Today I found a really cool rich man on tiktok whose whole account is just dedicated to showing you how rich he is...
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  1. Hellinz lol

    Hellinz lol

    21 time siden

    Still waiting on That tracksuit

  2. Mr. Wumbo

    Mr. Wumbo

    Dag siden

    He probably got all the money handed to him from his parents and/or he rents all the things. Anyways no one cares.

  3. Jon Weird bro

    Jon Weird bro

    2 dager siden

    Feel like single people would spend this much

  4. Wewi9 Wew

    Wewi9 Wew

    3 dager siden

    Literally no one The rich guy on tic tok: overuses minecraft theme

    • Calm- Men

      Calm- Men

      2 dager siden

      I have no idea if this is a purposely written r/woosh comment or actual commemt

  5. NinjaTimmy :3

    NinjaTimmy :3

    4 dager siden

    am i the only that found his channel

  6. A. L .A

    A. L .A

    5 dager siden


  7. mia bray

    mia bray

    5 dager siden

    best thing about this whole video is the fact I got an ad for forex trading

  8. Sami Vale

    Sami Vale

    5 dager siden

    For a solid minute I thought he was playing the minecraft music but then I realized it was Memeulous playing it to not get copyright! Hahaha!!!!

  9. AwfulMusik


    5 dager siden

    Ugh, someone delete me from existence.

  10. BlitzGamer YT

    BlitzGamer YT

    8 dager siden

    Shouldn't this guy be on snapchat?

  11. Imak Ren

    Imak Ren

    10 dager siden

    Will is kinda hot 🤭

  12. Imak Ren

    Imak Ren

    10 dager siden

    Hilarious 😂

  13. Mass Nagg

    Mass Nagg

    10 dager siden

    His @ is

  14. paperplane_made_of_concrete


    11 dager siden

    On the part of all south africans. We do not want you

  15. Diogo Mendes

    Diogo Mendes

    11 dager siden

    Im from south africa , you just salty because we beat you in the world cup💀

  16. William McMillan

    William McMillan

    11 dager siden

    an autism spectrum ad came up while i was watching this

  17. PYRA


    12 dager siden

    what game is it?

  18. Viorel Mihai Coman

    Viorel Mihai Coman

    12 dager siden

    pause at 1:27

  19. sutartthegamer


    12 dager siden

    lol im happy when i have 2 (euros) so i can buy a drink in my school

  20. ßòőßý łőľ

    ßòőßý łőľ

    12 dager siden

    I got a ps3 get destroyed kid

  21. Robert Ward

    Robert Ward

    12 dager siden

    How do people buy that much heckin stuff at Selfridges, whenever I to (like once a year) there is sweet frick all I am gonna spend my hard earned money on.

  22. nikodem gaming

    nikodem gaming

    13 dager siden

    ive got a lot of selfridges bags cuz my mom works at some shop in selfridges.

    • The Iron Cross

      The Iron Cross

      11 dager siden

      Ok roblox player

  23. Communism Kid

    Communism Kid

    13 dager siden

    Plot twist: he uses other people’s things to make his videos

  24. Top 10 Soccer

    Top 10 Soccer

    13 dager siden

    I bet the lambo isn’t his car

  25. david wilde

    david wilde

    13 dager siden

    A bunch of singers think there littleT

  26. Far Cough

    Far Cough

    13 dager siden

    ask him if he can fund my f1 career please and thankyou

  27. Felix Mayo

    Felix Mayo

    14 dager siden

    what is a Selfridges?

  28. Bill nie The science gye

    Bill nie The science gye

    14 dager siden

    Is it just me or was anyone else hopeing that in the secound clip that golf club would go through his windshield

  29. Jonathan W

    Jonathan W

    14 dager siden

    I have the same blinds and controller and it’s 100 pounds more than regular blinds

  30. Cyan Drools

    Cyan Drools

    15 dager siden

    2:20 100 permutations actually

  31. Samo 1.0

    Samo 1.0

    15 dager siden

    I'm south African and I have a laptop 😂lolll

  32. Hashi


    15 dager siden

    If I had that much money I’d buy a nice house for me and my family, a single decent car that isn’t outrageously expensive, a better pc, better internet and some new clothes. Save the rest for the future. All these ‘nice’ things seem so useless.

