White Boy drops unbelievable freestyle rap

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British Comedian and Rapper, Chris Turner absolutely CRUSHES an insane off the dome dope freestyle rap about the Hindenburg, the Doppler Effect, Harry Potter Tequila, Cyptocurrency and the Yuan, and Toenails (and Quantum Mechanics). Get this guy on Sway in the Morning!
Beat: ‘After’ - Malu:
Recorded at the world-famous Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA
For fans of: #SwayIntheMorning #SwaysUniverse #LilDicky #macmiller #logic #eminem #freestylerap #rapbeats #5fingersofdeath


  1. LJ Marzula

    LJ Marzula

    29 minutter siden

    Dont know how I stumbled upon this gem but as an avid hip hop head, I give a 🤘👏

  2. Hacker Games

    Hacker Games

    45 minutter siden


  3. Mayank


    Time siden

    he is intelligent, witty, humourous and TALENTED

  4. John Anderson

    John Anderson

    2 timer siden

    This "White Boy" is a genius. He has vast knowledge of the subjects given to him and then knocks out a rap.

  5. Kristian 138

    Kristian 138

    3 timer siden

    wow tang

  6. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones

    4 timer siden

    This dude is a G

  7. Sanjay gowda

    Sanjay gowda

    4 timer siden


  8. Mitchell Furtwangler

    Mitchell Furtwangler

    5 timer siden

    When acorn ad plays after the clip about cryptocurrencies.

  9. bonkers 1

    bonkers 1

    7 timer siden


  10. Rachel Coates

    Rachel Coates

    7 timer siden

    @fallontonight @blackthought @questlove this guy is awesome! Put him on!!!!!

  11. Zestky maivia

    Zestky maivia

    10 timer siden

    Honest question : Were those guys screaming the topics random or were they pre-picked and made it look like they chose them randomly? Idk... this is my first time watching him. No matter, he raps so well..

  12. Pierrea5


    10 timer siden

    Big brain raps but no sauce no flow no style this is painful to listen to

    • Pierrea5


      10 timer siden

      Also the british accent just sounds retarded

  13. MegaSublime311


    13 timer siden

    Eff stand-up, this guy needs to rap 24-7 #MaD sKilLZ

  14. John Clark

    John Clark

    13 timer siden

    I would not wanna diss this guy.

  15. Alighting Fire

    Alighting Fire

    13 timer siden

    Got talent but it’s corny af

  16. Big White Duck

    Big White Duck

    14 timer siden

    This guy or harry mack?

  17. Scott Shanahan

    Scott Shanahan

    14 timer siden

    I could tell he was British just from the thumbnail.

  18. Jay Boh

    Jay Boh

    16 timer siden

    When you say white boy you meant "ME" right? I hate that with titles man just say it! Lol

  19. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez

    16 timer siden

    That was sick

  20. David S

    David S

    17 timer siden

    Dam man. Great Job

  21. Sir Mbaku

    Sir Mbaku

    17 timer siden

    This is just wtf!! Like he just Plays with those Words and wow! My my, damn man! So enjoyable!

  22. B S

    B S

    18 timer siden

    More talented than all mumble rappers combined.

  23. Amy Maliga

    Amy Maliga

    19 timer siden

    Ummm. Wow! That was random and simply brilliant.

  24. andrew smith

    andrew smith

    19 timer siden


  25. Nate Almeida

    Nate Almeida

    19 timer siden

    Why is Lil Dicky hashtagged

  26. Russell Mills

    Russell Mills

    19 timer siden

    This guy can rap better then most of these so called rappers that are considered hot right now that are garbage and he makes sense with his words. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017

  27. Will Alfonso

    Will Alfonso

    20 timer siden

    I’m a jersey rican hip hop rap and old classic salsa from the 80’s this dude is sick and is on point even thou he sounds proper he sounds properly raw as in great imagine if he learned some slang aand kept up with the today’s slang talk . To me he is a talent people need to discover to fuking smart to real . He can change up the game honestly

  28. Boo Ya

    Boo Ya

    22 timer siden

    We're 20 years in the Millennial & people are still rapping? Rap is a dead horse, stop trying to give it mouth to mouth resuscitation.. it's annoying & talentless.

