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I'm 32 and Only Wear Children Clothes!

A story about a girl...pardon a 30 something year old woman, who will probably stay a kid forever. Funny fashion experiment: I, SaraBeautyCorner made a funny comedy and parody video mocking my childish fashion sense. The truth is, ever since I made NOplayer my primary career, I've started dressing more and more kids like - both on videos and in real life. I spend 80% of time in pajamas and the other 20% in childish hoodies and sweatshirt. This comedy video includes funny sketches, awkward situations, girl struggles, relatable facts and more!
There is nothing wrong with having a fun and youthful fashion style! I love trendy oversized hoodies, cartoon character graphic tees, bright colors and all that. But my love for comfort has gone a bit too far, to the point where I literally wear fuzzy pajamas when going to the mall, running errands, going on a date, etc. I decided to make a fun fashion experiment and shop for only grown up looking and age appropriate outfits! Join me on this crazy fashion journey and see how it went!
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  1. SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

    SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

    Måned siden

    A funny comedy video about my childish fashion style :D Hope you enjoy this parody full of funny sketches awkward situations, girl struggles, relateable facts and more! This video style is so different from anything I've ever filmed, so please let me know how you like it! Do you want to see more personal and comedic content going forward? Leave me your video requests in the comments! Make sure to subscribe on my second channel as I will be posting a new clothing haul and school outfit ideas in the next couple of days! Love you sweeties! Kisses

    • Hannah Thompson

      Hannah Thompson

      6 timer siden

      Ive watched you when i was like 7! And try getting a solid color over sized hoodie and boots

    • Nomin Ganzam

      Nomin Ganzam

      Dag siden

      What is the songs name 00:18

    • r s

      r s

      2 dager siden

      SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art I absolutely loved seeing you do this. I think the clothes you chose really suited you, it was like a blend of your style and a more mature style. I think you stick to what makes you happy and not what other people tell you what and what not to wear. But if you do wanna change your style, then go for it! (the scenery and quality of this video was super amazing!! )

    • Dharam Singh

      Dharam Singh

      3 dager siden

      You make the best videos ever in the world

    • Dharam Singh

      Dharam Singh

      3 dager siden

      You are and make the best videos ever

  2. AnimeGeek #12

    AnimeGeek #12

    12 minutter siden

    I honestly thought that she was in like, her early twenties....

  3. Abby Balls

    Abby Balls

    58 minutter siden

    You cant be 32 I thought you were like 23

  4. Blinkeu


    Time siden

    swap your life with danielle cohn please

  5. anya hayden

    anya hayden

    Time siden

    haha she is like the older jojo siwa

  6. Alishba Faisal

    Alishba Faisal

    Time siden

    OMG Sara u are literally bone

  7. iMunii


    2 timer siden

    please teach Danielle Cohn.

  8. Leyla Hayden

    Leyla Hayden

    2 timer siden

    This has some serious 2017 vibes .-.

  9. kim taehyung

    kim taehyung

    3 timer siden

    Danielle cohn: dressing like a 32 year old. sara:dressing like a 2year old

  10. Laaibah Waqar

    Laaibah Waqar

    3 timer siden

    What's the song at 0:48 ?



    5 timer siden

    these are still kinda childish

  12. emilija kairyte

    emilija kairyte

    5 timer siden

    it doesnt matter if you wear children clothes BE URSELF! you can wear what ever you want as long as you like it but the most important thing is BE URSELF! if someone makes fun of you they are just jelous

  13. Johanka Šromová

    Johanka Šromová

    5 timer siden

    Looking good!

  14. Moughal Family

    Moughal Family

    6 timer siden

    Can you please do a house tour

  15. Marius Rus

    Marius Rus

    6 timer siden

    Do you have kids

  16. yaGrl 2007

    yaGrl 2007

    7 timer siden

    I’m 12 and only wear adult clothes

  17. numz 90

    numz 90

    7 timer siden

    Sara r u a saggittarius!?!

  18. HaMy


    8 timer siden

    I thought I was already super skinny until I see this video

  19. Milica Butina

    Milica Butina

    8 timer siden

    Your style is the best

  20. Shiva Pillado

    Shiva Pillado

    9 timer siden

    Actually just BE YOUR SELF ok your good

  21. Elle Ocampo

    Elle Ocampo

    9 timer siden

    You are so adorable. The new clothes you choose are awesome! Specially the dresses! Nice taste!

  22. certified bibliophile

    certified bibliophile

    9 timer siden

    Are those *_mini_* skirts girl😂😂😂

  23. Mia


    10 timer siden

    *realizes danielle cohn should wear all those clothes for children while a 32yr old is wearing them* sara those clothes suit you so well :)

  24. Jinhit Entertainment

    Jinhit Entertainment

    10 timer siden

    32?? I thought she was like 20

  25. umi balqis

    umi balqis

    11 timer siden

    Girl i can relate but atleast you have colorfull ones but me?well my closet is full of BLACK hoodies and for pants i guess jeans or shorts?

