1. Chloebug e

    Chloebug e

    4 timer siden

    is it bad to say I kinda believe her?

  2. Retro Spirit

    Retro Spirit

    4 timer siden

    Everyone, she is confused and hurt at the moment. What she doesn’t need right now is people telling her she’s attention seeking and an awful person. She needs support and love and help to figure this out.

  3. Zoid


    6 timer siden

    you got courage leaving comments on (do not support this shit)

  4. Trea


    6 timer siden

    I don't need an umbrella. But girl are you having an identity crisis?

  5. Mac The Cheese

    Mac The Cheese

    8 timer siden

    I'm all for exploring gender identity but if u don't have gender dysphoria your not trans, if u genuinely do I just wish u would've approached this a lot differently because things like this makes the transgender community look stupid and fake and being trans is already hard enough. I just really hope u figure this out and I hope ur happy with whatever is it outcome

  6. ari the destroy

    ari the destroy

    9 timer siden

    T, i do believe that you truly believe you are a trans man, but PLEASE just go and do some actual research on what it means to be transgender and the difference between gender vs sexuality and being masculine vs being a man etc. just educate yourself, talk to some real life lgbt people and then come back and make another video when you actually know yourself what you think.

  7. Paulina Tuesday

    Paulina Tuesday

    10 timer siden

    Trisha, I want you to know I still love you. Still your fan and still here for you.

  8. María S

    María S

    10 timer siden

    Video apologizing but with 5 ads to get money, wtf girl man gay drag

  9. Iveth Rodriguez

    Iveth Rodriguez

    10 timer siden

    this is genuinely one of the silliest apologies I've ever listened to because you don't even know what your apologizing for you should apologize for every single trans, masculine people, drag queens snd the entire lgbtq community for making a fool of yourself and thinking you knew what you were talking about, you need to do your research and talk to people before posting shit

  10. Ava Phi

    Ava Phi

    11 timer siden

    6 months of therapy obviously wasn’t enough

  11. _ CrazyCODGirl _

    _ CrazyCODGirl _

    11 timer siden

    This bitch really got me fucked up

  12. Alex Bussiere

    Alex Bussiere

    13 timer siden

    Being trans isn't easy. When you come out (as you've probably found out) lots of hate comes from it. People dont accept it, and with such a drastic change people tend to lash out, its not something to crave being. If i could be cisgender, holy fuck i would do anything to be that.

  13. Alex Bussiere

    Alex Bussiere

    13 timer siden

    "Im a transgender!" "I always related with transgenders!" I just wanna say, someone is trans. They are not A trans.

  14. Summer Turner

    Summer Turner

    13 timer siden

    Shane! Where u at?

  15. Tec Gamer

    Tec Gamer

    13 timer siden

    I think the reason you had so much backlash and hate is because a lot of the information you said was incorrect if you truly feel this way I think your gender fluid because in your last video you said that you think your male but you also a girl. You could be a demiboy if you actually feel like this.

  16. Unicorn Dust13

    Unicorn Dust13

    13 timer siden

    Im not hating like some people im just want to say i think your maybe idk confused cause im bisexual and i was confused at first so i thought it over and i realize im not confused so im saying i think you should think about it and if you are for sure thats you transgender then go for it no ones stopping you

  17. Saturnian


    13 timer siden


  18. Ky Hodgin

    Ky Hodgin

    14 timer siden

    This is getting ridiculous:( I love you trish please stop it’s not trendy.

  19. april 666

    april 666

    15 timer siden

    If you say you hate being a girl then say that, dont mix that shit up by saying you're trans. Bcs you're born a girl and still is one. You're not transgender, you might be in your head but you're not. You can't just say that, like no way. I'm sorry you feel this way about yourself but hey, we didn't choose to be a girl. Shit sucks, I know for a fact bcs I'm a girl 🙄 anybody is allowed to dress the opposite sex. No one can stop you from that. But changing your outfit from girl to boy isn't transgender. Get that in your head. You just really need a break from all of this. From all social media and focus on yourself, build back up your confidence and love yourself even more.

  20. Angel Strange

    Angel Strange

    15 timer siden

    This is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it, I think Trisha should try to find herself first, and before spreading it onto the internet. Trisha needs to know what she is first, and if you spread on the internet while you are still confused, you will get some hate on that.

  21. Dominique Ravin

    Dominique Ravin

    15 timer siden

    you don't have to convince us of anything, keep speaking your truth.

