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  1. SSSniperWolf


    10 dager siden

    hellooOoo friends like for chum bucket comment for mcdonalds

    • A _Playz

      A _Playz

      2 dager siden


    • Allysa Bennett

      Allysa Bennett

      7 dager siden


    • Annie Delorme

      Annie Delorme

      10 dager siden


    • Justin Urena

      Justin Urena

      10 dager siden

      You pretty

    • FringedParrot86


      10 dager siden

      SSSniperWolf yass

  2. Alexis Berg

    Alexis Berg

    8 timer siden

    My bathroom sink legit does the same exact thing. When u turn it on a little bit, it's like, "nope ur shirt is going to get all soaking wet" smh

  3. JWGirl22


    9 timer siden

    I think it says don't quit for good give up

  4. Lucario Midnight

    Lucario Midnight

    9 timer siden

    Just because people say I like to watch the world BURN I say ........ ALL THREE

  5. Ashley Turcios

    Ashley Turcios

    9 timer siden

    Now it's ODonald's

  6. michelle tsiftilis

    michelle tsiftilis

    10 timer siden

    My school has spraying sinks I make sure I don’t get it on my clothes but it doesn’t work I get it on my clothes all the time

    • michelle tsiftilis

      michelle tsiftilis

      10 timer siden


  7. WolfiePheonixGames


    11 timer siden

    WC means= Wash Closet (You’re welcome 😉🤣)

  8. Scary girl

    Scary girl

    13 timer siden

    The sink one is like my bathroom faucet the whole bathroom gets soaked when I wash my hands

  9. Daniel


    14 timer siden

    7:57 The first hashtag is ‘Don’t Quit’ and then the second two are ‘Give Up’ and ‘For Good'. The sign is saying to not quit, but then also give up for good. Which means to give up forever, otherwise known as quitting.

  10. Stephen Hesketh

    Stephen Hesketh

    15 timer siden

    Good evening to the most heavenly angel of them all queen Lia. Wowcher you are just tantalisingly beautiful today. I think you look absolutely stunning in that blue t-shirt that your wearing for this video sweetie. You always look absolutely mesmerising in everyone of your videos. You are absolutely gorgeous in every way possible to me. Yaaa another video of worse design fails. I absolutely loved watching the last one so hopefully this one will be filled with epic design fails. Ohh my gosh I can't believe how stupid that these people are and how many epic design fails that there was in this video sweetie. I honestly have not seen such stupidity in one video in my life. I am trying to work out how any of these people managed to even get a job. I am wondering if any of these people actually got sacked from there jobs after these design fails angel. Ohh god there is so many design fails to choose from i dont know which one of these is the worst I think the worse ones have to be the bathroom with the stairs going to be basement as that is going to end badly babe and also the sunglasses sign as that is just a major mess. Huh who actually wears a toilet sign on there backs though sweetie what human in the right mind would do that is so stupid know. Ohh no I am so sorry that you ended up in the boys toilet once that must have sucked big time angel I feel ever so sorry for you. Lucky enough that you didn't see any mans todgers that would have been so horrible. Oh I also think that the room with 2 toilet next to each other is awful and the 2 houses next to each other who ever designed that housing complex should possibly get a new job honey. I hope that you have a lovely day and an amazing evening. I love you to the moon and back queen Lia. You are the definition of perfection princess Lia. And I absolutely love everything about you please never change who you are sweetheart. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. SA Dance moves

    SA Dance moves

    22 timer siden

    Hi sssn

  12. Grace


    Dag siden

    WC means water closet (room with a flushing toilet) x

  13. Dexter Robinson

    Dexter Robinson

    Dag siden


  14. Sir Meows14

    Sir Meows14

    Dag siden

    Wc means in the netherlands toilet

  15. Jay Money-Pee

    Jay Money-Pee

    Dag siden


  16. Jay Money-Pee

    Jay Money-Pee

    Dag siden


  17. Izzy Remedios

    Izzy Remedios

    Dag siden

    Faucet’s fault

  18. Izzy Remedios

    Izzy Remedios

    Dag siden

    Wham bam yes ma’am Sssniperwolf 2019 WOLF PACK AWOOOOOO

  19. Samar Khoury

    Samar Khoury

    Dag siden

    WC is water closet The day that in Australia

  20. bluface_ diamond

    bluface_ diamond

    Dag siden

    Savage .

  21. TotallyNotADonut - I really love donuts!

    TotallyNotADonut - I really love donuts!

