36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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  1. Davie504


    26 dager siden

    Finally a new dining table

    • huwa huwaa

      huwa huwaa

      21 dag siden


    • Yeeg


      21 dag siden


    • HANTU


      21 dag siden

      Maybe make a hole in the middle that would be easier to clamp the strings?

    • Lars Saint Morning Glory

      Lars Saint Morning Glory

      21 dag siden

      Please clear Nathan Diaz slapper challenge.

  2. Triple 3Boiz

    Triple 3Boiz

    48 minutter siden

    dj0nt! :-)

  3. marichat xcute

    marichat xcute

    Time siden


  4. Chris Boggs

    Chris Boggs

    Time siden

    Dude that sounded amazing! Great job man, keep up the awesome work 👌

  5. 哈桑_haz_


    2 timer siden

    Imagine tuning this thing....

  6. city of gaming

    city of gaming

    2 timer siden

    A famous bass guitarist on an interview- "I'm the best human bass player." Davie walking towards them. They say hello and etc. The famous bass guitarist says after Davie left- "This being is scaring me. It is not a human being. It's a godly being."

  7. aldo jahir valdez

    aldo jahir valdez

    2 timer siden

    36 Strings 3.6 M views, ¿coincidencia?

  8. jane paul sartre

    jane paul sartre

    3 timer siden

    tuning this thing looks harder than playing it

  9. Josel Macahilas

    Josel Macahilas

    5 timer siden

    So good!!

  10. albennedy ortega

    albennedy ortega

    6 timer siden

    He sounds like Squidward

  11. michael santiago

    michael santiago

    6 timer siden

    I never seen a big (B)ass like that😏

  12. Y M C channel

    Y M C channel

    7 timer siden

    it's amazing how you play bass

  13. HeY LoW

    HeY LoW

    8 timer siden

    Cool how about 50 string bass solo

  14. Noodle Slayer

    Noodle Slayer

    8 timer siden

    Everyone like for 69 strings!

  15. Joseph haloho

    Joseph haloho

    9 timer siden

    You gg

  16. Luka Morić

    Luka Morić

    9 timer siden

    Very inpressive, but can you do a 48 strings bass solo?

  17. Zyrene


    10 timer siden

    2:00 love this part

    • Groovy.


      8 timer siden

      Nice profile

    • Groovy.


      8 timer siden


  18. Jeszrelle A Tolentino

    Jeszrelle A Tolentino

    10 timer siden

    Wow crazy

  19. Икрам Шагиев

    Икрам Шагиев

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  20. i can't see your face

    i can't see your face

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    10 timer siden

    now please shave your head as current likes of this video are 585kkkkkkkkkkk likes

  22. moofx -

    moofx -

    11 timer siden

    2011:6 strings 3310: 1 million strings

  23. LeyLey gnome

    LeyLey gnome

    11 timer siden

    thEarApy tImE

  24. Adam Zul

    Adam Zul

    12 timer siden

    2:10 to 2:37 my favourite

  25. 림보는사람입니다


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  26. m j

    m j

    13 timer siden

    Well it’s 500k likes already ,hmmm will he shave his head .????? ??.???.?.?.??

  27. Lone Ritter

    Lone Ritter

    13 timer siden

    It wasnt a solo, i heard drumbs as background, CHECKMATE Davie 504.

  28. gyaane abe

    gyaane abe

    14 timer siden

    play this nonstop until you break every string...

  29. Richo


    14 timer siden


  30. Niklas


    14 timer siden

    Its not he he not plays this music

  31. Butter Cat

    Butter Cat

    14 timer siden

    U make me say epic

  32. Arif Nur Rahman

    Arif Nur Rahman

    15 timer siden

    that's not a bass, thats a table

  33. Valent Andhika

    Valent Andhika

    15 timer siden

    random people : 36 string wow thats cool... Me : 3,6 million view wow thats cool...

  34. Absolute cancer

    Absolute cancer

    16 timer siden

    It's great but can it play the pillar men theme.

  35. James Meaux

    James Meaux

    16 timer siden

    More comments than most videos have views Slap like now!!!!!

  36. Siddhant Tambe

    Siddhant Tambe

    16 timer siden

    Next challenge for Davie: To talk as fast as he plays.. 😁

  37. mr. interesting stuff

    mr. interesting stuff

    17 timer siden

    Me:how many strings do you want David504: *YES*

  38. Kunal Goel

    Kunal Goel

    17 timer siden

    Are you a human?

  39. Nathan Barnes

    Nathan Barnes

    17 timer siden

    This just made my day that much better! Love the content!

  40. keith ss

    keith ss

    18 timer siden

    They all need to be different sized strings ugh

  41. Big Ron Parker

    Big Ron Parker

    18 timer siden

    Just wow!

  42. Kathryn Unknown

    Kathryn Unknown

    18 timer siden

    what a pain to tune that must be

  43. Canada Fan

    Canada Fan

    18 timer siden

    Next will be 420 strings

  44. Oofpoof Gone

    Oofpoof Gone

    18 timer siden

    That’s a nice G U I T A R

  45. Jmoore


    19 timer siden

    Davie cant play a one string bass, he’s too scared

  46. Jmoore


    19 timer siden

    Pure ridiculousness!!!! I love it!

  47. I don't know

    I don't know

    19 timer siden

    *laughs in piano*

  48. Maxophone 52

    Maxophone 52

    20 timer siden

    That thing would be a nightmare to tune

  49. Jake Scha

    Jake Scha

    21 time siden

    this sounds so sick

  50. Sam Swope

    Sam Swope

    21 time siden

    When will Davie remix The Attic is a Dungeon?! from MOTHER 3 for Smash Ultimate?

  51. Milosh


    21 time siden

    Thats just a harp wdym

  52. jj cool dude

    jj cool dude

    21 time siden

    Mess with the speed of the video makes it sound like a Reggie vib

  53. KillerOfDeath576


    22 timer siden

    Davie's faces in the thumbnails: 😬😵😃 Davie's face I'm video: 😑😑😑

  54. DJ Martian

    DJ Martian

    22 timer siden

    Who’s excited to the 69 bass strings

  55. Nathouu U

    Nathouu U

    22 timer siden

    Tu fais de super bonne vidéo, ton attitude fais trop rire. Est ce que tu pourrais mettre des sous titres en français stp Merci, et continu ce que tu fais c’est amazing !! ❤️

  56. camilo cordoba

    camilo cordoba

    22 timer siden

    ._. this not human :0

  57. Graeme Clark

    Graeme Clark

    23 timer siden

    Shave your head!!!!!

  58. Etienne Campbell

    Etienne Campbell

    23 timer siden

    So when are you shaving your head 😂😂

  59. crs


    23 timer siden

    Wow this is amazing. Just, forget about the 36 strings thing. The music itself is really amazing. 3:39 - epic

  60. M C

    M C

    23 timer siden

    Don't talk please. Just play bass guitar.