FIRST LOOK: Porsche Taycan Turbo | Top Gear

The Taycan isn’t just another new EV, it’s potentially a nail in the coffin of petrol-fuelled performance cars. Can Porsche pull it off? Well, let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix take you through all the nooks and crannies of the £116k all-electric, Porsche Taycan Turbo. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  1. PiTCH BLaCK


    14 timer siden

    I felt a dagger going through my heart when i saw the white one...

  2. sbmphr


    Dag siden

    This millionaires toy wouldn't even exist without "a certain American manufacture" 3:00 creating the EV revolution.

  3. bretz71


    4 dager siden

    Poor-sha Tie-con. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

  4. riccccccardo


    8 dager siden

    So basically in the future only wealthy people will be able to afford to drive and the plebs will have to get the bus or walk.

  5. MrPCT007


    18 dager siden

    First thing I'd do....DEBADGE....

  6. Don Kanis

    Don Kanis

    20 dager siden

    When this super duper expialadocious Turbo-rino Porsche super car of the future can match the mileage of a 2010 Tesla model S and they install 1500 charging stations I might become interested if they lowered the price by $70,000.00.

  7. Gabriel salgado

    Gabriel salgado

    23 dager siden

    Taycan not tiecan

  8. julio nuñez

    julio nuñez

    Måned siden

    What a joke top gear has become.

  9. Appaches


    Måned siden

    Hammar car!!!!

  10. Demarr C

    Demarr C

    Måned siden

    2:20-3:08, this is the reason most car elitist have lost large amounts of respect for TopGear. This guy just said smaller wiring cause less heat, the car weights more than the American car maker you spoke of they have to have smaller wires. Lelf your balls in the tiny back seat of the taycan i see

  11. Marshall Malcolm

    Marshall Malcolm

    Måned siden

    Ah yes waking up late only to realize I didn’t plug my car in properly last night.

  12. Ambassador For Christ

    Ambassador For Christ

    Måned siden

    Sadly Crash tests don't show, Burning Smoking Battery Platforms. Or how we wait forever for a Charge. Do not buy a E. V car until you can drive up, have battery pulled and install full charged replacement pay 40 bucks and go on your merry way.

  13. Claus Wolfgang Meyer

    Claus Wolfgang Meyer

    Måned siden

    They always have the tools to top themselves: 👌

  14. Pary Bhavnaani

    Pary Bhavnaani

    Måned siden

    Great car, but when the hell will they going to produce cars for the masses - Tesla clearly has the pulse of the future and will move ahead way faster than this car in terms of scalability! Electric cars should be developed for the benefit of the masses which will truly reduce all the silly fossil burning.......

  15. Kelly CC

    Kelly CC

    2 måneder siden

    201 miles? Yeah, NO! lol

  16. Gyro Ball

    Gyro Ball

    2 måneder siden

    OK. I get it. You want a EV track car - you get the Porsche Taycan. But with 201 mi range ..... how do you drive out of town to the track then back home again? Will Porsche/VW be installing level 3 chargers at every track in the country? And when? As for fast charging; Taycan's 800V advantage for fast charging to 80% is now meaningless. 80% of 201 is only 160miles. The more practical metric is not how fast to 80% but how many miles/min or other unit of time. A slower 150kW charger on an more efficient Tesla drivetrain will in fact give you more miles/time than a Taycan on VW's 270kV. (if u can find one).

  17. MyEyesBled


    2 måneder siden

    UPDATE: Porsche is very upset! The US EPA just gave the Taycan a maximum range of 201 miles. Next to a Tesla's incredible range, Porsche’s Taycan’s EPA range makes It the least Efficient EV on the market!

  18. John Mobley

    John Mobley

    2 måneder siden

    Awesome, paying homage to the turbo models nice touch. Porsche engineering is truly in the upper echelon of automotive manufacturing.

  19. eknoo


    2 måneder siden

    Time for an update? . Range: 201 EPA miles .