    Dag siden

    best part is when she said A-- up.. But it was SUNGLASS UP

  22. Daniel Shepherd

    Daniel Shepherd

    Dag siden

    0:16 when you play ark on a server and everyone’s character looks like that

  23. Emily Quintanilla

    Emily Quintanilla

    Dag siden

    poor cinderella she is a giraffe now

  24. Lukajana Benchimol

    Lukajana Benchimol

    Dag siden

    The Mcdonald sigh Me: it's Ncdonald

  25. Angelina Avenenente

    Angelina Avenenente

    Dag siden

    7:54 "Don't Give Up Quit For Good"?

  26. Lanagirly Star

    Lanagirly Star

    Dag siden

    4:51 aw man, i thought for a second it was my picture i took 😥.

  27. Luna scarlet

    Luna scarlet

    Dag siden

    Wc means toilet xD

  28. Evie Grace 54

    Evie Grace 54

    Dag siden

    W C Water Closet Have a nice day 😙



    Dag siden

    The die and sel. I THINK ITS DIESEL

  30. Ellena Durighello

    Ellena Durighello

    Dag siden

    You make me laugh 🤣

  31. Madz The Unicorn 101

    Madz The Unicorn 101

    2 dager siden


  32. Navah Lee

    Navah Lee

    2 dager siden

    you make me smile so much!

  33. Navah Lee

    Navah Lee

    2 dager siden

    cool plz make more! pls you are my faivrot youtuber

  34. Ismailia Whare Tuna NOHOTIMA

    Ismailia Whare Tuna NOHOTIMA

    2 dager siden

    sssniperwolf rules

  35. love tube

    love tube

    2 dager siden

    at 8:00 i think it says "Don't give up , quit for good"? Not really sure tho

  36. Landon Bishop

    Landon Bishop

    2 dager siden

    this is the day of my b day!!!

  37. Sirui Dai

    Sirui Dai

    2 dager siden

    this is going to give me ocd

  38. Anastasia Hill

    Anastasia Hill

    2 dager siden

    W/c means water closet. I know....

  39. Michelle Anthenelli

    Michelle Anthenelli

    2 dager siden

    Yea I chose mcdonalds

  40. Survivors Fan

    Survivors Fan

    2 dager siden

    At camp we had the boys dorm so we had 2 steals and 3 urinals for 36 girls! Camp ruined me

  41. MisheelM10


    2 dager siden

    i actually thought there were french fries in the french fry plate

  42. NandiKatee


    2 dager siden

    At 8:00 :thay mean that you should not give up four good like forever

  43. Big Slice

    Big Slice

    2 dager siden

    1:36 😍

  44. jehan andrews

    jehan andrews

    2 dager siden

    "Baby monitor for rats" Hahahaha

  45. Colton Dean

    Colton Dean

    3 dager siden

    Welcome to nc Donalds

  46. Fish Kat

    Fish Kat

    3 dager siden


  47. Tiana Jacsaint

    Tiana Jacsaint

    3 dager siden

    Love you vid wish you do giveaways I’ll be the first one to do ever

  48. Chantel Cordeiro

    Chantel Cordeiro

    3 dager siden

    The two toilets are for when your sick I guess one to use the bathroom an the other to throw up at the same time. Sometimes I wish I had that when I'm feeling like that lol

  49. Kenny Druid

    Kenny Druid

    3 dager siden

    HAHAHAHAH TRY THIS 0:15 in 2x Speed until 0:29

  50. The yeet master

    The yeet master

    3 dager siden

    I ligit live in those exact apartments

  51. Annalie Johnson

    Annalie Johnson

    3 dager siden

    Not you

  52. Annalie Johnson

    Annalie Johnson

    3 dager siden

    These people are dumb The ones who made the video

  53. roblox girl

    roblox girl

    3 dager siden

    All of them

  54. Elsa Vallier

    Elsa Vallier

    3 dager siden

    I’ve seen the fine farts at craft stores

  55. Kelli Mooney

    Kelli Mooney

    3 dager siden

    The mcdonalds m is made to look like FRIES!!!! YUM!!!

  56. Damian Maradiaga

    Damian Maradiaga

    3 dager siden

    7:51 thumb up if you get it I don't please say in comments

  57. mst3kanita


    3 dager siden

    I think the one arch sign is supposed to be a reference to the original mcdonalds buildings with the one arch on each side of the building? But it just looks so offputting.

  58. Danielle Jones

    Danielle Jones

    3 dager siden

    Just letting you know that Cinderella "massage chair" is actually a child car seat. However yeah that is a terrible drawing of her.

  59. ItzMidnight _Wolfie

    ItzMidnight _Wolfie

    3 dager siden

    I have OCD, that last pic really bothered me

  60. Natalie Portillo

    Natalie Portillo

    3 dager siden

    Please please restock black and white hoodies because my birthday is soon 🎂 🍰 🧁 🎉 🎊 🥳

    • Vanja Malinovic

      Vanja Malinovic

      2 dager siden