One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.
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  1. scorpionbeware


    5 timer siden

    looking at the population explosion since the last few decades, in next few decades the whole world will be required to have a one-child policy so that mother earth remains prosperous and beautiful

  2. EmberFlower


    5 timer siden

    It would be great if everyone chose to only have 1 or, at most, 2 children. But it must be a choice. You just can't force this.

  3. phookadude


    6 timer siden

    When Chinese manufacturers in cities were looking for laborers they went into the countryside to hire people and they took mostly young women because young women can be housed with fewer problems than young men. This magnified the lack of marriageable women in faming communities even more.

  4. Edward Chapman

    Edward Chapman

    6 timer siden

    China is going to rule the world solely out of this stupid policy and the subsequent sexual frustrations

  5. Gokul Nair

    Gokul Nair

    6 timer siden

    Dude just talk about the important stuff without preceding it with shitty jokes

  6. Eris Young

    Eris Young

    8 timer siden

    Ignorant, bias, lying whjte pjgs, that's how Chinese feel. whjte pjgs got offended? that's what I mean to do to you whjte pjgs racists.

  7. Samuel Kung

    Samuel Kung

    8 timer siden

    please dont recommend me this trash.

  8. Fenixz Filip

    Fenixz Filip

    8 timer siden

    Bullshit, chinaman live in huge families. they got tons of siblings and shit. Watch something like Tesla-coil song or whatever it was, a chinaman did that.

  9. talin nalo

    talin nalo

    9 timer siden


  10. talin nalo

    talin nalo

    9 timer siden


  11. talin nalo

    talin nalo

    9 timer siden


  12. Hayden Ross

    Hayden Ross

    9 timer siden

    My nephew is married to a Chinese-American girl. Her parents immigrated from China and her mom still spends much of the year there. They were so furious that she dated an American guy that for 3 years they wouldn't talk to her. We couldn't understand why her parents were so mad about it until she explained that she had been not only promised to a guy in China but that he was going to actually pay her parents $15,000 USD to marry her and they agreed. She wasn't even going to have a choice and she wanted to no part of it.

  13. Walter Black

    Walter Black

    9 timer siden

    It worked. Which is why the development of India is so far behind China now.

  14. aLERNO


    10 timer siden

    Yeah, he should lecture them and reprimand them for "not having learned the lesson yet" from the enlightened Britons. As a homage for the British battle ships that forced the last dynasty to open their ports and people to opioids addiction.

  15. CatLadyish


    11 timer siden

    For the struggling men: out of period toilet paper, period thongs, and diva cups, the period toilet paper is the fake one.

  16. c0570 cm

    c0570 cm

    11 timer siden

    Don't forget the the natural “sex ratio at birth” is around 105, that means, at birth on average, there are 105 males for every 100 females, so before you go nuts about there's 35 million more male than female in China, think about this fact.

  17. Shareen Ho

    Shareen Ho

    11 timer siden

    I'm surprised John didn't actually buy a tonne of sex dolls and made a 70 out of them IRL.

  18. JWAL Beats

    JWAL Beats

    12 timer siden

    I wonder how much the audience is paid to laugh at this shit.

  19. Thomas Turner

    Thomas Turner

    12 timer siden

    good points but bad video and outdated sources

  20. Gloomy Blackfur

    Gloomy Blackfur

    12 timer siden

    Human overpopulation is destroying this planet. Either we stop it or nature will, through starvation and pandemics. That is assuming we don't destroy Earth through pollution before we have a chance to starve.

  21. MrBigEnchilada


    12 timer siden

    China's one child policy helped the economy and the society so much. The Western government are naturally short sighted so that's why they couldn't even think of a policy like this.

  22. TheHoustonSkeptic


    12 timer siden

    Creating a generation of desperate wannabe Chinese pick up artists and angry incels

  23. Andermom


    12 timer siden

    Effed up

  24. jiaqi jiang

    jiaqi jiang

    12 timer siden

    Is it me or does any other Chinese-speaking viewers have trouble understanding the "Chinese" clips played in this episode.....

  25. Michelle Amatulle

    Michelle Amatulle

    13 timer siden

    Damn. China is so evil.

  26. Summer Solstiza

    Summer Solstiza

    13 timer siden

    Fwiw, millions also did not starve to death. It's so difficult.

