How I Became RICH At Age 20... 100% True (Share My Story Reaction)

RobertIDK is back uploading to NOplayer and I (Gloom) am ready to celebrate by showing him a horrible story about a gold digger who tricks a sweet old lady into loving him and becomes wealthy. Cute eh?
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  1. RobertIDK


    25 dager siden

    Thanks for having me homie!! I will never trust a Michael again

    • suraiya hassan

      suraiya hassan

      18 timer siden

      Woah congrats for 4K+ likes for ya comment! :0

    • •xXHøpė_ ÇrÿśtåłXx•

      •xXHøpė_ ÇrÿśtåłXx•

      Dag siden

      Madii_Gachabean it doesn’t really matter if your first comment

    • Julia De la O

      Julia De la O

      Dag siden

      I like this guy

    • Crystina Amulet

      Crystina Amulet

      2 dager siden

      RobertIDK you should also never trust a *brian* either

    • Maycie Petrie

      Maycie Petrie

      2 dager siden

      Hay Gloom my name is Maycie I love your video’s

  2. Lilian Alradhi

    Lilian Alradhi

    2 minutter siden

    If his mom has 500.000 why can she not bye a car to him

  3. Wendeey Alanis

    Wendeey Alanis

    26 minutter siden

    Ryan Gosling, let's go!😂😂😂

  4. Ayslee Cardinal

    Ayslee Cardinal

    31 minutt siden

    “I want it now!!!”

  5. Kitty Bramwells

    Kitty Bramwells

    4 timer siden

    Michael: I will ring the bell outside. Me: why don’t you do inside and ring the random door bell on the wall?

  6. Kitty Bramwells

    Kitty Bramwells

    4 timer siden

    Micheal: I feel so sorry for you. Your family is trying to take your money after you die! So sorry. Micheal after she dies: I AM IN THE MONEY! 🤑

  7. Kitty Bramwells

    Kitty Bramwells

    4 timer siden

    This is fake but that does not change the fact that the woman is 72 and my lucky number is 72! (No joke) And my others lucky numbers are 8 and 9

  8. Alex Herrera

    Alex Herrera

    4 timer siden

    My grandma is 72

  9. GachaHuskyDog2


    5 timer siden

    my mom did at 95

  10. Nyan ortzz

    Nyan ortzz

    8 timer siden

    That old lady looks like old Elsa with short hair, wearing Anna's outfit... (Lol)

  11. Bukkym


    9 timer siden

    When I was a young millionaire my wife died 💊⚰️

  12. Aubrey S

    Aubrey S

    17 timer siden


  13. suraiya hassan

    suraiya hassan

    18 timer siden

    wait apoligies wit.. the bully`s name is paul.. A-PAUL-AGIES! :0

  14. Alessa cassels

    Alessa cassels

    20 timer siden

    The nice old lady kicked the bucket

  15. Abraham Miller

    Abraham Miller

    21 time siden

    13:04 DO U MEAN ELIZEBATH?!?! LOL!!!

  16. Aubrey S

    Aubrey S

    22 timer siden

    is it just me or does Robert sound like Micheal

  17. Best_ Anime

    Best_ Anime

    23 timer siden

    infuencing kids to stea!!! how dare u

  18. Bryce Blackmore

    Bryce Blackmore

    23 timer siden

    It's funny how Gloom reacts to things like dis

  19. Wassup-_- Homie

    Wassup-_- Homie

    Dag siden

    7:28 rubs his chest

  20. Samantha Orourke

    Samantha Orourke

    Dag siden

    Michael is probably non-existing

  21. Mike King

    Mike King

    Dag siden


  22. The Snuggle show

    The Snuggle show

    Dag siden

    I bet his first jake get it Paul jake jake Paul

  23. Parker Wilkinson

    Parker Wilkinson

    Dag siden

    Robert u were sooo much fun

  24. Yi Alexander

    Yi Alexander

    Dag siden

    😇 👗 👟

  25. Adrian Martin

    Adrian Martin

    Dag siden

    What bank will actually give you 5m in cash

  26. Ivay


    Dag siden

    72 is young to die.....my grandpa die when he has 63. So is not that fair

  27. Heba Rashad

    Heba Rashad

    Dag siden

    Me:Exactly 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Heba Rashad

    Heba Rashad

    Dag siden

    Him:uhhhhhhh (chuckle) 😅😅

  29. Richard Gill

    Richard Gill

    Dag siden

    RobertIDk. Does Gloom/Kassie/Kassima,Know who messyourself is.