  20. M W

    M W

    2 måneder siden

    Was ich nie verstehen werde - ich kaufe ein Auto weit 100.000 Euro und das Kabel liegt wie bei jedem Billighersteller im Dreck und wird klatschnass oder voller Schnee oder Hundesch...e in den Kofferraum geworfen. Warum hat es die Industrie nach über 10 Jahren immer noch nicht geschafft, an den Schnellladestationen 5m lange, ausziehbare Kabel wie an jeder Tankstellenzapfsäule anzubieten? Ich parke doch auch nicht auf dem Rastplatz, um dann mit meinem eigenen, stinkenden 20 Liter Kanister Diesel zu meinem Auto zu schleppen. Aber für diesen Gedanken sind unsere Hightech-Ingenieure aller eAuto-Produzenten vermutlich schlichtweg überqualifiziert.

  21. Martinos Morlandez

    Martinos Morlandez

    2 måneder siden

    Well presented clip.

  22. Kelly Hatcher

    Kelly Hatcher

    2 måneder siden

    The reason this is better than Tesla is, one it's beautiful, two it's not a throwaway car like the tesla. Oh, it has real driving dynamics. Did I mention its actually beautiful, also built by a skilled manufacturer.

  23. Ricardo Caldeira

    Ricardo Caldeira

    2 måneder siden

    Looks like a car from RidgeRacer

  24. rk h

    rk h

    2 måneder siden

    paint color sucks. the wheels suck even more

  25. Vision33r


    2 måneder siden

    Adding a Turbo will likely slow it down more and hurt its overall range.

  26. hector segura

    hector segura

    2 måneder siden

    I need one of theses.

  27. Pradeep Ram

    Pradeep Ram

    3 måneder siden

    Is it me or does the Taycan look like what a four door version of the new Supra would look like?

  28. Wayne andrews

    Wayne andrews

    3 måneder siden

    Its .. " porcha " pussy features ..

  29. kappapisigma1


    3 måneder siden

    conveniently ignores the very prominent analogue gauge/dial in the center of the dashboard

  30. Walter


    3 måneder siden

    Very beautiful car ! But you must learn to say Porsche correctly ! It is not Porsch ! There is an e at the end of the word ! Say it : Porr-chez ! Say it again and learn it ! cheers 😘🚀⭐️

  31. Episcopal Ch. Uk

    Episcopal Ch. Uk

    3 måneder siden

    Without the turbo badge it would look like a glorified wheelchair

  32. 11234231423423


    3 måneder siden

    This is the car the tesla model s p100d beats but top gear keeps lying about, correct?

  33. Murat Ege

    Murat Ege

    3 måneder siden

    'TAYCAN" means in order tay-; young horse and -can; soul in turkish n turkic languages. It s come from that.

  34. James Hoffman

    James Hoffman

    3 måneder siden

    Check out TopGears fraudulent match-up between Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S

  35. James Hoffman

    James Hoffman

    3 måneder siden

    TopFraud apparently in VW’s diesel-soaked pocket

  36. hunati31


    3 måneder siden

    Good luck to Porche next year. They can shit in their pants as the TESLA ROASTER will beat anyone at anytime.

  37. Os sa

    Os sa

    3 måneder siden

    Some days Germany constructor from Porsche company visited the Kyrgyz Republic he was astonished by kyrgyz hunting dog especially by the name and translation of this name (as "catch up and kill" the taigun/taican/taykan translated from kyrgyz). And when Porsche Co was choosing the name to "kill" Tesla S electrocar for their new electrocar, they have chosen Taycan, Porsche Taycan. Porsche put a bit different letters in order do not break the authors right (taigun, taican, taykan), since the World got the car named Porsche Taycan ("catch up and kill" from kyrgyz). In Soviet time the germanium people lived in Kyrgyz Republic approximately 200 000 human, and nowadays approximately 20 000 human lives still.

  38. Steve Blomefield

    Steve Blomefield

    3 måneder siden

    why do I want to go 0-60 15 times in a morning?

  39. Steve Blomefield

    Steve Blomefield

    3 måneder siden

    Kluk Kluk Kluk. Turbo when there is no turbo. Huh?

  40. Timing


    3 måneder siden

    jack, it is quite amusing watching your squeezed into the rear seat and stated lying about the legroom.

