My Evo 5's Final Race...

With it being shipped down to Florida vey soon... we needed to squeeze in a race to settle which car is faster.


  1. daisbest5.0


    11 dager siden

    God damn I love those 2 cars, would love an r32 and evo5

  2. jons garage805

    jons garage805

    14 dager siden

    Frsport is the worst

  3. Im Craze

    Im Craze

    17 dager siden

    Could you do a video showing all your cars that would be cool to see all and to here your opinion on all of them

  4. ethan j

    ethan j

    18 dager siden

    if adam didnt hit limiter @10:58 it woulda been dead even

  5. Justin Tyme

    Justin Tyme

    18 dager siden

    The race was sick. I'd love to see the evo on the same dyno tommy used and see an 'overlay' as he mentioned! Awesome content brother

  6. billy joe

    billy joe

    21 dag siden

    You need to hook up with Taylor again !!! Bring him to Japan ?? Miss you guy banging doors

  7. Robert Bailey

    Robert Bailey

    21 dag siden

    Adam: “I want nice collectable cars” buys totaled jzx 90 😂

  8. Yo Farhaan yo Toys

    Yo Farhaan yo Toys

    22 dager siden

    My cuz has a evo and it is a ls

  9. josiahkun


    22 dager siden

    10:50 Man thats the best race i've ever watched. Almost felt like the 90s JDM spirit just slapped me. Beautiful Autumn scenery

  10. 11 lopes

    11 lopes

    22 dager siden

    The only reason i subscribed was for the Supra, Shame it has to go so soon.

  11. s a m p l e t e x t

    s a m p l e t e x t

    22 dager siden

    Now that was hella even.. Super cool

  12. Curtis Anderson

    Curtis Anderson

    22 dager siden

    Oh hell yeah the Evo is insane

  13. Jason Moser

    Jason Moser

    22 dager siden

    Watch it again @10:50

  14. Eric Berke

    Eric Berke

    23 dager siden

    Thank you for putting things like this on the internet

  15. tenten media

    tenten media

    23 dager siden

    The moment in history @ 10:49 - insane!!

  16. Runic Echoes

    Runic Echoes

    23 dager siden

    10:50 The repeat the race button

  17. Julian Heuthorst

    Julian Heuthorst

    23 dager siden

    make a video in the toader home one day

  18. Mtb Tango

    Mtb Tango

    23 dager siden

    Bummed that your leaving ct the content with tommy and jimmy and all the boys is so good

  19. Matthew Harding

    Matthew Harding

    23 dager siden

    Awesome vid, the little Evo that could

  20. alex mendoza

    alex mendoza

    23 dager siden

    Lol finally

  21. Austin Greene

    Austin Greene

    23 dager siden

    @thatdudeinblue needs to review the evo for sure

  22. 360° Speed

    360° Speed

    24 dager siden

    Damm that Evo is fast, there is just no other way to put it

  23. Russ Chamberlain

    Russ Chamberlain

    24 dager siden

    Iv said this a 100 times but I’m here from like your 3rd attempt at NOplayer in your backyard half pipe I learned barspins from you aswel 👊🏼 I think your the coolest guy bro and got the sickest cars big respect man 🇬🇧



    24 dager siden

    Was not expecting that race to be so even

  25. Snow STAR ™

    Snow STAR ™

    24 dager siden

    When you said. When you saiidddd WHEN YOU SAAAAAAID THAT YOU LOVE ME That you love me

  26. Majid Khan

    Majid Khan

    24 dager siden

    The sound of Adam's evo from outside sounds like Brian's green Eclipse from the fast and the furious movie. Adam you should get a greddy type s Blow off valve. I have 1 for my evo5 ;)

  27. Raymond Koenen

    Raymond Koenen

    24 dager siden

    This is not over. We need a dyno comparison on the same dyno and a proper drag race on an actual strip.

  28. A Toilet

    A Toilet

    24 dager siden

    Is the gtr twin turbo?

  29. Duane R. Kraft J.r.

    Duane R. Kraft J.r.

    24 dager siden

    Probably one of the closest races ive seen in a MINUTE!

  30. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    24 dager siden

    anyone know how I can record engine noise like adam does in some of his videos? Im looking for a mic to put near the intake

  31. Klem Inski

    Klem Inski

    24 dager siden

    It would be cool to see a NA project, e36 m3 or a AE86 or something else

  32. Cerberus9C


    24 dager siden

    Love the Evo content. Makes me want one even more.

  33. Brennan Hart

    Brennan Hart

    24 dager siden

    3:15 shout out 1st and 10

  34. internaldifference


    24 dager siden

    When weighing odd items. Weigh yourself. Then weigh yourself holding the item and subtract your weight.

  35. jeff


    24 dager siden

    Sick race

  36. Clint Williams

    Clint Williams

    24 dager siden


  37. joseph ilardi

    joseph ilardi

    24 dager siden

    open house in ct !!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Coco xo

    Coco xo

    24 dager siden

    Make the GTR 1000hp so it smacks Adam

  39. Nicolas Leblond

    Nicolas Leblond

    24 dager siden

    maybe catch up with the R33 winner to see how he's been ?

  40. Blake Cook

    Blake Cook

    24 dager siden

    i reckon he come townsville on a weekend when he is in aus

  41. Gary Gary

    Gary Gary

    24 dager siden

    youve had the gt3 for nearly a year damn this gone by fast

  42. hendocallum


    24 dager siden

    That race was sick

  43. r33drifter


    24 dager siden

    Dont forget you have 2 cars here in Australia

  44. Mathew Woodley

    Mathew Woodley

    24 dager siden

    Do a tailwhip over your Porsche for content i think that would be cool

  45. Sheldon Ashley

    Sheldon Ashley

    24 dager siden

    that shift timing was great

  46. Ben Jarrell

    Ben Jarrell

    24 dager siden

    yes do the gt3 vid

  47. Belicose777


    24 dager siden

    Torque is merely a measure of turning force. You can have a car with little torque and high HP and have it accelerate like a bat out get it. Think F1 vs NASCAR.

  48. Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

    24 dager siden

    Adam didn’t have enough speedometer that car is a beast 🤣

  49. Renner Performance group

    Renner Performance group

    24 dager siden

    Beautiful race just. Beautiful

  50. JR


    24 dager siden

    Gt3 content!

  51. the t family Davis

    the t family Davis

    24 dager siden

    Update on your car



    24 dager siden

    You should start riding BMX again and BMX video

  53. Alan Loyd

    Alan Loyd

    24 dager siden

    I want to see the EVO rip around some road courses. Such a solid and balanced build.

  54. 98integra87


    24 dager siden

    Has the winner been contacted yet??

  55. NeeoDroid


    24 dager siden

    That second pull was the best moment of my life

  56. Wilfredo Narvaez

    Wilfredo Narvaez

    24 dager siden

    Go ride the new-ish park at Newington. Bmx vid for old times sake

  57. Daniel Kippen

    Daniel Kippen

    24 dager siden

    Loved it bro!!! That was sick!!

  58. TheWiscoGuyz


    24 dager siden

    I asked Tommy in his live stream a while back if rudnik would call out Adam's evo if he lost to tommy. Tommy said that it wouldnt make any sense because that there cars were way faster than adams Evo......... Anyway good video Adam.

  59. Raging Comet 23

    Raging Comet 23

    24 dager siden


  60. Justin Opsahl

    Justin Opsahl

    24 dager siden

    When is said open house?