you, your comments and your sense of humour. You are doing a geat job! Ofcourse I've immediately subscribed and I wish I could do it many rimes more, to help you reach 500K asap. Looking forward to see more of your work. Greetings from Germany!

    • Amni Ony

      Amni Ony

      25 dager siden

      Gregory Jackson explains himself and how he feels about his own children in 5 minutes: noplayer.info/show/c0pMXzhpdlNoRXM.html

  2. Big WiggaFR

    Big WiggaFR

    Dag siden


  3. Ryan Coulter

    Ryan Coulter

    Dag siden

    I’m guessing that window either cranks outward or simply opens outward.

  4. James Davey

    James Davey

    4 dager siden

    Onision threw the kid out the window. Sue me, Greg.

  5. Cristaliana Ivor

    Cristaliana Ivor

    5 dager siden

    I wonder when Greg (or James how he calles him nowadays) goes to prison if lainey/kai will heal and get over him or if it's too late for him 🤔

  6. Wyatt Gulley

    Wyatt Gulley

    5 dager siden

    This dude looks like a very young general sam

  7. jerzyrican856 gee

    jerzyrican856 gee

    6 dager siden

    Hope you get that 5k subs bruh i subbed

  8. RK S1N1STER


    6 dager siden

    I find it fucking Hilarious that onision disabled any form of commenting on his channel. Fucking pos can't handle the fact that everyone knows he is a pos. The jackass shouldn't be allowed to post on this platform.

  9. Ari Dubis

    Ari Dubis

    6 dager siden

    How has his children not been taken away from dcyf

  10. Enji Todoroki

    Enji Todoroki

    7 dager siden

    Save those kids please.

  11. kyung Soon

    kyung Soon

    7 dager siden

    2 year old now a days can talk and walk and dance and jump very well They can climb too, I know this because I have a 2 year old cousin and he is very hiperactive.

  12. Grant Howell

    Grant Howell

    9 dager siden

    Isn’t he goin to jail even if it’s not about what’s goin on now. What about tax evasion?

  13. Justin Meyer

    Justin Meyer

    9 dager siden

    One of these days onision is going to fuck with the wrong person, and he will get some street justice.

  14. Wayne Stead

    Wayne Stead

    13 dager siden

    Is this prick wearing lipstick. Ffs. The worlds gone mad.

  15. projectmicky1226


    13 dager siden

    Subscribed. ALL notifications on. Mwahahahahahahaha. Oh wait. No. That’s an evil laugh. My bad.

  16. projectmicky1226


    13 dager siden

    Police reports are public record here. All you need is a name really

  17. Rail Ramsay

    Rail Ramsay

    14 dager siden

    2:31 I thought he fucked his cat? oh well I guess Onision is a furry since now he's been done by a dog

  18. loverules


    16 dager siden

    Everybody knows how to kill a troll.

  19. Doodle Gibberish

    Doodle Gibberish

    16 dager siden

    I was an accident prone child and fell down the stairs many times. And my parents were clearly doing it wrong rushing me to the hospital and not recording Thier cover up or sh@#*ing themselves

  20. mrhaag


    16 dager siden

    When he gets to jail he will be used as money.

  21. bahhh humbug

    bahhh humbug

    17 dager siden

    you should watch dank nets videos on chris hanson to be better informed about his business decisions and his former partner

  22. TheTragicTruth


    17 dager siden

    “AHHHHHhhhhhh, I POOOPED ON MY BACK...... 😭😭😭😭😭” lol my favorite onion clip

  23. Jace Hawkins

    Jace Hawkins

    17 dager siden

    How does he have kids? I thought he was married to a man.

  24. Elliot Warren

    Elliot Warren

    17 dager siden

    I keep forgetting that he has kids because he just.... He doesn’t seem right enough to really have children in any capacity.

  25. cosmic lu

    cosmic lu

    17 dager siden

    He %100 molested and beaten that little girl and I don’t even need the evidence to know that. That little girl is living with a ticking time bomb and I don’t think she’s gonna make it.

  26. Dev Francis

    Dev Francis

    17 dager siden

    Whybis it always guys with those shitty ass scene haircuts that prefer ~younger women~ becuase this is not the first time ive seen someone think an age gap like that is nbd 🤮

  27. anime San

    anime San

    18 dager siden

    It's a shame as is Onision dodnt have the moment and fame, his children would be taken away so they could have a real chance of life

  28. Ross Miles

    Ross Miles

    18 dager siden

    OMG You are just as annoying as Onision....

  29. Pinkie Fairycorn

    Pinkie Fairycorn

    18 dager siden

    the video is great so i wanna give it a like, but since it's onision we're talking about it makes me wanna give it a dislike? i dont really know what to do

  30. Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn

    18 dager siden

    Who Tf allowed that guy to reproduce..so sad to say but that child is fucked.. especially if the child is a girl bc once she turns 13 better watch out bc thats the start of daddies favorite age range hoping he gets locked up

  31. MorriganAtwood


    19 dager siden

    "I did it so people would know I wasn't responsible." That's just making me think his kid didn't fall. He tells on himself all the time, so this is worrying.

