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  1. Acedd Chronic

    Acedd Chronic

    13 timer siden

    Train: Arrives At Station Ethan: Exactly where I expected that to go

  2. Queeb 1

    Queeb 1

    Dag siden

    U know on the movie and tv show one i guessed it like as soon as they got the s but ofc these guys dont get it😂

  3. Damo Holmes

    Damo Holmes

    3 dager siden

    I really don’t like josh

  4. General Grievous

    General Grievous

    3 dager siden

    3:57 to who ever says josh ain’t funny

  5. Blayne Williams

    Blayne Williams

    3 dager siden

    @59:02 anybody notice their mics stop working for like 5 seconds 😂

  6. Nza Ali

    Nza Ali

    4 dager siden


  7. Tsola _21

    Tsola _21

    4 dager siden

    Most entertaining sidemen game

  8. Draugr


    4 dager siden

    Ethan is genuinely just about the most revolting human being out of the lot.

    • NutSupplier


      3 dager siden

      chill man, jeeez

  9. Jordan Mudge

    Jordan Mudge

    5 dager siden

    ow much is 50 pound to usd dollar??

  10. Heyop


    5 dager siden

    Josh just makes these vids long

  11. PieLover- Joe

    PieLover- Joe

    5 dager siden

    I wish ksi just straight up flipped the table in rage

  12. David Nowak

    David Nowak

    6 dager siden

    Do another video with babatunde

  13. Dylan Kilrane

    Dylan Kilrane

    6 dager siden


  14. Kevin KANG

    Kevin KANG

    7 dager siden

    why is josh so biased... jj gets treated unfairly sometimes

  15. Orla Orla

    Orla Orla

    8 dager siden

    Love ALL your videos I can see them over and over again❤

  16. Jude


    9 dager siden

    I like the bit where Tobi guesses it straight away

  17. Xander Day

    Xander Day

    9 dager siden

    What’s Ethans trim though

  18. Bailey Holohan

    Bailey Holohan

    9 dager siden

    Ethan looks like a btec eddie hall😂

  19. tired af

    tired af

    9 dager siden

    If harry didnt say "nononononononnoo" he wouldve got it what an idiot lmao

  20. Emanuel Lerma

    Emanuel Lerma

    9 dager siden


  21. CfCFan99


    10 dager siden


  22. Jan Sukser

    Jan Sukser

    10 dager siden

    I would watch but josh is a host

  23. HalfLemming


    10 dager siden

    tobi sounds like crash 2:06

  24. HiMyNameIsJakeAble


    10 dager siden

    One of the FUNNIEST Sidemen video, hands down.

  25. hacediggy


    10 dager siden

    Wheel of F O U R C H O O N

  26. Jay Glen

    Jay Glen

    10 dager siden

    Love when harry Asks for the giveaways to be stopped 😂

  27. AAFIFA 2000

    AAFIFA 2000

    11 dager siden

    Simon is a wasteman ngl

  28. lourdes edejer

    lourdes edejer

    11 dager siden


  29. hi there

    hi there

    11 dager siden

    In this video ethan looks like chuck lidel

  30. Spygon


    11 dager siden

    Tobi is smart

  31. Jimmy's World

    Jimmy's World

    12 dager siden

    to be fair JJ was write on the first question the discount code should of been Yes

  32. ItsaMeRBY


    12 dager siden

    1:34 I know it was a joke, but mad props to Harry for mentioning non-binary people

  33. gamer tag 1

    gamer tag 1

    12 dager siden

    What does josh say before harry breaks the wheel

  34. Gaming Predator82

    Gaming Predator82

    12 dager siden

    I swear I knew the food one before anyone even started guessing

  35. Legendary Jizoh

    Legendary Jizoh

    12 dager siden

    dude im in america and as soon as he said landmark i knew what it was lol, vik and simon might actually be mentally ill XD

  36. Lil McNugget

    Lil McNugget

    13 dager siden

    Harry lost KSI his points his turn and his £200

  37. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    13 dager siden

    I’m not willafootune🤣

  38. XOXC Popcorn

    XOXC Popcorn

    13 dager siden

    Josh is trash

  39. Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams

    14 dager siden


  40. Declan Winland

    Declan Winland

    14 dager siden

    JJ: can’t get points Wheel at 22:08 : kKK

  41. ProRavin


    14 dager siden

    Who thought fortune was fortnite

  42. Kenzie Kopacz

    Kenzie Kopacz

    14 dager siden

    Is ski dead

  43. Koalacha


    14 dager siden

    Okay I saw the amount of letters needed and immediately saw orange is the new black, if it’s not I’m going to scream Edit: I’m proud of myself and disappointed in all of them

  44. JustDragonBall


    14 dager siden

    Lol Harry still made it

  45. DA BAWSE


    15 dager siden

    51:02 HILARIOUS

  46. ttvgregpaul


    15 dager siden

    22:07 *JJ and Tobi have left the chat*

  47. Samvathsar Messi

    Samvathsar Messi

    15 dager siden

    JJ and Harry turned up to be so luck that they got in to the good team in the road trip(I know u guys r like JJ joined later, but JJ joined just before the actual fun started(he just missed a lambo ride)), if u guys dont get i am trying to say then check out the road trip video!!!!

  48. Chas Hutt

    Chas Hutt

    16 dager siden

    When they got T and H I new it was orange is the new black

  49. Flamingo_boy 69

    Flamingo_boy 69

    16 dager siden

    I cant believe I sag through a side men video

  50. Polski Chłopaczek

    Polski Chłopaczek

    16 dager siden

    Do a sidemen match attax pack opening

  51. Shane Cooper

    Shane Cooper

    17 dager siden

    your videos are super good

  52. Moiz Khan

    Moiz Khan

    17 dager siden

    just so u know the K in KSI stands for "knowledge" so yeah....

  53. Muller12


    17 dager siden

    17:07 sounded like Josh said the n word

    • ella londoño

      ella londoño

      15 dager siden

      it really didn't lol

  54. Mehul Sahni

    Mehul Sahni

    17 dager siden

    57:37 stole my heart.

  55. Jason Reza

    Jason Reza

    17 dager siden

    Harry and JJ we’re still on the good team

  56. Emma Richardson

    Emma Richardson

    18 dager siden

    Leaving tower of Pisa-first round

  57. Brady Collins

    Brady Collins

    18 dager siden

    the only things ethan got are food or drink lol spaghetti bolognese and koko kanu rum

  58. The Weird Art GUY

    The Weird Art GUY

    18 dager siden

    Foreshadowing 1:07



      14 dager siden

      S - X

  59. Gayle Diack

    Gayle Diack

    18 dager siden


  60. Crow Jackson

    Crow Jackson

    18 dager siden

    when JJ finds out he won the fight 37:08