Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos

What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


  1. johndrocket


    5 timer siden

    Who is the moron that made this video

  2. [Кто-то]


    5 timer siden

    Why there's so many English people on russian video???

  3. Malte 107

    Malte 107

    6 timer siden

    Bei solchen Sachen: Keine Schwäche zeigen

  4. REX BOT


    7 timer siden

    Follow me

  5. GroM KiborG

    GroM KiborG

    8 timer siden

    что за хуйню я смотрю...

  6. さんスパ


    8 timer siden


  7. ブルーノマーズ


    8 timer siden


  8. Hannah Shen

    Hannah Shen

    8 timer siden

    The mentose should’ve been the second layer on the top not next to it

  9. อินุอิ ทาคูมิ

    อินุอิ ทาคูมิ

    9 timer siden


  10. юран к

    юран к

    9 timer siden

    Займитесь делом дегенераты

  11. I'm pretty And sexy

    I'm pretty And sexy

    10 timer siden

    Actually wat u want bro..to making this stupid video..crazy or what

  12. I'm pretty And sexy

    I'm pretty And sexy

    10 timer siden

    Stupid video.waste time

  13. Adem Turtael

    Adem Turtael

    12 timer siden

    Why waste the coke



    12 timer siden

    Who had a little of phobia of the mentos in cola l l

  15. Rizky Satriaji

    Rizky Satriaji

    12 timer siden

    Cant believe how youtube just fuck up with their algorithms so that i ended up watching this shit

  16. Paul Fuller drum study

    Paul Fuller drum study

    12 timer siden

    What a fuckin disappointment🙄

  17. Brett Mciver

    Brett Mciver

    12 timer siden

    Guess the ants will be getting a sugar high off that lot

  18. Switch TheChannel

    Switch TheChannel

    13 timer siden

    *meanwhile kids are starving in africa*

  19. Maurício Freitas

    Maurício Freitas

    13 timer siden

    Missed the chance to title the video "Experimentos". You did everything wrong.

  20. Donnie Don

    Donnie Don

    14 timer siden

    That was the worst NOplayer video I’ve seen

  21. manu.narayanan


    15 timer siden

    So even if nothing happens, this video would get 130M views in less than a month?

  22. Lynda Williams

    Lynda Williams

    15 timer siden


  23. Colt63


    16 timer siden


  24. Sylvia


    16 timer siden

    I’m disappointed

  25. Miguel Aguilar

    Miguel Aguilar

    17 timer siden

    My opinion is it’ll explode like a volcano and the Coca Cola will say: I believe I can flyyyyy🤣

  26. dammit200Mshrfl


    17 timer siden

    When did people forget that it's diet coke?

  27. Fajar Ramdhan

    Fajar Ramdhan

    17 timer siden

    Maksutnya apa bang dari banyak video semua itu.. Itu hal" tolol

  28. Geth270


    19 timer siden

    "this video was made by a professional" lol, tell me all about you "Mixing mentos with Coke" Masters Degree.

  29. aly fahmy

    aly fahmy

    21 time siden

    4:21 *giggles*

  30. I can Explain

    I can Explain

    21 time siden

    I am so disappointed

  31. Mr. Reborn

    Mr. Reborn

    22 timer siden

    Hammer and sickle for a logo? Really?

  32. Nocs


    23 timer siden

    Channels like this and all the "free energy with magnets" channels are going to be considered "toxic fads" in the near future and all the creators that are taking advantage of clicks today are destroying any future they have. Soon all these click bait vids will come back to haunt these creators. So keep living it up now cause the near future is going to use this content against you. Oh and all the "fake subs" from Chinese and India will also be fuel that you won't escape from. And if you think your identity is hidden and you're safe from these BS vids from coming back on you, well, just keep thinking that and enjoy your "algorithm tricks" and have a good night's sleep. No scams last forever. Snake oil salesmen always get found out sooner or later. You and many ppl like this creator are sacrificing any future in video creation.

  33. Pranav M Pradeep

    Pranav M Pradeep

    23 timer siden

    ഇതിനിടയിലും മലയാളികളുണ്ടോ? 🔥

  34. Spaghet Toucher

    Spaghet Toucher

    23 timer siden

    Hoopa, clash of ages

  35. Geek E Media

    Geek E Media

    Dag siden

    Extrneemy anti climatic

  36. Sachin Ks

    Sachin Ks

    Dag siden

    fun fact : the inventor of cola made it as a medicine which can be used without prescription and u can browse my channel if u r wasting time on this shit ! #Anime

  37. Sir Bo

    Sir Bo

    Dag siden

    Great job, I have something video too

  38. Gianni Falconi

    Gianni Falconi

    Dag siden

    USE SPRITE INSTEAD OF COKE!! You'll get better results. Thank me later

  39. Dasha Shulo

    Dasha Shulo

    Dag siden

    *Лайк,кто с Украины это смотрит*🔥 Заглянь на канал если не сложно 💕

    • Sonya SAI

      Sonya SAI

      19 timer siden

      @_Kot_Feliks_ _Кот_Феликс удачи в России

    • _Kot_Feliks_ _Кот_Феликс

      _Kot_Feliks_ _Кот_Феликс

      20 timer siden

      Я с России

  40. Claudia Castellanos

    Claudia Castellanos

    Dag siden

    3:20 empieza

  41. Sassy Silver Sisters

    Sassy Silver Sisters

    Dag siden

    I remember putting peanuts in coke but not candy!