  27. Spencer Clark

    Spencer Clark

    13 timer siden


  28. Travis Beeman

    Travis Beeman

    14 timer siden

    Not that I support the policy and the results but I can too easily imagine the alternate show where John Oliver rails against Chinese overpopulation and resulting famine because Chinese birth rates remained what they were and the government failed to intervene.

  29. Soda Pop

    Soda Pop

    15 timer siden

    the govt doesnt care thats the problem

  30. Michael Tanner

    Michael Tanner

    15 timer siden

    WTF you need to show TRUMP this. He thinks he is Donald Duck. Proof he colors his hair like a Duck bill.

  31. ArklemBlackheart


    17 timer siden

    Just going to ignore what's going on in HongKong eh there? Dont want risk making china mad and losing money so you're skirting around the issue. Pathetic and weak. I'd expect nothing less.

  32. David Flash

    David Flash

    17 timer siden

    Anyone that watches this and think it is entertainment is mentally disabled. Bizarre

  33. Alexandru Dinca

    Alexandru Dinca

    17 timer siden

    The sex doll industry part really freaked me out. It's so depressing and horrible for chinese men to buy a sex doll as a "cure" for they're loneliness. I am desperate to find someone myself but not desperate enough to buy a life size doll for my lonely nights. Many countries around the globe are having many major issues thanks to stupid political decisions. In my country the population is also rapidly ageing and the youth is forced to go to richer countries to have a better life because of corruption and the work force in my country is getting weaker every year. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is not going to be pretty :(

  34. Count Jack Noire

    Count Jack Noire

    18 timer siden

    There's really very little in the content of Song of the South that actually justifies Disney for refusing to acknowledge and release it.

  35. Links-Gut-Versiffter Grünmensch

    Links-Gut-Versiffter Grünmensch

    18 timer siden

    Oh, look at this. Virgins become there wizards pre-thirty. Impressive.

  36. DanielRDB


    19 timer siden

    Why doesn't he mention the problem of overpopulation?

    • Qaseem Tak

      Qaseem Tak

      16 timer siden

      Mainly Because Chinese food production can compensate for extra children. And if need be they could just buy food from other areas

  37. Sai S

    Sai S

    23 timer siden


  38. spongeintheshoe


    Dag siden

    Pro-lifers think that every child should be allowed to be born and live. Pro-choicers think having a child should be the parents' choice. No matter where you stand on this issue, I'm sure we can agree that forcing someone to get an abortion against their will is horrible.

  39. ray reedy

    ray reedy

    Dag siden

    No child policy's for america. Leave our kids to hell alone. Wasn't that no child left behind policy enough? Look at all the stupid snowflakes that produced. Screw your 1 child policy.

  40. Jake Rook

    Jake Rook

    Dag siden

    The “Fundamental Lesson” he mentions at the end is not this single policy, but communism itself; a government that has the power to control the populace this way. Why John Oliver can’t just admit that, I’ll never know...

    • Shawn Mendenall

      Shawn Mendenall

      13 timer siden

      You're confusing communism with authoritarianism. What you are describing has nothing to do with an economic policy.

  41. Neo Shi

    Neo Shi

    Dag siden

    This video is full of ignorance and prejudice! You know nothing about China! Mind your own business please! Solve your gun issue!

  42. Natalie W

    Natalie W

    Dag siden

    Diva Cups are real, have fun Googling There's period underwear but I don't think there's any thongs Leaving period toilet paper as the non existent thing.

  43. Robert Wozniak

    Robert Wozniak

    Dag siden

    India currently has a overpopulation problem so why not have an one child policy there, screw the negatives as long as it solves the overpopulation.

  44. 许先森


    Dag siden


  45. Valerie Gagnon

    Valerie Gagnon

    Dag siden

    BASIC KNOWLEDGE IS LACKING IN THIS EPISODE : for example Look into what the CATHOLIQUE CHURCH in Quebec did to us French Canadians, forcing our grand mothers to have children every waking year of their productive age. And cruelly forcing unmarried young women who fell pregnant to institutionalized abandonment filling the loca orphanage with hundreds of kids. All victims of neglect if not downright sexual abuse. I BET YOU these early young Chinese women were more than happy not to be saddled by their society with dozens of children..... Sure one child is crazily dumb for anyone who understands native grow pyramids but their gov. Probably banked on the enormous wealth their one child policy would bring overall: one highly trained child being more than capable of feeding above 10 grand parents on the added value of its labor alone.