  29. Paradigm Stages

    Paradigm Stages

    23 timer siden

    This was amazing!! Haha loved it

  30. Jyotiraj Saharia

    Jyotiraj Saharia

    Dag siden

    This plainly sucks, select audience and some good rehearsal.

  31. Sinder Gaming

    Sinder Gaming

    Dag siden

    holy fuking shit that was bloody amazing

  32. MF MOMO


    Dag siden

    The best MC of All times.

  33. Arpit Shukla

    Arpit Shukla

    Dag siden


    • chibifirestorm


      21 time siden

      he's British

  34. Ryan Donnelly

    Ryan Donnelly

    Dag siden

    This was better than the entire 2019 xxl freshman freestyle cypher

  35. PBMS123


    Dag siden

    5:10 not sure when this was recorded, but the last survivor of the Hindenburg died this year, on the 4th Nov (10 days ago). He did move to Parachute CO in 2001, and was a member of the Lutheran church of Rifle CO. He moved to NH in 2018 though, where he died 10 days ago.

  36. ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S


    Dag siden

    Mann im outta words

  37. tennessean fishing

    tennessean fishing

    Dag siden

    He got possessed by einstein

  38. Donald Warren

    Donald Warren

    Dag siden

    Awesome my man genius

  39. samuel kadiri

    samuel kadiri

    Dag siden

    i wanna hear some writen stuff now, and to the jackass itching to reply with "you just have" get off your high horse mate go get a cool party trick like freestyling instead of being such a miserable cuntfuck

  40. david bustillo

    david bustillo

    Dag siden

    Shit's on fire yo.

  41. the diamond lighting bolt

    the diamond lighting bolt

    Dag siden

    #lildicky nah homie I’m more like #Eminem #Emimemisking #Em

  42. David White

    David White

    Dag siden

    Fake, but still funny...

  43. M K

    M K

    Dag siden

    Love this guy💚

  44. DJ Rattez

    DJ Rattez

    Dag siden

    Crazy good!!!

  45. Johnny R

    Johnny R

    Dag siden


  46. Omar Mountassir

    Omar Mountassir

    Dag siden

    all the black kids that thought this white boy was flop... you can put your ego to sleep now

  47. Jake from state farm

    Jake from state farm

    Dag siden

    This was definitely scripted but still pretty good

  48. Mike Luch

    Mike Luch

    Dag siden

    Best white rapper alive Mike Luch! Fuck it! Best Rapper alive! NOplayer Mike Luch

  49. Shitaz


    Dag siden

    If teachers gave lessons like this I'd be considerably less stupid.

  50. will bray

    will bray

    Dag siden

    "bloody 'ell, 'arry" that was mad

  51. Zach Ellis

    Zach Ellis

    Dag siden

    I never sat in my chair bobbin my head with a big ass smile like this before😂 killed it

  52. Kirsty James

    Kirsty James

    Dag siden

    I love it!! 😂🔥🔥

  53. SApilot11123


    Dag siden

    Is this Nerd3?

  54. Dylan Hoey

    Dylan Hoey

    2 dager siden

    Actually one of the best things on NOplayer 👌🏻

  55. B B

    B B

    2 dager siden

    Wow another pedophile

  56. Vivian Joseph

    Vivian Joseph

    2 dager siden

    The rap was cool and all but look at how much he knows... Doppler effect, Heisenberg theory ....the hell

  57. aspebb


    2 dager siden

    *Harry Mack wants to know your location*

  58. SpoonFullO' Memes

    SpoonFullO' Memes

    2 dager siden

    You can tell when a man is destroyed by twitch when he calls the audience "chat"

  59. Giđεφn


    2 dager siden

    Very weak

  60. Mr Swag

    Mr Swag

    2 dager siden