The Universal S

People from all over the world have been drawing this S-shaped symbol for decades yet no one seem to know anything about it. In this video I explore some of the popular origin theories and showcase my own findings after five years of on and off searching.

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Jazz Spastiks - Bananas Instrumental
Fabien Tell - Never Before
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Grant Newman - Last March of Heroes
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Jon Björk - Divisive Alliance
Charles Holme - Informal Parameters
Fabien Tell - The Farmer

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  1. Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán

    Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán

    2 timer siden

    I'm amazed he didn't touch the fact that humans are born to create symbols out of nothing because of their predisposition to patterns...

  2. yhbdanik


    4 timer siden

    never heard of it before watching this vid .

  3. Galaxy guy

    Galaxy guy

    5 timer siden

    4:33 bruh did I miss an episode where spongebob became a gangster?

  4. Kane DidWhat

    Kane DidWhat

    7 timer siden

    Someone in my math class in graved this logo into the desk

  5. C0c0 n4tt

    C0c0 n4tt

    14 timer siden

    10:52 THE GOD

  6. Adventure Fighter

    Adventure Fighter

    20 timer siden

    Maybe its just something we thought is cool, *no* story behind it

  7. Alex Choucair

    Alex Choucair

    Dag siden

    who miss the top 10 facts? likeee

  8. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat

    Dag siden

    Even Aliens know this Symbol

  9. Jafezy JD

    Jafezy JD

    Dag siden

    11:47 isn't guy from Buzzfeed unsolved?

  10. Ricky Ricardo

    Ricky Ricardo

    Dag siden

    that s is actually just what god looks like nbd

  11. Eily Sheehan

    Eily Sheehan

    2 dager siden

    My school referred to it as the graffiti S

  12. Blaze


    2 dager siden

    5:31 what about the countries which has nothing to do with The S because of no english exposure or no use of roman alphabets, i am talking about japan, korea, china, or mainly countries with different writing systems.

  13. JoshuaXD


    2 dager siden

    Call me miSter worldwide

  14. Ash Heaven

    Ash Heaven

    2 dager siden

    XD I thought this was going to be a troll. I love the sarcasm, though.

  15. Rosa


    3 dager siden

    People used to tell me it was super smash bros I’m from Australia

  16. ihateusernames


    3 dager siden

    I thought stussy was pronounced sta-see

  17. ihateusernames


    3 dager siden

    I thought stussy was pronounced sta-see

  18. ihateusernames


    3 dager siden

    We all called it the Chinese s and said it was a gang symbol at my school

  19. Sebastian Marquez

    Sebastian Marquez

    3 dager siden

    -Everyone: The Universal S -Me, a retard: The Universal 🅱️

  20. Chiatastic


    3 dager siden

    This video was hilarious ahaha

  21. Two Wheel Motoring

    Two Wheel Motoring

    3 dager siden

    this video is brought to you by the letter "S" and the number "8" ah ah ah ah

  22. (Insert Name Here)

    (Insert Name Here)

    3 dager siden

    bruh i drew this symbol 10 years ago along with my classmates at school and we completely forgot about it 'till i watched this video. I'm from Egypt.

  23. Brawlhalla Isaiah

    Brawlhalla Isaiah

    3 dager siden

    Like 3 of my friends practically worship this We’re in middle school.

  24. HMS Africa

    HMS Africa

    3 dager siden

    ah yes, the doogie s

  25. kawaiiDango


    3 dager siden

    I used to draw that too, just because my friend showed it to me, but he used to draw 4 lines and then curve the ends instead of making it pointy.

  26. Mighel do PUBG

    Mighel do PUBG

    3 dager siden

    Man i tought that this "S" was to represent Skyrim

  27. DragonSoul龍


    3 dager siden

    7:58 i used to do it usually unconsciously, without anyone learning it to me

  28. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    4 dager siden

    everyone at my school called it the "super S"

  29. Kronaz邪児


    4 dager siden

    Anyone who thinks this is a Stussy S is mentally disabled. It never was, and never will be, you simpletons.

  30. 519 Forestmonk

    519 Forestmonk

    4 dager siden

    @LEMMino please investigate Toynbee Tiles.

  31. Johnney Journey

    Johnney Journey

    4 dager siden

    Random guy in 2010:someone tell me the origin of the "pointy S" | | | | 9years laters | | | | LEMMiNO:here is the answer your welcome

    • First name Last name

      First name Last name

      Time siden

      Johnney Journey who tf likes their own comment ew

  32. Striker Erika

    Striker Erika

    4 dager siden

    I swear i remember a matchstick puzzle with the S when I was little too. 0-0

  33. Scorch428


    5 dager siden

    pretty sure its from Bang Bros, a porn site. GL tho man.

  34. Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    5 dager siden

    We called it super S

  35. Caroline Huang

    Caroline Huang

    5 dager siden


  36. BEPIS


    5 dager siden

    The Universal S seems to stem from the german "Alt deutsch" meaning something like old german it was used in papers during the 18 century and up, if im not mystaken this should be the thing you were looking for

    • BEPIS


      5 dager siden

      nevermind debunked it

  37. wolf The outcast ranger

    wolf The outcast ranger

    5 dager siden

    I was always told it was a “cool Superman S”

  38. Devashish Porwal

    Devashish Porwal

    6 dager siden

    Check Mount Kailash . It needs your attention

  39. Sorry, what? Name?

    Sorry, what? Name?

    6 dager siden

    yo, what keyboard is that?

  40. David Barry-Ramoi

    David Barry-Ramoi

    6 dager siden

    A c i d