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  1. L1K34PR0


    2 dager siden

    Why and how do you have a red left joycon

  2. TheWobblyEmily


    2 dager siden


  3. emDawg


    4 dager siden

    Ommmmmg I wish my cat begged to be pet

  4. Jinchee


    7 dager siden

    *passive aggressive rubbing intensifies*

  5. Queen_Whomp


    8 dager siden

    I wish my cat Salem gave me that much love-

  6. M. Flowers

    M. Flowers

    9 dager siden


  7. CharlieRashi


    9 dager siden

    Can we get Sungwon to voice in the next Fire Emblem game? Him and Joe Zieja (Claude’s VA).

  8. Whitby Child

    Whitby Child

    9 dager siden

    Fl4k the beastmaster found his one true challenge

  9. G H

    G H

    11 dager siden

    Meows so sweetly but is a lil biter

  10. FistBro _

    FistBro _

    11 dager siden

    I think i found somone who beat sans.

  11. Julian G

    Julian G

    12 dager siden

    So you're saying your cat is your girlfriend?



    12 dager siden

    “K Farto” Effie:s’cuse me

  13. TrainCorpse


    12 dager siden

    Yo is that fire emblem 3 houses you are playing

  14. Uncle Stone

    Uncle Stone

    14 dager siden

    Good thing it wasn't *_A L I E N: I S O L A T I O N_* My dad's cat was a darling, unless you ignored her playing vidyagames at night. All the mistakes.....

  15. Knorkle Knucks deh Ekerdneh

    Knorkle Knucks deh Ekerdneh

    15 dager siden

    Actual footage of me and my girl

  16. yukineswan


    16 dager siden

    its effie

  17. Useless42


    18 dager siden

    Dumb People: Ok Boomer Me, an intellectual: Ok farto

  18. Halli Kellemeyer •ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍɪᴢᴇᴅ ɢᴀʟ•

    Halli Kellemeyer •ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍɪᴢᴇᴅ ɢᴀʟ•

    21 dag siden

    _Yep, he’s the Beastmaster alright._

  19. artawesome30


    21 dag siden

    Your and my cats could be identical freaking twins.

  20. Sanghoon Lee

    Sanghoon Lee

    23 dager siden

    OMG Toothless Love from Korea

  21. SayNo


    23 dager siden

    When you want to caress them they dont let you, when your busy they come so you can caress them.

  22. mistyrat


    26 dager siden

    my cat just sits on my keyboard

  23. Wild bard

    Wild bard

    26 dager siden

    Is this another persona reference?

  24. lilscrub jr

    lilscrub jr

    28 dager siden

    By using the detective skills I have gained by playing danganronpa, I have reached the conclusion proZD was playing Fire Emblem three houses at the time a certain cat bit him out of rage due to being called farto, isn't that right effie cho : the ultimate annoyance

  25. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith

    28 dager siden

    Farto! ❤️

  26. Digital Poutine

    Digital Poutine

    28 dager siden

    story of my life

  27. CrazyGTboyz


    Måned siden

    Very nice Cat. Makes me want one

  28. Gabe Jones

    Gabe Jones

    Måned siden

    You: Okay Boomer Me, and intellectual: 'KAY FARDO

  29. Brian the Trainer

    Brian the Trainer

    Måned siden

    My dog does that too sometimes 😂

  30. Harry -H

    Harry -H

    Måned siden

    This is my cat Elvis down to a t. Looks like him, bites like him when he's not getting attention too

  31. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith

    Måned siden

    Wow she sounds so much like my car joy

  32. Raz Berry

    Raz Berry

    Måned siden

    For some reason the first meow I thought it was the sound of an anime girl, so I immediately assumed you were playing one of those fighting games where the girls always do something suggestive.

  33. Dragoola Hopkins

    Dragoola Hopkins

    Måned siden

    Reminds me of my cat, I miss him

  34. Jo Veteran

    Jo Veteran

    Måned siden

    My cat farts as well damn it.. Such a cute thing, then suddenly all the room stinks of rotten eggs!

  35. nikcri


    Måned siden

    So this is the True relationship between Fl4k and his Pet !



    Måned siden

    0:07 sounds like an anime girl who just got shocked

  37. Disney


    Måned siden

    Idk why i expecting the cat to talk..

  38. Teyeb Ahmed

    Teyeb Ahmed

    Måned siden

    Literally the only reason you’re not famous is because you have a shitty camera get a professional one at 2m subscribers I thought you’d have a better one

  39. xmeridol


    Måned siden

    Fire emblem :,)

  40. Jademonas S2

    Jademonas S2

    Måned siden

    "can i help you" "yeaaaah"

  41. ImmortalPigeon


    Måned siden

    Yall playing 3h i hear

  42. Dr Phil uwu

    Dr Phil uwu

    Måned siden

    Wyd playing fire emblem

  43. Void soul

    Void soul

    Måned siden

    That's like my cat. Put him on your lap and pet him.

  44. Gateaux Q

    Gateaux Q

    Måned siden

    My black cat does this too! Except its when im watching videos on my phone and she wants to be closer to the phone. She doesnt watch, shes just obsessed with the little soundy box

  45. DeepShadedGlassesGuy


    Måned siden

    "Okay, Farto" " *REWD* " *bites*

  46. DMG 123

    DMG 123

    Måned siden

    Prozd: Ok Farto Effie: So, you have chosen death

  47. Penguin The Wise

    Penguin The Wise

    Måned siden

    I got a cat in September and I appreciate stuff like this a lot more

  48. John Norris

    John Norris

    Måned siden

    I have never heard the appellation "Farto" before this video but it is now going into my "Words of note to use at next opportunity" list

  49. Esme L

    Esme L

    Måned siden


  50. Charity •

    Charity •

    Måned siden

    "K Farto" Farto: *goes in the for kill*

  51. Rogue297


    Måned siden

    My cat only bites when she wants food. She associates biting with eating I guess which makes sense.

  52. ナノ猫 :3

    ナノ猫 :3

    Måned siden

    ProZD: K Farto Cat: So you have chosen, Death.

  53. Kairo Schmitz

    Kairo Schmitz

    Måned siden

    That’s my cat when I try to do anything She rubs against me meows gently bites to get my attention

  54. Jello Luke

    Jello Luke

    Måned siden

    Nobody: ProZD: “k farto”

  55. NaitomeIya


    Måned siden

    Huhu I wish my cats want to cuddle me like that too 😭

  56. druidicus


    Måned siden

    El subscribo for a no-a particulo raisino

  57. Lamp Lamented

    Lamp Lamented

    Måned siden

    Saw u on tv

  58. Sound Pilgrim

    Sound Pilgrim

    Måned siden

    Did you steal my cat??

  59. Emu


    Måned siden


  60. Calahan Knapp

    Calahan Knapp

    Måned siden

    no I play in video! game