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Dave Chappelle can turn literally anything into a joke. Watch and learn.
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Dave Chappelle Pulls Off An Impossible Punchline | Netflix Is A Joke


  1. joe buffalo

    joe buffalo

    22 timer siden

    Vain EDIT : and unfunny.

  2. Ric Sanches

    Ric Sanches

    4 dager siden

    1:55 Everything at Timmy's house works felt that

  3. Naquonn Harvey

    Naquonn Harvey

    5 dager siden

    DMV stand up

  4. the beautiful good

    the beautiful good

    5 dager siden

    1:00 Parents did just well enough to grow up poor around white people. I live in Silver Spring. that sh*t is still true to this day 🙌🏽🙌🏽😂😂

  5. AmeerComeHere


    5 dager siden

    He just came back from the dead and invented something brilliant and new in stand-up comedy! It's all good everybody, its only Chappelle doing what Chappelle does best!

  6. Dr. Hyde The Werewolf

    Dr. Hyde The Werewolf

    5 dager siden

    Funny that the “punch line” was “kicked” her in the pussy... layers of genius

  7. Z EBN

    Z EBN

    6 dager siden


  8. Ana LOLA

    Ana LOLA

    7 dager siden

    SLICE n RICE, i see you ;) 1:55

  9. J Smerf

    J Smerf

    9 dager siden


  10. J Smerf

    J Smerf

    9 dager siden

    Your awesome Dave

  11. WooHaa


    9 dager siden

    What shoes he have?

  12. Joey M'Poko

    Joey M'Poko

    11 dager siden

    Am I the only person who feels like he's not as funny as he used to be?

  13. Sapientia et Virtus

    Sapientia et Virtus

    13 dager siden

    He's such an excellent writer.

  14. Awesoke, Stephen

    Awesoke, Stephen

    13 dager siden

    lmao is he vaping throughout this whole show

  15. Armand Azhari

    Armand Azhari

    14 dager siden

    One of his mother came to the door 😂😂

  16. InHumano XY

    InHumano XY

    14 dager siden

    DAVE IS A GENIUS! And I don´t say it lightly.

  17. check me out

    check me out

    15 dager siden

    Once you get into dave's style of comedy all the others will automatically appear to you like fools

  18. TheTruthReports Motherfucker

    TheTruthReports Motherfucker

    16 dager siden

    First time he told that, was way funnier, like 15 years ago

  19. David Yao

    David Yao

    18 dager siden

    is he smoking weed on stage?? HAHA

  20. Dyingforlife


    18 dager siden

    Dave admits to having sociopathic disdain for white people at a pre-pubescent age. Haha!

  21. Spateri


    21 dag siden

    I thought Jim Jeffries was pretty good, he didn't do it in that order but same same. 'As excited as I was to see my first rape'...Love Dave Chapelle, need more of comedians like him, I've missed him.

  22. robb 4220

    robb 4220

    21 dag siden

    My parents did just enough to be poor around white people 😂😆😂😆

  23. marvin marvin

    marvin marvin

    23 dager siden

    Amy is below pig

  24. Wake up People

    Wake up People

    25 dager siden

    The man is a genius! he has Richard Pryor magic

  25. Catnium


    25 dager siden


  26. brentloud


    25 dager siden

    is he hitting a fucking juul

  27. Shavindu Mahndrarajah

    Shavindu Mahndrarajah

    26 dager siden

    Who else wants to check out Dave's punch line bowl?

  28. OOpsie


    26 dager siden

    the real masterful part was that this joke was a red herring. and he pulls off the punchline proper at the end of the show and it was so good. never seen someone write jokes like this. im sure a lot of other comedians hold what he did here in high regards, its the cutting edge for their craft.

  29. K B

    K B

    26 dager siden

    😂😂😂 making just enough to feel poor around white people lmao story of my mf life

  30. Wizard FMX

    Wizard FMX

    26 dager siden

    What a fucking genius

  31. hifli danni

    hifli danni

    26 dager siden

    That’s fuckin genius!

  32. Jax


    26 dager siden

    Stove top is as white as it gets. Lmao

  33. Gigi Gasama

    Gigi Gasama

    27 dager siden

    Shout out to Dave Chappelle from Silver Spring Md!!!

  34. Vittorio Fioravanti

    Vittorio Fioravanti

    27 dager siden


  35. Albthe


    27 dager siden


  36. Khondker Rifat Hossain

    Khondker Rifat Hossain

    27 dager siden

    He is Awesome....anti-hypocrisy is the key to him funny

  37. Cherah Lindo

    Cherah Lindo

    28 dager siden

    Dave taught me that the punchline doesn't make the story, the story makes the punchline. Thanks Dave 🤣😏

  38. Eric lundgren

    Eric lundgren

    28 dager siden

    The best in the business!

  39. DC chitown

    DC chitown

    29 dager siden

    Dave keep rocking muthafuckas gon hate no matter what Bruh

  40. joy Salsman

    joy Salsman

    29 dager siden

    White dinner isn't delicious lmao 😂😂