UFC 242: Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier Octagon Interviews

The most dominant fighter in UFC history, Khabib Nurmagomedov,
moves to 28-0 with a submission victory over challenger Dustin Poirier at UFC 242: Khabib vs Poirier.
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  1. 1 Million Subs Without any videos

    1 Million Subs Without any videos

    Dag siden

    6k unlike from McGregor and his idiot fans

  2. Jacob Cordova

    Jacob Cordova

    2 dager siden

    Who wins mattson vs khabib

  3. Luciano Fiore

    Luciano Fiore

    3 dager siden

    Dustin is a great champion and a good man, but he must not be depressed by his defeat with Nurmagomedov because the Russian is really far beyond his reach. He has nothing to complain about himself because the difference is huge, in fact he did not have the slightest chance. So it would be better for him to bathe in humility and accept sporting defeat and win as a man!

  4. Tokyo Drift

    Tokyo Drift

    3 dager siden

    Y'all talk shit about Conor. Meanwhile he laughs at y'alls bank account.

  5. Ali Hassan

    Ali Hassan

    4 dager siden

    Dustin is a class act and a certified scrapper. Khabib was just the wrong style completely for him.

  6. Saman Rostami

    Saman Rostami

    5 dager siden

    "Honestly, I don't know why I have so much everything in my life." Print this phrase on a A4, and stick it somewhere you can see everyday

  7. Alex Hwang

    Alex Hwang

    8 dager siden

    this is number 1 respect

  8. Kevin Martinez

    Kevin Martinez

    8 dager siden

    Khabib is a true Role model for not only athletes, but for everyone. Honestly my favorite fighter of all time!

  9. Jorge Manuel

    Jorge Manuel

    8 dager siden

    The best fighter in WORLD

  10. Youssef Al kaoussi

    Youssef Al kaoussi

    9 dager siden

    Allah is the Greatest, I witness but there is no god but God, and they bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger

  11. Theinfernus


    9 dager siden

    number 1 p4p Khabib time!!

  12. Eddie Suarez

    Eddie Suarez

    9 dager siden

    Khabib and his father thats the greatest

  13. andro_uz gameplay

    andro_uz gameplay

    10 dager siden

    Dustin Poirier➡️👕📦➡️Uzbekistan💲

  14. HO VLOG


    10 dager siden

    maj what you doing ther

  15. Umar Khan

    Umar Khan

    10 dager siden

    Whose here after khabib beats tony & still

  16. davatchi official

    davatchi official

    12 dager siden

    this man is the best

  17. Miguel Delgado

    Miguel Delgado

    13 dager siden

    This man is so fucking humble he’ll beat the shit out of you then probably go bowl with his family

  18. Marwan Akbar

    Marwan Akbar

    13 dager siden

    Setiap Khabib ucapkan Alhamdulillah (segala sanjungan pujian untuk Allah), spontan bulu kuduk saya merinding. Dan untuk Dustin lebih baik dari McGregor. Salam hormat untuk Khabib👍 💪

  19. Pushkar Mahajan

    Pushkar Mahajan

    15 dager siden

    Damn feel sad for Poirier

  20. saiful azwan

    saiful azwan

    15 dager siden

    conor trashtalk

  21. Reygn Music

    Reygn Music

    16 dager siden


  22. Jordan Balchin

    Jordan Balchin

    16 dager siden

    Only person U let down Dustin was yourself mate I can see that in your eyes and your voice don't need to explain to people like us . If any1 has any idea wat U guys do to push yourself to the limit. It's the true fans that push them selfs to limit as well . There just passionate people , like yourself . U just need to find that extra gear or 2 just like khabib , Tony and Connor , then once U find that U will really fit in against the truely best fighters . Iv seen U come along wAy in the sport Dustin I remember when U were a skinny underdeveloped fighter , U have grown so much and I can see U getting so much better but let it go push yourself even more , U have it in U and U know that as well . As I said just let it all go and then truely U will understand wat the best fighters really have

  23. Trainer ANIL ARORA

    Trainer ANIL ARORA

    16 dager siden

    why he doesn't prepare for other weight divisions. ..? For long he is fighting at 155 only .. To be great and legend in ufc you have to beat atleast some other weight division champions also.. then u can be a great legend, king,... ... As a person he is very good human being and great fighter also.. 👍👍👍... hope he will fight in other weight divisions also.. 👍👍😊

  24. hauntyoo


    16 dager siden

    This interview demonstrates how invinsible women are made in a culture where Khabib comes from.

  25. Ali Hamza

    Ali Hamza

    17 dager siden

    Man should be full of dignity such like khabib😘😘

  26. All In One

    All In One

    17 dager siden

    Love and respect 😍😍😍

  27. Sir Trollsalot

    Sir Trollsalot

    18 dager siden

    I’ve never seen this kind of humility. It’s both inspiring and saddening

  28. Richard Barton

    Richard Barton

    18 dager siden

    you have got way more to learn than me!! I know what I am talking about. Muslims are decieved by satan himself.. The Koran is not inspired by the Holy Spirit! Jesus is LORD!

