Why I HATE Peg Board

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Shot and edited by: Markus ►@skaane
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- Swerve
- Melting Sun
- Twenty Seconds Later
- Sahara Cowboy
- Changli
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Trying out indoor bouldering in Gothenburg, Sweden.
- Norrøna
- Toyota
- Scarpa
- Petzl Norway (Varri)

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  1. Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas

    2 dager siden

    Hey Magnus hopefully you see this comment. With your planche, make sure to keep you arms straight/locked so that you work those specific muscles. When you bend you arms you shorten your shoulder to hand radius so it makes it easier and you also assist yourself by stimulating more muscles whcihyou don't wanna do. Love the vids keep it up, ✌️

  2. Michael Motter

    Michael Motter

    2 dager siden

    Great work, both of you. The video quality is great!

    • Markus Skaane

      Markus Skaane

      Dag siden

      thanks bro! Means a lot!

  3. Klimmer Simon

    Klimmer Simon

    3 dager siden

    My sessions on the chaos board are always super interesting. Would love to see you make a video of that! Great video as always!

  4. Soum Soum

    Soum Soum

    3 dager siden

    « Normal girl » hahaha🤣🤣🤣

  5. Marvin Rekow

    Marvin Rekow

    4 dager siden

    Is it better to have small or big hands in climbing

  6. J.F. van Dijk

    J.F. van Dijk

    16 dager siden

    YES! More chaos wall!

  7. Clemens Mosig

    Clemens Mosig

    16 dager siden

    more chaos wall

  8. jlehm 1982

    jlehm 1982

    19 dager siden

    That gym should have paid you not to post the video. They have some of the worst looking boulders I’ve ever seen.

  9. Microwave Hate Machine

    Microwave Hate Machine

    21 dag siden

    I feel like I'm tripping with all the cuts when you are talking lol

  10. MotoGinji


    21 dag siden

    Wtf Magnus, you don't like pegging?

  11. Oliver Lin

    Oliver Lin

    21 dag siden

    Yes! Videos from the Chaos Wall, please! Show us, what goes through your mind to incorporate various techniques and stuff. :D

  12. Erik Steen

    Erik Steen

    21 dag siden

    Mani the Monkey videos have a good way of editing to show boulder problems on unmarked/chaos walls. He takes a still frame of the wall and overlays different color circles to show the hand/feet holds, and talks through the problem, before showing an attempt. If you wanted to film more chaos wall but are worried viewers would get lost this would be a good technique. Can also check out his planche training stuff.

  13. Sam Peeples

    Sam Peeples

    22 dager siden

    Hey this goes to the whole climbing community as well as Magnus but I was hoping to get into climbing but I am currently still on the bigger side haha.. any advice for heavier climbers and new climbers?

  14. Rasmus Folmann

    Rasmus Folmann

    23 dager siden

    Yes please teach us the way of the chaos wall!

  15. Kristoffer Moen

    Kristoffer Moen

    23 dager siden

    Need some chaos wall in my life! teach me sensai!

  16. Ninja Ned

    Ninja Ned

    23 dager siden

    Expert climber. Absolute beast when it comes to pulling. Needs to work on pushing. Someone needs to show him how to planchette properly and needs to regress it for his level.

  17. Neferti 777

    Neferti 777

    23 dager siden

    For sure more system wall videos!

  18. Jimmy van Rijn

    Jimmy van Rijn

    23 dager siden

    I found the title a little off putting, I almost did not watch the video but boredom won. It made it seem like it would be all about the peg board but luckily it was only featured very shortly. I enjoyed it once again

  19. Lawrance Combs

    Lawrance Combs

    23 dager siden

    Most intermediate and even beginning athletes feel that pull ups with forward grip (pronated) are easier. People who never train pull ups feel that chin up grip (supinated) are easier because their lats are very under developed and they are stronger with support from their biceps. What you are experiencing is normal and most athletes will say the same, that pronated grip feels easier.

  20. Anders Bøgen

    Anders Bøgen

    23 dager siden

    I would really like to see you do some problems on the Moon board. It would be Nice to try some of the problems you are doing and this Way it is possible :)

  21. Brendon Barrios

    Brendon Barrios

    24 dager siden

    Loving these groovy tunes! Keep up the great work, Magnus and Markus!

    • Markus Skaane

      Markus Skaane

      23 dager siden


  22. Alexis FitzGerald

    Alexis FitzGerald

    24 dager siden

    did Magnus have snot on his face at the end? :/

  23. Kylie 101

    Kylie 101

    24 dager siden

    You make some of the nicest to watch videos on NOplayer. Just do what you do. Really good buddy

  24. Loïc Dubard

    Loïc Dubard

    24 dager siden

    Hello magnus Great video ! To be able to do the full planche I think you should train static mouvs beginning with "lean planche hold" and "pseudo planche push ups" on the ground focusing on PROTRACTING the most possible your shoulders to strenghten your wrists, elbows and shoulders, and feel the effort, next move to "tuck planche" holds and push ups (same keyword : PROTRACTION) with 'parallettes', next to "rubber band assisted straddle planche" holds and push ups and reduce the resistance until you'll be able to master the STRADDLE planche (on the ground or with 'parallettes'). Next you can do the same with full planche. Always remember to lock out the arm and protract the scapula. (PS : for me it's easier to learn the technique with parallette than with high parallele bars like you did)

  25. Patrick Burns

    Patrick Burns

    24 dager siden

    You should try the speed climbing course.

  26. It's Me

    It's Me

    24 dager siden

    Hey Spidey, nice video!