  22. Aedyn White

    Aedyn White

    17 timer siden

    T I commented on the original video but I’ll do it here too. I know it’s confusing and I’m sorry about the hate that your receiving, I fully support you and I wish other people would understand that every situation is specific to the person. It’s okay to be confused and I really hope that you find yourself and that other people start taking you as what you are. You deserve to feel happy just like everyone else and nobody should take that away from you. Nobody has the right to tell you what you are and are not. I absolutely support and love you and I will no matter what you conclude about yourself.

  23. Makiah Cross

    Makiah Cross

    17 timer siden

    what did she expect😂

  24. Am Soso

    Am Soso

    18 timer siden

    I think you thought everyone was going to praise you for this ...when I was younger I hung out with mostly boys. Played gameboys and was left out of groups of girls because I ventured more towards ‘guy things’ and didn’t like wearing ‘girly clothes’ i wouldn’t call it transgender...it’s disrespectful to those who struggle on the daily and are coming to terms with their transitioning and the journey they go on with family and friends also. To put it down to clothes and make up is a bit much

  25. MJ_ Might_be_fine

    MJ_ Might_be_fine

    19 timer siden

    She’s not a man. She’s a pussy.

  26. rainbow nerds

    rainbow nerds

    19 timer siden

    what a fucking retard

  27. Krystyna Lopez

    Krystyna Lopez

    20 timer siden

    So... She said she was transgender and she always hated Barbie's and dresses... Yet she said she was a gay drag queen bc she loves the GLAM... Sounds like she just contradicted herself.

  28. Lullaby_Moonchild


    21 time siden

    She’s very lost in general and within herself as a person. I think she needs a lot of time off the internet and take a break to find and fix herself..

  29. Brooke


    21 time siden

    literally nobody said that you arent trans because you "look like a girl" we said you arent trans because what you described in your original video was not being trans.. it was being a fetishistic asshat. Thats why we're pissed. Now you've gone and done a little research and are changing your story. If you had actually always felt like a man and always felt dysphoric you would have said that in your original video as the reasons you feel trans rather than "I dont like makeup" and "I want male privilege" Sit down.

  30. anna kate black

    anna kate black

    22 timer siden

    hey trish. i love you no matter what but right now i think you’re really lost and confused. not everyone needs a label and everyone’s gender issues are valid, but i really think you should maybe see a new therapist or find someone else to talk to. the reason you are getting so much hate is because your whole brand is pink and girly

  31. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    i like how shee poot her laungerie on the tv like brooo be clean and than cry

  32. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    her nail are like a lion king

  33. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    does anyone actually cair about the video and not scrolling down the comment LOL

  34. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    Drama queennn or drama kinggggg this is so fact up

  35. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    imagin tresha beging a e_girl that well be the end of the world😂😂

  36. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    broo who else noticed the backround like girl or boy idk what are you cleannnnn

  37. fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

    22 timer siden

    who else is laughing of making nothing a big deal… anyone😟 oh just me😂

  38. BleuÉnigme


    22 timer siden

    Girl shut yo dumb ass up.



    23 timer siden

    Ok so here's the tea sis STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM YOU AREN'T THE LGBT COMMUNITY IS PERIODT thank you for coming to my Ted talk...

  40. what


    23 timer siden

    genuinely wondering why people think she needs to be educated more on the trans community in order to identify as trans. yeah she seems to be giving 'weird reasons' as to why shes trans, but shes just saying it because the type of people on here, she feels like she has to explain herself. if yall are so woke about gender and gender stereotypes then why not just believe her when she says she looks like this but identifies as a man. and all the condescending comments telling her what she really should identify as. smh just let her live, yall care waaayyy too much about the details of this person's life, someone that you don't even know

  41. It’s a Watermelon Inside a Watermelon

    It’s a Watermelon Inside a Watermelon

    23 timer siden


  42. Micaela


    Dag siden

    You need to educate yourself

  43. Tanner T

    Tanner T

    Dag siden

    The lgbtq community is the most hateful. Spewing hate and in the same breath preach about equality.

  44. Tia Edmonds

    Tia Edmonds

    Dag siden

    she is really going thru this breakup hard

  45. S M

    S M

    Dag siden

    Shut, and I can't express this enough, the ever loving fuck up. You are not helping in any possible way the people that struggle with this every single day. I don't care if this is a troll or a way for your gross excuse of an existence to get views and clicks, but I honestly hope you disappear into obscurity where you belong.

