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My Time at "Camp Operetta"

What can I say other than that was one heck of a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever


  1. Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

    5 dager siden

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

    • Lester Muralles

      Lester Muralles

      8 timer siden

      @BunnyGirlss12 tell jaiden animations i like her pls

    • BunnyGirlss12


      8 timer siden

      I made fan art check your Twitter •^•

    • Lester Muralles

      Lester Muralles

      8 timer siden

      Umm... hi i um... like you 😶

    • zaul Garnica

      zaul Garnica

      8 timer siden

      I got one of your merch!

    • Kevin Wadie

      Kevin Wadie

      9 timer siden

      Jaiden, the mask looks like you have a persona inside of it. (Look up persona 5 to understand)

  2. scd32


    7 timer siden

    RIP papa franku aka filthy frank aka joji 2008-2017 died from terminal anus cancer

  3. HorrorSweetArts


    7 timer siden

    Raoole? Pronounced RAOUL? Taken to camp OPERETTA? That's.... not a good idea.

  4. Galaxy Violet 124

    Galaxy Violet 124

    7 timer siden

    One time my hoop skirt got caught under a set piece during a performance.... that wasn’t fun 😂😂😂

  5. crystal may

    crystal may

    7 timer siden

    what the frick u barbarions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Buck Tv

    Buck Tv

    7 timer siden

    That video tape looks like your some type of cult....

  7. corinna schieber

    corinna schieber

    7 timer siden

    I googled camp operetta and found only just one result the rest was about jaiden

  8. PillowNinjaRBLX


    7 timer siden

    yeet I'm happy

  9. My Chemical Disco

    My Chemical Disco

    7 timer siden

    Lady: And that was the cohesive moral story of acceptance and loneliness Kid: Can we add a seahorse? Other Random kid: Make him say the F word!



    7 timer siden

    I want a raoole

  11. Booyah Patrol

    Booyah Patrol

    7 timer siden


  12. Cupid Starz

    Cupid Starz

    7 timer siden

    Why hasn’t James made any videos yet :C

  13. Eevee XY

    Eevee XY

    8 timer siden

    Small bug 2: is aragog J.K. Rowling: am I a joke to you?

  14. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson

    8 timer siden

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  15. Steve M

    Steve M

    8 timer siden

    student--P L E A S E ! ! !

  16. Steve M

    Steve M

    8 timer siden

    teacher--what should the tiger say student--*m a k e i t s a y t h e f w o r d*

  17. Shadow Man

    Shadow Man

    8 timer siden

    What do you think about SR Pelo's video about story time animations?

  18. Ana Ramírez

    Ana Ramírez

    8 timer siden

    Hello i am México we

  19. Gilberto Garza

    Gilberto Garza

    9 timer siden

    5:48 i think with jaiden is güera,but she hitme in the mounth. PD:i dont speak native english,dont judge me for write wrong.

  20. AnimeGem


    9 timer siden

    What’s your sexuality

  21. Space Pirate

    Space Pirate

    9 timer siden

    6:46 Make him say the N-word?

  22. qwertyqwery5511


    9 timer siden

    I loved seeing Camp Operetta in katakana.

  23. Random Peep

    Random Peep

    9 timer siden

    Teacher: What should the tiger say? Child 1: MAKE HIM SAY THE F WORD!! -Next thing- Child 2: CaN wE aDd A sEa HoRsE? Child 1: AND MAKE HIM SAY THE F WORD Best thing everrr

  24. ShibaCP


    9 timer siden

    *make him say the F word!*

  25. Ooby The second

    Ooby The second

    9 timer siden

    Hey jaiden I saw an add a bit ago and it had you in it. The add was about an app called lucky money. Did you let them make that add or did they steal content? Also I like your vids

  26. capitan funko

    capitan funko

    9 timer siden

    hey jaden I am from Venezuela and I will tell you that I was also in works only that they were horrible literally my school died after that 🤣🤣

  27. The Kayla Channel

    The Kayla Channel

    9 timer siden

    I Got Merch ❤️

  28. IDon’tEvenKnowEntertainment


    9 timer siden

    7:16 NANI????????

  29. HaloTheFurry


    10 timer siden

    XD hahahahahahaha youu are uuuugly hahahahahahaha

  30. seba millo

    seba millo

    10 timer siden

    8:15 reported by bullying to disabled people

  31. Louise Margarette

    Louise Margarette

    10 timer siden

    Hi jaiden ! You are my favourite person , my hero , everything . Hope you see this

  32. Gacha JJ

    Gacha JJ

    10 timer siden

    Normal bullies: punching kicking normal mean stuff Me trying to be mean: 5:46

  33. Practical Gamer

    Practical Gamer

    10 timer siden

    I once had a role and forgot my line

  34. William Daybrest

    William Daybrest

    10 timer siden

    i want to start animating but i dont know where to start

  35. Amy Bradford

    Amy Bradford

    10 timer siden


  36. Renzo Salinas

    Renzo Salinas

    10 timer siden

    I feel identified with various topics that you have played in your videos and they are very good. You're great!!! Greeting from Peru

  37. Kermit the Plush

    Kermit the Plush

    10 timer siden

    Spam f in the chat

  38. Kesco Giafar

    Kesco Giafar

    10 timer siden

    min 7:14 Jaiden Joestar XD

  39. A.D Chratispholdo

    A.D Chratispholdo

    10 timer siden

    You should hoast meme review.

