WATCH LIVE! Elon Musk presents the new Tesla Cybertruck Launch



  1. Berk Berk

    Berk Berk

    22 minutter siden

    Elon:plays minecraft Again Elon: I have an idea

  2. Tony Perez

    Tony Perez

    6 timer siden

    Love how a quad drops the piece of crap backend right to the ground! What moron buys this stuff? I alone know of 4 people that bought model S's and sold them after left stranded multiple times. Don't get me wrong battery operated cars are a good idea, unfortunately the technology is not here yet to convince me to ditch my reliable F150.

  3. Farhan Usmani

    Farhan Usmani

    11 timer siden

    15:56 one more thing

  4. MoonLiT Lx

    MoonLiT Lx

    11 timer siden

    they be getting ready for the purge

  5. Jeffrey Turnage

    Jeffrey Turnage

    13 timer siden

    That isn't a sledge hammer

  6. CCG Respawns

    CCG Respawns

    14 timer siden

    So what Elon is saying is that I can crash it into a tree now 😂😂

  7. Isaac Jacks

    Isaac Jacks

    15 timer siden

    ngl that truck looks hideous

  8. Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    17 timer siden

    but like seriously Elon musk is the most awkward representative in the world. He's a tech guy and sounds soooo out of his comfort zone when talking about this "Cyber-Truck". I could literally feels every kindergarten teacher in the world starring daggers at him when he was doing this thing.

  9. Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    Just_a_random_guy. pdf

    17 timer siden

    Oml there is soo many memes that this video is going to generate... good lord...

  10. Kozmo Graham

    Kozmo Graham

    22 timer siden

    Ur funny

  11. Xander Films

    Xander Films

    Dag siden

    He's the kid who missed the whole week of project making and now is forced to present something he just saw.

  12. Elite TerryYT

    Elite TerryYT

    Dag siden

    Now we’re going to have a Real life GTA Tesla

  13. Nick McThicc

    Nick McThicc

    Dag siden

    What if u have to break a window to save a dog or baby

  14. Someguy


    Dag siden

    Elon should send a copy of the Star Wars intro into space letting it drift off

  15. Jence


    Dag siden

    How Many Time Did He Say Yehh l l l l v

  16. Jsmes Wagner

    Jsmes Wagner

    Dag siden

    There's nothing cool Bout this. It's a delorian truck. Holy shit that will never sell

  17. R Mawhorter

    R Mawhorter

    Dag siden

    what the hell is that

  18. Fui Gebhardt1

    Fui Gebhardt1

    Dag siden

    I swear I heard an audience member say "Shit-X".

  19. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes

    Dag siden

    trolls need to back off! what are you driving now?

  20. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes

    Dag siden

    so much less expensive then the gas vehicles 2x. you save on the cost of the truck at 40k plus you save the $80 in gas per week, plus you save the environment, plus you are safe... so many pluses.

  21. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes

    2 dager siden

    i am buying it

  22. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes

    2 dager siden

    it is amazing

  23. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes

    2 dager siden

    love it

  24. Em Dee

    Em Dee

    2 dager siden

    1 tug of war means nothing typically the vehicle that gets the first tug and is going to get the win almost every time

  25. Mr. Gacha09

    Mr. Gacha09

    2 dager siden

    If another car crashed into this it’ll most likely turn into dust

  26. Em Dee

    Em Dee

    2 dager siden

    Look at all the dislikes from commie protesters

  27. Colby Lott

    Colby Lott

    2 dager siden

    Me:hits truck with basketball Me: oh no! Me now: hits cybertruck with basketball Me now: hits harder

  28. Pleading Mule

    Pleading Mule

    2 dager siden

    Who is here because of what's inside 👇👍

  29. noodz7219


    2 dager siden

    I can finally drive safely through the hood.

    • XTreme Jultz

      XTreme Jultz

      13 timer siden

      noodz7219 love you dad

  30. Tom Coppola

    Tom Coppola

    2 dager siden

    Ugliest vehicle of the century century!! I'll wait till they make it look futuristic...NOT weird looking!! Elon,give me one & maybe I'll change my mind.(?)



    2 dager siden

    It looks like a Lamborghini from upper half

  32. ᴊᴏʜɴ


    2 dager siden

    But what’s the mpg???

  33. DangOleDbo


    2 dager siden

    So an AWD truck, pulled a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill.... Obviously the ALL WHEEL DRIVE truck will pull a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill when the rear wheel has no weight in the bed... what a one sided test and joke of a presentation.

  34. Nates garage

    Nates garage

    2 dager siden

    Has all this stuff doesn't show anything

  35. Jokerr


    3 dager siden

    This thin ugly as hell

  36. Daisily Dazed

    Daisily Dazed

    3 dager siden

    Sometimes I feel like he’s signing with his hands while talking...

  37. Rich Chacon

    Rich Chacon

    3 dager siden

    Ready for the cyberpunk drive-by.

  38. Drako The Hyena

    Drako The Hyena

    3 dager siden

    Why isn’t this names Elon musk roasting Ford

  39. Kraze Jazz

    Kraze Jazz

    3 dager siden

    I'm getting Halo vibes (Bengie)

  40. biohazzard angel dragon

    biohazzard angel dragon

    3 dager siden

    That's not a truck that's a tree huggers toy ill take a chevy any day over that