  27. pickrs01


    24 dager siden

    would love to see you put up an episode or two on the moon board. As a lot of gyms have them its something we can all watch and actually relate to and go and see the holds and see how insane it really is...

  28. Jake Harris

    Jake Harris

    24 dager siden

    Im curious as to what shorts are being sported in this video?

  29. Eugene Kim

    Eugene Kim

    24 dager siden

    I think it'd be really cool if you explained some climbing movements on the Oslo's board. May be a bit out of scope, but how in the hell do you cut feet and, for the most part, not have much swing at all? Do you resist the swing going the other direction while also swinging the correct certain amount?

  30. Sam Yau

    Sam Yau

    24 dager siden

    We’d love to see an episode of you trying hard on the Moonboard!

  31. Scammell555


    24 dager siden

    I would love to see a video on the chaos board, maybe with a still shot that you can edit to highlight which holds are in for each climb you make? Kinda like what the kilter board would do, just an idea :)

  32. YaBoyWolf


    24 dager siden

    Okay but how do you feel about Ouija boards??????

  33. Pete Whittington

    Pete Whittington

    24 dager siden

    What about a game of "add on" on the cave/chaos wall you mentioned (looking for ideas)? You go first, make a move, and then one of the Bobats or other high end boulderers "adds on" a move. Repeat. First team/person to fail to make a move, loses. You could wear a weigh vest to make it more even with lesser rivals!

  34. partisan


    24 dager siden

    1:24 he hes human after all

  35. Jon


    25 dager siden

    More videos from the wall with lots of holds! I want to see you climb a climb you can't do!

  36. QuestforSouls


    25 dager siden

    Magnus what you did in the end of the video its a chin up and not a pull up because of the way you have your hands if you get what i'm saying :p

  37. styx85


    25 dager siden

    20:38 That's... what she said?

    • Markus Skaane

      Markus Skaane

      25 dager siden

      been waiting for this one haha

  38. Ryan Glance

    Ryan Glance

    25 dager siden

    You, the wide boys, Joji and Tom should all do a wideboyz session!

  39. Marc Balaguer

    Marc Balaguer

    25 dager siden

    More videos like this one! So much climbing! Great work

  40. FoeBane


    25 dager siden

    Kind of a shitty looking gym compared to Magnus's lol

  41. Dimitris Mavromatis

    Dimitris Mavromatis

    25 dager siden

    Oh you are in Sweden! Let us know when in Stockholm!!!

  42. Aaroh Mankad

    Aaroh Mankad

    25 dager siden

    A board climbing vlog would be dope! Would love to see you crush some problems on the Moon/Tension/Kilter Board sometime in the future :)

  43. VenomTheCat


    25 dager siden

    You guys need to do some real climbing. It would be great to see. Probably harder to film but still something to think about.

  44. Kaje Simpson

    Kaje Simpson

    25 dager siden

    This video title was click bait!

  45. That one guy

    That one guy

    25 dager siden

    nice job on the editing and filming Markus

    • Markus Skaane

      Markus Skaane

      25 dager siden

      Thanks Z ;)

  46. Jonnes __

    Jonnes __

    25 dager siden

    Nearly nothing is hard for an ex-worldcup-climber with this physical strength! I guess the jumping down from the top will not be healthy for the joints, if you do it very often... .

  47. YouSour_


    25 dager siden

    Who else is here, cause his shirtless ? Me*

  48. Luckyman NEW

    Luckyman NEW

    25 dager siden

    I don´t know if someone commented it. And I don´t know how complex it is to make it work. But it would be awesome to see some chaos walls, where Markus @skaane is drawing circles or makes the edditing to see which holds are allowed and which your not allowed to use. I guess its costs a lot of time but it would make it awesome for us to watch.

  49. derek _

    derek _

    25 dager siden

    more chaos wall!!

  50. Willow Mandil

    Willow Mandil

    25 dager siden

    A chaos wall video would be amazing - to see how you create a problem etc. Pleassseeeeee :D

  51. ido perlmutter

    ido perlmutter

    25 dager siden

    im sure u could get the planche by training the way u did bcos ur superhuman' but thats a shit way to train for it. bent arms and retracted scalpulas isnt the way i is in a planche

  52. Benjamin Street

    Benjamin Street

    25 dager siden

    How can you give magnus a thumbs down. He's a leg 😎🙌

  53. jackpaice


    25 dager siden

    This is my gym

  54. Leviatan


    25 dager siden

    Hi magnus, remember to keep you hand straight and legs high while learning planche! Good video :)

  55. Kevin Prossegger

    Kevin Prossegger

    25 dager siden

    more of the chaos board in Oslo!

  56. tedsticle


    25 dager siden

    Markus did a great job on this one! I really enjoyed most of the music choices too, they were pretty chill and I can appreciate the proper audio mixing!

  57. Zach eddy

    Zach eddy

    25 dager siden

    why not just have a body paint shirt? that might help with the constant on and off your shirt seems to constantly have (VIDEO IDEA: JUST A COMPILATION OF ALL THE TIMES YOU REMOVED YOUR SHIRT...?) also have you ever ripped your shirt off? Having someone film you i think is what makes your content surprisingly personal, that helped with this video. I agree with some of the comments I have read about your planche form/practice (but that's because i don't want to see you get injured), you're a great athlete but start slow, and start with perfect practice and the planche will come in a few weeks to months. Great content would love to see some of your training regimen put up! THANK YOU!

  58. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    25 dager siden

    Makes everything look like a jug, jeeze! You're a beast Magnus!

  59. Stellular Nebulla

    Stellular Nebulla

    25 dager siden

    5:09 yeah okay Magnus 😂



    25 dager siden

    Magnus how do you track the grades to the wall like that