  32. Jim Marshall

    Jim Marshall

    19 dager siden

    I'd never heard of onision, I've never seen any of his own vids or posts. I only know about him because of all the people making content based on him and his actions. Without all that, I, and probably others, wouldn't know anything about him. Whatever gets you views I guess.

  33. 「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」

    「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」

    19 dager siden

    FBI is just waiting for enough evidence to be allowed to just swat Onion's house. Or send him back in time so KGB can have him.

  34. tckyoo


    19 dager siden

    if he was my father i would’ve jumped off a roof by now- 😳🤭

  35. Broody Elf

    Broody Elf

    20 dager siden

    I really love your videos, you're always so clear

  36. Paul Rondezca

    Paul Rondezca

    20 dager siden

    "The onion boy chasm of noncery" is quite a fucking thing to think about

  37. robert bassett

    robert bassett

    20 dager siden

    so sick

  38. billythorson


    21 dag siden

    How has no one beat this guys ass??????

  39. Sketchy Dude

    Sketchy Dude

    21 dag siden

    "This Onion case can't get any worse." Onion Man: "Hold my beer."

  40. l ø v l è y

    l ø v l è y

    21 dag siden

    I think he is mentally disabled due to him thinking about himself when the two year old fell off a two story building. I know the police needs to make it accurate (dude make lie detectors correct then) but there's many of proof about what Onision is doing. Honestly.

  41. Kasady Shaye

    Kasady Shaye

    21 dag siden

    I feel like once this is all over, this could be turned into a movie. Show the whole world who this man is and how horrible he is.

  42. Tate Briggs

    Tate Briggs

    21 dag siden

    Damn I live in the same County as Onision all I can think about is him looking like Frank from Shameless

  43. Mitch Contreras

    Mitch Contreras

    21 dag siden

    ✋SToooP!✋ ...with shots of the poop! PLEASE! His face is already hard enough to visually digest.

  44. Zhuge Liang

    Zhuge Liang

    21 dag siden

    “Success” Lol

  45. Olivia Pennington

    Olivia Pennington

    21 dag siden

    This is completely unrelated to anything in this video... but you kind of sound like Rian from The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance That is all.

  46. QueenBee Buzz

    QueenBee Buzz

    21 dag siden

    watch him turn all of this around on the us military... Like he counter sues the us for traumatizing him 👀

  47. TheLizander


    21 dag siden

    I didnt watch onison when I was younger, but seeing the snippets of his shows remind me of how much NOplayer has changed. Those big personalities were OUT there back then, and they haven't aged well. These people have to stay in character while in front of a camera, and I dont think its necessarily healthy for someone to need to do that all the time. The audience gets a first row seat to the unnatural characters being portrayed, the actor might begin to get caught up in their role. Worse than that is that children are stuck growing up in a weird place, and they have no way of limiting how much time they spend in that place.

  48. Ellie Cummings

    Ellie Cummings

    21 dag siden

    am ashamed to live in the same county as onion boy. every time u say pierce county i cringe. we don’t want him here.

  49. Jeffrey H

    Jeffrey H

    21 dag siden

    I don’t hear ANYTHING about Onision unless it’s your channel

  50. Shizdripple Niggpimple

    Shizdripple Niggpimple

    21 dag siden

    There’s no way he had actual straight sex to conceive a child with a woman

  51. Shizdripple Niggpimple

    Shizdripple Niggpimple

    21 dag siden

    It’s obvious that this pussy ass bitch boy thinks he’s awesome. I bet his cell mate will be super excited to get such a femme dude as his bunkie. What a narcissist.

  52. Maya Lamb

    Maya Lamb

    21 dag siden

    Wait I’m gonna sound real crumb but why does he go by James and Greg lmao, like what’s his actual name

  53. Brook Hopper

    Brook Hopper

    21 dag siden

    I'm just afraid this will all end in something really bad happening

  54. Mortisha Styles

    Mortisha Styles

    21 dag siden

    A story fall is a serious fall.I know.

  55. Mortisha Styles

    Mortisha Styles

    21 dag siden

    Looking like Karma delivery service has made a delivery to the creep.

  56. groen dag

    groen dag

    21 dag siden

    i will note that i fell out of a second story window when i was two, so you don't have to have shitty parents to do that

  57. flamerssoul


    21 dag siden

    How does he have kids???

  58. Krisy Goebel

    Krisy Goebel

    21 dag siden

    Man I've been following this man shit stained path on NOplayer sence I was like 13 fucking crazy

  59. Sassy Sarah

    Sassy Sarah

    22 dager siden

    He looks like a serial killer

  60. tobleronemonster


    22 dager siden

    your editing has been great recently, keep it up