  33. Jozzy&Jax


    15 dager siden

    5:55 on the left?

  34. Jozzy&Jax


    15 dager siden

    2:21 there’s actually 100 combinations 😒😏

  35. Edmund Grassby

    Edmund Grassby

    15 dager siden

    his instagram is how much of a tory prick do you have to be lol. also he scams people on his website with seminars for £25 a month.

  36. Enrique Monkey

    Enrique Monkey

    15 dager siden

    He buys a 2.5k outfit while he is wearing under armour

  37. Max The Random Lepurchaun

    Max The Random Lepurchaun

    15 dager siden

    1:35 caught red handed

  38. vinnicus lllV

    vinnicus lllV

    16 dager siden

    Anyone notice the Trafford centre

  39. Venus Demon - Gacha Edits And More!

    Venus Demon - Gacha Edits And More!

    16 dager siden


  40. Shush Gaming

    Shush Gaming

    16 dager siden

    Idiot guy: Range Rover or Lamborghini I think I’ll take the lambo today Me (answering to that decision): well last time you bought a load of beer and stuff and you couldn’t fit it in the bloody lambo so maybe you should take the fucking Range Rover that can fit all your drugs in and your Rolexes

  41. Melonenchef


    16 dager siden

    at 9:36 if you pause the censor is gone.

  42. Alec


    16 dager siden

    asian tik toks are even worse, they use shitty nightcore remix music and post videos of cars they found randomly or just some cringy stuff, basically they like flexing on tik tok

  43. Frazzles


    16 dager siden

    Yo i live in south africa if i see im its on sight

  44. MY N4M3 IS J3FF

    MY N4M3 IS J3FF

    16 dager siden

    I hope I don't get in trouble but it took me at least 5 seconds to decipher what the flexer's first 2 digits are: 3-6

  45. Kišš Matthew

    Kišš Matthew

    16 dager siden

    15y/o kid trapped in a 30y/o body with 50k balance, buying the same watch everytime and walking with the same bags around the shopping center and drive home on a rented lambo.👏 #richboi

  46. Luna AngelEclipse

    Luna AngelEclipse

    16 dager siden

    Renting a car instead of buying it is such a shit flex wtf

  47. jack thirteen

    jack thirteen

    16 dager siden

    the guy sounds a bit like joshy

  48. Jayden Da ritchbro macaron

    Jayden Da ritchbro macaron

    16 dager siden

    At first I thought it said I got da gays,Adam's got da gays

  49. Vythz


    16 dager siden

    8:32 - is that the Trafford Centre? He’s from round Manchester? Someone give me the intel on where his yard is, I’ll take his Lamborghini

  50. ARandomBirb


    16 dager siden

    Omgggggg *s h o p p i n g* so like-a cute~

  51. steven ren

    steven ren

    16 dager siden

    The guy looks like my gym teacher

  52. OscarthePuffy YT

    OscarthePuffy YT

    16 dager siden

    What if this is memeulous

  53. It’s none of your business

    It’s none of your business

    16 dager siden

    LoOOoK aT mY gReEn lAmBo AhHahahHah

  54. dave Roberts

    dave Roberts

    16 dager siden

    Memeulose is one of the funniest NOplayerr in the hole wold

  55. Trevor Random

    Trevor Random

    16 dager siden

    All the gear no idea! Nasty person who definitely needs a smack!

  56. Naomi Willemsen

    Naomi Willemsen

    17 dager siden

    He sounds like joshy

  57. BigLad Seb

    BigLad Seb

    17 dager siden

    The Lamborghini’s colour isn’t nice

  58. Stay alive fren

    Stay alive fren

    17 dager siden

    Meanwhile me, a kid in a poor family: Gets 10 pounds after winning a bet with his uncle who is slightly better off Me: happiness noises Neighbour of my grandparents asks me to work for him, accepts job for free, gets paid 10 pounds me: happiness noises Basically 10 pounds a day keeps my greed away

  59. Bryan Duarte

    Bryan Duarte

    17 dager siden

    I had a tik tok ad, before the video

  60. Furry Police

    Furry Police

    17 dager siden

    He's not that rich cuz he can't afford the performante package for the Lamborghini huracan.