  40. supreme lettuce

    supreme lettuce

    11 timer siden

    Petition for more Raoole

  41. Lps Willow Harmony

    Lps Willow Harmony

    11 timer siden

    The f word is fizzled

  42. Noahgrad


    11 timer siden

    Raoole merch please Love the vids.

  43. Annie Todoroki

    Annie Todoroki

    11 timer siden

    Teacher:what does the tiger say? Kid:make him say fuck!

  44. Baudoin Deke

    Baudoin Deke

    11 timer siden


  45. hi im steve

    hi im steve

    11 timer siden

    5:20 got me just the way she said it lol😂

  46. PAC MAN Blogs

    PAC MAN Blogs

    11 timer siden

    Tus animaciones son geniales y no hablo mucho ingles pero te entiendo un poco y disfruto mucho viendo tus videos

  47. Flavy JUSTPlays

    Flavy JUSTPlays

    11 timer siden

    8:30 I can relate to this. It happened to me too. It was horrible and I cried.

  48. opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn

    opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn

    11 timer siden

    2:38 President : An Orange

  49. galactic.trashhh


    11 timer siden

    i live for the rainbow fish, it was my childhood along with the gruffalo, true literature right there

  50. R.J. Penfold

    R.J. Penfold

    11 timer siden

    Raoole... I love him.

  51. gonas horok

    gonas horok

    11 timer siden

    We weren’t dropping fire in 4th grade

  52. Poppingcorn 22

    Poppingcorn 22

    12 timer siden

    Ooh! You should do a cage tour of Ari’s cage!

    • gonas horok

      gonas horok

      11 timer siden

      I was at a sleep away camp when this came out And also I came for two years and am not coming a third. How coincidental.

  53. Demon Pickle Dillon

    Demon Pickle Dillon

    12 timer siden

    5:45 wow did I just heard them say you are ugly :0

  54. The annoying Squirtle

    The annoying Squirtle

    12 timer siden

    I always though you were Asian but never asked about it (“/)

  55. Jesse Quevedo

    Jesse Quevedo

    12 timer siden

    *MaKe It sAy ThE f WoRd*

  56. EquinoXide Gaming

    EquinoXide Gaming

    12 timer siden

    1:50 Love the Nevermind reference...Your damn right that was a fire album

  57. Alejandro Bardo Laserna

    Alejandro Bardo Laserna

    12 timer siden

    Jaiden: Nobody raises one arm to do anything Hitler: entschuldigen Sie mich?

  58. expensive eggs 34

    expensive eggs 34

    12 timer siden

    i went to a thing where you learn howtta dance and dress rehersal and singing and crap

  59. XXmega gamer XX

    XXmega gamer XX

    12 timer siden

    Play lyrics:hahahahahaha you are ugly hahahaha

  60. It's_Floof


    12 timer siden

    JAIDEN! I got a main role and it’s just as scary as you say

  61. Jack M

    Jack M

    12 timer siden

    "hahahahahaha you are ugly

  62. Alon Tadmor

    Alon Tadmor

    12 timer siden


  63. MasonThe GamingLegend

    MasonThe GamingLegend

    12 timer siden

    Am I watching a video about camp operetta or persona 5

  64. The ghost corner

    The ghost corner

    12 timer siden

    Hi Jaiden, I don't know if that's important but I'm from Spain and I'm fucking traumatized beacose a few months ago I met ur yt channel and I loved it, but like two weeks ago I decided to search ur Twitter page to follow you and the only page I saw was one that painted hentai pictures of your person, I don't want to laugh of this I only wanted you to know

  65. checkers the foxcoon

    checkers the foxcoon

    13 timer siden

    kids play easy songs on piano jaiden plays piano like a pro teacher NANI

  66. Chris K

    Chris K

    13 timer siden

    I only like jaiden fuck the others

  67. Hunter Cusack

    Hunter Cusack

    13 timer siden

    1:32 best line in your hole NOplayer channel

  68. caveat -the trashy anon

    caveat -the trashy anon

    13 timer siden


  69. Caspar’s Skitz

    Caspar’s Skitz

    13 timer siden

    I was at a sleep away camp when this came out And also I came for two years and am not coming a third. How coincidental.

  70. Anne Kelsey

    Anne Kelsey

    13 timer siden

    We weren’t dropping fire in 4th grade

  71. pixzilla65


    13 timer siden

    The President - "an orange" 1:36

  72. Ethan Herzing

    Ethan Herzing

    13 timer siden

    1:51 I love the Nevermind reference!

  73. Linda Klinker

    Linda Klinker

    13 timer siden

    when I was in second grade I was in a rainbow fish play, and I was the rainbow fish.

  74. Vicky 's Side

    Vicky 's Side

    13 timer siden

    Jaiden make a nuthr VIDEO

  75. ASSASSIN Arno


    13 timer siden

    Я русский ( Me RASSIA) 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  76. persgamer perrico

    persgamer perrico

    13 timer siden

    Soy u fan español

  77. persgamer perrico

    persgamer perrico

    13 timer siden

    He visto todos tu videos

  78. Ebugsworld


    14 timer siden


  79. Andrew Butterfield

    Andrew Butterfield

    14 timer siden

    jaiden i didn't know you cuss so much i watched the why old people are better than young people



    14 timer siden

    MaKE hIM sAy tHe F WoRd why didn't you let him say fantastic