  41. Miami Todd

    Miami Todd

    3 måneder siden

    Porsche Design Tower Miami

  42. Henry Nguyen

    Henry Nguyen

    3 måneder siden

    Hey! They made an all electric version of the new Supra!

  43. S A

    S A

    3 måneder siden

    is this really TopGear ?!! uhhh sorry can't watch if it's not Mr.Clarkson/Hammond or May 😩

  44. Paul


    3 måneder siden

    I think I just saw Elon at a Porsche dealership trying to buy one of these. He was wearing a disguise ( Mercedes EQS hat).

  45. 18magicMARKer


    3 måneder siden

    This is a pure stupid like porsche using the word ”turbo” looks more like a 911? Rather than a Panamerica

  46. BigAnimeTiddies


    3 måneder siden

    As exotic Euros go, Porsche has fast become my favorite manufacturer

  47. JMC PEPO


    3 måneder siden

    "Mellow greetings. What seems to be your boggle"

  48. Achmad K

    Achmad K

    3 måneder siden

    Taycan Huracan Macan Ican Youcan YesWecan 😂

  49. goozoo49


    4 måneder siden

    Sorry don’t like the shape.

  50. Abbas Esmailzadeh

    Abbas Esmailzadeh

    4 måneder siden

    front of the car looks sad.

  51. weizenobst müsli

    weizenobst müsli

    4 måneder siden

    When you see the quality of the interiour and of the car overall, you know how big the margin on a Tesla is :-DD

    • Sondre Anda

      Sondre Anda

      3 måneder siden

      @Ronald Nyandoro fair enough

    • Ronald Nyandoro

      Ronald Nyandoro

      3 måneder siden

      @Sondre Anda Porsche buyers have never concerned themselves with "everyday driving" as their main motivation.

    • Sondre Anda

      Sondre Anda

      3 måneder siden

      @weizenobst müsli still alot of money tbf. And you're still sacraficing a lot of range for some extra peformance which isnt really that relevant in everyday driving. Tbf i wouldnt really buy either of these cars. Would rather go for a model 3 performance(without auto pilot) as its cheaper with comperable range and performance.

    • weizenobst müsli

      weizenobst müsli

      3 måneder siden

      @Sondre Anda , not the non Turbo version. Its only 10k difference, zero if you buy the not yet working autonomous driving upgrade.

    • Sondre Anda

      Sondre Anda

      3 måneder siden

      Well it costs 80K ish more than the base model s so wadya expect?

  52. nertoni


    4 måneder siden

    The front looks a bit like the new Supra

  53. Tafwid Huda Eka Candra

    Tafwid Huda Eka Candra

    4 måneder siden

    Is there an ev cars that half-assed effort?

  54. not left blank not left blank

    not left blank not left blank

    4 måneder siden

    Where did they put the turbo?

  55. Paname514


    4 måneder siden

    A big nail in tesla's coffin.

  56. Gleb Lilichenko

    Gleb Lilichenko

    4 måneder siden

    I dont really understand why there is so much hype about that “porsche”??? Sorry “turbo porsche”. They did not made anything new. Tesla still killi g it in all parametes and still two times cheaper! Yes design is better, but model s 2020 will kill it all. Everybody was laughting about Ilon Mask before he changed the world with his cars, now everybody is laughting about porsche...Shame

  57. MC Mark Markson

    MC Mark Markson

    4 måneder siden

    Watching him felt like he was cheating on his wife/gf :D

  58. Zak Jansen

    Zak Jansen

    4 måneder siden

    2:35 I learned all that stuff charging my phones lol.

  59. majid alshamsi

    majid alshamsi

    4 måneder siden

    since there is a big market for European cars in most of the middle eastern countries, My question is will this particular car survive in the middle eastern countries climate since this car will be released there, the weather there is unbelievable especially in summer time it can (easily) reach 50c even some new cars suffer from overheating under some circumstances, and according to my simple knowledge the heat has huge impact on batteries performance Correct me if i’m wrong please

  60. that kid lvoe

    that kid lvoe

    4 måneder siden

    Purple rear headlights? Holy shit!