  46. Piotr Dudała

    Piotr Dudała

    Dag siden

    Western communists should educate their chinese counterparts about being sexually flexible, gender identity politics :OD Also, China had current US population ( ~400 mln ) during WW II, when US population was rougly 1/3rd this size ( 130 mln ). Obvious Dr. Strangelove references aside ... for size, position and history of China there were few good solutions at the time. Laugh all you want, but these were times of Clube of Rome reports being prominent. Tragic, yes, but with totally unchecked growth China would be in for the rough time, with rest of the world along for involuntary ride. Of course there were better ways of carrying it out, but war-impoverished and torn, poor nation had obviously little sensibilities for that. Children obesity is problemy in ANY fast developring market, even with prevalent starvation ( India for example ), as are eating habbits not catching up with food processing and availability. And it is easy to criticize from perspective of absurdly afluent country like USA, having half of entire continent for less than quarter of China's population. Finally - many western man have exactly the same problem as chinese counterparts, just for different reasons and its not like women trafficing is exclusive to China. Europe also has 4:2:1 issue.

  47. Michael Friedman

    Michael Friedman

    Dag siden

    Remember when this show was funny and not boring and depressing?

  48. brahen xue

    brahen xue

    Dag siden

    Fact check, John, never expected to be treated like Donal Trump, right. 1. If one violates the two-child policy, he will be fined, but not put to jail, and no forced abortion even if not paying the fine. In fact, the law states clearly it's illegal to conduct forced abortion. The 'extra' child will be registered in the end. And no, you don't have to have 2 children. 2. That creepy children said to be prompting one-child policy, I genuinely don't understand a word of him. 3. Population growth is easier to predict than the economics, but it's still math. The one who came up with this idea is not Chinese, it's a mathematical professor named Geert Jan Olsder. Then, yes, you will need someone with good math to verify it. Back in those days, in China, who could solve a math problem better than a rocket scientist? I am not saying there is no forced abortion, it could be carried out by a corrupted officer who tried to ask for a bribe, or a lazy officer wanted to make sure people obey the law by intimidating. The husband in the video is deceived and he should report it to the local enforcement.

  49. GGDOG


    Dag siden

    There is clearly a translation error at 11:23 what she said is' the policy enforcer is such a senseless LEFT WING person'(BTW i'm a chinese) using software like VPN to access internet

  50. Tony Pee

    Tony Pee

    Dag siden

    This dude looks like a weird canadian

  51. Dan smith

    Dan smith

    Dag siden

    I wonder how much coal China would be burning and how much warmer the earth would be If all those kids were born and using up energy :)

  52. Shane Grele

    Shane Grele

    Dag siden

    What if a mother is pregnant, and she finds out she has twins/triplets????

  53. Amber CHU

    Amber CHU

    Dag siden

    After the first kid was born, it was obligatory that the mother went to the hospital to get a contraceptive ring, otherwise there would be a forced surgery on the mother just to make sure she couldn’t be conceived. The ring could cause gynecopathy even cancer and there were no doctor or experts told people the truth about it. The mothers woudnt know their health problem until their late 40s or early 50s when they went to the doctor to have the ring removed. The chinese women have to suffer all these, because men are too important to not be able to have children even under the only child policy. Or at the first place, the population policy is just unhumane.

  54. Katie Church

    Katie Church

    Dag siden

    period underwear is a thing, and yes, that includes things. period cups (the brand Diva Cup is most well known) exist and are kinda like tampons but better for the environment. why would you need special toilet paper for blood???

  55. Claudio G.

    Claudio G.

    Dag siden

    And few weeks ago the EU Parliament voted a resolution to ban communism from Europe, associating that ideology to nazifascism.

  56. bixchick007


    Dag siden

    You can't unsee a curly dick duck.

  57. Semi-Charmed Life

    Semi-Charmed Life

    Dag siden

    There is ALOT of adoptions of Chinese girls in the US.

  58. Fei Xie

    Fei Xie

    Dag siden

    I’m getting more and more confused. I’ve met more people throughout my life than listed examples here, like my classmates who are female, the second child in their family. OMG! How could they have their own name? How could they still alive? How could their family still be happy? What a coincidence🤭 And it’s 2019 right? Some of the references are even older than me lol. I remember this topic, and long term consequences has been debated since I was 15... But anyway, finally I know why I am fat as a meatball 😂 and all my 4 cousins and I are female, how lucky we were😱😂😂😂

  59. Kez


    Dag siden

    Little meatballs LoL

  60. xr28y ge3fl1

    xr28y ge3fl1

    Dag siden

    Poor people who have kids are assholes.