  29. Fahad malik

    Fahad malik

    18 dager siden

    Alhamdulilah ❤👍

  30. Lila Imda

    Lila Imda

    19 dager siden

    Al hamdoulilah mashallah 🤲🏼

  31. World Taste8

    World Taste8

    19 dager siden

    Great fight some one has to loose and other to win @ after this fight I Respect way more Dustin he not just a good fighter but great guy 👊🏻

  32. co co

    co co

    20 dager siden

    As a Russian iam very proud of you bro

  33. skycezz R11

    skycezz R11

    20 dager siden


  34. Masarif log on

    Masarif log on

    21 dag siden

    The best👍💯 ufc fight khabib

  35. Muhammad Aamir

    Muhammad Aamir

    22 dager siden

    Nothing but respect man❤❤

  36. NHD Channel

    NHD Channel

    24 dager siden

    Khabib 🦅Will Maul😈 Tony Ferguson On 18 April 29.0☝️🦅🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇

  37. Richard Barton

    Richard Barton

    24 dager siden

    Khabib is a great fighter!! But He is in error concerning his praise to the WRONG God!! allah is the "moon god!! He is not the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!! God (Yhwy) of the Bible!! Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!! NO ONE comes to the Father except through Him!! sorry muslims.. you got it terribly wrong!

    • Mahed Husayn

      Mahed Husayn

      23 dager siden

      Only God can guide you. Go to the middle east where Jesus is from and see what the arab Christians there call God. You have alot to learn

  38. Rockerzz


    26 dager siden

    Dustin porier respect for you...

  39. Tabu Nguki

    Tabu Nguki

    26 dager siden

    Love Dustin, for his words, true athleticism

  40. Bad Goyim

    Bad Goyim

    26 dager siden

    I like how khabib has became the star he so rightly deserved been a fan since the Johnson fight and you gotta love porier

  41. Saad


    26 dager siden

    er resembles the Quran greatness walking as human

  42. Saad


    26 dager siden

    er resembles the Quran greatness walking as human

  43. Joe Wolf

    Joe Wolf

    26 dager siden

    When the fight is not in USA, the crowd do not boo anyone for their religion or nationality. It exposes the lack of class in Americans and hopefully teaches them one or two things about being a human.

  44. Delivery work

    Delivery work

    27 dager siden

    "Javier a little bit older than my father, i think he need to talk first" wow the respect.

  45. Nuh Remy

    Nuh Remy

    27 dager siden

    this is the true humble. unlike conor. its so obvious that conor is faking is humble

  46. Lennie Lønbjerg

    Lennie Lønbjerg

    27 dager siden

    Conor McGregor literally not in the video. Comments: 90% mentioning conor....

  47. Sunny Jaiswar

    Sunny Jaiswar

    28 dager siden

    You No what I respect you and I don't respect your community because I no it's origin and you all are fake

  48. Pappa Nasty

    Pappa Nasty

    28 dager siden best fight😂

  49. Хозяин России

    Хозяин России

    28 dager siden

    Khabib is not Russian by nationality. he is Caucasian. at world championships and olympic games, Russia receives medals only thanks to Caucasians. and everyone thinks that if from Russia it means Russian. it's not that

    • Saad Waheed

      Saad Waheed

      16 dager siden

      wtf are you on about russian is not an ethnicity. Russian is a nationality. By your way of logic no hispanic man in usa is american?

  50. Jesse I. Santra

    Jesse I. Santra

    29 dager siden

    Love Khabib - from India (with toilet btw)

  51. Shah Fahad

    Shah Fahad

    29 dager siden

    I love you khabib

  52. Raging Ebola

    Raging Ebola

    Måned siden

    Khabib kids are ugly AF !! Big nose ugly lil bastards

    • Jesse I. Santra

      Jesse I. Santra

      29 dager siden

      @Raging Ebola You need counseling nigga

    • shababchy


      29 dager siden

      @Raging Ebola kids got more money than whatever shit stained country you're from tho

    • Raging Ebola

      Raging Ebola

      29 dager siden

      selangor- 7 oh. Thanks for the info brah. Did not know that. Still .... ugly lil fuckers eh

    • selangor- 7

      selangor- 7

      Måned siden

      Take soooome bbbbbbbb

    • selangor- 7

      selangor- 7

      Måned siden

      Oh man

  53. Raging Ebola

    Raging Ebola

    Måned siden

    Are those two lil big nose bastards Khabib’s kids?

  54. Eunice Obonyo

    Eunice Obonyo

    Måned siden

    Love you, Dustin. Good luck sir!

    • El Mahry.

      El Mahry.

      Måned siden

      Eeh Omera, basi angalau mpe pongezi Khabib :p

  55. Zezo qv88

    Zezo qv88

    Måned siden

    We need Khabib vs Ferguson

    • selangor- 7

      selangor- 7

      Måned siden


  56. Yung Slimzy

    Yung Slimzy

    Måned siden

    why did he just dodge tony like that 😭 I feel like tony gonna beat him though but not conor and I’m a huge mccgregor fan

  57. All In One

    All In One

    Måned siden

    This is called sports sprit

  58. Mercurey


    Måned siden

    Conor still the face of the UFC

  59. Muhammed Shawashreh

    Muhammed Shawashreh

    Måned siden

    I'd honestly never feel ashamed had i lost to someone of khabib's manners. I'd even be more than proud to have him as a friend and gain his respect Well done to both , they deserve best of the best ❤

  60. Eiger Consina

    Eiger Consina

    Måned siden

    Alhamdulillah i love u khabib