  46. Kailey Hamilton

    Kailey Hamilton

    Dag siden

    When you start doing testosterone, get top surgery/start binding, chop off your hair and try to pass as a man people might believe you but right now you just sound dumb. You are crying on camera about being trans while showing your tits. You can't just claim to be trans and dysphoric while showing your breasts and not at all trying to pass.

  47. Spider Kid

    Spider Kid

    Dag siden

    No one is saying you're a women because of you body parts, it's the fact of what you're saying you're contradicting everything you say not even 10 seconds after saying it..

  48. mArianka kAlinowska

    mArianka kAlinowska

    Dag siden

    the lgbtq+ community is made of loving, kind but also sensitiv people that have been through hell and back because of their sexuality or gender. you can’t just throw terms that so many identify with. this terms are part of people lifes and they make them theyselfs. you have to educate yourself before you say something like this.

  49. Taylu Green

    Taylu Green

    Dag siden

    I like her tan.

  50. Bohemian Weasel

    Bohemian Weasel

    Dag siden

    If you were a transgender male, you wouldn’t refer to your female body parts as ‘boobs’ and ‘vagina’. I should know this since I myself am a trans male. If you really want people to believe you’re trans, then don’t have your chest out in a video, don’t where crazy nails, and change your clothing style and hair. People probably think you’re not trans because you are known for these trolling videos in the past. I am not trying to put you down, Trisha, but if you want people to believe you’re trans, stop the trolling videos, change up your style, and don’t refer to your female body parts as ‘boobs’ and ‘vagina’. If you are a trans male, and you’re dressing the way you are now, you would have soooo much dysphoria. I’m honestly just trying to help but like I said before if you want people to believe you’re trans then change up your look. But don’t do it unless you’re 100% sure about it.

  51. Louie Dale

    Louie Dale

    Dag siden

    You should have used better judgement to decide whether honesty was the most important thing in this case. You don't fully understand being transgender or the transgender community and going by this video it doesn't seem that you're really listening either. In your coming out video and in this video you have made many statements that spread misinformation and are actually harmful to the transgender community. If you actually watched the reaction videos made by trans people, you would see that they are genuinely trying to educate you and give you the benefit of the doubt. It seems to me that you rushed into posting about this online with little to no regard for the T in the LGBTQ Plus community you claim to love and respect. I appreciate that you are struggling and confused, and that you want to express things you're going through online in the hopes that it will reach somebody else, but these very early stages of figuring yourself out should be done offline. I hope that you will start paying attention to what the trans community is saying and find acceptance from other people in your personal life and for yourself.

    • Louie Dale

      Louie Dale

      Dag siden

      Also this video shouldn't be monetized. Seems very disingenuous.

  52. Spencer Karter

    Spencer Karter

    Dag siden

    I would still fuck it

  53. Perri’s Kitchen

    Perri’s Kitchen

    Dag siden

    All I want to say is people are being too harsh on Trisha because she is confused. Yes She doesn’t know much about the lgbt community 🏳️‍🌈 she is trying to understand and she is apologising for not knowing. I just don’t understand why people are being this rude to her. I have been with Trisha for a while now and just because she does not look like a male or trans in any way we should support her and give her (positive) feedback to help her along the way. Tbh in the last video were she was explaining what she classified as, yes it was very confusing what she was trying to explain but if she has multiple feelings about genders she could either be Transgender or gender fluid. I hope this made you feel better Trisha if you will ever read this and please leave better feedback in the comments. Have a nice rest of the day!!! =)

  54. Eva Newburn

    Eva Newburn

    Dag siden

    Nobody should get hate for coming out, y’all talk about pride and shit but when someone comes out y’all freak the fuck out smh

  55. Dan White

    Dan White

    Dag siden

    Nobody cares about you or your content. Get off the drugs lady

  56. I cant Think Right

    I cant Think Right

    Dag siden

    This is how every apology video starts

  57. Kristin D

    Kristin D

    Dag siden

    Whyyyy hasn't natural selection taken this broad out yet....?

  58. Ash T

    Ash T

    Dag siden

    This is repulsive. I've specifically been avoiding watching her 'apologies', but people in my life are associating ME, a Trans man with dysphoria, with her. I've fought so hard to be taken seriously and this, this sends me back to square one! I can't believe she's still doing this. She makes Trans people look like a joke. Cut the crap.

  59. Arianna Edenshaw

    Arianna Edenshaw

    Dag siden

    Trisha I love you but u need to take a break and figure it out and learn to love your self and work on your self esteem

  60. Neila stone

    Neila stone

    Dag siden

    You have boobs. And a vagina. You dress like a woman. YOUR A FEMALE