Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  1. The_Descendant II

    The_Descendant II

    27 minutter siden

    Thirty years old. 90% of her eggs are gone.

  2. Steph


    32 minutter siden

    Love this performance! You deserve this Taylor. 😊

  3. Xayah Chan

    Xayah Chan

    47 minutter siden

    Is there an instrumental for this?

  4. Jeeem Avila

    Jeeem Avila

    51 minutt siden


  5. Ms Vi

    Ms Vi

    Time siden

    mammie taylor swift💓

  6. Saransh H7

    Saransh H7

    Time siden

    Brave girl energy full

  7. Caleb N.

    Caleb N.

    Time siden

    And now she’s thirtay

  8. B D

    B D

    Time siden

    Mediocre performer but talented songwriter. She had bops!

  9. Delsie Ramos

    Delsie Ramos

    2 timer siden

    Love thissss!

  10. k a r m a

    k a r m a

    2 timer siden

    I'm sobbing.

  11. Jazzy Okanovic

    Jazzy Okanovic

    2 timer siden

    I just went on my own little trip down memory lane. She so deserves this. I just transported through years of memories with these songs.

  12. Wendsday Adams

    Wendsday Adams

    2 timer siden

    She’s so powerful 😍

  13. eargasmイアガズム


    2 timer siden

    Hmmm wonder what Kanye's thinking now🤷

  14. Louie Ubani

    Louie Ubani

    3 timer siden

    i like how boys dance secretly to the groove of "shake it off" dem boys lowkey enjoying.

  15. Then Becamon

    Then Becamon

    3 timer siden


  16. Dany Gonzalez

    Dany Gonzalez

    3 timer siden

    Omg playback the entire performance

  17. Jyeshtha


    3 timer siden

    Thats the thing abt taylor she is an awesome performer even when she was at the side of the stage singing lover u just cannot ignore her WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mrithika Sivakumar

    Mrithika Sivakumar

    3 timer siden

    I’ve never been to the US and I’ve never seen her in any of the local TV channels yet I know every song here.

  19. It Box

    It Box

    3 timer siden


  20. Segarinna Johnson

    Segarinna Johnson

    3 timer siden

    Taylor I love you so much but you will never force me to like camila 🙅‍♀️

  21. Segarinna Johnson

    Segarinna Johnson

    3 timer siden

    Pinks daughter do not know how lucky she is being held by a legend while watching another legend perform 🤦‍♀️

  22. Himanshu Mahajan

    Himanshu Mahajan

    3 timer siden

    which was the song she sang at starting?

  23. Thi Quyen

    Thi Quyen

    4 timer siden

    Billie eilish....

  24. Iram Iqbal

    Iram Iqbal

    4 timer siden

    2:49 😍

  25. molly sandweiss

    molly sandweiss

    4 timer siden

    I love this acoustic version of Lover

  26. delaina fernandes

    delaina fernandes

    4 timer siden

    IN AWE

  27. Bahara Karim

    Bahara Karim

    5 timer siden

    Happy Birthday Queen. I love you so much. Keep rocking

  28. Corrie H

    Corrie H

    5 timer siden

    2:07 - 4:07 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Sarah Russell

    Sarah Russell

    5 timer siden

    Happy 30th Birthday🎉🎉🎤🎤🎸🎸🎧🎧🐱🐱🐱🐱 and I also know that I have ALL your albums and me and my sister are biggggggggggggg fans of you.

  30. Jonathan Baker

    Jonathan Baker

    5 timer siden

    Happy Birthday Taylor 🎈

  31. Jhonatan Santos

    Jhonatan Santos

    5 timer siden


  32. 松鴉羽


    5 timer siden

    I luv it when she sounds exactly the same as she is in her albums❤

  33. Will Willson

    Will Willson

    5 timer siden


  34. lonelygirl


    5 timer siden

    ok but... taylor is truly a GOAT

  35. moon star

    moon star

    5 timer siden

    I love how genuine and happy she was

  36. Nia Pia

    Nia Pia

    6 timer siden

    Did anyone else relize the little girl that got hit on the left of taylor

  37. Trixie Jean Requinto

    Trixie Jean Requinto

    6 timer siden

    I never get tired of watching this. I've been watching this since the day t'was released in NOplayer.

  38. k e v i n 灬

    k e v i n 灬

    6 timer siden

    2010's it was the best decade 🥺



    6 timer siden

    when she does the updated version of her albums in 2020 i want her to make this version of "i knew you were trouble" or from the 1989 world tour.

    • Syaaa Syaaa

      Syaaa Syaaa

      4 timer siden

      Yesssss. Me too!

  40. Janna Montana

    Janna Montana

    6 timer siden

    Iconic , amazing , im shock