  26. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    12 timer siden

    I am waiting for your videos

  27. Kai Yiee

    Kai Yiee

    12 timer siden

    Omg I started watching you when I was 11 and Im 16 now💙 *cries in latin*

  28. ・ S ø r a ・

    ・ S ø r a ・

    13 timer siden

    Oml gurl ur so thin!!

  29. Pravin Rai

    Pravin Rai

    15 timer siden

    Sara you areVIP

  30. Claudia's funny fun videos fun

    Claudia's funny fun videos fun

    15 timer siden

    I love how they all look on you so pretty 👍

  31. Hannah_moreira 513

    Hannah_moreira 513

    16 timer siden

    I'm confused, she said that she is from Norway, but the stores that are in the video are Portuguese, and the language on the cinema are also Portuguese

  32. Hoihkim Ngaihte

    Hoihkim Ngaihte

    17 timer siden

    I don't even feel your clothes bad they are really nice and pretty 😍🙂🤗

  33. crafty girl

    crafty girl

    18 timer siden

    Wow sara..i'm in love with your yellow skirt with black dotes.... 😍

  34. crafty girl

    crafty girl

    18 timer siden

    I'm always waiting for your makeup hacks videos but you didn't upload... :( Please sara...

  35. fairlyløcal


    19 timer siden

    This was a nice video and all, but I just realized it’s a little weird that she’s 32 and still making videos like hers, anyone else feel the same 😐

  36. Lexi Santos

    Lexi Santos

    21 time siden

    Well I’m order to do all the Instagram stuff she had to do it too so

  37. Frozen Fruit

    Frozen Fruit

    21 time siden

    I’m 14 and I fit perfectly in men’s clothing...

  38. NoT ToDaY SaTaN

    NoT ToDaY SaTaN

    22 timer siden

    The Mickey and the bear one from the jungle book is actually pretty cute... What wear is a aesthetic that cool you don’t have to change in my opinion

  39. alice calvert

    alice calvert

    22 timer siden

    POV: It's 2040 and Jojo Siwa is still trying to prove that wearing Justice is acceptable (btw it's a joke, you're cute @Sara!)

  40. anxietyy


    22 timer siden

    You are 32?? I saw you as like 20 😂 but still love this channel

  41. Saira Darugar

    Saira Darugar

    23 timer siden

    Sis u don’t look a day over 20! Lucky

  42. Audrey Pie :3

    Audrey Pie :3

    23 timer siden


  43. olivia


    Dag siden

    jojo siwa's future lol

  44. Dory Live

    Dory Live

    Dag siden

    Sarah I think you look beautiful in both and I think you should keep experimenting with both comfy and stylish because there are definitely ways to combine both of them like maybe wear some leggings with a nicer shirt and for Your heel issue try flats they make some super pretty flights that can totally dress up and look and that’s gonna be really comfortable so it’s a great way to just slip on some shoes I wanna dress and you look be your heel issue try flats they make some super pretty flats that can totally dress up and look and that’s gonna be really comfortable

  45. Addison Likes chick-fil-a

    Addison Likes chick-fil-a

    Dag siden

    I thought you were like 19

  46. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget

    Dag siden

    This is an opposite version of Danielle Cohn 😂 lololol

  47. Alicia Won

    Alicia Won

    Dag siden

    Oh my dog I haven’t seen her in the longest time

  48. Antea 223

    Antea 223

    Dag siden

    Blue is definitely your color😍

  49. Xo_maria_123 Maria

    Xo_maria_123 Maria

    Dag siden

    Can u do a morning routine

  50. Maria Sandu

    Maria Sandu

    Dag siden

    Omgggg my mum is 34 an she s not looking or dressing like you at all.Sge s still very beautiful but yiu look a lot younger tham her

  51. آزادی ایران

    آزادی ایران

    Dag siden

    Are u imSanna!?

  52. Slime_ Strawbss

    Slime_ Strawbss

    Dag siden

    She’s too skinny

  53. Lily lol

    Lily lol

    Dag siden

    32!!!! You look 18!!!

  54. Jasmeet Kaur

    Jasmeet Kaur

    Dag siden

    It dose'nt depend on clothes and we all know how beautiful are you from face and inside

  55. Mia Byrne

    Mia Byrne

    Dag siden

    What?! She’s 32? She looks like 20

  56. risha .14

    risha .14

    Dag siden

    your looking cute in dreeses 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  57. Milou van Maastrigt

    Milou van Maastrigt

    Dag siden

    Omg you’re really skinny!! Are you okay?

  58. Zakia Rahman

    Zakia Rahman

    Dag siden

    Sara is so cute

  59. Rishikesh shah

    Rishikesh shah

    Dag siden

    OMG Sara Ur The BEST FASHION MODEL smash the like if u think too🔝

  60. Melrjewel Lucas

    Melrjewel Lucas

    Dag siden

    "I literally dress like 5 year old kids"" Someone:Yeah you a.. Me:LIE!!!!