  42. Edwin Azuma

    Edwin Azuma

    Dag siden

    Buat seseorng yang cinta semngka kaya gwa. Berasa sakit ni hati

  43. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud

    Dag siden

    أول حاجه بتيجي في بالك لما بتسمعي #ماي_واي إيه ؟ ❌ مبعرفش ابيع 😒 ❌ مبعرفش اتكلم😤 .❌ جوزي مش راضي علشان لازم اهتم بالببيت و الولاد 👫❌ اصلا مؤهلي غير كده خالص 😔 ❌ مش معايا راس مال ابتدي بيه 😐❌ بخاف م المسئوليه دي شركه ممكن اروح ف داهيه😮😱 و لما تلاقي حد يحل معاكي المشاكل دي😍 .. يطلعلك ناس حقوده مش عاوزينك تفلحي ابدا😒 يقولولك ❌ دي شركه نصابه 😀 ❌ ❌❌ كل ده غلللللط ❌ ❌❌ تعالي بس افهمي .. ✔ البيع ده مش هدفنا خالص ده ميجيش 10% من شغلنا 😍 ✔ معايا هعلمك ازاي تتكلمي و تشرحي بمنتهى البساطه و بقليل من الكلام 😉 ✔ جوزك خلاص هيوافق لانك معانا هتشتغلي و انتي قعده في البيت🏠 وسط ولادك 👫و حللك و اطباقك🍝 😂 ✔ راس مالك هو التزامك معايا بالنصايح و التعليمات الي هعلمك عليها بنفسي 😘 ✔مفيش مسئوليه عليكي حتى لو مشتغلتيش خالص محدش هيجي يخبط على بابك 🚪 يقولك تعالي اكسبي غصب عنك💵💵 ✔ اما بقا الناس الي بتقولك شركه نصابه 😂😂 دول بقا تسبيهم قاعدين ياكلوا ف نفسهم و انتي قعده بتنجحي و بتكسبي فلوس من بيتك 😍 آلافات ف الشهر مرتبك معانا هيوصل ل 3000 جنيه 💵و اكتر و شكيات بأكتر من كده كمان .💳💳 حاجه واحده بس تردي بيها على كل اعداء النجاح😝 لو الشركه دي نصابه .. الحكومه فين من 16 سنه ماي واي فاتحه بيوت ناس 👍 لو نصابه .. الناس الي اخدت منها فلوس و شيكات دول ايه ! 👊👏 ✔ جربي بنفسك و مش هتخسري حاجه من التجربه ✋ لو معجبكيش متكمليش . و اتفقنا ان محدش هيجي يقولك اكسبي فلوس غصب عنك . كله بقرارك انتي 💋❤ ✔ سجلي حالا عضويتك في ماي واي من البيت 😍 و استفادي خصم 💰و هدايا 🎁مدى الحياه بالاضافه للرواتب الشهرية لو عايزة تنضمي لاقوي واكبر فريق في ماي ماي علقى بتم01157788158

  44. Jack von diesel

    Jack von diesel

    Dag siden

    You are supposed to do it with diet coke you degenerate

  45. え?


    Dag siden


  46. IgorKailien


    Dag siden

    Русские, спалились)

  47. コメントだけで登録者を増やす人


    Dag siden

    3:20 見る前 うわー水浸しになりそう... 途中 あれ?こんなもんか 見た後 ちょ泡泡泡泡泡泡泡泡泡泡



    Dag siden

    6:10 мне кажется арбуз можно было поймать

  49. Kitch Pua

    Kitch Pua

    Dag siden

    wasted mentos 👇

  50. tannni a

    tannni a

    Dag siden


  51. Lizz M

    Lizz M

    Dag siden

    What the eff did i just watch

  52. BTS Stan

    BTS Stan

    Dag siden

    Why m I watching this 🤔

  53. BunnyLovin


    Dag siden

    Has to be diet coke not regular coke u dope

  54. Abdi Mohamed

    Abdi Mohamed

    Dag siden

    WTF is wrong with people? Why can't u understand that once the coke is removed from the bottle it loses it carbonic ability to react effectively with mentos. What u saw there was just a small showcase. Put the mentor inside a coke bottle and watch the fun

  55. star 27592

    star 27592

    Dag siden

    129 million views for this ?

  56. Barbara Zalewska

    Barbara Zalewska

    Dag siden

    Czy jest tu ktoś z Polski?

  57. حسوني M24M

    حسوني M24M

    Dag siden

    جم عربي مر من هنا لايك

  58. Riyaad ACM

    Riyaad ACM

    Dag siden

    Piece of shit video, nothing out the ordinary

  59. فاير باس

    فاير باس

    Dag siden

    في عربي هنا

  60. Mimzerella :D

    Mimzerella :D

    Dag siden

    This was as disappointing as my life