  30. Heba Rashad

    Heba Rashad

    Dag siden

    Me:If your parents and you are poor then how did your parents pay for your school and how did your parents pay for your birth and for the doctor who got you out of your moms stomach and how did your parents pay for your stuff huh???????????

  31. - DRAgon -

    - DRAgon -

    Dag siden

    robert has a channel call Twin coconuts

  32. cookie in milk cz

    cookie in milk cz

    Dag siden

    2:51 hey i was fishing a few times but i never pull out a human from water..........

  33. Freya Wilson

    Freya Wilson

    Dag siden

    Why OLD!? Can’t u just marry a young pretty rich woman?

  34. Harrison master5

    Harrison master5

    Dag siden

    How how I have see this before

  35. Kaleb Ivy

    Kaleb Ivy

    Dag siden

    How is he poor but has a iPhone 10🧐

  36. 아보카도여자


    Dag siden

    People in 2020 not realizing this man is inventor of WhatsApp

  37. Aubrey S

    Aubrey S

    Dag siden

    Robert:"he will probably spend the money on Xbox games" wears a Play Station shirt

  38. Sharon A

    Sharon A

    Dag siden

    At least the mother got the. Money I love my mom

  39. Gabriela Acevedo

    Gabriela Acevedo

    Dag siden

    ummm weird

  40. Unicorn Squad

    Unicorn Squad

    2 dager siden

    Haha 🤣

  41. De Knees

    De Knees

    2 dager siden

    Wait where have I seen Rob before? Like I feel like I've seen his face but I haven't heard of his name or yt

  42. A E S T H E T I C B O O

    A E S T H E T I C B O O

    2 dager siden

    I would be embarrassed to put this online that your a gold digger..........

  43. iiChocolateloverteaii


    2 dager siden

    7:28 who else...um experienced that? 🤢

  44. Dharma Watkins

    Dharma Watkins

    2 dager siden

    Mr. Breast Gave Away 3 Lamborghini’s And His Latest Video Mr. Beast Also Gave His Girlfriend 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day!

  45. Drysta squad

    Drysta squad

    2 dager siden

    But my mom died three days before her birthday so it can't be that people die once they are done with a big celebration

  46. BlueBerry Grape

    BlueBerry Grape

    2 dager siden

    if the ticket was 500 and he only had 500 how did he rent the suit?

  47. Lucia Jakubeková

    Lucia Jakubeková

    2 dager siden

    Where did he get money for a computer if he was THAT poor?🤷‍♀️

  48. Abbigail Ramirez

    Abbigail Ramirez

    2 dager siden

    *SNAP*Mr.beast in da house

  49. lalla ndiaye

    lalla ndiaye

    2 dager siden

    money can t make you happy

  50. Nathaly Rodrigues

    Nathaly Rodrigues

    2 dager siden

    My brother name is Paul

  51. MrGuy


    2 dager siden

    If the womans the grandma her daughters/sons stepdad is younger than them

  52. Cassie Elderd

    Cassie Elderd

    2 dager siden

    Wait Robert is from dope or nope

  53. evan juniorfluufy

    evan juniorfluufy

    2 dager siden

    Mr beast gave away a Lamborghini

  54. ayes2360 ayes2360

    ayes2360 ayes2360

    2 dager siden

    im so happy he gave his money to his mom!

  55. Poppy Stewart

    Poppy Stewart

    2 dager siden

    Did Robert start singing the black parade 😂

  56. erin hanson

    erin hanson

    2 dager siden

    The lady is around nine or 10 years older than my grandpa

  57. Becky Backhaus

    Becky Backhaus

    2 dager siden

    This video your watching gloom is fake she's 75 but born in 2005!!!👵👩

  58. Beanie


    2 dager siden

    I wonder how many wallets he had...?

  59. Digital Wolf

    Digital Wolf

    2 dager siden

    Was that drake in her contacts

  60. Cat Lover

    Cat Lover

    2 dager siden

    It is young for people but my grandma died in 70s to.